Upside down, Backwards, In reverse

The shittiest, most unstable humans that ever roamed the Universe are chosen to gang stalk.

One thing with them that is so hard to swallow is the way some of them react after being so hurtful to a target. They react with scorn. A normal person would be apologetic, empathetic when they realized they hurt someone. Or at least just act neutral if they are not sorry. A perp acts angry and scornful, and disgusted. As if they are the victim and you did something wrong to them. I can’t figure out of this is a typical sociopathic reaction or their SRA mind control programming. Maybe both. It is really a sight to see. I think mostly they aim to confuse. And they are always looking for a reaction.

I remember lending clothes to perp “friends” in high school. One of them returned a shirt with a huge bleach stain on it. But since she acted so angry about my reaction to the damage, I was denied the right to be angry. Another one kept my clothes for over a month. I had to collect them from her room myself one day. You should have seen the actual snarl on her face as she eyed the pile of my clothes on her bed, soon to go home with me.

In 2012 I sat in a FBI office with a Special Agent trying to explain Gang Stalking. He already knew what it was but played ignorant and just sat and seethed with anger and scorn. I had 2 black eyes at the time from a head injury and he acted like it disgusted him, like I was someone’s battered wife who deserved what she got. Later that year a friend of my neighbor sexually harassed me in a bar in front of a group of people who planned the whole skit. The “cleanup” afterwards was swift and very rehearsed meaning they knew it was a big blow and were expecting a reaction. The harassment was covert but he may as well have taken a fist to my face hard enough to knock me to the ground. I just walked out and went home. The next time I was in that bar the little blonde bartender, who knew about the skit, was curt and dismissive, as if I had offended someone there.

Another odd thing is their way of turning friendliness into a form of hostility. Like one of those dogs that is so happy to see you they can’t stop clawing your body and face no matter how you try to calm them. I have a perp in-law who behaved like this, her strained phoniness was palpable. I figured it was just her personality and tried not to take it personally. Until one day my sister came to visit and the perp in-law’s demeanor was completely different with her. Calm, conversational, and easy going. This sister may have also been a perp at the time.

Another in-law from that same family raised 2 of my nephews. This woman is another chapter unto herself. There were so many red flags along the way but I didn’t want to interfere. Now I feel like I’ll never forgive myself for not doing so. One of things she kept repeating over the last 5-6 years was , “Oh, I’m going to unleash them on some poor girl!” I thought she was joking about a girlfriend or a wife. When what she really meant was psychological torture of single women like myself. What a sick ride it has been realizing how much sickness there has been around me for so long. How these people can commit the most atrocious acts of torture and deception right under your nose in broad daylight on you and all of your loved ones. These people are the reason why Hell was invented.


25 thoughts on “Upside down, Backwards, In reverse

  1. Yeah, it takes a while for us to see what most of these gang stalkers are like. They can beat us up, steal our money, clothes, and turn around and say we’re criminals. They’re the lowlife criminals. People who are druggies, liars, thieves, sickos, bastards, etc. They’re the scum of the earth!

  2. You said:

    Another odd thing is their way of turning friendliness into a form of hostility. Like one of those dogs that is so happy to see you they can’t stop clawing your body and face no matter how you try to calm them. I have a perp in-law who behaved like this, her strained phoniness was palpable. I figured it was just her personality and tried not to take it personally. Until one day my sister came to visit and the perp in-law’s demeanor was completely different. Calm, conversational, and easy going. This sister may have also been a perp at the time.

    I have had this happen so many times. The big phoney show then they get cold as ice.

  3. Hi, I’ve been getting a lot of claims and insinuations that I am a “pedophile”. It seems that the organized stalking system as a whole is connected to getting perp child molesters removed from sex offender lists. And I just got harassment where the perp will leave their vicious dogs outside to “greet” me when I walk past. And this young adult, like early 20’s, opens the door, and yells for his dog to come inside, but does so by using harassment. He yelled “Hey pedophile, get in here!”. Really loud.

