9/11 Free Fall 8/28/14: William Binney– Former NSA Technical Director

Published on Aug 30, 2014
William Binney is a former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) who, after more than 30 years of service, resigned in 2001 and became a whistleblower exposing the NSA’s unconstitutional programs. He is also a recent signatory of AE911Truth’s petition calling for a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 on 9/11. In this interview he talks with Andy Steele about why he signed the petition, the NSA’s spying program, and offers some words of advice to the 9/11 Truth movement on how to pursue justice through official channels

6 thoughts on “9/11 Free Fall 8/28/14: William Binney– Former NSA Technical Director

  1. I hope my last comments to you helped you somewhat. I have developed some interests in your blog, and let me explain why. I was in the COINTELPRO program until late 2009. I left, and became a target myself. I escaped in late 2010. For almost three years, I have avoided using the internet, or any electronic communication, in order to avoid being tracked down. I have begun going online again only in last year. Right now I have to travel some distance to use computers that have internet connection; I only go there about 2 times a week. Lately I have been looking for blogs and websites of my unit’s former targets. Since I have very little time online, I have to print out yours to read itn at my spare time. I find yours a little more interesting than others’, even though you are not my unit’s former target. When I saw that you approved my last comment, I have some proposal to make to you.

    People like me now got a break, and so I want to use this opportunity to leak some of my experience online. There seems to be some reorganization in the US government apparatus going on right now, partly because of this Snowden affair, and partly because of something else which I don’t quite understand. I’m using a special software to route my packets and hide my IP addresses, but, although I can hide from the COINTELPRO folks, the NSA can still find me. Ever since ICREACH is exposed, however, the NSA has restricted other agencies’ access to the system, and so the FBI no longer allows the black op people to use their system to acess the NSA system without prior clearance. At the same time, the Snowden leaks have created a barrier between the US and Germany. I tell you, this is a golden opportunity for me, or for former perps. As long as I carefully route my connection, I can now use the Internet without worry that the old COINTELPRO people might get me.

    I want to get what I know about gang-stalking out to the targeted individuals community. But, obviously, I don’t want to set up my own website. The best way is to post what I know on other people’s websites. It’s safer for me to post my writings on your blog as comments, because then I wouldn’t have to create an account. I of course would like you to approve my comment. But if you can move my writing to your regular blog posts, of course I’ll even more appreciate it.

    First, some history. You might want to read about how Edgar Hoover created COINTELPRO to target “troublesome” individuals to society, like Martin Luther King. After the program was exposed, it was transformed into a something like a black op, that is also shared by agencies outside the FBI. You have to know that approximately 7 out of 10 victims of gang-stalking are not the real targets, but are targeted for practice. The captains that have just been recruited into the COINTELPRO need to be trained; and when the program zeroes in on a political dissident or journalist, for instance, we would try out the techniques we want to use on someone else irrelevant first. The majority of the gang-stalking victims are thus targeted for no reason whatsoever. The purpose of gang-stalking is to drive the person to violence or insanity without having to do anything illegal. For this reason, some people are very easy to target, whereas others are very hard to target. We have some sort of grading system, easiest, medium, hard (S, M, H). This is why I have taken an interest in you. You obviously belong to the category of the easiest (S). The easiest are those who are smarter and more sensitive to their environment. When the perps sync their movements to cut you off, etc., you tend to notice it. These people tend to be females. They are very easy to drive to insanity. Male targets are usually harder, because they are less sensitive and so usually do not notice it when you try to cut them off, and so they don’t get uncomfortable or provoked. You should check out Michael Ruppert’s story, how the unit in Homeland Security targeted him, both in Oregon and in Venezuela, when he escaped there. We had to send in thugs to break into his office and smash up all his computers. This is bad, for then he had evidences and could report it to the police.

