2’s Day, 4/14/15

First stop: My exercise class in Solana Beach. I missed class for the past 2 weeks. Perps like this because it gives them a chance to change things up before you get back. Teacher is dressed in purple (color harassment) and repeatedly slams a door near my mat at the start of class.

Second stop: Smog check in Encinitas. After parking in front of the garage and getting out of my car I instantly notice one of my “frequent stalker” neighbors is already parked in the spot next to mine. She is standing on the passenger side of her car with the door open rummaging through items in the seat. I have nicknnamed this neighbor perp “Bozo” because of her hair. She looks like a homeless person. She is wearing a turquoise t-shirt and a floppy hat pulled down around her face. I go into the office and the employee starts the smog check. A young male arrives in a black car and parks next to me. He enters the office and asks for a smog check. I take a video of Bozo stalking me and wait in the office. The young male starts some mimicking harassment so I go outside to wait. The employee has moved his black car to the front of the office. Bozo is now standing in the garage next door talking to a mechanic. The mechanic keeps looking over at me and starts mimicking a bicycle leg exercise I just did in my class. What a coincidence Bozo is getting her car worked on the same time as me! Just like the coincidences when she shows up in my parking garage, laundry room, and 3 different supermarkets the same time as me! I take a pic of Bozo’s license plate and as I do this I hear an engine start. While I was distracted, Bozo had gotten into the young male’s black car with him and drove off. He had been dispatched there to pick her up. This whole visit was orchestrated. How many hours of planning go into these pointless skits?

Third stop: Went for a walk on the loop trail near my house. The usual BS. I am wearing a body camera now so they’re getting a little shy on the trail. Usual crowding, blocking harassment, dog harassment, color harassment, noise harassment, vehicle harassment, synced harassment.

Fourth stop:
I need a loose piece of plastic removed from the bottom of my car, it is loose and scraping the road. The owner of a local shop told me he could remove it a while back so I called the shop. The owner has changed and the new manager “Randy” said he could help me after 2pm. As soon as I arrive Randy gets a flurry of phone calls and has to take every one. I sit in front of his desk and wait patiently. He hangs up and immediately gets another call, introducing himself as “Freddy” and then saying “Randy” when he realizes his mistake. He puts the caller on hold and acknowledges me, making me repeat my name 3 times and then starts mimicking harassment. By this time I can tell he’s just a dick. I tell him I will find someone else to help me and leave.

Fifth stop: Another car repair shop I have used before. A white car blocks the entrance and I see a tall bald male get out of the passenger side and look directly back at me like he was expecting me. He goes in to the office and occupies the only available staff member so I have to wait. Another male staff member busies himself on his computer and repeatedly tells me he will help me soon. I had to wonder if he would treat a male customer this way. I wait while they lift my car and remove the loose plastic. A mechanic comes into the office and sits behind the desk and stares me down. Another office staff member comes in and asks him to get out of his seat and he leaves.

Sixth stop: Home. The ground covering and wood stump borders have been removed from the entire length of the front of my property. The work started immediately after I got out of bed this morning. The entire length of the greenbelt is cordoned off. Just another project in the never ending construction in my area over the past 3 years (New roofing on our building, painting, landscaping/ tree trimming, cement repair in our driveway x 2, complete interior/exterior remodels of the unit below me and the 2 homes across from my property, multiple remodeling/ fencing/ masonry/ landscaping/carpentry projects throughout the neighborhood including another apt. complex a block down.)

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  1. After years of this shit you begin to see some very obvious patterns such as making up for “lost time” of harassing you at your exercising class to try and traumatize you as you try and HEAL yourself.

    Your teacher and the workers at the repair shop all received calls from local police and/or civilian handlers with simple harassment directions for you.

    Its also very possible that they get their text messages from fusion center or other government workers and to be honest, by proxy the civilian perps are government workers too (domestic terrorists like their police handlers).

    In many cases they have so much time to prepare these skits because of our 24/7 fish bowl surveillance in which our plans are known far in advance but added to that is the now obvious fact that our minds and memories are an open book to these shits so that makes their cowardly jobs all that much easier.
    Its sad but true.

    It also finally occurred to me that in most cases in which the perps receive orders from their handlers they do not need to be sold on our entire smear campaign deal as:

    (1) They feel like a spy or cop when a cop or other govt bigshot gives them orders to f–k with a target


    (2) The budget for gang stalking and all the other open secret abominations is bottomless and there is just THAT MUCH MONEY to pay these sick, stupid assholes and in the case of Bozo and your/all TI’s regular perps, a LOT of their life centers around you;Its almost a career for some perps which is a pretty shit meaningless existence but they chose it so they have to wallow in their own filth:These people can not possible be happy in the true spiritual sense of the word.

    There are definitely perps who make a jail or prison sentence deal.
    Ex-TIs whose stalking ceases if they perp other TIs.
    And a bevy of other degenerates, perverts and criminals working with the degenerates, perverts and criminals in government.

    Most likely its a combination of power and money with SOME perps getting our smear campaign.

    And inasmuch as I fully believe that mind control plays a huge part of our stalking and that everyone is brainwashed in varying degrees, a lot of people are just no fucking good as a direct result of the media, the medications they take, the shitty foods they inhale which affect their minds and bodies, their peers who like them have the same group think and so on.

    I hope that you are still seeing your therapist for PTSD (or Chronic PTSD), Stopogs.

    I have noticed another obvious patten that when we do something which gives us peace, respite, happiness, a natural high these cowards try and directly intervene to bring us down or lower our frequency.

    Even if a target does not think they have CPTSD-
    ALL OF US have been brainwashed, conditioned and mind controlled so we must:

    Find ways to reverse the dark NLP and other conditioning used against us.
    Look into brainwashing deprogramming the kind given to ex-cult members as we have been COERCIVELY FORCED to adopt beliefs and behaviors we otherwise would have stopped from occurring in our minds HAD WE KNOWN WE WERE BEING CONDITIONED AT THE TIME;When you know what is hitting you, you put up normal reactive psychological defenses to protect your psyche but THESE SNEAKY FUCKING COWARDS use a combination of classical conditioning, hypnosis, NLP, cult-like brainwashing techniques and reinforce all this and MORE with energy-based programming using the fucking implants or whatever mind control nanotech shit in our brains (or wherever they are in our bodies).

    Another observation is what I call the “look over here” device which is basically using our chip and/or some kind of DE weapon to make us look at a trigger against our will-At the same time we look at our trigger there is some kind of device which elicits an IMMEDIATE emotional response such as fear or anger.

    So although I hold no more fear of the police when I had the obviously FAKE urge to look in a certain direction, two Town of Tonawanda Police cars drove by with their Village people sunglasses and “intimidating” looks to “put me in my place.”

    As much illegal shit as I have put up with from HUNDREDS of sick, diseased assholes through the years I would not even wish this shit upon my perps.
    I would love to see them face justice of some kind but I do not subscribe to self delusion.

    I have looked at perps at my gym AGAINST MY NORMAL MINDSET;After a while you can tell when they are ARTIFICIALLY MAKING it appear that when we look at a trigger and have an emotional reaction it is of our own free will and it is almost NEVER;This hi-tech is part of their fear campaign and keep in mind that we are just blips on these fuckers computer screens.

    It seems as though in MANY cases targets see things which can or are intended to upset them WHEN THEY WANT US TO SEE THE TRIGGERS.

    These are what I believe to be valid observations because at my gym for example, I did not notice any of my perps as a “threat” until out of NO WHERE-One day during a workout all of a sudden I was upset by a perp as if they appeared out of no where as my mind was directed TO notice them.

    ***I could not give a shit about any of these cowards NOW***

    Not sure if I mentioned this to you, Stopogs but on a few of Alda’s Talkshoe calls she spoke of how when she asked a manger at an apartment complex why they were targeting her he said,

    “because you can lead people.”

    She closed her door and immediately some clean-cut fed piece of shit ran up to the manger’s apartment screaming at him, “I told you not to help her!” Among other stuff as Alda watched and listened through her door’s peephole.

    So when she walked outside and the fed or cop walked outside he suddenly swished around with a gay act to try and throw Alda’s suspicions off.

    One last thing: All the mind control things I mentioned from my experience is very, very science based. No Quantum Physics bullshit but sold Neuroscience with Jose Delgado’s experiments in the 1960’s being the most well-known (to TIs) in which he used implants to make someone turn their head in a certain direction, to make a subject angry or anxious and so on.

