Organized Gang Stalking/ Electronic Harassment is…

– “Slow Kill”. A death machine.

– Conspiracy to murder. Serial murder.

– Terrorism. Domestic and Global.

– Psychological/physical/sexual abuse and torture, a.k.a. “No-touch torture”.

– A Global Hate Crime.

– A Technological Holocaust. A Silent Holocaust. An “Open Air” concentration camp.

– A crucifixion by technology and social justice.

– A Coup.

– Covert war. Psychological warfare.

– Non-consensual human experimentation.

– A complete violation of Civil and Human Rights. A complete violation of the US Constitution.

– A complete invasion of every millimeter of your privacy.

– A culling. A means to depopulation and human slavery. Mass murder.

– Objective to create a police state/open air concentration camp/prison. Depopulation, global sustainability, Agenda 21.

– An attempt to institutionalize, imprison, and/or murder “undesirables” via conspiracy to murder and provoke suicide; to neutralize and destroy the target’s life.

– 24/7/365 Illegal tracking and surveillance in public and in private (including inside home) initiated by US intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, DOD, DOJ, NSA, DHS, IRS, DEA, SOD), US military, and law enforcement, NSA Prism for the purpose of “joint targeting”. Target may be scrutinized for years (“nothing is unimportant”) before they realize it.

– Organized harassment by hate, criminal, and secret society groups including Nazis, KKK, Satanists, Organized crime syndicates (Mafia, biker gangs, Cartels, Street gangs), Cults, Freemasons, Terrorist cells (Isis, etc.).

– Implementation of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy”. (Non-linear war, color revolution).

– Mind Control. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

– Likely issuance of a (bogus) NSL (National Security Letter) on the targeted individual.

– Extremely aggressive harassment of “soft targets”- elderly, children, single women, mentally ill, substance abusers, “loners”, socially inept/awkward teens/adults, autistic children/adults.

– A “witch hunt”. “Social justice”. Extrajudicial punishment. Mobile torture delivered to your doorstep and unremitting torture that follows the target everywhere they go.

– Criminal conspiracy and collusion. Also known as “cause stalking”, “vengeance stalking”, group stalking, multi-stalking, community-based harassment, and “shunning”.

– Intentional infliction of extreme emotional stress to force target into having suicidal/ homicidal thoughts as the only means of escape/ self defense.

– Electronic trafficking of men, women, and children. Converting cities and the country into an electronic concentration camp.

–  Not a new concept. Same tactics used in FBI Cointelpro, Project Monarch, MK Ultra, Stasi Police in East Germany, Nazi Brownshirts, the KKK, and Pro-life/ anti-abortion activists. Similar tactics used on corporate whistleblowers and in academia (workplace mobbing). Also similar tactics used in ejecting tenants of rent controlled apartments in high rent areas.

– Associated with the “global elite” aka Illuminati and Agenda 21.

– Fusions Centers, FBI InfraGard, COPPS, Community policing, RISS, Neighborhood Watch. CERT, Citizen Corp, Community organizers, and targeting by HOA’s. Likely involvement of “Occupy” movement.

– Targeting of innocent people on the local, state, and Federal level. Target is “red-lined” or blacklisted. Targeting may last for decades. Perps come from ALL age ranges, races, ethnicities, professions, political/religious affiliations. Likely cult involvement. Likely human/drug/arms trafficking rings involved. Likely extortion of repeat offenders/parolees.

– Cash, bribes, gifts, labor, favors offered to perps in exchange for their agreement to participate in harassing targets. (Vacations, cars, homes, govt. benefits, home improvement projects/remodels, travel, movies, weight loss help, life coaches, grocery/gas debit cards.Whole Foods seems to have some type of deal with them.)

– Being stalked en masse by groups of people in the hundreds to thousands on foot/bike/car/air/water. Relentless crowding and swarming.

– Provision of transportation of perps in a variety of private and commercial vehicles including taxis, MTS shuttles, coach buses, private shuttles, limo services, private and commercial airplanes, rental cars, trolley/subway/trains. They seem to make deals with local car dealers and Carmax to provide hundreds of autos at a time.

– Relentless orchestrated and synchronized harassment by neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, store employees, contractors, and strangers throughout your community. Includes stalkers following, leading, and laying in wait. Harassment follows target locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

– Antagonizing target to get a negative or violent reaction, then reporting to law enforcement (entrapment). Making false police reports on target. Calling in “safety checks” on target’s home due to false concerns. Objective is to get frequent visits to target’s home by law enforcement.

