Being a TI is very similar to being the bull in a bullfight. You are involuntarily  thrown into the center of a ring with thousands of ignorant, jeering spectators. With not just one but anywhere from a dozen to fifty plus matadors at a time waving red flags at you to taunt and antagonize you. You will experience alternating states of anger and weakness, rage and exhaustion. And we all know how bullfights end. Although sometimes the matadors do take a horn in the face or the ass in the process 🙂 . They choose bulls to fight because they are strong and physically intimidating. It is supposed to make the matador seem skilled and manly, rather than just ignorant and violent. TI’s are the “bulls” and many of us are indeed a force to be reckoned with in one way or another. But just because an animal or human is strong and/or smart enough and has all the equipment to cause death/ destruction doesn’t mean it’s their true nature to do so.** The fact is that bull does not want to be in that ring. For all the physical strength and voracity he is capable of, he would much rather be resting peacefully with his family in a pasture. Eating grass and sniffing flowers, like Ferdinand.

If you trap any living creature in an enclosure and force them to deal with antagonistic/taunting behaviors over and over again they are likely going to act out, either in rage or self defense. It is in our DNA.

TI’s provide the perps with the “ammunition”. Perps then aim the “guns” and squeeze the “triggers”. And these people are extremely calculating with everything they do.

**The perp’s definition of destruction would mean not only physical destruction, but destruction of their Satanic power/demonic possession by TI’s who are spiritually strong.

6 thoughts on “Bullfight

  1. I have been thinking of the word “ignorant” since yesterday about my gangstalkers and now I receive this post in my in-box. It seems like a bit of illuminati mind control at work if you ask me.

  2. Yes, we’d be sitting by not messing in anyone’s business but instead we become the bad animal. Who knows, maybe it’s jealousy of the ti’s self sufficiency?

  3. 11th January 2014 11.24 GMT

    Also (I think I asked this before) but could someone from the US post some screenshots of what the comments section for neverending1’s blog looks like in the US, I think the hacking going on on her blog is more serious and more sophisticated than you might think, and not achievable by just one hacker sat next to her in the library smirking.

  4. NO……that’s just more of the psychobabble crap those still wanting to live in the ’60s and ’70s want to pass off on others. The bring about the satanist crap to distract other faiths. It’s a California/New York thing meant to sell media clips. The military and the feds encourage this type of activity because it promotes their idiot crap.

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