    All peer-reviewed science and this was nearly 50 years ago (and possibly old back then!) so with the huge leaps in Nanotech and other insane tech advances, its not a big leap to assume they’ve been using advance mind control on not only TIs but a large segment of the population.

    In fact, former UFO/government mind control sadists abductees claim many of the SAME harassment which targets do.

    Hope some of this info or insights prove useful to you and other TIs, Stopogs!

    This is one way in which I just wanted to publicly thank my neighborhood perps on Frontenac Ave, Buffalo, NY the police and other assholes for the spike in perping I had during the last ten or so days.

  2. So far the things I have tried is leaving my mouth open . This makes them mad stupid really it most mean something. There is no x ray. They just ask you what do u have on you silently and its only natural that you would think to yourself what’s in your pocket. Did you know if you stand by a water heater you can hear voices I used this to my advantage to call the police. It is not as hopeless as it seems to be we really can’t trust anything we see or hear. Take advantage of social media. Maybe if we get our story together we can explain it to someone to stop it.

    • I try to avoid contact with these mercenary cowards as much as possible.

      They used up their “nice guy” credits as far as trying to get me to open up to people and trust them and every last one they’ve sent to me at the gym, on my street, online (twice) and what few acquaintances I had were all paid perps.

      To be honest since I’m a loner and introvert by nature (which makes me an IDEAL “target of OPPORTUNITY” for this terrorism, it is not a “horrible” thing to be unable to trust anyone but it does kind of suck that all it takes is a piece of shit with a badge and a hi-tech smear video and faked “national security threat” folder and like the morons they are, people obey the authority figure because they can be trusted-This kind of program really, really wakes you up to the ubiquitous horseshit, the lies, the indoctrination and mind control not just in this fake democracy but world wide.

      But yeah. I would not want to be friends or even make small talk with ANY of my neighbors under any circumstances;They are small-minded, petty, opportunistic, cowardly, hateful, conformist idiot assholes with no sense of right and wrong;Borderline and wanna be psychopaths and sociopaths with some shitty narcissists thrown into the picture.

      • Well-written. The worst thing(s) that have happened to me are when I met people I thought were friends, that really were nasty turncout perps who were only in my life to gain my trust, and then pack up and leave me hanging. And oince they deserted me as per their controllers’ instructions, they were nasty as hell to me, like get the fuck out of my life I’m done with you and don’t ever talk to me cause I’m a perp and I was only in your life to be a perp and nothing else.

        Some of them were so good at playing the friendship role. They were people I would open up to, but I could always tell that they were stringing me along the whole time; I just didn’t care, because I was desperate for some comnpanionship. Tey’ve been doing this, sending “friends” into my life since 2001. Some of them were geniune, but unfortunately, were being controlled by the perps and doing everything they were instructed to do. I wish I had a real friend, but eventually, they all turn out to be perps or revleal themselves to be perps.

    • This has been going on world wide for a long, long time if you factor in Nazi Germany, East Germany, Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia and they must have been doing illegal, immoral psychological experimentation on human beings in the U.S. LONG BEFORE Project Paperclip based just off the top of my head because of the evil, violent history of the psychiatric industry and the HUGE BOOM in the insane asylum business in the U.S. and Great Britain (as examples).

      I do not realistically expect the system that enables and enforces gang stalking and electronic harassment to listen to target’s arguments;The D.C. Bioethics hearings are a great example.

      These poor people (except for four or five obvious controlled opposition perps like Derrick Robertson) cried before the cold-blooded panel and after the hearings were over they all received letters stating that they could not be helped (something to that effect).

  3. The problem with police being in on the harassment is that since they are authority that enforces the law, nobody can challenge them or watch them. I was thinking today, “so who’s watching the police”? There’s nothing wrong with me getting a nice movie camera and filming them doing their intimidation. Last night, same deal: cop in front of the Mini Mall here in town, late at night, not doing anything, not pulling over any cars, just parked there for the sole purpose of being an intimidating presence.

    I didn’t let the man in uniform intimidate me. I work harder than he does, and my tax dollars I pay is going towards his intimidation of me. I just walked past me and just scoffed at his NWO “Oh I am part of the big tough hardass NWO gods who hide and mess with you club” tactics.

    • Oops, I just wrote “I just walked past me” instead of “I just walked past him”. Cops are notorious for pulling what I call the “big brother intimidation” tactics. Them parked on the side of the road like that at night is a tactic designed to intimidate the target and make them feel like a threat who needs to be “watched”. But in reality, they spend more time intimidating targets than they do protecting the citizens from attacks. When the cops are part of the attacks, then who is the “cop” who can protect me from the tax-dollar wasting “cops” doing intimidation?

      This cop seems like an arrogant young shit. I’d love to see that shit go through the crap that I go through. In 15 minutes, he’d be finished. I’ve put up with decades of this shit, and I’m still fighting and not letting the tax-dollar wasting Big Brother Bullies intimidate me. They’re all just scared little shits who appear tough because they hide and mess with you and you can’t get to them and they have plenty of accomplices assisting them. in reality, they aren’t tough, but rather, have demons that are too big for them to handle, and they control them and some of them get unleashed unto the target. They are too weak to control their own inner demons.


      • I am so touched by a sympathetic ear as to my current plight. I am without question a targeted individual. My instincts tell me that I am at a severe level of torture. I have evidence as to my immediate aggressors insofar as stalking and smear campaigning. I have evidence as to such. My current level of torture is non-stop voice to skull and constant surveillance. The unique nature of my targeted status still baffles me. I have a law degree since the year of 2000. In addition, I have a family full of distinguished members of the judiciary. I am inclined to become litigious and file for injunctions, civil remedies, and encumbrances on my aggressors properties. I am unaware of the toll the directed energy weaponry has taken on my well being. I have neither acted out violently nor inappropriately as a result of the community violence, but I am in a desperate state of pain. I do have a method for addressing the “syndicate” responsible for my torture. I am prepared to consider this form of domestic terrorism as “conspiracy to commit murder,” for which there is no statute of limitations. I know I have time to bring my aggressors to justice, but I do not know how much longer I can withstand the vicious and constant torture. Any person similarly situated as I, Please contact me……. I appreciate any and all suggestions or guidance.

  4. You nailed it, LIfe-LongTarget: The police rely primarily on fear and intimidation.
    NOT on good judgement, common sense or a high moral standard.

    They have the gang mentality. They only make things WORSE by their action and inaction and they could care less as long as they make their legal and illegal money.

    They are all of the evil f—-ng things they call us TIs and more and yes, anyone who has to hide behind authority, each other, anyone who abuses surveillance and other hi-tech to track someone, to induce an IMMEDIATE state of fear or anger, to recruit civilians to stalk you-
    Anyone who uses illegally-obtained (or not) surveillance and other private data to help train our perps to be more “effective” against us is a f—kng coward.

    The police know full well what they ARE and what they are NOT and armed, responsible private citizens have CONSISTENTLY saved more lives (mainly their own) while the cops mainly destroy and take human life.

    They aren’t even legally obligated to save our lives.

    And although the police ARE a big part of most TIs targeting they are also used as one of our many, many distractions to keep us in a constant state of anger, fear, depression and hopelessness.

    PLEASE NOTE, Life-Long and others reading this:

    -We have all been severely brainwashed into responding negatively to our triggers.

    -They have the technology to program complex actions while we sleep and I finally realized this after doing some reading at Jeffpolacek.com and learning about mind control;This is HOW the cowards tapping away at their computer keyboards can literally push us into pre-arranged skits, street theater, ect.

    -They put targets into a state of LEARNED HELPLESSNESS making us think that no matter what we do we will never, ever be able to make our lives better (as TIs) which is a f—-ng lie. We can try and change OURSELVES since these spineless, hateful scuzzbags will never change.

    -They use operant and/or classical conditioning on us in addition to the brainwashing and neuro linguistic programming or mind control to make us think and sometimes do things we would not otherwise do.

    -The vivid dreams ALONE which I’ve had for several weeks now have NOTHING to do with who and what I am ;Zero to do with my experiences. Guess this is supposed to “throw me off.”

    -Also please do some reading up on the works of Jose Delgado who could make his human subjects turn their heads against their will and used mind control.
    He could even make test animals (this means humans too) do a series of complex actions as per programming (as WE’VE SEEN with our own sometimes fake free will). Delgado’s work was in the 60’s, peer-reviewed and very real.
    And knowing how they keep hi-tech from the public it was probably OLD shit in the 1960’s!