– Surreptitious illegal entry into target’s home, car, office, storage units, etc. Possible entries while target is home/ asleep. Locksmiths previously employed by target are involved in distributing copies of keys to others for criminal activity.

– Theft/swapping/vandalism of property from home, auto, office, storage units, etc. Swapping of new electronics, pet toys, clothing, shoes, jewelry, household items for similar items that are damaged/broken/worn.

– Syphoning gas so tank is nearly empty every time and car will just barely start. Draining windshield fluid out of car. Removing/replacing/ vandalizing/ stealing items from car and vandalizing the car itself.

– Voice to Skull communication (V2K).

– Assault by microwave/ Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)/ “Non-lethal” weapons. Tinnitus, migraines, seizures, chronic pain. Premature death from heart attack, stroke, cancer (from DEW and/or stress of OGS).

– Blocking Harassment (everything from store aisles/doorways/hallways to roads/driveways/intersections/trails/freeways).

– Street Theater.

– Gaslighting/ PsyOps, Black Ops/ Menticide. This includes constant change in target’s environment (remodels, closures, new residential and commercial construction, staff changes, etc.). Influx of franchises/ new businesses. Closure of businesses target formerly patronized. Change in staff at all businesses target patronizes.

– Remote Neural Monitoring/ Artificial Telepathy/ Reading your thoughts in real time. Injecting artificial thoughts. Possible hypnosis/ dream manipulation/interrogation/ vivid dreams. Apocalyptic/ Satanic symbolism in dreams. Disturbing dreams.

– Ability of perps to see through target’s eyes, hear what target hears, etc.

– Mimicking harassment. Imitating/mirroring target’s gestures/behaviors, including those only done/said in the privacy of their own home.

– Use of  “catch phrases”: multiple random stalkers repeating same phrase to target. “Haven’t we met before?”, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”. Repeated innuendo about suicide, death, unemployment, homelessness, mental illness, rape.

– Aerial harassment/direct overhead flights (Govt., private, Law enforcement, and commercially owned aircraft, drones). Mostly helicopters.

– Sexual Harassment/ Sexual Assault/ Electronic rape or sexual stimulation. Possible marketing and illegal distribution of sexual pictures/videos of target for voyeurism/ pornographic/fetish purposes including “live stream” access.

– Physical assault. Orchestrated accidents of all kinds. Severe sports injuries caused by other players that are made to seem like “accidents”. Unwanted touch and/or ogling by strangers while out in public. Minor assaults made to look like “accidents” (walking into you, hitting you, pushing objects into you).

– Intentional injurious behavior/ infliction of pain by medical and dental professionals, medical technicians, aestheticians, massage therapists, homeopathic practitioners, etc.

– Sensory deprivation (Shutting off electricity, water, air conditioning/ heat).

– Fake traffic accidents/ traffic stops on target’s routes.

– Psychiatric and Medical fraud/neglect/misdiagnosis/falsifying records. Mental Health abuse.

– Painful/unnecessary dental work.

– Noise Harassment/Noise fatigue/ Noise campaign. Includes increased traffic and high decibel vehicles passing target’s home. Non-stop noise campaign surrounding target’s home and everywhere they go.

– Defamation, Character assassination, and slander. Gossip/ rumors/ lies spread about target. Photos and videos overtly taken of target while in public by strangers, neighbors, coworkers, private investigators.

– Vehicular Harassment while driving/walking/riding bike.

– Color Coordinated Harassment/sensitization to certain colors/patterns. (Most common: Purple, Turquoise, Red, Royal blue, Any Neon/flourescent color.) Patterns- stripes, plaid, animal prints, US flags.

– Gesture Harassment/sensitization to  hand signals.

– Cyber stalking and online harassment. Frequent interruption of internet connection.

– Trauma based Mind control (TBMC)- Humiliation/ “shaming”/ isolation/defamation/degradation. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

– Cult involvement. Misogyny, homoeroticism, pedophilia, fanaticism, sociopathy, narcissism, immature personality disorder, endangering minors.

– Demonic Possession.

– FREQUENT harassment by First Responders including Police and Sheriff Dept, Fire dept, Private ambulance companies, Lifeguards, City employees. Fake 911 calls, staged traffic accidents and traffic stops on target’s routes/destinations/ near target’s home.

