It Takes a Village to Masturbate

I noticed the local branch of the Circle Jerk Army got a little quiet during and after the San Diego fires. Which tells me the Fire Dept.’s may have a lot more to do with gang stalking than I realized. That and they may have had the satellites they use to help terrorize us focused on the fires. A lot of attention gets paid to corrupt cops because they have more interaction with the public. I can tell you there are just as many devils in the Fire Departments too and they need to be scrutinized just the same as law enforcement.

Well the Circle Jerk Troopers seem to be back in business now that the fires have died down. At 8:30 pm this evening I went out for a walk as I normally do. Just steps down the sidewalk, directly in my path, the white truck pictured below sat idling at a business entrance. Blocking the whole sidewalk, idling with no one inside, and the interior light on. No driver in sight. I walked behind it and inspected the plates with my flashlight. The truck sat there like that for 2-3 minutes. I stopped and wrote down the plate number and took a picture. At that point a man walked over to the driver side and started pressing buttons on his cell phone. This tactic has been done to me in multiple variations before. Perps take the liberty of parking illegally all over my neighborhood.

Sometimes I wonder if these little mind fuck games work better than Viagra for these greying pot bellied middle aged men at resurrecting their dicks. If the Viagra worked wouldn’t they be home screwing their wives at 8:30 pm?

Oh and I was passed by two San Diego Sheriff dept. patrol cars on my walk. One with flashing lights that synced speeding past me while I crossed a street. The other synced passing me minutes later at and intersection.

Somebody pass the KY!

5/23/14  9:06 pm

The white truck is back in the same spot tonight for a masturbatory encore when I returned from my walk. Idling, no driver, interior lights on. A short Mexican man stood behind a pickup on the other side of the street and another man stood in front of my home. I guess he came back to let me know he’s still unable to get his flaccid dick up for his wife. Dude, try Cialis instead of Viagra. Or better yet, just come out of the closet and your life might improve.

I feel like I should be getting paid to help all these old flaccid meth addled dicks with their erectile dysfunctions. It’s like being a prostitute without any of the monetary compensation. Psychological cannibalism never felt so good for these animals. And the realization that there’s not a single first responder in town that gives a shit that an innocent woman is surrounded by gang raping psychopaths 24/7/265, because they are all rapists too. I can’t wait to look down at you in Hell and piss and shit on your heads.

13 thoughts on “It Takes a Village to Masturbate

  1. I used to get that a lot: idling vehicles when on my walk, with nobody inside. I also used to get (and still do sometimes) perps in cars with interior lights on at night. Or, they drive cars with one headlight and never seem to get pulled over (of course). Another tactic is the parking lights on during the day. Driving with parking lights on is a way for them to show their solidarity and support of corruption. It’s very important to “fit in”. Supposedly nobody here wants to get targeted, and it’s also a way to fit in. Targets are individuals who aren’t worried about getting targeted (because we already are) or fitting in. So we wind up getting harassed and bullied by these weirdos.

    This morning, they sent in a weird. A fat weird guy. He comes into the Subway, and then rudely points right at me, and laughing. He just kept pointing and laughing at me. I guess I’m supposed to be intimidated by these idiots and their rampant displays of idiocy.

  2. Oh, the Fire Dept. is as involved in our gang stalking as the police and other government agencies. Every night I hear them pass my apartment building with loud sirens. As soon as they pass my complex, the sirens get turned off. I read somewhere that every time a fire truck goes out on a call, it cost like over $50,000. They’re wasting taxpayer money with their stupid games.

    • They are literally flushing taxpayer money down the toilet. If people knew the truth this would be one of the most outrageous scandals in government ever.

      • You’re right but other than the entire mainstream and nearly all of the alternative media under control and the ENTIRE legislative, judicial and enforcement divisions in on gang stalking
        they will never know.

        And as far as tax payers getting pissed about wasting insane amounts of money on targets it is OBVIOUS now that part of the smear campaign folder these “patriots” with badges and uniforms show our friends and neighbors the public/perps IN ON our gang stalking probably think that they are doing a service to the U.S. fighting “domestic terrorist threats” and most blind pseudo-patriots would never question the “war on terror.”

        We are dealing with a level of conformity, deception, ignorance and blind obedience to authority that must be unprecedented in the world.

        And honestly, gang stalking, work place mobbing ect are just one tiny slice of the shit pie of corruption in this very, very fake democratic republic.

        The perverts, criminals and very real psycho and sociopaths are running the asylum which is why this shit continues;The worst of humanity is in power.

