Ode to a “C U Next Thursday”

I am currently receiving EFT treatment for PTSD by a therapist at her private home in San Diego. For the past 2 weeks, the parking spots in front of her home are taken, so I have to park in front of her neighbor’s home. Today I snapped a shot of the vehicle parked in front of her home, an older model pickup with a worn paint job, with a trailer attached to the back. Many TI’s have been sensitized to this type of rig, they are around me all the time. They love any type of vehicle that is oversized and “takes up space”. I was early for my appt. and sat in my car for about 5 minutes. The street is very quiet/ low traffic. After about 3-4 minutes a gold SUV drives down the street from the opposite direction and suddenly pulls up right in front of my vehicle, inches from my front bumper. Obviously the intention was to scare me or make me think I got caught doing something wrong. It was probably a show for the neighbors too. The car reversed a few feet and parked in front of a driveway. A woman and 3 children exited the car, leaving 3 passenger doors and the trunk open. They gave the impression this was their home, but knowing perps, you never really know. If it was their home, why not just pull into the driveway? The driver was a Hispanic looking middle aged female with straight black hair. This was staged to scare me and it did. For the first few seconds I had no idea what was happening. I would like to tell this woman what a cunt she is to agree harass and intimidate strangers. If she is the real neighbor, then she knows my therapist specializes in PTSD treatment and has clients over for that specific reason. I went in to my appt. feeling very upset and shook up. This bitch swooped in front of my car like it was some kind of Federal raid. I would like to send a very special “fuck you” to this woman for harassing me and other targeted individuals. Whoever it is you are spreading your a$$ cheeks for, know that every single life you are helping to destroy will always be worth more than yours.

View of street moments before gold SUV pulls up.

View of street moments before gold SUV pulls up.

Gold SUV suddenly pulls up in front of my car and blocks a driveway, facing wrong direction for street parking.

Gold SUV suddenly pulls up in front of my car and blocks a driveway, facing wrong direction for street parking.

9 thoughts on “Ode to a “C U Next Thursday”

  1. Here in Buffalo, N.Y., the toilet of the northeast my vehicular stalking often includes some huge SUV driving by S-L-O-W-L-Y, sometimes with a bad muffler, the Buffalo Police’ new huge SUVs (to keep people safe!), just assholes in huge pickups and SUVs pretending they’re tough using triggers that took years to plant in my psyche.

    Obviously these loser cowards use huge cars as pure intimidation even though every last driver knows that without their cars they are absolutely nothing.

    For the past few weeks on and off they’ve had losers in huge SUVs have near-misses with me because a faggot Kenmore, Buffalo, Amherst or Tonawanda Police officer or their civilian handler tells them where to be when.

    Stopogs: Based on my recent vehicular experience I think that a lot of our perps “specialize” in various forms of perping such as those perps whose MAIN JOB is to fuck with us using their car. Driving by S-L-O-W-L-Y with the glare (or staring straight ahead), looking in their rear view mirror at us, driving in front of us S-L-O-W-L-Y, SPEEDING down the street one or more times.
    Just sitting in their car staring straight into space parked next to our car as intimidation.

    Then there are the dog walkers, the asshat perps who mainly STARE, the loud talkers including those “people” who repeat things we say in “private.”

    You have the key jangling, verbally offensive perps, the pervert perps, the perps who do a little of everything such as synchronization and so on.

    I could not begin to imagine doing this stupid shit for money let alone doing it for money, power and to mentally torment another person.

    There is just no way in hell that hundreds of billions have been spent on DE weapons and organized gang and work place stalking for ONLY targeted individuals.

    As I’ve heard on Alda’s Talkshoe show they are ALSO monitoring and studying how the perp’s “brains” work when they harass us as this entire security and DE (and other weapon) grid has not been created ONLY for a tiny percent of the population (TIs).

    So you asshole perps reading this? Live operators watch and listen to your private shit too! Don’t believe me? Do some reading, dunces.

    I’m very happy that you have found a therapist who is treating your PTSD. Hope to hell she has not been compromised in ANY way by some criminal with a badge-Most compromised doctors gladly go along with a government representative’s lie/smear file on us.

    Even were the perping to magically stop tomorrow, nearly every TI like a battle-traumatized veteran would be on full alert everywhere they go even after months of no perping, would be unable to relax wondering when the next attack is going to occur.