– Fake reports to law enforcement by neighbors, family, coworkers, strangers re: need for mental welfare checks on target and alleged crimes committed by target. Goal is to draw as much attention as possible to target and target’s home by law enforcement.

– Frequent staged road/lane closures/blocking lanes for “road work”, power company, phone company, tree trimmers, construction, landscaping, trash collection.

– Workplace mobbing.

– Tampering w/ electronics, appliances, cars, computers, security alarm, cellphone, land line, clothing/footwear in target’s home and car.

– Impersonation of friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, doctors, dentists, therapists, store employees. Impersonation takes place in person, by phone, mail, email, and text.

Extreme form of identity fraud involving “replacement”, murder, or neutralization ( chemical lobotomy) of individuals to obtain their assets and make money off insurance scams. Possible covert murder  or secret imprisonment (NDAA) of individuals after which their identity is assumed by a “look-alike” fraud/criminal. Also known as identity fraud by “ghosting”.

– Use of “look-alikes” to frame targets for criminal activity. Use of “look-alikes” and fake employees by perps to help protect their accountability for fraud/ criminal activity.

– “Voice cloning”. Possible ability of perps to see through target’s eyes via nanotechnology or camera implants.

– Financial/ Life insurance fraud, attempt to take control of target’s finances/ assets. Attempt to put target under a conservatorship.

– Symbol harassment/sensitization: stickers, US flags, cellphones, Clothing brand/ Sports team logos, pinpoint pupils, owls, missing hubcaps, etc.

– Poisoning/drugging food, drinks. Swapping of food, cooked and store bought, including produce. Fresh/new/bulk food will be swapped out for a stale/expired/deformed version of the same food. Some of it looks like it was salvaged from a dumpster.

– Chemical and environmental harassment w/ inhalants and odors. Second hand smoke, exhaust fumes, marijuana fumes, pesticides, perfume, dust/dirt/sawdust clouds, spraying water at car.

– Possible manipulation of weather (rain/storms), darkening of sky, strong water currents.

– Possible/likely arson, gas leaks, explosions, etc.

– Redirection of phone calls, emails, texts, faxes, postal mail.

– Radio piracy. Interference with radio communications.

– Community bullying: rude/bizarre/manic/brazen/giddy behavior, synchronized skits/crowding; target ignored, blocked, ridiculed, vilified, rumors spread. Leering, staring, glaring, feigned expressions of wide-eyed shock (most idiotic looks ever). Public “shaming”. Tactics range from simple/childish/clown-like to shrewd/calculating/sophisticated.

– Staged/synchronized “run-ins” with former/present/future coworkers, classmates, neighbors, acquaintances, parish members, gym members, family members, patients/ clients/ customers, etc. while out in public. There are no coincidences with OGS/EH.

– Being “shadowed” around home interior by neighbors in adjoining apartments/condos (synchronized bathroom use/running water/toilet/ceiling fan). New neighbors renting/buying/inhabiting nearby homes for the sole purpose of harassment and surveillance. HOA’s, apt. managers, real estate agents complicit/involved.

-Endless construction projects around target’s home for the purpose of noise harassment and disruption of daily activities/ constant state of flux in surroundings to destabilize target.

– Widespread government, military, corporate, medical, psychiatric, religious, and academic corruption.

– Human trafficking/slavery. Non- consensual internet voyeurism/porn. Arms/drug trafficking.

– Possible cloaking of people/ objects w/ reflective materials to make the “invisible”.

– Possible implantation with microchips/RFID chips in teeth, joints, muscle tissue.

– Possible “disappearing” of targets via NDAA. (see next line.)

– Possible imprisonment of targets in secret prisons, work camps, or locked psychiatric institutions. (see next line.)

– Possible replacement of targets with identical actors/clones/robots/transhumans.

– Unemployment/Blacklisting. Homelessness/evictions/foreclosure/bankruptcy.

– Elimination of any and all social support for target (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors). Targeting of friends/family members including children and elderly. Targeting of pets.

– Agitating target w/ hyperactivity, crowding/swarming, invading personal space, kicking back of chair, continuous/repetitive movements in peripheral vision, causing vibrations.

– Xenophobia, a witch hunt. “Strategy of tension”, sheer ignorance. Betrayal, alienation, isolation, humiliation, shame, insensitivity, “double bind”.

