Motorcycle (Using a Vehicle as a Weapon.)

Not even sure why I am bothering to post this it’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to perp’s pussy style harassment tactics. Just after 1 pm yesterday I went out for a walk. I walked North on my street towards a trail head at the end of the street. I am walking for less than 5 minutes when an extremely loud motorcycle comes roaring up the street and makes a left at an intersection I am just passing. I took pics. The bike looks and sounds familiar and I hear it go up and down the street often. And to be honest it looks like a biker I flipped off once when he and 4-5 other vehicles blocked me as I tried to exit my neighborhood one day. Well if it’s him he obviously still has a huge boner for me lol. So he made a left, drove 1/2 way down that street, turned around and came back and turned North onto the street I was walking on, revving his bike. I was just passing a parked car and a driveway. He crossed the street, came around the car and straight at me with his bike. He stopped within a few feet of me and just sat there idling and staring at me. A silver car pulled up in the intersection in front of us. At this point the biker turned in the same direction I was walking and drove very close to the curb right next to then sped away. It was obvious he was cued by other neighbors who saw me exit my home. The whole thing was timed down to the last second like it was a stunt. Likely a rehearsal for an “accident” and definitely the threat of one. Do these people ever get a fucking life? Who threatens people they don’t even know anything about with their bike? Who even has the time to do this stupid shit?

This is the “perp cycle of violence and blame”. The perp relentlessly antagonizes the target until they get a negative reaction from the target. Once they get the reaction, their little pea sized brains interpret this as a reason (or excuse) to punish the target further, as if the perp did nothing wrong at all. After all, they were only doing their “job”, right? Anytime the target rebels they are punished and made to feel like the “payback” was their own fault. Every single time. This is a HUGE theme in mind control. The fact is the fault lies with these little brainwashed buttfucks who are actually employed to do this nasty stuff.

9 thoughts on “Motorcycle (Using a Vehicle as a Weapon.)

  1. I have the greatest admiration for your site. I do not have half your determination or persistence. As a kid I was subject to continuous unavoidable bullying – except I did not view it as bullying as I don’t have a victim mindset. I took the view that just because the people surrounding me were insane there was no reason for me to join in their insanity. Of course it had an effect. It made me so emotionally calloused with regard to other people that I just assume people acting the idiot is par for the course for the human race. I am deeply sceptical of emotion. It seems to me that many problems are surmountable but when you throw in emotion on top a solvable problem can flatten you. The trouble is there is no volume control on emotion or an off switch. And I can only take the view I do because my emotions were effectively erased in childhood. As you pointed out this persistent aggravation will often make normal people retaliate to their own detriment or the detriment of any in their vicinity.
    Your evidence of harassment along with the same information from other TIs is essential in making clear that this harassing behaviour is criminal behaviour and should be treated as such. The people who organise this will never know shame. In fact shame is too good for them. They are sub-human and giving the low level of humans that is saying a lot. I pray for justice. You never know – maybe there is some power in the universe who cares about justice – and they are in their sights.
    All the best and thank you for your blog.

  2. You are a better person than me if you can remember to take photos or video it. I always think after the fact that I should have videod the incident.

  3. Hey I know exactly what you are going through. Im being gang stalked in Escondido all day everyday by motorcycles as well as monster trucks and a lot of muscle cars .just any car now in general. My apt complex is highly involved as well.Im also stalked by Escondido police. Ive been blacklisted and lots of ppl know why but reufuse to tell me. Ive even heard some hispanics in the area referring to me as “diabla”. I just dropped my kid off to school and I could swear nearly all cars driving around me were following me. Which I would not doubt. Anyways keep your head up and try to keep calm and not let them get to you too much. I know some days its hard to do but you cant let them win by giving up and giving in. Call or text me if you need to vent cuz lord knows sometimes I really need to. 7603009375.

    • I started wearing a police type body camera. I wear a messenger bag whenever I go out with the camera clipped to the strap across my chest. I turn on the video or take pics as needed. I should have gotten this douchebag’s plate number. I highly recommend this type of camera and a dash camera everywhere you go.

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