    Really? Pedophile? Why, because the perps know that I find people who have sex with children disgusting? I have a “girlfriend” right now that is insinuating via a skit she did with her oldest brother that I am a pedophile. And they won’t stop with this shit! If it’s not alleging that I am a pedo, they also will try to say I am a pothead or a pillhead or that I am a drug abuser. And I’ve never been a drug abuser, a pusher, trafficker, pillhead, or a pot head. They did sent perps after me to terroize me to attempt to do pot with them. I kept refusing, and the one perp kept saying that backing down and refusing was “not an option”.

    Last but not least, there is this insinuation that I am “perp”. I guess when all else fails, use the cheapest road possible. I have been targeted hard for over 10 years, and have resisted all attempts by them to join them or cave in and accept labels but I refused.

    Pedophile? Look at how much soft core kiddie porn there is. Like on advertisements, children posing provocatively on billboards or commercials. And I know the pedophile insinuation is just a way for them to get me to react. The higher up perps, the controllers, the masters, know I abhor sex with children or people who do it. So disgusting. So they are going to harass me with insinuations that I am one of them? Ewwww. If anything else, it seems organized stalking is connected to protecting pedophiles and their networks.

    And last but not least, my “girlfriend” occasionally will do this thing where she insinuates that I am stalking her other male friend. LOL, she can keep it up. I just figure she is under pressure to go along with the harassment, so I kind of tune out things she is saying. I love the girl too much, else, I would just tell her to fuck off. I suspect she is really a closet lesbian anyways.

  4. These cowardly criminals had me believing that I did something wrong for years;They are experts at finding your weaknesses and exploiting them hitting you when you are at your lowest.

    If they know you have low self-esteem, a lot of guilt, NLP-condioned fears, ect they will stick the knife in and twist it.

    Even though the TI has done NOTHING wrong these empty, souless cowards, these lowest of scumbag losers will give you the “you did something wrong” look-Cops are great at this since every last one is a sociopath.

    Buffalo, NY is filled with perps-And I know there are fellow TIs nearby but I can find nothing on any local TIs after an extensive search.

    Thank you for your blog and trying to expose these sadistic jokes, these fake patriots and cowardly conformists.

    Just for one week they should know what its like to be on the receiving end of this shit.

    • Yeah, they love to have the TI thinking they did something wrong. Another variant of this is repeated tactics/conditioning, where they don’t care if something is true. They just want to get the TI to react. They don’t care if it is true or not. In fact, gangstalking is there to help control and manipulate the false environment put forth by the planners of the NWO. I believe the Elite have underage “escort” services, and the mind control harassment is designed in part as a diversion so that the sheeple public is so focused on going after one or a few targets, that they don’t realize the aforementioned evils that are going on behind the scenes. I believe children have been tortured and killed by sadistic “experimenters”, and the gangstalking is there to help protect and facilitate this experimentation. Of course, the power-tripping dumbasses actually think that the target is guilty of these crimes instead of the true criminals they are protecting.

      Like a friend mentioned, how the nice weather brings out the assholes and perps. It’s very telling that they are nowhere to be found when the weather is not so bad. Yesterday, there were 80+ temps, and there were so many sheeple, perps, and harassers. In fact, the harassment I got was very intense. Of course, they act real tough some of them when they are harassing a target. But the same “tough” perps are nowhere to be found when it’s windy, rainy, early in the morning, storming, or brutally cold. Not one perp was out when it was -5 that one time. Haha, too cold for the big tough hardasses. It seems the biggest muscles of perps are their jaw muscles. These are the same tough hardasses that are too weak to go out when the weather is bad. But they can sure run their mouths, can’t they?

      • Totally agree. It’s the same here in the UK. In fact, l get extra dew attacks when l am getting ready to go out (and they deny they have cameras in the house!) and extra nasty dew when l come back. They even worked really hard to get rid of my last job because MY HOURS were not convenient for them! Poor darlings. Gangstalked for just under 14 years so they obviously know they are lying when they spread false rumours. The people who join in and just go with it are either desperate for money, sheer evil or psychopaths. Glad there is a loving God who sees all things and knows their thoughts before they think them. Law enforcement may not help us but the Judge of All will answer them to their face one day soon.