– Muffled communication, speaking in low volumes/mumbling, garbled speech, thick/phony foreign accents, speech impediments, fast/non-stop talking, heavy breathing, fake coughing, feigned shortness of breath, speaking too loud, fuzzy/static/choppy phone connections, pressing phone buttons while talking, loud TV/radio/talking/baby crying in background, disconnected phone calls.

– Directed Conversation. Innuendo re: suicide, death, assault, mental illness, homelessness, unemployment.

– Referring to the target as subhuman or “it”, references to being captive in a zoo, guns, weapons, violence, jail, cruelty and using the word “target” frequently in conversation with and around the target.

– Remote Neural Monitoring/ Artificial telepathy via radio, TV, internet. Cough harassment, directed conversation via radio, TV, internet. Reading the target’s thoughts in real time and repeating them aloud or acting them out in front to target. Synchronizing harassment tactics to thoughts in real time.

– Expensive/late/sloppy work by mechanics, contractors, movers, house cleaners, print shops, hair stylists etc. Contractors damaging/breaking things inside home. Frequent price gauging and overcharging for services and goods.

– Infestation of home w/ insects, rodents, birds, etc. I came home one day to find hundreds of bees that had been forcefully shot into my home from the exhaust duct openings in the roof. My home was also infested with flies for months following a 3 day trip where a perp cat sitter had access to my home.

– Manipulation of indoor air temperature, hot/cold. “Broken” thermostats.

– Fascism, Socialism, Communism, and Nazism.

– A sick crime that completely destroys the victim’s quality of life and causes them to question, doubt, and lose trust in everything and everyone around them, including loved ones. Unknowing victims are watched and obsessed over by perps for years and years, only to have their life go up in an inferno when they finally find out what is going on; at which point perps will go to any length to completely discredit and destroy the target.

– Adult Bullying. Bullying on steroids. Hooliganism on crack. A complete destruction of trust. Apocalyptic street theater. Cinematic/surreal drama (“I feel like I’m in a movie”). A nightmare with your eyes open. The worst thing that can happen to you. A combination of the movies: Deliverance, Rosemary’s Baby, and Lord of the Flies. Gang Stalking IS the end of the world for the target.

– Technological slavery/public lynching/tar and feathering/quartering/ wooden stocks, etc. Constant taunting/antagonism/negativity to provoke a reaction from the target. Target is controlled to the point of paralysis  and powerlessness while they are repeated mentally raped. Target is made to feel they have no voice.

– Technological home invasion/rape/kidnapping/false imprisonment. All accomplished by stealth, bribes, manipulation, intimidation, coercion, abusing the “system”, and what seems like an endless trail of corruption and criminality. Technological “death squads”.

– A complete “Vivisection” of target’s mind, life, and whole world. Technological human sacrifice/skinning alive.

– “Death by a thousand paper cuts”, Being “buried alive”, having your “pants pulled down” and shamed like a child everywhere you go.

– Mental/physical exhaustion/fatigue of target and sensory overload by all the tactics listed above.

– Parallels to being a POW/MIA in your own home/city/state/country. Perps will actually brandish the POW/MIA flag to taunt targets.

– Hell on Earth. A spiritual war.

– NOT paranoia, schizophrenia, delusional disorder, narcissism, or a psychotic disorder. OGS may in fact cause a TI to develop a mental illness. OGS may in fact cause PTSD, severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, thoughts of harming self/others, and inability to trust anyone.

– NOT a joke, amusing, funny, a game, or impressive. If you are knowingly involved or complicit with OGS/EH in any way, shape, or form, you are in fact involved in a conspiracy to murder. It is sadistic abuse and for someone to be knowingly involved and think they are innocent just because “all I did was ____”  is overwhelming ignorance and denial. If you are not willing to walk up to a targeted individual in broad daylight and stab them, then you have no business participating in their psychological torture either. You don’t stab someone “just a little bit”, there is NOTHING innocent about it. It is indeed VIOLENT and ALL participants have blood on their hands. The above tactics are done repeatedly, deliberately, and with the intent to cause fear/harm. 

273 thoughts on “Organized Gang Stalking/ Electronic Harassment is…


    • I’m not so sure the United States is the country we want. Most law enforcement is corrupt and will make you into a criminal. The constitution is only for those who have money.
      There is no morals in freedom because everybody is perverted. Meaning there is no love of God, no love of the God of Moses laws, everybody gets divorced and stabs everyone in the back. Bible verses talk about the end days men being lovers of their own selves, and having a form of godliness but denying the maker thereof-of the good. Corrupt, and having the freedoms to do what-ever-you-want as a sick humanity is a perversion. It will kill your life and your family.
      I’m not so sure the founding fathers expected us to be perverted, or if they themselves were perverted looking for freedom to do it.
      But without true ethics the genuine morals that make a nation great. We’ll rot.

