Gang Stalking is COINTELPRO

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“Gang stalking groups” have a substantially identical modus operandi to the FBI’s Special Surveillance Groups or “SSG’s”. These SSG’s were developed in the 1970’s to combat Soviet espionage. Today, these tactics have been taught to criminals, through FBI channels, for domestic COINTELPRO operations against American citizens.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking is COINTELPRO

  1. It’s just aonther one of their ‘dog and pony’ shows.

    I recenty got a repair done in a place where the ‘dog and pony’ show originated. The police had recently taken control of the local animal shelter. How typical I thought while reading the news article.

    Walking back to check on mine, I noticed a black Shelby in for repairs.

    Hope it wasn’t insurance damage. The “invesitgators” will be in there like shit on stink. That’s why they throw fish food to dogs to mask their arson activities.

  2. Hello brothers and sisters !
    If you live in the NYC / Westchester County area and would like to be part of a TI networking and support group please send me an email and let me know.
    I’m presently living in the Bronx.

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