First Responder Harassment Log 1/08/14

Today I drove to Joshua Tree, CA to help support a TI who is trying to get a permanent restraining order against a perp. This is the longest road trip I’ve taken in the past 2 years and the “first responder” perps were in full target hardon mode. I used to feel pride and respect when I saw first responders, now I just feel ashamed for them.

0655 am- Staged accident at 76 West and Airport road w/ at least 3 patrol cars, lights flashing. All lanes closed on West side for 1/4 mile. 3 deputies standing in intersection redirecting all traffic South onto Airport Rd. Traffic backed up on 76 West for miles. (I am driving East.)

0710 am- Passed 2 patrol cars in quick succession driving on 76 West at Gird Rd.

0739 am- Passed by silver Crown Victoria with “K-9 UNIT” written in red and rear window on 215 North.

0810 am-  Passed by Firetruck w/ flashing lights at 60 East and Dayton Rd. exit.

0917 am-  “Traffic stop” patrol car stopped on right shoulder 62 East.

0932 am- Sheriff Dept. Utility truck sitting at red light at entrance to courthouse, 62 East and white feather Rd. Joshua Tree, CA.

1114 am- Passed by private ambulance at 62 West and Hilton Rd.

1140 am- Passed by firetruck while sitting in Denny’s on Hwy. 62.

115 pm- 2 police SUV’s parked side by side on Hwy. median, facing highway 60 West of exit 117. Simultaneously passed by patrol car driving on 60 East.

127 pm- Passed by private ambulance 10 West.

302 pm- Passed by patrol car driving on 15 North at exit 34.

320 pm- “Traffic stop” Patrol car stopped on right shoulder 15 South.

338 pm- Passed by unmarked (official) Law enforcement vehicle at Via De La Valle and I-5 ramp. Possible CHP or Federal agency.

845 pm- Passed by private ambulance Torrey Pines Rd.

905 pm- “Traffic Stop” one patrol car on right shoulder w/ flashing lights Encinitas Blvd. and Quail Gardens Dr.

One thought on “First Responder Harassment Log 1/08/14

  1. The first responder harassment in my area takes over. A woman told of how others almost ran over people after a plane crashed so they could take photos. They even moved the road blocks, jumped the curb onto her place-almost killing a few bystanders-and when asked to leave they informed her she didn’t even own her own property.

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