  2. please president Trump trump they help us put a stop to this gang stalking Madness they’re killing me and many others like me I’m in major pain that suffering from torture 4 years trying to kill me on the roads trying to kill me with poisons psychological torture swarming and I’m f****** sick of it I got rights and I don’t want this to happen anymore they’re flying over my building right now hitting me with microwave Direct Energy weapon and nobody can do anything about it, give me a break. Scumbags and behind bars or the end of a rope I want to stop

    • csis mi6 help me sammymcloughlinn google my name then csis 7 patna place north road west Plymouth devon pl15ay lee walklin lives at address he was fooled by Richard kovad ask him about the hand guns frame up blacxkmail kova lives in bude cornwall uk helpme di centre Calgary Canada zetsetzen,kovac was blackmailed by csis to try to frame me op with guns

  3. how does someone going through organized gang stalking find relief BEFORE the inevitable happens? My boyfriend and I are right in the middle of the “being set up” process… And need immediate intervention or some form of sanctuary or protection from the swift ongoing daily violations of our constitutional rights. We need protection for ourselves and our children TODAY…. RIGHT NOW. WE ARE IN UTAH…Please help us before it’s too late!!! We have actual evidence.

    • Shantell, I wish I had answers. Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed. If you already know what this is then feel blessed you are already ahead of the game but once they know you know the scale and dimensions can change significantly. Just on hold on tight, at least you have each other but you have to stay calm. Know your rights and seriously believe in the power of prayer. This is a spiritual war and they can only do as much damage from this point on as you let them. But pick your battles wisely. Document everything. You can buy a decent RF detector on for $20. My place was bugged to the rafters when my program went overt in 2012. Lamps, mirrors, electrical outlets, window frames were all alerting for bugs and I wished I had video recorded this because they have since removed all of them although I think there is one in my thermostat now. I wish I had better answers and I will pray for you and your family. We all have evidence, no one wants to see it, esp. law enforcement. But keep collecting it because we are going to get justice eventually.

    • my name is Jacob Charles Farley and I am victim of gang stalking I lost my children my business every thing I ever owned I was false imprisoned for 15 moths and am still being terrorized every day my father sick f##k that he is falsified a pfa and police report I also believe that the lower saucon police are in on this along with the Northampton county courts and probation office they started a new special probation calling it mental health court I was offered to go free from prison after 3 moths if I plead guilty I refused do to my inoceance they said they would drop all charges on me if I took the guilty plea my non compliance and my inaseance was denied I no what is going on an yet I am denied my right to no act this is so in humain I asked my mother on 12-19-2018 about my sister being molested when she was 1 years old by my father 3 days later my father falsified the police report and I was imprisoned and ever since I have been hearing wispers in my head speaking sick things about my child now I want to no who I report this to because I am pressing charges on every one of my family members and filing a defimation suit false imprisonment theft by deception unlawful with holding of my property and attempted murder for my suicide attempts do to depression from losing every thing in my life also my so called friends for joining in on this do to there illeagle activity selling drugs carl bowman what did the feds threaten you to play along to not bust you for selling drugs an clean your daughters record

    • You can’t kill these MO FO”S you would run outta bullets fast! They are all over the whole damn planet! Many all over the place!

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  5. People that work with the government like clinician scientist and research facilitors they are the ones responsible for gang stalking in Edmonton

  6. Many of the in person stalkers are being used unwittingly by the REAL perpetrators via technology. It’s like quasi-demonic possession so to speak – they feel the urge to do something in particular that happens to coincide with what you are thinking or doing in perfect synchronicity. Someone has explained it in a nutshell, it’s basically the HAARP machine organizing entire sections of neighborhoods at the same time. Well that’s one aspect of it, the other aspect is a change in consciousness, aka the hive mind. Whether this is something spiritual or artificial is debatable.. it’s probably a combination of both. Don’t get me wrong though, there are ACTUAL, ACTUAL stalkers that intentionally do things to provoke fear and intimidation. But honestly, this blog scares the living shit out of me.