    Although you weren’t my unit’s target, we have targeted people like you before. Just by coordinating our effort, we can drive someone like you to the wall, and we didn’t even have to do anything illegal. Cutting people off or wearing a color they don’t like isn’t against the law, and so there is nothing the target can do about it. If you ever want to get justice, you’ll have to expose the planning inside the unit. The troublesome factor is this. When we recruit the residents in the target’s area to work with us, even after we are done with practicing, the residents often continue the targeting for their own enjoyment. When we recruit a target’s neighbors, we usually say something very vicious to them about the target, like: s/he is a pedophile suspect, but we got no evidences… or: he rapes a woman but no evidence… Or: she falsely accuses her lover, some businessman, of rape, to ruin him, etc. The residents thus hate our target, and continue to target him or her. The gang-stalking network therefore tends to grow outside the original COINTELPRO confine and become decentralized, so that, very often, you can no longer tell who is in command of the operation. Reading your blog, I can’t tell who it is that’s in command of targeting you. And often, targets get recruited into the gang-stalking network, and the perps, who want to escape, become targeted. After 30 years, therefore, gang-stalking has become so complicated and widespread in North America and Europe that you can no longer get rid of it just by exposing the “master perp” on top. I read that you have a wish for grand jury investigation; I suggest you keep this fact in mind.

    That’s all for today. If you approve my confession, I’ll come again with more info. If you need tips on surviving gang-stalking, I’ll see what I can offer.

    KEEP IN MIND that your perps probably still have access to the Word Press system, so that, even if you don’t approve my comment, they can still see it. So don’t bother to hide anything from them; you are just wasting your time. Although they don’t have access to the NSA system anymore, they have moles inside Word Press. Not to worry, I have somebody inside Google as well. Many perp moles play both sides. Hehehe.

    • Hahaha, that’s funny, “Grand Jury Investigation”. The only problem are the thousands of power-tripping assholes who enjoy power over a target. They will never confess. The problem is, aren’t there rich people who buy into this who use the targets’ plight as entertainment? And the rich people include higher-ups in the judicial system, like judges and lawyers who are not only afraid of being targeted themselves, but possibly are getting off on the power trip of the gangstalking system. Hence, they have plenty of motivation to turn the other cheek. In fact, gangstalking seems to be very political.

      I believe that I am a life-long target who was monitored well-before I was ever born. It is also my theory that the military industrial complex is part of this, and that they have had very advanced technologies in use for decades. For example, they seemed to have some way using technology of seeing into the future like a human “gifted” psychic would, but it’s all done somehow using classified toys that use relativistic and not-yet-understood scientific principles to emulate what a human psychic does. I’ve read that they could read thoughts since 1992, but I’ve seen evidence they’ve been doing just that in 1974 and even earlier. Nixon was very involved in MK Ultra and COINTEL Pro, I’ve read.

      It seems unlikely to other targets, but consider that some very smart people have been working for the dark side. And so developing scientific wonders like synthetic telepathy, mind-reading, and technology-based psychic toys would be no problem for them. And they have ways of shutting people up that developed them, to keep the public from knowing what they are up to with their mass mind control technologies.

      • I guess it was inevitable that this tech would be developed. Couldn’t it have been used for a lot of good things if it wasn’t controlled be evil people (and remained covert)?

  2. Very good insight into the process. I’ve read that one thing they use is to go around recruiting people with the notion that the target has committed a horrible crime, and has eluded justice. This is absurd, especially when the target, like myself, has never made a significant amount of money. So how could I buy my way out of a charge? Of course, the people they recruit don’t think logically. And in fact, I believe they really don’t believe the lies, but choose to pretend like they are naive and do so anyways because of jealousy of the target. it seems like jealousy is the biggest motivator. In my case, it seems to be that and only that. The other stuff, like research objectives, and making an example of me, are secondary. They are so vicious and hateful that they don’t have to believe lies. They know there is a large concerted effort to beat the target down, and I believe the only reason they go along is because they want to commit a crime and they know the probability of getting caught is close to zero.

  3. It actually could be used for good, yes. For example, if a person they are watching is in distress, but has no way of getting the word out, the people doing the monitoring would be able to see this ahead of time, and they could read his or her mental state. Then, they could send help to take care of him (or her). It could be used for good. But see, it was developed to help the evil people nullify the people who are a threat to them. These people became targets. It seems like evil is the biggest motivator. According to Machiavelli, ” Violence may be necessary for the successful stabilization of power and introduction of new legal institutions. Force may be used to eliminate political rivals, to coerce resistant populations, and to purge the community of other men strong enough of character to rule, who will inevitably attempt to replace the ruler.” So all of this covert stuff and the fancy tech toys they’ve developed has a Machiavellian purpose, but could still be used for good.

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