    So if any of you can find a non-compromised therapist who specializes in complex or chronic post traumatic stress disorder as Stopogs has please do so.

    So look into NLP, learned helplessness, classical and operant conditioning, brainwashing, mind control, chronic post traumatic stress disorder,

    And I’ve observed perps and just mean, hateful assholes in general in both civilian and law enforcement (all levels) and no, to the last fucking coward they would hurt someone else and/or themselves were THEY in this program for long enough;Isolation, having their reputations and names dragged through s–t, work place mobbing, noise campaigns, strangers speaking their private thoughts and dreams ALOUD; Their minds read with thoughts and feelings implanted in them, 24/7/365 surveillance, fake illnesses induced, relationships destroyed, friends lost due to the smear campaign.

    Being labeled as “dangerously mentally ill,” a “pedophile,” “rapist,” “terrorist,” “wife beater,” “drug dealer” among other lies?

    If the police and the rest of our perps had to put up with the shit I listed above and MORE most of these degenerates would lose it. Just as they consistently try to drive TIs to suicide, homicide and other abominations.

    Hell, I wrote a lengthy transcript I want to use on You Tube soon and the FOLLOWING DAY I had a spike in perping.

    Just having NO PRIVACY ALONE would infuriate most of these ass clowns.

    I know that you and I and any other TI are not “talking tough” when stating that our perps could NOT put up with this shit;This is not a fucking contest. This is a eugenics and sadistic program and as much as I would love to see some of my perps get a serious lesson in humility I would NEVER wish OSEH on anyone.

    And by no means am I now nor ever have been a “victim” of ANYTHING;They ALSO want us to have the victim mentality along with the learned helplessness, the anxiety and hatred, the hopelessness, the obsessing over “what will they do next.”

    Sick, sad, sorry, ugly pitiful animals.

    It has taken me a LONG TIME but I’ve FINALLY accepted that a lot of people are just plain no good. Broken. Filled with self-loathing, denial and are “people” who give into their most base of instincts without questions:Beings of instant gratification and selfishness.

    I USED to try and look for the best in people but I got to the point where I realized how hopelessly idealistic and naive a viewpoint that WAS.

    So now I just take it for granted that there are a ton of opportunistic, lowlife, no-good cowardly pieces of trash who will do anything for money. ANYTHING.

    It was NOT my intention to write a “short story” post here but since these mother—rks decided that I should be “shown my place” and “punished” for speaking my mind (in “private”) they can choke.

    I hope that some of this information proves useful to any TI reading this.

    Scott D. Snitzer, in Buffalo, NY.
    Targeted individual for over 20 years (aware of being one about 1 1/2 years).

    • I never thought about that, that private armed citizens save more lives than cops. That could be why so many lone shootings are perpetrated — so the powers that be can pass more anti-gun laws, and to manipulate the mental health system. They want to add more fake diagnoses so that targets can be discredited and institutionalized easier. Of course, many if not most lone shoots are the result of targets snapping because of all the bullying and other unwanted intrusions in their lives that goes on 24/7. And everyone in power knows the real reason these people are snapping, but of course they do nothing about it. They are afraid of what happens if their dare step into the path of the mighty “gods”** who run this system.

      ** In their own minds. What gods need tech toys and huge armies of cowards to prove their might?

      • Here is one of many articles showing that private citizens with firearms do far more good than the psychopaths and sociopaths
        entrusted to “protect and serve” or better said, treat those who pay their salaries like shit.


        Life-Long, the entire article with statistics on the truth on firearms is really good but for the info about the police you can scroll down to “Self-Defense” which states that private citizens kill at least twice as many criminals as the police do but only a SMALL percent of “accidental” shooting of innocent people whereas the police kill ELEVEN TIMES more innocent people by “accident” and this is with the “great professional training” they so love to brag about.

        And its a pretty sure thing that ALL police know about gang stalking and MOST participate in it to some degree while NOT all of the public participate or know about organized gang stalking to the extent which law enforcement does and keep in mind that the police have a lot of “electronic” toys to spy on us and f–k with our minds and the MAIN reason our civilian perps f—k with us is BECAUSE local, county, state and federal police ENABLE these civilians to do this shit (with the help of DHS, fusion centers and other traitors and liars).

        In no way am I excusing the criminal actions of our civilian perps:They are just as sadistic and degenerate as the government traitors who instruct and arm them with surveillance and energy weapons.

        I recently heard that the first edition of the DSM was TEN PAGES whereas its now over 900 pages of MAINLY fake illnesses to be used as an excuse to zombify or quiet people down with poisonous often Fluoride-filled medications.

        Yes. There are SOME diagnosis I truly believe are very real such as obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, depression, sociopathy, psycopathy, narcissism and some others but MOST of these mental problems can be cured through diet and a competent, empathetic therapist while cutting out as much societal stress as humanly possible as this sick, f—-ng society by design CREATES all kinds of mental health issues.

        Otherwise, the DSM 5 is just another rotten, control evil f–k legacy of the Nazi f—–rs who our great, free nation brought over here after WW II.

        Speaking of the U.S. importing evil foreign monsters to make life miserable for its citizens, the Dept Of Homeland Security hired one of the top heads of the Stasi, a guy named Wolf for advice as how to have citizens spy on each other and the DHS ALSO hired a shitload of former KGB generals as advisors paying ALL of these freaks millions of dollars.

        We’ve always had psychopaths and sociopaths which is why theses shits that lead us always rise to the top because they are charismatic, convincingly sincere, highly intelligent bullshit artists who prey upon basic human decency which MOST people use to have but thanks to this shit diseased world is being BRED OUT as evidenced by the number of civilian perps and other criminals willing to think and do things most people would have thought twice about not that long ago;Brainwashing, conditioning, mind control and more.

        Some of the BEST things a TI can do is to disconnect from the TV totally, limit truther sites such as Alex Jones and Rense, stop smoking, stop all caffeine, meditate, pray (if that’s your thing), avoid refined carbs and sugar, use non-Flouridated toothpaste,
        avoid Aspartame, avoid prescription meds as much as possible, take up Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other martial arts classes (such as Stop Ogs has with Qi Gong), journal and study NLP, brainwashing, classical and operant conditioning and all the other pscyh shit tied into our targeting programs/regimens custom made for each TI but with SEVERAL commonalities you read and/or hear about on talk shows, in blogs, You Tube videos and so on.

  5. Watching “Man From U.N.C.L.E.” on MeTV. This episode is from 1965, and they have a “thought translating machine” that is used to decode thoughts of whomever they want and send the results to the “observers”.

    Seems like harmless sci-fi spy stuff, but to be, it’s a Freudian Slip of sorts that they thought of a thought translating machine in 1965, when conventional tech. was far too primitive for even this to be considered sci-fi. What’s up with that? I’ve been looking for evidence that they’ve had thought-reading tech. in the 60’s. Interesting that they just happened to think of this tech. as a plot device. That tells me the tech. must’ve existed at the time. Writers for shows like this have been rumored to be free-lancers connected to the system of mind control, so of course, they would know what technology was out there that ordinary civilians wouldn’t have. Stuff this advanced takes decades to perfect, and they’ve had it perfected since 1994, supposedly.


    “A magician has developed a mind-reading device and offers it to UNCLE. The problem is Thrush, led by rivals Victor Marton and Miss Belmont, also is seeking the machine.”

    A “magician”? Haha, very funny. More like the private “research” sector that assists the perps in mind control. I’ve seen a patent for decoding thoughts dated from 1973. I was sure they had some mind-reading remote capabilities since 1975.

    • Rod Serling, the writer and I think sometimes director of ‘The Twilght Zone’ among many, many other Hollywood bigshots supposedly had CIA and/or other intelligence agency connections.

      There are a LOT of other movies with predictive programming and/or the kind of hints at their super-hi tech “toys” and a search using the terms “1960’s TV and movies predictive programming advanced technology” should yield some results (guessing here!).

      These elitist, sick bastards have been dropping hints for probably over one century.

      H.G. Wells was supposedly part of the cabal of Eugenecists and I’m pretty sure that Huxley and Orwell both were;One had a society in which mind control was voluntary through subtle coercion and Orwell’s ‘1984’ was a society in which its an in your face open form of tyranny.

      And we can clearly see the evolution or devolution of society by design as most people have seemingly embraced their slavery (as per Huxley’s quote) and how some of this Fascism has been created and enforced by brutal force.