  7. No HUMAN being should be tortured like this! I’m so happy we have a president that cares about the American families and PRAYING THAT DONALD Trump WILL END THIS ORGANIZED Gang STALKING AND ELECTRONIC, microwave and Radiation torture immediately! ALSO PRAYING THAT ALL THE Victim AND VICTIMS FAMILIES GET COMPENSATED FOR Being TORTURE AND KILL BY THESE INVISIBLE DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS!

  8. I am utterly speechless, I finally have an answer to wife is going on. I found this stuff on the web after exhausting” searching for what is going on” , family and friends all gone! No support system what so ever anymore. It’s absolutely brutal the shot I am subjected to. I have definitely resigned to the fact that this will be the death of me, unwilling of course. Thanks!!!! My life wasn’t great but it’s the only one I got, thanks for making it utterly unbearable anymore.

  9. Yea i don’t know if you heard but the aliens were in on it! Not fucking . use of tin is a sin and I’m not lying about that!

  10. Please I need as much info. about ti torture. My son, fam., friends, & I are being affected by it. No one will believe me. I have beem isolated to hardly anyone in my life. My son has beem institutionalized in a mental hospital several times from it. I have been tortured even while incarcerated. Law enforcement, no one will help they all think I am crazy.

    • call 911 if you know where it comes from for instance any of your neighbours and often you can figur out a bit logic where each specific dirty trick attack comes from, in any case 911 is 911 to fast respond on any distressing scenario a citizen in eminent ireasons of all sorts what feel critical and or getting out of hand overwhelming etc use the 911 for police for instance they arrive by serious engaged ready for all situations of harmed against the harmers they will search. when the TI effect attack is one too many or feeling extreme that is too extreme panic call 911 explain them the phenomena effects of the moment n days mentioning there is some sort of abnormal functioning device such as local radio hobbiest or a malfunctioning electric infrstructure or simply can say and tell the crisis cops the strong heavy field effecting you neurologically your perceptions etc is pressumably local or regional or must be directed energy weapon into your home… if you hear speaking in your mind explain than it must be some sort of malfunctioning local radio hobbiest device, a bad technology amateur what must have gotten to buy a experimental obscure experimental or special fx broadcasting trick device illegally local experimental radio device , if you say these words theyll start try noticing the field in your home n see if they can percieve same symptoms, if not theyll deduct logically n you can go with them outside to guide based on your symptoms..ask them to file a complain down for ya that is important step before they go somewhere allone checking n leaving you after inspections ..if you use the exact sort of words the 911 call is a panic call with concerning extreme symptoms by disfunctional near electro radio and or local mobile provider network point malfunction or malfunctioning or abuse of broadcast or very abnormally functioning radio communication amateur nearby or weird old or rare trick fx electric device having serious concernimg abnormal abusive effect(s) on your home. them cops will take you serious for this way of maldevice or malfunctional local amateur or rare trick played with by someone. good luck, let me know how that approach for real law and order fullest urged investigation n complain to search for electrical abnormal functioning with causing your extreme symptoms that day too much..panic n before.. they’ll do also a search locally on illegal pirate broadcasting on frequencies etc good luck, you are obviously in distress so 911 is always n options just need to orient them in the above sorts ofabnormalities etc ‘pressume various alike abnormally functioning local..’ first the comon “possible” logic heavy duty malfunction etc possibilities, than you say what symptoms effects you have untill you called reached amount unbarable panic sideeffect of heavyelectricdevices of some sorts need for action a strong electric device must be locally be broken etc orso.
      let me know if you did n reply this message tell us how how you alarmed and put them cops on a serious urged search to find the place or thing what obvious electro mal…

  11. 1945 audio phone, bone / jaw conduction for amplified clear as a dime sound implant , hair wire or implants spy device, like they used in acoustic Cats spies during the war but updated to 2017!!
    listening device / or mind readable two ways/ add tracking through internet and can be used for hacking radios, TV set and computers! and id thievery also through smart meters!
    …….No-one can hear anything from the outside of your body…..and they can reverse signals and code signal it too !
    I researched this and found all the patents!
    hey everyone you can sue them for millions now! if this is a revenge set up!

  12. Targeted for almost 10 years now for giving the FBI info they used. It’s pointless to explain 200 things I deal with in the average day. There is no oversight and no limit to the number of felonies these traitors are willing to commit. Proof and reason why I’m being harassed 24/7 is leaked at Enemy of the Swamp DOT com. The leak isn’t about me so much as it is about all Americans being ripped off left and right, lied to by a state-run media and manipulated into believing that their votes are actually counted in an election.

