First responder Harassment Log August 2014

I’m not sure why I continue to post about these fascist, sadistic, misogynistic pigs, but I do. Let me preface this post by saying I spend very little time outside my home. Which makes it even more unusual for me to have so many first responder “sightings” on a regular basis. I do continue to document all these sightings and now have a log that covers the past 2 years. I guess this type of harassment is what gets bored, white, suburban men in law enforcement excited when they get tired of fucking their wives (or their boyfriends..or their blow up dolls..or the dog..etc.).

Friday 8/01/14

0930 am- Encinitas Fire dept. drives firetruck down my street with lights and sirens and up my apt. complex driveway.

Sunday 8/03/14

526 pm- Passed by Sheriff Dept. SUV at 101 South Hwy. and entrance to Cardiff State beach.

529 pm- Passed by private ambulance at San Elijo Rd. and Birmingham in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

535 pm- Passed by red ambulance at Encinitas Blvd. and 5 North off ramp, Encinitas.

Tuesday 8/05/14

505pm- Passed by Sheriff Dept. patrol car on El Camino Real at Von’s Shopping Center, Encinitas.

Thursday 8/06/14

740 pm- Passed by Sheriff Dept. patrol car at 101 South Hwy. and E Str., Encinitas.

817 pm – Passed by red ambulance while walking near 101 South Hwy. at Pipes Beach, Encinitas.

917 pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car at El Camino Real South at Palomar Airport road as I exit Lowe’s parking lot, Encinitas.

Friday 8/08/14

845 pm- Passed San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car at intersection of Leucadia Blvd. and El Camino Real, Encinitas.

Tuesday 8/12/14

655 pm- White State Beach Lifeguard SUV parked at South Ponto State Beach on sand as I walk on beach. Lifeguard standing next to SUV w/ driver door open, Staring at me as I pass. (Carlsbad)

659 pm- Red ambulance syncs driving onto 101 South jetty overpass at South Ponto State Beach as I walk onto jetty rocks. (Carlsbad)

Wednesday 8/13/14

625 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car at Encinitas Blvd. and Saxony, Encinitas. Male officer with arm out window for gesture harassment, Encinitas.

Friday 8/15/14

9 pm- SD Sheriff patrol car idling at corner of 101 South Hwy. and K Str. as I return to my nearby parked car after walking near 101 Hwy., Encinitas.

Sunday 8/17/14

355 pm- Passed by SD Police Dept. patrol car at Adams Ave. near 805 South off ramp in North Park, San Diego.

544 pm- San Diego Police Dept. SUV “traffic stop” w/ flashing lights on shoulder of 805 North near 805/5 merge, San Diego.

716 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car at Quail Gardens Dr. and Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas.

Wednesday 8/20/14

205 pm- Blocked by Large white Sheriff/Fire SUV while exiting City Hall parking lot, Encinitas.

217 pm- Passed by Carlsbad firetruck at El Camino Real and Alga, Carlsbad. 235 pm- Passed white Sheriff Dept. SUV in intersection of 101 North Hwy. and Carlsbad Village Dr. (Carlsbad)

517 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. Ladder truck at Encinitas Blvd. and Delphinium, Encinitas.

540 pm- Passed white SD Sheriff Dept. or State Lifeguard/Ranger pickup truck parked on cliff above 101 South Hwy. at Torrey Pines State Beach, Del Mar.

Friday 8/22/14

912 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car while exiting K str. onto 101 South Hwy., Encinitas. 914 pm- Passed white SD Sheriff Dept. SUV at 7-11 Gas station at Chesterfield and San Elijo Rd., Cardiff. Deputy standing next to vehicle in full view from street.

Monday 8/25/14

1005 pm- SD Sheriff patrol car at intersection of Encinitas Blvd. and El Camino Real as I exit Sprout’s parking lot, Encinitas. Wednesday

Wednesday 8/27/14  (**First 5 “sitings” witnessed by another TI in my car.)

1202 pm-  Passed by red ambulance on Daley Center Lane near Ruffin Rd., San Diego.

1214 pm- Passed “traffic stop” while driving near 52 on/off ramp. 3-4 SD Police Dept. patrol cars stopped on shoulder of Highway with semi truck, lights flashing, officers standing on shoulder, San Diego.

1222 pm- Passed another “traffic stop” driving opposite direction on same road, one SD police Dept. patrol car on shoulder of road with another car, lights flashing, officer standing next to car, San Diego.

125 pm- Passed CHP SUV at intersection of Ruffin Rd. and Hazard, San Diego.

250 pm- Passed by private ambulance while exiting business lot on Clairmont Mesa Blvd., San Diego.

547 pm- Passed by UCSD security guard in white pickup truck immediately after parking in Pangea garage on La Jolla Campus, La Jolla.

Thursday 8/28/14

836 pm- 3 SD Sheriff patrol cars parked/idling at corner of K Str. and 101 Hwy. South after I park car in usual spot nearby to go for a walk on 101 Hwy. trail. 1-2 of the patrol cars have their flashing lights on. 3-4 deputies stand near the cars with their backs to me as I pass the corner. One patrol car is # 20144. (Encinitas)

858 pm- 3-4 State Park Rangers stand in front of kiosk watching me as I pass entrance to San Elijo State Beach campground entrance. (Encinitas)

904 pm- SD Sheriff Patrol of Park Ranger car U-turns in Cardiff State Beach lot and brights me as I approach. Then stops and idles facing opposite direction w/ roof lights on. (Cardiff)

910 pm- 2 white State Park Ranger patrol cars sync exiting San Elijo Campground entrance as I pass, one patrol car blocks me. SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car idles inside entrance facing opposite direction as I pass. (Encinitas)

1002 pm- Return home, First responder vehicles stopped on shoulder at intersection of Rosebay Dr. (my street) and Encinitas Blvd. w/ lights flashing. Unknown “traffic stop” or “accident”.