      Then there’s that relative minority of people who wake up to this bullshit by FORCE such as being a target, are born and/or are raised with a critical, open, questioning mind, then there are those who woke up in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassinations, 9/11 and so on-And the sick ironic thing about 9/11 and other false flags was that they intentionally left holes in the official story MAKING SURE there would be a shitload of “conspiracy” theorists and I bet my ass that SOME of these conspiracy theorists were agent provocateurs to get the rest of the people going and many of the REAL 9/11 truthers MUST have been put on lists with SOME of them becoming TIs.

      So with their evil fuck business as USUAL, they create the problem, CREATE the dissenting opinions in the fallout of 9/11 THEN they target and/or harass in general the selfsame people THEY CREATED!

      I honestly think that many targets who THINK they pissed off the wrong asshole with connections were put on “the list” as an EXCUSE to put people on this list.

      Also, remember how Ron Paul (controlled opposition) supporters were considered terrorists or some other such horseshit.

      But yes. They’ve gotten a lot of laughs leaving hints of their insane technology in TV shows, movies, comic books, radio shows, newspapers, magazines and so on all the while making it look fictional/conspiracy theory often portraying the actual technology with the SAME function having a different design such as the drones in the first ‘Terminator’ movie and in the recent ‘Bourne Ultimatum,’ and tons of other movies and TV shows they proudly show real drones in addition to all the drone toys (with video and still photo cameras on them) sold in stores!

      And most people accept this as the norm. Which is why most of it is SLOWLY phased in.

      Life-Long Target, I USED to try and search for hints in movies but usually do not bother. The most recent movie that I saw a scene from again was the shitty ‘Robocop’ remake in which Gary Oldman’s neurosurgeon character tells the other scientists during a test of Robocop that he has the ILLUSION of free will.

      But I did not dwell on this. I only REALIZED that it possibly explains how they program my mind which makes me often walk into sometimes complex perp skits which they’ve had PLENTY of time to prepare for to use on me.

      But I do not focus on things beyond my control anymore which is why for example I’m not banging my head against the wall about the recent Wal Mart closings in several states for “plumbing issues” with the increasing transport of military vehicles and the talk about the Jade Helm military takeover of the United States.

      These motherf—-ckrs have gotten more than enough out of me and by no means am I nor ever have been a “victim” but after over 20 years of this inhumane, sick sadistic shit in which the absolute ugliest, shittiest, most diseased, stupid people I am tired of living in a world of “what if’?” fear.

      Most of the time when I feel a SUDDEN hit of fear or anger I NOW know that its these bastards using some kind of DE weapons or activating my chip or whatever but the IMPORTANT point is that some of my actions and reactions have been ARTIFICIAL;Created by some smirking coward pressing a button or using a voice command (its not that hard to stretch your imagination a little on the logistics and strategies used on targeted individuals).

      Hope your workplace mobbing has not been a serious source of grief for you lately, Life-Long Target.

      • Actually, the work-place mobbing hasn’t been too bad. That’s manageable. The thing I have to watch out for is when I sometimes go to Wal-Mart after work. They have plenty of workers there who are doing skits to piss me off. They know I had a hard night at work, and of course, they know it’s a good time to “strike” to cause some sort of reaction. The thing with perps and their skits, is to apply some sort of “nullifying function” (like generating an equal but opposite signal to cancel out audio noise like they do with anti-noise). I find that I don’t really have to “be ready” for their skits, because anticipating their skits is really a desired form of torture. They want me to worry about what “comes next”, and as targets, we have to think fast on the fly like a Jazz musician doing improvisation. It helps to think of a way to nullify their BS as they’re doing it.

        At work, I have to be careful, because I’m sure there is an effort there to get me fired, and the perps in charge want that, as it causes financial devastation. That mobbing I get there hasn’t been too bad.

        One movie that struck me is Lawnmower Man. There is so much virtual reality there, and stuff that hints as what the CIA had been doing, the psychic assassin stuff. The ability to project oneself to a victim and make something happen to the victim telepathically.

        At 1:34 “You’re trying to get inside my head, Jobe”. Interesting statement, as this is one of the goals of the “experimenters” and their asshole amateurs at the street level performing their skits.

        It’s so much like their sick experiments of making people smarter. Flowers For Algernon is another story about this type of experimentation.

        But I’m certain they’ve used psychic assassins to kill people off like this movie suggests.

  6. Wal Mart and Target are among the worst offenders insofar as gang stalking goes. I have seen sub-human freaks of nature f–k with me in Target which I rarely go to now because they have nothing worth while I usually need and if I do, let the security guards who are sometimes off-duty police officers play “tough guy” with their bullshit psych tactics.

    Speaking of our brave, honest, professional, courteous and noble friends in blue-No, in Nazi Black, in an earlier post you mentioned how they try and make you feel guilty, Life-Long Target and they pulled that shit on me for over a decade and as far as I can ascertain this is a VERY, VERY COMMON tactic these asshole cowards use on TIs and other people they want to screw with.

    Its a classic psy op tactic which brings down the rest of your defenses if you are like I USED to be in which I had a lot of unfounded, vague guilt in my mind, a very common OCD trait.

    I would not be surprised if they have created super soldiers with enhanced or meta human (from the comic books) physical and mental abilities-Just because they wanted to and had willing Guinea pigs/U.S. military.

    But nearly all of this program is fear and anger based with plenty of depression or hopelessness thrown into it to break the target.

    The street or “boots on the ground” stalking hit us on several psychological levels and the direct energy (or whatever “they” call it) assaults REINFORCE the physical stalking by flooding our minds with disturbing thoughts, images and feelings.

    I would not have believed this a year or so ago but after enough reading, hearing and reading other targets’ experiences and doing a brutally honest evaluation of my OWN patterns of harassment and how my thoughts and dreams have been completely ALIEN to me at times its a no-brainer that they can read and manipulate our minds in addition to going through our memories like you or I doing a Google search.

    With what “current” news stories on “animal” research that’s out there such as how they can see rough images say through a cat’s eyes and roughly see what an “lab animal” is dreaming plus the rest of what “cutting edge” research they ALLOW us to know I am fully convinced that our minds are open books which makes customizing our targeting according to how we feel (or are suggested to feel hypnotically during sleep) EASY for these hi-tech cowardly pieces of shit.

    Another observation from a purely logical and common sense point of view is that although the perps DO received instant text messages and although they DO know where we will be and what we will say and do perhaps HOURS in advance to plan their skits it has now become CLEAR to me that some of my neighbor perps have surveillance equipment which they use on me to give that “magical” appearance of having one up on me.

    That “one up on me” is called federal government technology they were trained to use by local to federal levels of law enforcement and they probably have meetings at a central location in my area.

    A lot of this is NOT speculation as if you can imagine the most efficient ways to psychologically attack someone, a system of instant communication, a social network to share laughs and conquests about your targets, a 24/7 open line of communication to the government, motivating rewards for your perps such as bonuses for getting a HUGE reaction of anger or fear out of us, stealing something (such as the DVD one of my neigbhors grabbed last summer) and you would ALSO need some kind of perping handbook which is probably in Kindle or some other soft copy format but most likely there is ALSO a big ass paper manual for perps to learn from.

    They have brainstorming sessions as to how to get to us more.
    They have a smooth system in which they pay the perps whether its direct depost or cash.

    As TIs it only makes SENSE to look at the support structure of the perps from a purely BUSINESS point of view in which you chart out how a business is and should be run most efficiently.

    This would also include ensuring that your employees/perps have the correct business supplies such as the right software/cellphone apps, surveillance equipment and so on.

    All my speculation changes nothing except it takes away a shitload of the fear-based mystery these assholes try to KEEP US IN till the day we die.

    They can date, mate, make friends, are not blacklisted, have nearly every opportunity denied us yet they have the f—-ng audacity to believe its their “right” to put us in our place to “shut us up,” to give bullshit subliminal messages that if we do things the way they want the targeting will ease up for a while-ALL LIES obviously but when you are in a persecuted/hypervigilant mentality long enough its hard to see past the fear-based trauma (and I am NOT a “victim.” Just qualifying things here).

    Blows my mind that after all the shit they give a target when the target has had enough of their sick evil cult shit and starts a blog, You Tube channel and so on they get “punished” more;NO aspect of this program is sensible, legal or useful.
    Except if you’re a sick fuck sadistic coward hiding behind other cowards.