  13. Scenario explanation!…only! talk to e real investigator for this information!
    Not intended to do any harm to anyone in any situation!
    This is not stuff that happened years ago it’s new electrical computer phone type techno activity updated!
    “Illegal entrapment ,revenge, illegal set up or to make you pay in other unethical ways even using your body for signal cross data computer thug-gory , ” and false claims also included I.D. Theft!… is big time for these Whom ever because some of these activity artists set you up to get your home, land, job, lost retirement and family separated and your reputation looking bad so you never get another job! Others do it to ( Control you like a dog with a walk and talk dog collar !)but implanted internally so no one can hear you being threatened and bossed around and or mentally abused!!A gang person over hear in USA said this is what they do and they pay a implant doctors to set you up by impersonating a cop or doctor saying he or she needs this for a medical mental or monitoring by computer health problem and some dental doctors can’t say anything because they think it’s for that instead of a fraud activity, they get set up also!!!!!
    A Couple of Gang people on the internet reported that is what they knew about this and it was reported in many News shows and articles and books everywhere and it’s happening today everywhere!
    How-ever some of those are legal ….. and authorized for their use by all who is using them for what ever purpose and not of anyone’s business!… it’s the illegal activity ….The covert illegal activity that’s is the problem!
    There is all types to choose form of these implants also!

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  15. I am being staked a Nd harassed for years now. I have been poisoned so many time,. I’m scared as hell,. Don’t know what to do

    • (Hello, my name is Josh.
      I hope you are doing well. I would recommend what’s called “Mylar” blankets, Mu metals and things like that. I am currently doing research as to the most effective against what are called radio waves/frequencies. These waves enter your neurological processes and basically think for your brain. The waves are called Alpha,Beta,Theta,gamma and Delta. Each one acts and effects your brain differently. Using a technique called “shielding” helps “attenuate” these waves. (Smart guy for you build a wall or shield with metal and the waves can’t get through.) this “defensive” measure may help you in your situation.
      I hope this helps you Rena.

    • Sammy James mcloughlin helpme ne505944b contact lee walklin 7 patna place pl15ay uk frame up hand guns csis zersetzen sound devive torture helpme ne505944b deported to Canada by mi6 to be rap3ed by csis 19 years torture ears ,penis ,lungs,skin,teeeth,pink feet,heart rate ,help me .will nt let me leav ecaqnada .

      • (I’m not certain what you are saying. Sound device torture and possible screen manipulation can have that effect.
        I’ve heard rubber mats help stop acoustic sound.
        Remember to stay as calm as possible. I know it can be difficult but you have to try.
        The Illuminati mentioned you in 2018 when I was set up. Don’t ask me how or why.
        I can’t offer much help, but they threatened the person you are asking everyone to contact. In telling you this they may kill or hurt someone else entirely. I’m unsure who at this time. They may already be dead.
        Their name will probably be Lee.)

  16. Gangstalked, abused, violated by Canadian Police – Needs to be exposed – they are covering it up- Canadian Intelligence working with undercover police are aggressively surveillancing a women living in downtown Toronto Ontario Canada. Sound/Noise acoustic devices are used, technology used to watch inside her home to extreme abuse, violation and harassment.. They don’t want the public to know as this is a Human Rights violation, extreme invasion of privacy and brings attention to their extreme human torture/inhumanity.

