First Responder Harassment Log 5/06/14

11:00 am– Passed car “accident” after leaving doctor’s office. 3 police cars, one firetruck, one motorcycle cop. Damaged white car in middle of intersection w/ passenger door left open. (See video). Poinsettia and I-5 off ramp.

11:04 am– Passed by private ambulance at Cassia and E lCamino Real South in Carlsbad, CA.

11:09 am– Passed by firetruck El Camino Real North at La Costa Ave.

11:17 am– Passed by Sheriff dept. patrol car Encinitas Blvd. West at El Camino Real.

11:52 am– Passed  by firetruck after exiting parking lot at Encinitas Blvd. East and El Camino Real. (see video)

5:20 pm– Direct overhead flight Sheriff dept.- circled over my home repeatedly for 15 minutes, synced with sirens on nearby Encinitas Blvd. (see video)

Other harassment received today:

Multiple roadwork sites/partial lane closures/ cones (landscaping, city works).

At MD’s office: stalking harassment, color harassment, cough harassment, innuendo “crazy”, employee harassment, crowding, service delay, blocking harassment, mimicking harassment, vehicular harassment, synchronized harassment, noise harassment.

At Trader Joe’s: Stalking harassment, employee harassment, blocking harassment (specifically blocking items I planned to buy), noise harassment/ startling, vehicle harassment, synchronized harassment, crowding, color harassment.

At home: Noise harassment (landscaping, construction, loud vehicles, aircraft), air harassment, first responder harassment, neighbor harassment, stalking harassment, blocking harassment, synchronized harassment, employee harassment, color harassment.

During walk: Stalking harassment, synchronized harassment, noise harassment, blocking harassment, crowding, color harassment. As always, lots of perps walking dogs.

4 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment Log 5/06/14

  1. Hi, my name is Tony, I live in the Jacksonville, FL area. I have been gangstalked for years, perhaps further back than I can remember but maybe I never knew it was gangstalking. I am harassed by Firefighters, EMT, Police Helicopters, military, retired military, secret society members, family, ex-friends, neighbors, strangers, everyone… I just wanted to let you know its nice to see someone out there who is surviving like me. This shit is world wide with no where to go. I have had TV and radio syncs, my personal life broadcast, property damage, sickness, DEW, personal relationships have ALWAYS been theater… They keep TIs seperated so there is no group resistance. Don’t trust anyone online saying they’re a TI and to contact them, not even me. It seems they’re focusing heavily on Christians, and single women imparticularly. I love you as someone who understands my struggle. I have been in car accidents, home invaded, and sexually harassed… I’m only 26 years old. I pray all the time that Jesus will help me through this hell…

    • Tony, thanks for reading my blog, I can empathize and relate to everything you are going through. I know what you mean about not trusting other so-called TI’s. They really blind sided me with this stuff and I’m pretty sure they thought I would be out the picture by now. But they messed with the wrong person and I am doing everything I can to warn others. The perps may be in the majority now but once more good people wake up and side with us they are going to have a big problem. I can’t wait 🙂

  2. i do not understand how people who do not know you can stalk you. to me stalking implies the stalker knowing who the target is.

    do you consider this message to be stalking also?

    good luck with your day

    • They don’t have to know you personally. This is a system of harassment that is set up and ready to go, just like any other form of organized crime/crime syndicate. All they need to do is add your name to a list and the harassment starts, you are tracked 24/7 and this information is relayed in real time to the stalkers.

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