    • Sounds like the main goal is to circumvent the laws and be free to do whatever they want by shutting up targets who blog and gaining as many “supporters” as they can. Since they are circumventing the laws, they must be doing something behind the scenes and they don’t want targets nor the unsuspecting public interfering with them. And what the illegal activities are: you consider the slander campaigns. The content is usually stuff like the target is a child molester, woman beater, crazy person, etc. And so this is revealing to me that pedophilia and the sex trade has something to do with all of this. Consider the “modelling” sites where models of all ages (again, suspicious, because underage models post revealing photos sometimes) can post their “portfolios”. I’ve read comments that the guy who owns one of those site has ties to the adult film industry. And then, those “all ages” models could be getting groomed (lke a pedo does to his victims) to be an adult film actor one day. And it follows that there are some illegal kiddie porn productions going on which is perpetrated and protected by the same assholes who sponsor organized stalking. A good example is Brooke Shields, starring in one film at age 14. She claims older doubles were doing nude scenes, but I don’t believe it. I think it’s just a soft-core kiddie porn movie, and it interconnects somehow into the same system that targets TI’s. So in order to get away with this, there’d have to be a massive mind control system set up that circumvents the traditional judicial system and implements a system of rewards and punishments for doing what the manipulators want.

      Another reason for being targeted seems to shut certain people up that would be a threat to their system. And of course, to steal ideas from artistic people. There was a song out in 2011, and as I tried to play the bridge of this particular song, I realized that the melody and chords were based almost note-for-note and chord-for-chord on a compositional sketch I was working on over the years since 1998. I checked the writing credits to the song, and there were a bunch of people credited, and I wasn’t one of them. But then, they’d fall back on the “you’re delusional/crazy” angle. as in, “why would anyone famous want to steal YOUR ideas”? The answer would be, “because there is a system that faciliates this, and this is how they harvest ideas from mind control victims”.

      Because they can, and I suspect the hippie movement in the late 60’s evolved out of MK ULTRA. The fact that LSD was being marketed as a “vitamin for the brain” and a mind-expanding tool is suspicious, because it is clearly documented to have been used by the CIA in their MK ULTRA experimentation. And Timothy Leary coming out of the woodwork to push LSD and telling others to “tune in, turn on, and drop out” is very suspcious because of the timing, and due to the fact that any movement needs a figurehead. And he was one of several figureheads of that movement. I think they wanted people busy loving one another so they could carry on their dirty tricks a lot easier, and it’s a positive way of controlling people. It seems logical that they would try a number of mass mind control techniques, ranging from negative, ruling by fear, to positive, mind expanding, loving, peaceful. And when the Kent State Shooting occured in the 70’s, well, the National Guard was following orders. They had no reason whatsoever to open fire on those protesters who were retreating. But it seems like a False Flag operation to make a strong statement that the peace-love-understanding social experiment was over.

      • Nearly the entire counter culture, free love, drugs and hippie stuff in general can be attributed to the CIA as described by Neil Sanders in one of his many interviews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-1Dj50jJ_M

        All of your famous drug gurus from Timothy Leary on supposedly had ties to the CIA. Famous rock groups had social agendas;Little to none of the grass roots movements in our nation and world were organic;They were funded, staged and orchestrated as means of social control and experimentation and nothing more.

        I am no longer surprised that the pedophilia industry runs so deep across the “civilized world.” Its just another ugly wake up call as to how vile and scummy this world and its power brokers and enforcers truly are.

        Boggles my mind how the authorities love to accuse targets of being “pedophiles,” “rapists” and other degenerate freaks while many of our accusers have more than their share of skeletons in the closet.

        But it still is a shitty thing having to try and wrap my mind around the sickness that pervades our culture from top to bottom and sideways.

        Since I began researching gang stalking on some of the radio shows I’ve listened to and some of the reading I’ve done they DO steal artistic and scientific ideas from targets through telepathy or reading our computers or just plain theft while discrediting the targets leaving the target with nearly no evidence to pursue a case and if there is evidence there’s that super-corrupt judicial system and of course lawyers turn targets away like the plague.

  7. For me, I can get used to the a-holes and idiots at the lower levels; that’s no big deal. The problem I have are the psy-ops teams. I’ve noticed that there is a huge amount of time and effort spent on designing psy-ops that is going to be carried out by various teams, entities, and media outlets. Someone is definitely designing psy-ops, and this is being used as a blueprint by the harassers and everyone else as well as entities in the media and entertainment. Seriously, who are these people designing the psy-ops for targets? Considering the amount of time and effort they spend, it seems to me like they are getting paid to do this by some psy-ops branch of the military, at least they are contracted out and paid to do this using professional teams in the military psy-ops branch. Or maybe it’s CIA intel doing it, not military teams.

    • Even the minor peon perps are part of each target’s psychological operations as they ALL play a role throughout any given day or week in trying to or causing some type of mental assault-Some perps hit you with the big perping and some hit you with the minor shit but they all add or CAN add up over time-As its been worded, “death by a thousands cuts.”

      But that’s if you buy into all of their psy ops as I did for over twenty fucking years. Once I learned the basics of brainwashing, conditioning and learned helplessness I then “connected the dots” to ALSO realize how they incorporate the brainwashing with our personalized psych profile and to be brutally honest, human beings are NOT that complex despite the bullshit you’ve heard and seen in movies, TV and so on.

      The very sadistic and psychological research done of perhaps many millions of people in the twentieth century alone made it EASY to do the shit they do to us.

      Add to that the psy op tactics of social isolation using authority (a la the Milgrom and Stanford prison experiments) figures to lie about us, tell half truths and omit the FULL truth, add to THAT the cult mentality and super hi-tech these freaks have in ADDITION to the compilation of knowledge of the human mind it is EASY AS SHIT to feed all of this data in to a complex computer program which spits out the most effective way to target an individual based on all of our strengths and all of our weaknesses and if for example a person has strong sense of baseless shame or guilt, maybe responsibility they will customize your targeting to maximize the damage as they’ve done with ME and how they have also played upon my obsessive compulsive disorder and other hang ups to really lay into me mentally.

      There is a damned good reason that some low IQ criminal FBI or other officer does not walk up to us and say, “we’re going to use nearly everything at our disposal including a limitless budget to illegally share your private information while using cutting-edge technology to isolate, torment and drive you to suicide, the mental hospital, prison or some other horrible thing you and no one else deserves but its our job, so please just cooperate in the name of the security and safety of the great United States. They never tell us and the probably do NOT tell a LOT of perps the full story of what their goals for us are.

      Yes. A LOT of my perps know full well what the goals are.
      The two “women” across the street are SUPER-MOTIVATED and have received a LOT of training in psy ops. This ain’t a compliment, just the truth.

      I like women (but can’t date thanks to this program) but they have sent some guys to give me the gay stare (not bashing gays) and the goo goo eyes to make me feel insecure about my preferences and I have HEARD SEVERAL OTHER GUYS STATE THIS ON CALLS. Its more psy ops, supposedly CIA or FBI to try and change someone’s sexual preference.

      Add in the targeting of the handicapped, the elderly, children and other helpless people (we’re ALL helpless as far as being ALMOST DEFENSELESS when you add in the sheer high numbers of perps, the scores of years of psy op data, the unlimited budget, the constant surveillance of us by both the govt and civilians, the reading and programming of our minds, the psy ops tailor-made for each of us.

      There has been some very well grounded speculation if there is a manual for perping in all nations and I believe there are as I also believe that there is a PERSONALIZED manual of how to hit our raw nerves as individuals.

      Think of the libraries of information the governments of the world posses on the human mind:How we think, how to brainwash and condition us against our will to think and do things from the peverse to murder and I am speaking about everyone, not just targets.

      The persecution of innocent people by the Nazis, the Russians, the Chinese and all other nations across the world where this shit has been done well over half a century have SHARED THEIR DATA ON HOW TO BEST DRIVE A PERSON TO SUICIDE AND JUST MAKE THEM LOSE THEIR MINDS IN GENERAL and like ALL scientific research THEY HAVE SHARED the data on targeted individuals insofar as the most efficient way(s) to control, destroy and program a human being.

      You HAVE to think of this entire program as an amalgam of scientists from nearly every discipline with the typical NWO control agenda WITH a good heaping of perverse SADISM.

      That’s the unholy trio of gang stalking and other illegal programs, Life-Long.

      They can read our minds and bodily functions in real time.

      They can program us to do things seemingly of our own volition but it is NOT of our own free will.