  17. (I’ve been in this since 2018.
    In my experience GS is a very real front.
    The people that are attacking me faked GS with RF tech. When I was “set up” I was told there would be actual G stalkers present. “Just let them have fun, they think they’re doing somethin’” the level of organization I’ve seen has been world wide. This is only possible with RF tech. The GS of “old” are a cover, but don’t get me wrong they do happen. The people that set me up referred to them as “out dated” and “lonely people who just want a purpose”. They are basically fronts for something bigger.
    When a tiny baby follows a “script”, when my cat or a random bird follow a “script” when my family ignores me… it’s more than just organized bullying.
    They electronically raped me for three days without stop. They’re reason was if you have done it you deserve it and if you haven’t you could so you still deserve it. The point being everyone deserves to be raped regardless.
    I was “put under”(hypnosis) during my “initiation” process so I couldn’t remember anything till it happened. The person that put me under said toward the end. “I really thought you were the bad guy here. Non of this is you’re fault” she admitted her “friends” wanted to offer me as sexual object. She said “non of this is ok…what they’re doing… no one deserves this, and then I found out you were literally set up and used as bait…. you don’t deserve this.
    (It gets fuzzy at times)
    If you have ever stalked someone realize you are being used. They watch you in your home as well. They don’t care about us.
    She found out I often help the homeless as I always do, that I have done volunteer work my whole life, and that I never lie. She knows she messed up and I forgive her.
    She found out the real reason I was targeted was I am first and foremost a virgin, that I am in able to “escape” for financial reasons, that due to moving back home a few years back I lost all connections to friends, and lastly because I’m nice enough to put up with this garbage until they finished their “dumb” project. It hasn’t stopped and seemingly won’t.
    Until this point I’ve never dated and won’t be able to because her life will then be at risk.
    I’m literally going to go through life without Really dating… that sucks. I took pride in staying abstinent… only to be used as a sex object by people I don’t even know.
    They told me if I starved myself I could save someone. I lost 30 pounds in a month to save her and she died anyways.
    I was emotionally tortured this way for all of 2019. I’m basically stuck in place for fear of messing up. People GS (gangstalk) me without realizing it. They constantly make sexual references and things like that toward me and my family I’m with. All because I am a virgin and am apparently “hot”.
    My advice is don’t trust what you hear. With RF they fake voices (just like in the recent starwars) they make anyone they watch say anything via technology.
    I may repeat myself, but I just want to make sure I don’t miss anything. They have been sexually assaulting and stimulating me for… a few months at least. I’ve tried to escape by taking sleeping pills so now they “dream tamper”. The only reason I know is because she told me about it in advance. Dreams go exactly on script and so do the (what I call) “proxy gang stalks”.
    She told me someone has been watching me for a while already besides her “friends” when I was ten years old I heard someone say “it’s just like sex” followed by a memory of someone making a sexual hand expression. I then felt extremely weird. I believe she was right. I was ten. I wish I could help everyone else going through this. I don’t know you, but I love you and I’ll pray and hope for you.
    \(^-^)/ hugs!
    The more we talk about our lives the better. In my opinion awareness is key. I’m working on it myself. I’ve written an M.O. events and the very sci fi experiences.
    Where ever you are I’m also with you. They may be there, but so am I!!! My name is Josh. I’m a nice guy that always tells the truth and I am your friend. Simple. I’m not perfect and don’t pretend to be, and I don’t judge. Just remember that!!! I’m with you and you are not alone in this.
    \(^-^)/ hug again!!! Political, Religous beliefs or lack there of don’t matter to me. I’m here with you. You can say thank you by writing any details you can on paper if allotted time and access.
    I love you all and need you to stay safe.)

  18. It’s your girlfriend wife or ex that does this to everyone and it won’t change until you do! They are a reflection of you! A mirror so now use it to your advantage

  19. Please sign this petition. The UN and ICC must acknowledge electronic rape and other crimes with electronic weaponry, before we can get help to block the weapons and protect ourselves from them.

    If you are aware of any financially accessible methods to block electronic vaginal rape please let me know at the below email address. Thank you.

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  21. Please can someone help me. I have been a Target for the last 6 months. I lost my job, most of my friends, and my home. This is the sickest crime ever, who can help me? I live in Arizona, I want to die I cannot take it anymore

    • Janet, I am so sorry you are going through this. Are you on facebook? There are tons of TI’s on there and TI pages for support. Facebook, conference calls and writing this blog are how I survived the first year. Have you contacted Derrick Robinson at FFTI? Email him at There are other TI’s in AZ he can put you in touch with them.

      • (My friend is headed to Arizona in a few months. Don’t post your address as that’s not a good idea. Please don’t harm yourself. This stuff gets difficult but please don’t harm yourself. Every target is a vote to help end this stuff. If we harm ourselves there is no voice. If the owner of this blog could help you with links that would be great. I don’t think she can post them here though.)

    • (Hey Janet! I was wondering how you were doing today! I know this stuff gets difficult and I’ve been worried about you. I hope you are well today.
      Side note: I made a YouTube channel called “just some guy” it’s a working title haha!
      It has a few playlists that may be of some use. If you have any questions you can ask me on one of the few videos I have and I will 100% respond!)

    • (Hello, I received my shipment of “Lambs” boxers today. They do not help against “No touch torture”. (The touching). I would suggest finding something with a higher silver content. A silver mesh blanket may work better plus you can wrap it around you to make extra layers. Hopefully this helps!
      I hope you are all well!)

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