One thought on “Raw: Snowden Sends Christmas Day Message to US

  1. . some of your posters may be able to trace the injection of the implant back to a dental visit. it took me a few years to connect the dots. the goons wait a couple years before they begin transmitting implant generated sounds like faint tapping. after awhile the tapping becomes loud enough to disrupt entering sleep state. the implant monitors the sleep state frequency i think it is 4hertz. after about 5 years the torture becomes much more severe – irregular heartrate, frequent urination to disturb sleep, severe uncontrolable nerve spasms triggred whenever one attempts to enter sleep state. permanent heart damage may result as with me. i traced my implant to a visit in 2008 to dr. merzenich at gental dental 4392 liberty rd. s. salem oregon 97302. i subsequently learned that the oregon state police under direction of oregon state police superintendent richard evans, jr. was using dentists to perform these implants under some false pretext and certainly without any knowledge or consent from the victim. dr. merzenich never disclosed to me what he intended to do. the needle was longer than one would expect a dentist to use to localize to fill a tooth. syringe was inserted in very soft tissue above jawbone. he shoved in there the whole length which would put that implant at an area where it can cause heart damage and attachment to optical nerve. whatever i see is transmitted back to oregon state police. same with audio nerve. no ph tapping necessary when they hear what you hear. i submitted complaints to the oregon atty. general as well as the fbi without a response so i conclude they sanction what the oregon state police have been doing. they have installed antenna equipment on neighbors property to transmit/recv signals to/from the implant while im in my residence. the neighbors who support this torture are stephen and susan allen 4432 s. immonen rd. lincoln city oregon 97367. this is just the beginning of my story. i wont stop telling others until superintendent richard evans jr. has completely silenced me.
    charles adams
    4506 s. immonen rd.
    lincoln city oregon 97367

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