      They can brainwash us into having phobic responses to triggers which we would not have thought about or looked at twice which now cause an instant fear or anger response due to their conditioning and from my experience and that of others using their hand-held or car-mounted “toys” they CAN make us look at the trigger while ARTIFICIALLY augmenting our fear or anger response(s). I am POSITIVE off this now based on what I’ve read (that I believe) and both the written and spoken testimony of TIs whose stories are credible and consistent.

      This is a huge mass-distraction, misdirection mind fuck and when you add the target’s pre-existing and/or ARTIFICIALLY-INDUCED guilt, fear, shame, low self-esteem, obsessions, cynicism or fatalism and more you have the perfect recipe for learned helplessness and total or near-total control of your “test subject” or target because you make them feel hopeless or try to provoke them into acting out but most importantly to these cowardly motherfuckers is to KEEP THE TI IN THE DARK about what is really being done to them to make them THINK they did something wrong, somehow-Pure nonsense but one of the best if not THE best ways to manipulate another human being is through inducing or playing on their sense of guilt and/or conscientiousness.

      Life-Long Target, remember a few emails back you wrote how a police car was outside of a business you were going into or coming out of to make you feel as though you were guilty of something? That’s these brave, honest, professionals’ way of trying to REINFORCE THE GUILT and FEAR the government spent YEARS brainwashing you into thinking so it would be easier to control you. Its ALL about fucking control.

      I was in the Lexington Co-op in Buffalo, NY and the scumbag lowlife security guard gave me the usual “I’m watching you look” from behind his cheap sunglasses and when I left the place a Buffalo Police car was outside to TRY and hit me with the old “you’d better watch what you do. We’re keeping an eye on you.”
      No, officer criminal fuck.

      Pedopiles, rapists, ex-cons, murderers, the scum of the earth walk in and out of stores (statistically speaking) getting the respect any customer deserves and the police know full well who and what I am and am not but my point is they use these triggers in a repetitive way to KEEP THE TARGET in the mental state they put them in to begin with as per the brainwashing program ALL targets go through.

      This shitty, corrupt officer “doing his job” was assuming that I would have the same guilt/fear/shame reaction I usually do because they believe its “their job” and “their right” to “keep us in our place.”

      You mentioned the media, Life-Long Target and this little shit on a big talk radio station in Buffalo, Tom Bauerle is a serious police kiss ass brown noser who used to say things I said in private on the radio and since I was in the dark I listened for MONTHS despite the obvious abuse and this little gun-toting talk show coward REPEATED “don’t fight the police” and so on as part of MY conditioning as to make me eventually have a phobic fear response to people, words and things I once would not have thought twice about.

      Who the hell gives a shit about coughing’? People SENSITIZED to it. Its repetition that is SLOWLY added into our lies on a CONSISTENT basis as to make the brainwashing STICK or STAY WITH US and that’s why you’ll have your triggers on a REGULAR BASIS coupled with the DE emotional response reinforcement;To keep us in the mental or PTSD state they set out to put us in to from our inception into this fucking terrorist program.

      I will go one further: I have seen psychiatrists, psychologists and psychopharmacologists since I was 14 and I KNOW that at least THREE of them were given the smear/perping chat by some asshole coward cop local, state, county or federal, all unprofessional sociopath embarassments but the point is from my session records which are supposed to be private I GUARANTEE that in the name of “national security” my mental health doctors shared my data with the government.

      But all stimulus response stuff aside once they found a cost effective way to read our minds they knew everything necessary to make someone suffer through a series of ground psy ops reinforced with energy-based mind control.

      I hope this was of some insight to you and hopefully other targets who read this, Life-Long target. These are my opinions obviously but they make a hell of a lot of sense once you step back even a LITTLE from the shit-storm they put all of us into (depending on the level of a TI’s program).

      Never thought that I would see evil, pettiness, cowardice and stupidity on such a huge scale and there is only so much mind control going on. Our sick, sad diseased world using both standard brainwashing and chemical (pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food (sugar, caffeine, ect() has created millions upon millions of GREEDY, authority-worshiping automatons.

      One more note: I voluntarily committed myself to Bry Lynn Hospital here in shitty Buffalo, NY about 18 years ago due to a severe episode of panic disorder and OCD and was put on an anti-depressant, anti-psychotic and a HIGH dose of tranquillzers by a very greedy shitty evil psychopharmacologist.

      After two weeks of useless hospitalization, I spent about six hours a day at a day treatment for people released from pscyh hospitals and it was ALL voluntary for me. One of the social worker punks in charge spoke to my parents to try and convince them that it would be in my best interest to go to a halfway house for psych patients which would take my govt benefit money to pay for my meds, food, clothes ect-THIS despite being EXTREMELY higher functioning even THEN.

      Thankfully, my folks were intelligent, thoughtful people and told this ugly punk social worker, “no.” And I KNOW he’d have gotten a bonus had I gone into this sad place in which literally ruins lives even MORE.

      My point of all this is NOT bitching and moaning about anything:It is just PURE FACT that they do their BEST to try and get certain people “out of the system” by “legal” means and in this case, it was the MAINLY-Not all but MAINLY pseudo-science of psychiatry which made me worse with the 100% pseudo-science of psychotropic drugs whose SSRI, Dopamine and other mechanisms of action have NO proof-ZERO. None.

      They target us because we are easy to isolate.
      They target us because its easy to push our buttons.
      They target us because they can get away with most of it.
      They target us because they have a limitless supply of human
      excrement to help them.
      They target us because they want to control us, because its sick and evil and because they CAN.

      Any “necessary” experimental data is a joke.
      They had the human condition figured out a LONG TIME AGO.

      Again, hope this was of some help.

      You do not destroy a human being’s life and expect them to lie down and thank you for it.

      This program is insane but regardless I am grateful that I never was like and am NOT like any of my perps;I would not do this to another person under any circumstances and like the rest of the TIs, I of course would like some type of serious “payback.”

      But if one person wrongs another you settle it with words, fists, in court or whatever civil recourse avaliable but you settle it ONCE-Then both parties go on with their lives leaving the incident, crime or misunderstanding behind them.

      You do not keep fucking with a person year after year because some s–t stain officious coward tells you its OK and pays you an obscene amount of money to feel power you never felt before in your life:This is WHY so many perps gladly take up this “job,” Life-Long Target: To compensate for very real feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, impotence and just being a total coward.

    • Here’s a perfect example of a coordinated psy op as played on me today:

      As I was driving from the gym in my rear view mirror I noticed a Town Of Tonawanda police cruiser and it STOOD OUT.

      A few minutes later a Buffalo Police cruiser took a slow turn in front of me-

      A few minutes later I was at the Lexington Co-Op (health food store) where the security guard “gave me the eye” in the parking lot and in the store he came out of the bathroom area fifty feet away staring me down for ten seconds to let me know he’s watching me” and I did not give him a second look.

      Then while I was eating out on the street patio two BPD cruisers passed by SLOWLY-

      So when I was done and walked to my car in the store’s lot
      there was a Buffalo Police cruiser with a fat f–k sitting there pretending to be on the radio as the security guard told me to, “have a nice day.”

      Obviously the guard was there to make me feel as if I as guilty of something-They’ve done this shit to me for YEARS but I had no clue until learning more about conditioning and brainwashing me.

      In EVERY CASE from the Tonawanda Police car to the Buffalo police cruisers to the security guard and finally the slob in his cruiser in the parking lot I had the “look over here” urge or some kind of mind control which basically MAKES YOU LOOK at the trigger and this is not my interpretation of conditioning.

      This is a prime example of how they TRY and make me feel GUILTY of something and I USED to. For example when I used to walk around with an angry scowl on my face I just assumed that was one of the reasons I was being watched so much even though I did nothing wrong.

      As I’ve said before they really, really lay into you if you have ANY guilt they can play on-ANY insecurity is an opportunity for these chickenshit loser.

      Again, using Jose’ Delgado as an example in the SIXTIES they could make human beings turn their head which seemed to the subjects as if it was of their own free will.

      They have been able to induce fear and anger among many other emotions in humans and other lab animals.

      I have had the same shit at the gym where one perp f—ks with me psychologically setting me up for another then another to try and get me to act out or some other nonsense.

