Organizations Practicing Trauma-Based Mind Control

Organizations Practicing Trauma-Based Mind Control

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(These groups form what insiders call “the Network.” They are the backbone of what is known as the New World Order.)

Trauma-based Mind Control (TBMC) is torture, murder, terrorism, and slavery. 

4 thoughts on “Organizations Practicing Trauma-Based Mind Control

  1. Organized Stalking in Chennai, India is done by a Private Investigator group which has grown extremely powerful and influential in the last 5 years. The groups link with each other locally and internationally and share the ‘expertise’ with each other which only makes them more ruthless and bigger criminals. Any Government ignoring them will pay a price sooner or later.

  2. The (known) criminals running the world use brainwashing to keep their mindless minions in line.

    Most likely they have to use brainwashing techniques mainly on employees who are not psychopaths or sociopaths-Its much harder to follow illegal, immoral orders from the top if you have a strong conscience.

    And since $#% flows downhill this method of “management” helps to ensure that the general public believes that those running everything have their best interests at heart despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary in the mainstream media alone!

    I used to believe that brainwashing was fictional at best but some of the perp synchronization is so complex and clockwork-like (and most perps are retarded) that the only logical explanation is some form of mind control.

    I’ve known I’m a targeted individual for about seven months and have finally admitted that I myself have been seriously brainwashed-Major personality changes, subtle changes in thinking patterns which could only be caused by some kind of external source;If you have a shred of conscience you know what is true or not to who you are.


    On one of the Talk Shoe shows I’ve heard a few people claim that most of those who are being targeted can not be fully brainwashed into believing the lies of the authorities and media.

    Do you believe this idea has any merit?

    Thanks for posting this.

    Its common sense (to non-pinheads) that this world is corrupt but knowing that every (known) major power on this sad planet uses brainwashing for its lackeys is a new, painful truth-The ugly news never stops!

    • Yes I think some TI’s became TI’s because it was not possible to brainwash them to be a perp. But TI’s still get their own version of brainwashing by being sensitized into thinking everyone/ thing they see is targeting them.

    • Scot d snitzer yes I do believe that aside frombeing whistleblowers that yes it is very possible that targeted individuals cannot be fully brainwashed. Another arguement that I’ve read about is that targeted individuals areeasily hypnotized. Remember being targeted means too that your reality is being “changed”. There are forces at work altering your reality. This concept of what peoples’ realities are has been discussed by a medicaldoctor/scientist from Bogota, Colombia: Rodolfo Llinas. Please look up Dr.Llinas’ work. Delgado is often cited. But llinas is also quite prominent in the neuroscience studies.

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