    • Scott: I am a TI in Buffalo, NY and yes, there are many others in Buffalo. You can contact me on Facebook anytime, and if you’re still in Buffalo we can meet. What part of the city are you in? This started for me in Riverside/Black Rock, but it is continuing in North Buffalo.

      By the way, SOME certainly not all, members of the Buffalo Police Department are heavily involved on-duty and off.

      Anyway, you can contact me on Facebook.

      • There are times when I almost pity the perps in how sadly they embarrass, debase and humiliate themselves in order to get a reaction out of me.

        But of course I never, ever forget and never will how many times these s–t-stained cowards have attacked me en masse at my weakest, my lowest and most vulnerable using a cast of up to 100 (within a week or less), abusing govt surveillance, ELF and other totrure tech.

        My super-white trash next door neighbors, these government ass slave super-spies know exactly when I am walking in or out of the house-They have tracking tech courtesy of the govt which spits on TIs and good citizens alike.

        Patty, I contacted you on Facebook yesterday.
        I the Hertel/Parkside area of North Buffalo.

        I DO know that my perps/ Buffalo, Suburban and Federal LEOS have intercepted some of my emails coming and going-They even posed as Talkshoe TI host on another show writing personal things about me in the chatroom.

        Since I live in the proverbial fishbowl with zero privacy my email address is: SDS185@Verizon.Net

        A quick note to the creator of this website: Thank you for your courage to metaphorically spit in the faces of these empty, hateful, twisted sacks of trash.

      • Hi Scott. Thank you for replying! It’s great to hear from another victim, though I am sorry to hear that yet another innocent person has been subjected to this. You’re in my exact area. I live on Sterling off of Hertel; if you’ve seen an influx of cars with out of state license plates on them they’re probably my stalkers, since I saw quite a few of those in my old neighborhood before I moved.

        But yes, I am on Sterling near the corner of Hertel. It’s not like I am in hiding, and more than enough people have told me they know where I now live, so I’m not worried about putting personal information like that online.

        I haven’t received anything from you on Facebook, but I did receive a friend request from another TI. I’ll send you an email.

        Ditto when it comes to privacy. My personal email is

        I’ll send you an email and hopefully it will get through. BTW, the reason I know there are other TIs in Buffalo is that my former landlord, who set this into motion along with some crooked cops, told me “People who hurt me usually end up hurting themselves even more.” By hurting her, she meant my asking that she be fired for operating illegal gambling with another tenant.

        That comment about “usually” is pretty curious because in my mind it implies that she has done this to people before. Also, she was extremely protective of another tenant, a man with a history of physical violence, who told other tenants long before this happened to me that he had “eyes everywhere.”

      • Scott, You are so very welcome. I encourage everyone to start their own blog. TI blogs are how I discovered I am a TI. My neighbors do the exact same thing. I came home from a walk this pm and one neighbor had his car parked next to my driveway with all the doors and trunk open. As I got into my car to go to the store, another man in a white car drove up, parked across from my driveway and sat with his arm out the window. They are trying to turn my neighborhood into some reptilian fear based ghetto, but I am not leaving, sorry.

      • I think some of these people are recruited from psych centers and the other half from prisons. Everything is scripted, and what’s not scripted is basically act as strange as possible. Being criminals and sociopaths that’s not a hard thing for them to.

      • Excellent idea about starting a blog/website. Name names if you can and post pictures and videos. I actually posted names on an OSI (government front website) of my stalkers. One of them wrote, “Maybe we should publish a target’s personal information.” Oh please do print evidence for all to see. I would welcome that.

        And if you happen to live in Buffalo, go to the Croatian Club on Vulcan Street and listen to conversations. Not only will you learn who is stalking me, but also who they are connected to in law enforcement and Buffalo politics.

        Another important consideration: these stalkers will probably try to frame you for something like they did to victims of COINTELPRO. Try to make an appointment or just visit your local FBI Office and express this concern. Even if they won’t help, they’ll at least document your concerns.

      • It would be great to start a National registry of perps, just like the sex offender registry for Megan’s law. Post their pics, aliases, tattoos, prior convictions, license plates numbers, addresses. That way we could start tracking them and build more solid cases to stop them.

