Secret Service Terrorizes Innocent Family

This is what is happening to innocent people all over the country every day. We now live in a Nazi Police State.

2 thoughts on “Secret Service Terrorizes Innocent Family

  1. Perfect example of a case of government stalking due to someone angering a turd who’s “connected” as if this was a movie about the mob;Wonder if she is suing the government and her ex-friend since it sounds like she has proof of the cause and effect of her harassment.

    Since I have had a S load of gang stalking memory flashes since realizing I’m a TI (about 7 months ago) one of those is being followed by four or five Lime Green VW Bugs three or four times (that I remember) which may have been the Secret Service in Buffalo, New York.

    All the govt agencies I’ve learned are involved in gang stalking and I forgot of the SS (like Germany had!).

    I get the distinct impression that this poor lady’s harassment was not limited to stalking by these very, very well-paid sadists;I guarantee she got the smear campaign treatment and possible EH which of course the Washington Post host would never cover as to let people know just how out of control this “free nation” has gotten.

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