      Once you realize that these cowards almost to the “man” and woman are WELL PAID with moderate to thorough training and that they brag about their police-connected/government jobs and how they f–k with us to their family and friends it makes these pieces of shit look even WORSE and I’m not just making wild guess here, Life-Long Target: It is the NATURE of bullies, thugs and cowards and just stupid heartless assholes in general to BRAG about harassing someone weaker than them (relatively speaking:Keep in mind that there can be over 100 of them in a given week with a couple hundred perping incidents, a shitload of advanced tech, no privacy including our minds, they know all of our secrets, have a limitless budget and the aggregate data from millions of targets in the 20th and 21st century used against us.

      So when I call law enforcement and all of our civilian perps “cowards” is the undeniable, absolute truth because of all of the advantages they use against ONE SINGLE PERSON;That’s a f—ng cowards.

      I’ll go one further: My neighbor and gym perps as an example.
      Some of them have been VERY WELL TRAINED as evidenced by how smoothly they perform their perping actions (NOT a compliment. You can train a monkey to do this shit!).

      So I bet my a$$ that a LOT of our perps do not just perp US but other people throughout the day because to be honest, if they used their more well-trained perpetrators ONLY on us it would be a WASTE of “talent.”

  8. I have been and still a victim, this all started last December after my ex wife who is a two time convicted fellon in child abuse and who mentally and physically abused me since six months after hour marriage started. We were together 18 years. She has been hanging around a women, who says she is a victim of stalking her self? Wrote an artical about stalking? Gang stalking! Her name is penny? Nike name I believe? As soon as my ex who lies about everything, about a week later I’ve been torrized since. Five month’s of hell!! I’ve reported to the police, park rangers even to my friends and family? No one believes me. I have pictures of car’s who have followed me. Come to find out they are neighbors of mine my mother’s? I don’t understand the sick joke but it’s to the point where I want to take action, but how? I’ve lost two job’s because of this and now I’m homeless. I have no money to buy video cameras. I have been fighting to get my son’s out of foster homes for two And half years. Everything was going good Intel my middle son asked me to invite his mother to his birthday party? I had to for him, now its been a year and I haven’t seen my boy’s since? Please help me! I don’t know what to do! She wanted me to look crazy and well now it seems to be working in her favor? My ex is Wendy Greene she is fighting CPS witch is great for her. But destroying my life and hurting the parent that my boy’s trust love and want to live with, well sham on her and Penney. My boy’s are all I have left! I can’t even see them, cause I helped her. I feel used betrayed and stumped to trust her agean. Someone even video me at 2am and post it on instesgram. No one is safe even in your own home. I know who filmed me just don’t know his name. I saw him at the beach the other day? I don’t even live near there? Crazy cop won’t do anything! So I decided to arm my self? Next time!

    • I’ve got to laugh when the perps work on the “psycho” angle. Like they should talk. First of all, my angry rants were the result of being provoked continually over many years. Second of all, it angers me that perps are some of the biggest psychos out there. They are murderers, and they know it. They are cowards who hide behind the “oh we are so good we soo good we are just putting the evil ‘psycho’ in his place”.

      Listen carefully: one of these days, someone is going to put you in your places. All it takes is one decent person to get elected and not work for the Agenda and Not be afraid of being targeted.,

      Then where will you cowardly little “evil” murderers turn to? Hmmm? Your mommys?

      • Part of the program is to make us react negatively to the program which reinforces what the police (local, state, county and federal)
        tell our civilian perps about us such as we’re crazy so an angry reaction such as giving super-dirty looks, talking to ourselves, flipping these fuckers the bird and other obscene gestures, walking around with a defensive, angry posture, not talking to people to avoid giving them an “in” among other very human reactions.

        And its very possible that some of our reactions have been programmed in response to a rehearsed script.

        For example, a few months ago one of my neighbors said some shit that was an OBVIOUS attempt to get me to act out but I did not. We have more free will than we think but some people DO lose it and its easy to see why when they hammer away at you with all the petty shit.

        One day a few months ago I remember that my garbage was not picked up and the rest of my neighbors was.
        Then I had perping on the way to the gym.
        Perping AT the gym
        Perping after the gym on the road.
        And perping when I got home from the shit neighbors.

        And the end DESIGNED result of this was for me to “lose it.”
        I “lost it” insofar as screamed my f—ng head off with the windows shut at the “woman” across the street from me who pretended to be innocent.

        The perps are criminals in every sense of the word.
        They pretend to be holier than thou good citizens while smirking as they spit upon the law violating a stranger’s civil and constitutional rights.

        SOME of them, including some professional civilian perps have statistically speaking contributed directly and indirectly to the suicide of targets and possibly forcing them to act out against their real or perceived perps hurting or killing some-They ARE fucking murderers as Stopogs called that fat f—k who almost slammed into her car with his big-ass car a few months ago as caught on her Genius dash cam.

        But if you step back even a little and observe these sorry sacks of pus you can tell that they do what they do because they have a strong sense of helplessness, self-loathing and are just plain broken inside and none of this excuses what they do to us.
        Especially considering that most of our perps are not acting our of “patriotic” ideology but for MONEY-Probably direct deposit or maybe cash.

        If it makes you feel a little better, Life-Long Target,
        picture your main perps on trial at court with their heads hung low apologizing to you and the court (for being caught) and crying how they “were just following orders” (for money);Civilians and government ass slaves alike. Like any other criminal that gets caught the apologize ONLY because they have to face the consequences of their actions and the reason WHY they continue the harassment against us with SO MUCH ENTHUSIASM is because officer shit-stain and other authority figures back them up with not only training but some kind of cheerleading or compliments how how well they harassed us and got a reaction out of us.

        People do bad things because they can get away with it just as regular normal little kids and THUG, ASSHOLE LITTLE KIDS do LIMIT TESTING:They do as much as they perceive they can get away with.

        Keep in mind this: The times your regular perps do NOT fuck with you is because they are given orders to “stand down” until further notice.

        This is a sadistic, shit-evil, malicious military operation creating enemies where there are none just as in the case of every singe war dating back to the Revolutionary and Napoleonic forwarding to the horrors of the recent wars upon innocent human beings.

        People do wrong shit because they can-In other words, some people never grow up or never even TRY and grow up.

        If it is of any comfort to you, keep in mind that although you probably would not mind getting some legit payback on these evil fucks that you would not perp another person and that alone makes you better than them.

  9. Ha, I have observed that at certain times, perps do get orders to stand down. Around town here, they usually send their ass-clowns out to harass me at around 10:30PM. They are usually younger males, and they act like tough hardasses when they come out and harass me. But then I started walking towards these “tough guys”, and all of a sudden they backed down and ran like a couple of scared schoolgirls. Some tough “guys”. But then, I expected that, given the history of perps that tend to be cowardly sh*ts.

    There are times when I am not in the mood for any harassment and if the risk is too great to their precious little slaves, they all of sudden disappear from sight or get quiet. And then, there are hardly any cars on the road, whereas 10 minutes prior, there were a lot of vehicles. Imagine that. 🙂

    And I have heard “head” perps being given orders by a handler via cell phone along the lines of “hurry up and get those skits done and get those guys out of there”. Seems like a storm was brewing, and they didn’t want their little ass-clowns getting punched or injured, because they had me at the point where I just could not take any more bullsh-t and was definitely going to punch an asshole perp.

  10. The civilian perps are expendable.

    Think of it like this: When a TI DOES “lose it” on the perps who’ve been tormenting them and hurt or do worse to a perp, the government has NO paper trail.

    Even if the perp’s family and friends thinks about speaking out that the victim/perp was “only following the government’s orders” they would be shut up and the media would never cover their claims, no lawyer would touch the case and so on. Hell, the surviving family of a deceased perp may get a settlement and an injured perp probably gets a huge bonus for making the target “lose it” so that they have their excuse to fully take the TI our of society.

    I do not fully believe ALL of the media stories of TIs going off;Myron May’s story is filled with holes and his testimony is weak and uninspired:OBVIOUSLY SCRIPTED.

    And if you’ll notice what coverage of TIs there has been such as Aaron Alexis or Matt Barash on the Dr. Phil show its always, always painting the target as mentally ill and you see the SAME EXACT THING with the psychiatric industry’s DSM 5 manual which basically states that all of the symptoms of targeting a TI complains about fits some kind of psychotic break.

    These fuckers have covered EVERYTHING. Every angle.
    I mean what criminal wants to leave a trail in which they could get accused let alone caught?!

    Life-Long Target, its possible that they call your punk-ass little coward TIs off you to avoid making a scene but I do not think that ANYONE in law enforcement and the other criminals coordinating this program could begin to give a shit about their civilian perpetrators;They are being used as we are except in the case of our perps they are very, very well paid.