    And the program was designed with this in mind of course in addition to all of the other sick psy ops shit these mad fucking scientist evil fucks have formulated and perfected at the expense of who knows how many hundreds of thousands of dead TIs?

    • Yes I have experienced all the same harassment above. Yes they love vehicular harassment because it’s easy to stay anonymous and get away quick but I am documenting plates when I can for later research. I have the plate number of the gold SUV in the above photo.

      The other night I returned to my car after a walk, very dark out and on a quiet street. A car pulls up right behind me and idles as I am opening my car door. I know it’s a perp but super creepy just the same and of course the intent is to scare me. I get in the car and the idling car parallel parks on the opposite curb. This is entry/exit harassment. An elderly woman gets out and I sat and stared at her before driving off.

      I think the sickest perps may turn out to be the weakest links. The ones who get the most pleasure out of it and not just doing it for survival or social pressure. Yes they are nothing without the bigs cars/ trucks, any moron can turn an ignition and step on a pedal. They are like gnats, in large groups they are super annoying, alone they are completely lame.

    • Or having the owner of a restaurant out of the blue ban you and then serve you with “defiant criminal trespass” papers if you try to enter again. I used to go to this one popular chain restaurant and talk to the manager who works there. I would go there during her shift and talk to her for many hours, from the start to the end of her shift. One day, the owner of this place comes up to me, giving this rehearsed speech about he doesn’t want to ever see me there ever again. I told him, it seems odd that I used to go there every day and talk to her for hours, and now all of a sudden, she’s afraid of me, or uncomfortable around me, or whatever. He just gave me this crooked, devious smile. It’s odd that if there was a problem, he didn’t take me aside and give me a warning first.

      The reasons:

      1. The perps were studying the effects on both me and the manager when being isolated. (They put posters up to block the windows so I can’t even see in). I guess they want to see how each of us fares when being isolated from each other from a lengthly period of time.

      2. After 6 months of daily visits lasting hours, she all of a sudden got scared of me (despite being only slightly smaller than me).

      3. It’s a control tactic to prevent me from leaving town before she is ready to leave with me (speculation)

      4. it’s retaliation for writing up a paper and delivering to a perp who harassed me who lives near me, stating that she violated a section of the law by harassing me.

      I think the answer is 1 and 3. It’s a behavior modification tactic, and the perps who monitor us get valuable test results on the effects of isolation. I know the purpose is to simulate what happens when one of us dies or leaves us, how do we cope?

    • These pics were taken with a basic model Samsung cell phone from Cricket. I do have a dashcam though that is pretty decent with HD and has night vision. I got in on Amazon. Genius DVR-FHD590 Full HD Vehicle recorder.

  2. Props to you all. Something I’ve noticed about my vehicular perps, they favor black custom rims and a lot are missing their front license plate (illegal in Ca. and most states), yet they get away with it. Just letting you guys know.

    • I’ve seen a few cars driving without lights at night, or with parking lights on only at night. And this was on an interstate… the car without headlights on was getting on an interstate highway, and it was very dark. They know that years ago, I had an accident when a car was speeding without headlights, and unable to see his car, I pulled out in front of him. My car was totalled. So that’s why some of them drive without headlights: to re-enact the trauma of that accident.

      I doesn’t seem real smart to drive without headlights at night, or with arms dangling out of windows, but then, the desire to irk a target far outweighs the stupidity of the act itself.

    • They’ve begun using black cars with tinted windows more.

      They also sometimes have no lights or only the parking lights on, follow me then speed off in front of me.

      Vehicular synchronization when one perp exits and the other enters their vehicle is good for a laugh.

      But if you think of how perps in both law enforcement and civilians hide behind the anonymity or safety of their cars using them for the sole purpose of intimidation makes them even bigger cowards than they already are-If that is even possible.

      And these are not complex, deep people.|
      They’re transparent and I can say without hesitation that if our perps had to put up with this stupidity (car perping for example) they would confront THEIR perps violently or have a nervous breakdown;Its always easy to take the low road and kick other people while they’re down.

      Yes. Using triggers they spent YEARS conditioning us to (against our will of course) is the hallmark of a good, honorable, brave, law-abiding, mature, intelligent person.

  3. Yeah, never trust a car with tinted windows, regardless. I had one perp in a Toyota do the opposite direction drive-by and shut his lights off just before we intersected. Freaks.

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