How NSA spies ruin 1000s of America’s greatest people

How NSA spies ruin 1000s of America’s greatest people (< click here)

( 6/12/2013)

Obama’s spy scandal news is “the tip of the iceberg” of private phone and email communications rights abuses involving hundreds of thousands of government and private contractor spies in the U.S., according to whistleblowers, an program launched during Bush’s regime, already critically damaging more of America’s finest people than publicly acknowledged.

3 thoughts on “How NSA spies ruin 1000s of America’s greatest people

  1. No! No! No!

    That’s part of the code-22 for drug operations 11 for money operations 101010 for kidnapping/serial killer operations, distance and other measures are part of the “codes.”

  2. OUR AMERICAN GOVERNMENT ( ROGUE ELEMENTS WITHIN ), are betraying its citizens . How long do they think they can do this , we have already seen evidence of serious consequences . But such , these people pay no mind , it is the kind of people they are .

    IF AMERICAN CITIZENS DON’ T RISE TO THE OCCASION THEY ARE BETRAYING THEIR OWN CHILDREN , and GOD . I am not speaking of violence , such would be useless against what we are dealing with .

    More on Twitter “Yahweh_is_Love”

  3. Hello my name is Nicky Ross I’m currently being bullied and attacked by the illuminati stating they are God and Jesus Christ when in fact they are satanic. They are trying to systemically abuse me with all formats they threaten to sacrifice me and to re kidnap abduct me as they did in a ufo in Alaska in 1981, they are filthy disgusting illuminati torturers, I do not know who to reach out too but I need help, you are correct in their fashion of doing things they repeat all my thoughts to me they are shadow of water people walking around my house they discuss perversion of all things they are evil to the point of blaming you for all things they can find out through their stalking stages before they attack you they often speak bad about God and assure you your going to hell they are of the so called elite so far from it….they are from Hollywood some of them say they are Stephen king, or Tom hanks JZ and Beyonce it’s so frustrating and criminal scary and I’m afraid for my life…they have been doing this since 7/07/17….please lead me in the direction I need to go..

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