      • STOPOGS, in response to your excellent idea:

        “It would be great to start a National registry of perps, just like the sex offender registry for Megan’s law. Post their pics, aliases, tattoos, prior convictions, license plates numbers, addresses. That way we could start tracking them and build more solid cases to stop them.”

        I have read and seen online videos, respectively in which the TI names their perps and the idea of “rubbing their hateful faces in —–” and humiliating these scummy sadists truly appeals to me given the opportunities forever lost to so many of us while the perps do NOT have doors closed to them forever (smear campaigns, blacklisting, ect).

        Just curious how FAR you can LEGALLY humiliate these criminals?

        Also concerned how fast such a site might be taken down by some of the criminals in charge of this fake Democracy.

        Here’s an example of how tight the web (and other media of course) is controlled: I’m a pretty good searcher but it took me MONTHS to find this site (I’ve only known I’m a TI for six months).

        It also took me about one month to find THREE honest, COMPASSIONATE/non-Government talk shows for TI, all on Talk Shoe with one of the hosts having some archives on Blog Talk (Conversation And Support For TIs, Fight For Our Freedom and Nigel’s call).

        I’ve even found about six or so great blogs (like this one!) but it took way too much GD time.

        Finding even some truth about OSEH should not be like looking for the Holy Grail.

        The website Patty recomended should have come up in my normal search results but Google and the rest of these Fascist search engines bring your to MAINLY disinfo, dead ends, fear porn, misinfo;Government sponsored sites, videos and sites designed to waste our time.

        It is inconceivable that so many $%@%$# neighborhood and community watch members have the $%$% to call themselves “good citizens,” “good patriots,” or “good people” as their very thoughts and actions, their total unwillingness to question the morality and justification of their behavior make them the polar opposite of “good” or “righteous.”

        But damaged, cruel conformist minds always find ways to rationalize and justify their actions and inactions.

        Plus there is the cognitive dissonance of NEVER questioning if the smiling men in the suit and tie or uniform flashing their badge showing our smear campaign folders-To their tiny minds it is patently IMPOSSIBLE for authority figures to lie to them.

      • Keeping TI’s divided is a big part of their strategy,”by any means possible”. This “watch list” BS is absolutely ridiculous and people should NOT be dying. Meanwhile, the Obama admin is putting KNOWN terrorists on a “hands off” list. This blog is a legitimate TI blog and I’m glad you found it. I only realized I am a TI 2 years ago and have met many pitfalls as well in trying to get info. I have many links on my blog and I have been meaning to weed out the ones I have realized are not legit.

      • I’m not sure. He sent an email to the creator of and said that his website would be going offline soon, that he was sad about it but he was doing it for personal reasons, and that he was physically and mentally well. Go to and it explains why he is going offline. He says the website won’t be his “public voice” but encouraged others to continue with exposure and his belief, which I share completely, is that he is correct as to why this is happening to us: placed on watch lists as potential terrorists and with that label, you’re basically an enemy of the state so they can do whatever they want to us:(

  5. He believe the code name for this protocol is terrorist processing or terrorist screening process. Who knows?

    Scott, another excellent site is

    LE and communities can harass people who are not on a list, but at least in my case I see a lot of out of state vehicles, and I’ve seen vehicles that are clearly gov’t with GSA on the plates.

  6. Well the.cops are worthless…in my.fifteen years of being stalked…no one ever asked if i did anything to be treated so bad….what kind of police officer does that…scary times…god may have turned them all over to a reprobate mind…means u can tell right from wrong…reprobate mind.

  7. In flaming fire taking vengence on them that obey not the gospel….accept jesus…the seperation has begun…these folks are all damned to hell…no one you can just murder and terrorize people and then go worship him on sunday…it dont work that way partner…. love thy neighbor as thyself and obey god..two greatest commands the law and the prophets rest on these…uh oh…neither did they repent of their murders….strong delusion that they may believe a lie…all these perps are antichrist shock troops…god has turned them over to the devil

  8. You might throw your rock hide your hand work in the dark against your fellow man…sure as god made the rich and poor…you gonna reap just what youve sown…you might run on for a long time run on ducking and dodging

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