12 thoughts on “First responder Harassment Log August 2014

  1. These idiots have nothing better to do while they do their job, so they have to harass us. I get a lot of walk traffic because I walk a lot. I don’t have to deal with fire engines too much. At nighttime they love to go by my apartment and put on their sirens, cops and firemen. I used to think these people were heroes, now they’re nothing but lowlifes! I give them dirty looks every time I see any of them.

  2. Seems like we’re targets of very similar harassment protocols. I get police, ambulance or fire dept drive-by’s basically every single fucking time go out for a walk or to a grocery store.

    I was just on a little night walk and probably the same police van passed me by twice. A few days ago they had a real field day: two ambulances, a military police car, a fire truck parked on the route to my grocery store, and then a police van drive-by.

    From what I’m read your blog, they use many of the other stalking tactics you’ve described on me as well. Lately a bit less of the street theater and swarming, though, probably because I know exactly what they’re doing and have researched it and also written about it in the internet. But they’re really upped the electronic harassment, it’s now more or less constant.

    And by the way, I’m a male target from Finland so this really does happen everywhere with all the same protocols. I’m pretty sure I’m targeted so heavily because I’ve been an activist and dissident, a non-conforming individual.

    Anyway, thanks for this blog, keep up the good work.

    • Interesting, thanks for the feedback and reading my blog. I guess it’s just a global phenomenon. I am surprised it’s just as intense there though. Good for you for being an activist and non-conforming. Hopefully someday we will be free.

      • The harassment continues when I watch TV shows, sometimes. Like tonight, watching Law and Order, which probably is one of the top 5 “perp shows”, I got “harassed”. Other targets have mentioned getting “harassed” while watch TV programs. If you’re a TI, I’d recommend against watching TV, but I do watch a little tele in the evening, and I don’t let it bother me. It’s been happening for so long, I’ve learned when it first started to block some of it out. It’s hard to block all of it out, however.

        And the public thinks this system is so darned wonderful. When I’m out at the mall, it seems like most of the people there are perps, because they’re there walking around the entire time I’m there. And the ones who aren’t perps, seem to be very snooty and disregard me, as though I’m not there. But that’s one of many tactics they pull: if they aren’t outwardly harassing you, they thumb their noses up at you and pretend you don’t exist. Like it matters… they’re just average nobodies. But they think they’re privileged over us, because their other sheep friends “taught” them that we as TI’s don’t matter, or that we are beneath them.

        So being nonconformists by nature, we’ve earned the scorn and disrespect of sheep.

        And the harassment on that TV show was more psych.-outs via slander, i.e., making the target out to be “creepy” and “strange”. See, because we are not sheep trying to fit in, it’s easy for them to discredit us of being “strange”, because we aren’t acting like the rest of the sheep and trying to idolize and be more like the faceless mob that goes out with the solitary goal of not living their lives, but harassing us.

      • Yes I get harassment on TV and radio. And somehow they are able to sync saying the exact word I am thinking/writing/reading on the radio while I am listening. And of course have radio hosts and callers doing cough harassment all the time. I actually don’t watch TV anymore but I watch a few cable shows online. They have characters on my favorite shows eating the same foods I eat, having PTSD symptoms, getting involuntary psych holds, and they even introduced a new character on Madmen with a very similar name to mine, “Moira” which is a name the perps sometimes call me because one of their frequent “shticks’ is to always mispronounce my name (Maura). Yes it’s all a psych out and awareness is the key. The most disturbing part always is how demented these ppl are to go so far out on a limb to commit this idiocy.
        And yes they are definitely programmed to see us as “subhuman”. Before I knew I was a TI I would frequently get the feeling now and then that certain ppl felt threatened by me. Not in a physical way, but more as someone who might “blow their cover”. Because that’s what non-conformists do.

      • In our minds we, the TI’s, already are free. They pick the free spirits for targeting because we’re not easily molded into an docile servant of the globalist tyranny.

        But about the harassment by police vehicles, on my walk last night I got stalked by a Customs supervision van for the first time. What was funny about this is that I had just earlier that day visited the Finnish Customs website for information about the taxes you have to pay for electronics (in this case an EMF meter) ordered from outside the EU. Well, they monitor everything we do as we all know very well, so nothing new under the gang stalking sun.

  3. One thing that’s been occurring regularly, and it always seems like it starts at 12:15AM and lasts until early morning: something is spooking my Beagle. She starts shaking, and starts wondering around aimlessly, as though something is bothering her. I suppose there are electronic weapons or DEWs that is affecting my dog, and it doesn’t seem to affect me at all. It’s so odd, because she starts running around, all disoriented, shaking, like she’s trying to find a “safe place”. But it stops consistently in the early morning, like 5AM. So it seems to me they are using something that is affecting my dog’s nervous system.

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