    • Did you hear about Dr. Phil having two TIs (on separate occasions) on his shitty show?

      Regardless of the fact that he tried to discredit the TIs as delusional there had to be thousands of people watching who said “that’s me!” Or “this is what my friend” or “family member” has been telling me about for years! Maybe its true!”

      Yet there’s been no follow up.
      No huge breaking story because all levels of government and many sectors of business know full well about gang stalking and work place mobbing and also know that it is terrorism;Illegal, inhuman and just plain insane.

      The cowards behind and enforcing this program ensure that the media keeps as quiet as possible and that real TIs have a next to impossible time finding each other.

      There are too many people in power with too much to lose to even IMAGINE letting this atrocity make the news and outrage a sleeping, numbed down public.

      Think how no one from the Cointelpro hearings went to prison as deserved.

      I have no hope for justice for good reason.
      Sorry to be a miserable, cynical bastard!

      • A revolution seems inevitable and unavoidable. Matt Barasch, the TI who was on Dr. Phil earlier this year, is suing Dr. Phil for defamation.

      • I’ve been job mobbedin the past. Nothing compares to the intense job mobbing I received followed w severe gangstalking. I think employers throw people’s names into a polic network system. Though in the past I had one incident of gangstalking and job mobbing by a manager who liked tryingout her psychology training on her subordinates. This stuff is real folks but psychology has hit a new ABUSIVE high. Gangstalkimg needs exposure.

  3. I have NO doubts that Dr. Phil’s TI guests woke THOUSANDS of people up-The shitty mainstream brainwashed “news” stations (owned by the same scum who’s behind this and other criminal programs) have not covered more than a handful of targeting stories in local communities.

    The Dr. Phil lawsuit may be covered in the alternative media (also nearly 100% controlled) but how many more people will it wake up?

    What’s MOST important of WHEN people first wake up is that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find credible, useful informative websites and blogs like this one,
    its next to impossible to find legit gang stalking radio shows (not those govt ass slaves FFCHS & OSI) and finding useful info when you first realize you’re a TI is difficult by DESIGN-Isolation, fear, confusion;All part of their “games.”

    I’m going to list three Talkshoe gang stalking shows which I fully trust, whose archives I have listened to and whose hosts are of the highest integrity:

    Conversation And Support For TI’s (hosted by Renata)
    Fight For Our Freedom (hosted by Badbaby)
    Nigel’s Call For Targeted Individuals (Nigel Nicholson)

    I hope this is OK with the host of this blog/website and if not, I will respect your wishes if you take the link down.

  4. Leon here, I’ve seen TI’s on Dr. Phil. I’m also willing to say those guys who recently went on shooting Spree’s in the military were TI’s. Listen people these sociopaths don’t want to give up their power. They already have countless local so called law enforcement zombified, what if they’re outed being the new cowardly Nazi’s ( and when I say cowardly I don’t mean the zombified soldiers, I’m talking the creators, and leader zombie cowards) to scared to come out with what they’re doing. This is another reason I know they surround your immediate vicinity with zombies but still scamper like roaches from head on confrontation about the implants, and microwave voice gimmicks they use. But be t they are hard at work zombifying the military as we speak. This will only weaken america (Babylon the great) I’m beginning to see how Russia, and china destroys her with fire. Any they are hard at work zombifying the military just in case those of us GOD’s anointed take a stand use the national guard, and military along with local zombie law enforcement to fight for them. Remember: WHO IS LIKE UNTO THE BEAST? who can make war with him? Also remember: he will make war with the saints, and overcome and kill them. But also remember many of us will probably be killed, But just like the Nazi’s before them. Evil never wins, GOD is our avenger!!!

    • Leon here I know I wrote that last blog with so many ideas I wanted to get out many may not understand. But read it carefully, and you will understand those that care to. Also (dumb+zombified) dumbified. My dumbified stalkers are throwing a sociopathic tantrum tonight. Knowing their dumb social tricks barely faze me now, the creeps, or dumbified creeps have resorted as usual to the implants, and direct energy tactics. As if that’s gonna make me decide to become one of the dumb as- zombies for them. I don’t think k so!!!!

  5. Love thift stores…got gangstalked at a salvation army….the captain was a smirky gay man….alledgely the salvation army hates gays….he grinned his homo satanic grin and then an illegal comes tome and shows me used cds…and says i got all the techno disco ones….which iswhy i was there….i like illegals though…but thats complicated to disguss in this little box 🙂 so if your a homosexual.psychopath…which half of them are.
    .try the salvation army…their hiring psychopaths for the lord and stuff 🙂

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