Visit to Sheriff Dept.

Months ago I requested some crime stats from the Sheriff’s Dept. regarding vehicle noise code violations in my city. I got the usual blow off for months and then finally a response. I would have to pay them a $50 “research fee” for this info. So I went there today with the check and got a slew of perpery BS during my visit of course. Near the entrance to the building a large black pickup was parked with the driver side door left open. When I entered the small lobby, two deputies were standing in front of me questioning a female stalking victim. One female and one male deputy dressed in dark blue uniforms. The female deputy stood facing me with her arms crossed, blocking the partition window. I just walked towards her and she moved. The stalking victim rambled on in a shrill manner the whole time I was there. Her story included much cursing and violence, including directed conversation about acting “crazy”, yay! I am sure the deputies were there for the purpose of intimidation and to reassert to all the “national security threat” that I allegedly pose to the city of Encinitas. It was obviously staged. I have visited this station multiple times and there are never deputies in the lobby. But they always have other “theater” going on. The one time I tried to report gang stalking there, some fat slob in sunglasses came out and made me step outside with him. I don’t understand why some deputies dress in dark blue uniforms and others wear tan. The ones that show up at my home are always in tan uniforms.

As I wait at the window for the info I requested, a female employee enters the lobby and loudly slams a door next to me. Later a bald male employee passed behind me with his hand on his abdomen. The woman who provided my report stood at the window and spoke to me with her hand over her mouth, her fingertips just below her nose. Before I left I asked another employee who a person should report to if they are being repeatedly harassed and/or intimidated by a specific deputy or group of deputies. She said to call the station or submit a report online.

The stats I requested were on tickets issued for vehicular noise code violations by the Sheriff Dept. in my city over the past year. The results were disappointing and utterly ridiculous but pretty much what I expected.

Total vehic. noise code violations in 2012- 8

Total vehic. noise code violations in 2013- 4

Words cannot express how fucking wrong this is and how much murder these people are getting away with. I have at least a dozen violations minimum passing my home every day, and the real number is more like 2-4 times that. I hear then all over the city too, and so does everyone else. But I live in NWO Zombie Droneville, USA.

After the Sheriff dept. I went to “Target” for some items, oh the irony! I did enjoy looking at the Christmas section though. When I arrived home the 2 tenants who live below me synced exiting their unit and blocking my path. These 2 missed abortions moved in below me a month ago and have done nothing since but stomp around and make a bunch of fucking racket every single day. A lot of it is synced with my bathroom use, work breaks, naps, and bedtime, and there is a lot of “shadowing”. The HOA said I had to go down there and tell them the noise is disturbing me “because maybe they don’t realize it”. When I talked to them there was no apology. They actually blamed their infant who looks too young to even walk. What a nice environment for a baby! I hope they can afford the HOA fines when they start rolling in. Karma has a lot of work to do catching up to all of these skanks.


11 thoughts on “Visit to Sheriff Dept.

  1. I don’t even bother with the police anymore. Every time you visit them, they write a report and write that you’re crazy. If you go too much, you will look crazy. Don’t even waste your time with the scumbags.

  2. I’ve gone to the local police twice for vandalism, theft, and criminal mischief to my vehicles. When I hint about organized stalking/criminal harassment, I get the ‘rolleyes’ (even though I know they’re in on it, I get first responders like you wouldn’t believe). So, who do we go to? I’ve heard about the ACLU stepping in at times. Would it work?

    • Like everyone else we have to pick our battles wisely. People who are breaking rules and / or violating boundaries should be reported. The last time I reported vandalism in my home, the deputy showed up with a member of the PERT team (Psychiatric Emergency Response Team) which was really insulting and uncalled for. But I am nowhere done with the Sheriff dept. and other law enforcement..just getting started 🙂 I am currently gathering crime stats for my city and my neighborhood. I also requested a list of all staff so I can start identifying the ones who track and intimidate me. When you see them stopped near your home, call the dispatcher and find out their names. This is why I list the cross streets where I see them, they all have GPS in their patrol cars and the deputies can be identified by the dept. when they trace their location at the times/ dates listed. This tech they use to track us can also be used against them. You can get all this info without being labeled as “crazy”. You are just a normal citizen with rational concerns and interested in public accountability.

      • How hard is it to get a list of officers harassing you?

        The police in Buffalo, NY and its suburbs have had one hell of a time with their smear campaign against me-As in the case of all TIs there is no taking back the lies and half-truths, the old-woman gossip illegally obtained by hi-tech surveillance and shared with civilians in good ol’ Buffalo, NY.

        Dumb F people blindly trust ALL authority figures whether they’re a doctor, teacher, politician, newscasters and of course, the police and so on.

        If I have to make a police report like I’ve heard so many other TIs say I’ll have someone on the other end of a cellphone while I’m doing it whether its home or at the station.

        You also have to know your basic rights, understand that they will invariably try to make you, the TI sound mentally ill, try to lead you to make incriminating statements, often tell you that its not their jurisdiction sending you to another law enforcement agency and generally not treat the TI with the same fake respect they give “regular” people.

        As much as TIs (most I assume) do not trust the police it IS essential to report crimes against you for documentation and of course you have to deal with these “protectors of the public” if you have to report a violent crime you were witness to and/or to help out the victim of a crime.

    • The ACLU has complained about the surveillance state but from all I’ve heard, like every other legal agency/advocate out there they ignore the requests and pleas form targeted individuals and victims of work place mobbing.

      Here’s a great example of how TIs are intentionally ignored or bashed by all legal venues and media outlets:

      The ONLY major alternative media hosts who’ve covered gang stalking directly are
      George Nouri on ‘Coast To Coast’ who did a show with Derrick from FFCHS and that show was a total joke-All vague bullshit just as the ‘Coast To Coast’ show with Doctors Duncan and Bell with the same waste of a precious opportunity.

      Pete Santelli, an obvious government controlled opposition asshole has hosted I think two shows specifically on targeted individuals and gang stalking and both shows (with respect to Amy Anderson) were laughable.

      Sadly, no one in positions of authority have tried to help TIs. The ACLU is part of long list of agencies which ignore the “elephantS in the room.”

  3. Interesting choice for a name of a store: “Target”. At work, had a co-worker start a conversation with me about some things. Interesting how they know where I went to school without me mentioning it first. It’s like they have access to a database somewhere where they know targets’ stories before they actually meet them. Manipulation at its finest.

  4. LOL, “research fee”. So basically, they charged you for their “services” of stalking you via fire, ambulance, police. Awfully nice of them. Now they won’t have to waste so much tax money paying for this sh–.

  5. Hi Stopogs,

    There is now a TI “buddy system” website which is up but not running yet.”

    Its called A.C.T.I.V.E. Survivor.

    The TI’s buddy would have all of their contact information to check with hospitals, family members, ect.

    A.C.T.I.V.E. TI Survivor Awareness which is meant to be a TI “buddy system” in which targets will choose another TI who will check in with them to see how they are doing once a week, month or every day;It will be a confidential registration process.

    The reason this site is being created is because so many TIs get lost in the system, getting involuntarily institutionalized and sometimes just go missing.

    The site also has a nice summary of what gang stalking is and it looks good so far.

    If you are curious here is the link to it :

    The site’s creator, Keith TRIED to get FFCHs to help him on this but Derrick and others on the govt-run site shot his ideas down.

    Please check this site out and if you like it, feel free to put it in your links, StopOgs.

    I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Did you tell them about the phasor blast wave pistol it is one of many devices used to torture people. Look up phasor blast wave pistol.

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