First Responder Harassment Log 3/11/14

3:31 pm Passed by Carlsbad Police Dept. Patrol Car on Hwy. 101 North at South Ponto beach (repeated harassment in this location).

5:15-5:30 pm Encinitas Lifeguard parks White Jeep directly North of where I am sitting on the beach. Leaves for a short time then returns and parks in same spot.

5:49 pm- Private ambulance passes me at Sant Fe Rd. and Hwy. 5 interchange.

5:54 pm- Ambulance driver follows me into a 7-11 on Santa Fe Rd. and loudly asks employee “Where is the restroom?”. This is proxy stalking and RNM/AT. I had to use the bathroom since before I left the beach but was waiting until I got home.

5:56 pm- Passed private ambulance parked in front of Carl’s Jr. off of Santa Fe Rd.

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