    And don’t get me wrong, now and then I like the idea of kicking the shit out of a tormenting idiot but my mind SNAPS back into place as I remember that for the most part this is NOT personal although its tailor made to each of us to feel as personal as possible-Its not.

    It took me a long time to begin to process this idea but its the truth.

    Its just infuriating that they continue getting away with this shit while getting paid and laughing at “how tough they are” and what they did to us (in a skit) in private, to each other.

    Can you imagine how f—kd up someone must be to find this “fun” and “entertaining?!”

    • Sadly, they seem to fall back on the “you’re imagining things” or “you’re crazy” angle almost every time. I talked to a cop one time, and he was acting like I was simply a troublemaker, and told me why would anyone be stalking me? Like, what’s so special about me that people would bother? And he used the other angle, that people were probably just going about their business shopping and that I was someone flawed mentally for thinking that anyone was stalking or engaging in harassment. It’s because a lot of these perps were mumbling one or two work harassment phrases, and it worked well, because those were trigger words that were used over and over again during their “conditioning” phrases. And the other time I spoke to the cop, he had his hand on his TASER. I just laugh about that. The one girl involved in harassing me would say all this stuff within earshot about how this big evil scary man was after her, and the wonderful cops tasered him. And her phony account was based on the perps’ e-harassment of me, where they’d zap me in a certain location, and I’d start yelling out loud “go ahead, do that again”. Someone was operating torture weapons at the time, and her account of the big, scary man (gaslighting) getting zapped had parallels to me, the innocent victim, getting zapped with some remote torture device, which can’t be too much different than an taser, as they both act on the nervous system somehow.

      And there is always a cop parked outside in front of the mini-mall here at night. When I walk past, the visage of the cop parked there with his engine running and headlights on just creeps me out. And of course, it was designed that way: to creep the target out, to make him (or her) feel as though he is dangerous and needs to be watched for the safety of the community. In reality, the “community” around this shitty town is nothing more than a bunch of boring, complacent, weak little sheeples who happily go along with the harassment.

      Another goal is to get me to call 911 to report the perps, to make me look like a complainer. The dispatcher there said flat out “you are NOT being harassed”. And I yelled at the dickhead, saying “I’m sick and fucking tired of being harassed by idiots all the fucking time”. Another big mistake. They wanted me to yell at the idiot dispatcher, who I know now knew that I was being harassed and was fully expecting me to call in. Another time I reported the perps’ harassment, he hung up on me. I thought how would he like it if he were being harassed, and I hung up on him?

      It was all out of anger because I had had so much of this. I keep having thoughts about getting in touch with the FBI here locally, but I always read about how that, too, is a desired outcome. I’ve had FBI agents get in touch with me over the years, in fact, leaving messages on my answering machine about how they’re looking for the previous resident and they were doing a background check etc. I really think the FBI is the worst possible agency to call, as they possibly not only know about it, but they somehow are part of the targeting. I’ve read that contacting the FBI made a lot of targets’ harassment worse. It implies that either: they were a big part of the involvement, or the target was being punished for turning in the perps. I’ve thought that it’s all useless, that blogging is the only way, because noboody is going to help the target. FBI agents certainly aren’t going to help.

      • It is this plain and simple, Life-Long.

        There was a time when you did not think twice when you saw a police car, a store security guard or other authority figures that bother you now.

        But they spend at least a year probably many more brainwashing you SLOWLY, programming your mind SLOWLY to develop a phobic/fearful response to policemen, police cars, even cars that look like squad cars and before I go any further-The ONLY reason REAL criminals fear the police is that they do not want to get caught. Period.

        So one day you wake up and suddenly that squad car in front of you going slowly, following you, on your right or left scares the living shit out of you and you don’t know why-so of course as any person would you begin to try and reason out what you might have done wrong to have so much attention from law enforcement and you not only FIND things you MIGHT have done wrong, you ALSO take small shit and blow it way out of proportion thinking, “maybe THAT’S why they’re watching me so much.”

        And you get suspicious looks from these asshole sadists.
        You get followed around stores by security guards and managers keep a close eye on you, arms folded in an air of authoritative arrogance and this further FEEDS the brainwashing done to you and you convince yourself that the police, store security and other asswipes you would not have thought TWICE about not that long ago are suddenly a “threat” to your person.

        They basically pulled this shit on me until I woke up to it.
        My NEIGHBORS and other ASSHOLE civilians reinforced my now-DEAD feelings of guilt by keeping a constant suspicious eye on me and whispering shit then finally using sentences with words like “police,” “cop,” “arrest,” and so on to compound the programming.

        Here’s the straight deal: Unless fifty police took turns beating you in public and then you got arrested, people NEVER, EVER just out of the blue develop the phobic-fear-PTSD reaction to police I’ve heard on hundreds of TalkShoe and Blog Talk radio podcasts, which I’ve heard in You Tube videos and read on websites.

        People get arrested all the time and in nearly every case they do NOT develop a terror of the police or any other authority figures.
        It just does not happen that fast.
        Post traumatic stress disorder symptoms take TIME as do developing a intense reactions to the triggers these cowards IMPLANTED IN OUR MINDS


        -Colors, numbers and noises which one day just catch your attention and drive you nuts.

        -Loud coughing.

        -Certain trigger words in general.

        I COULD say that:

        “Fucking a person’s mind over takes a lot of skill, so even though the perps are evil I’ll give credit where its due.”

        Nope. What they do to targets is use well over fifty years of technological, psychiatric, logistical, neurological, computer and other data from other nations who shared their brainwashing findings with the U.S.:Russia, China, Nazi and subsequently East Germany, Canada, and on and on-As with any other scientific discipline gang stalking-Hell, just plain mind control tactics and technology were shared by the world powers a LONG, LONG time ago.

        Forget the horseshit you’ve heard about “the Red menace” and other nonsense: Behind the scenes, away from the propaganda, the U.S., Russia, Communist China and yes, the Nazis ALL WORKED TOGETHER AS BEST BUDS BEHIND THE SCENES.
        This is pure fact. Keep in mind all of the “elite” American interests who funded the Nazis.

        Keep in mind that these are Zionist bankers wars.
        Keep in mind that the media including Hollywood and TV AND the “education” or indoctrination/brainwashing system has done a killer job of making us believe lies, nonsense and just plain evil shit.

        So all of the limitless funding spent on each target (estimates range from $250,000 a month which sounds nuts!) is mainly spent on trying to mold our minds into an entirely different person, malleable and under their total control (as in the NWO control shit) and of course, pure “fun” sadistic Nazi-type experimentation, Life-Long.

        So keep in mind that you, I and thousands upon thousands (if not millions) of other targeted individuals in NOT just the U.S. but Canada and across the world in addition to ALL of the TIs in the last fifty or so years this shit’s been going on-One day found something they once did not think twice about was a source of great fear as in loud coughing, cars driving by slowly with “hateful/PAID OFF” glares from the drivers, police who we once trusted, respected and even admired were a threat and certain noises scared the shit out of us and I could go on-

        The point is brainwashing is a slow process-So slow that it WORKS because we do not notice the changes, the transformations they elicit in us because its not obvious so we do not have the time or the chance to put up our normal psychological defenses which we DO when we REALIZE that we are being threatened mentally.

        And to MAKE the feared people and things STICK IN OUR MINDS
        they have to repeat and repeat the threat to REINFORCE IT otherwise EXTINCTION SETS IN.

        So it comes down to some kind of Complex or Chronic post traumatic stress disorder desensitization treatment or an NLP regimen to REVERSE the fucking RAPE OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR MINDS.

        I have had various forms of street theater in which some dick weed put his hand near his gun, wore the Village People sunglasses with a LOUD BLARING RADIO and a big ass 44 strapped to his fat ugly, short ass, all kinds of shit.

        I do not despise law enforcement per se.
        I despise any kind of thuggish injustice and bullies and cowards especially ones held to a high standard of trust in our and other “civilized” societies.

        That being said, it is a complete and utter waste of time trying to complain to the local PD let alone the fed shits and keep in mind that ALL of our targeting BEGAN from the top-There is not a single federal officer or local now that does NOT know about this an other illegal terrorist programs.

        If you have people in your life who can help you that you can trust that’s wonderful.

        Otherwise, it is pointless to complain to the same assholes responsible for MOST of our gang stalking UNLESS you have to file a police report as anyone else would do to GET A NICE RECORD of abuse going-If you have solid evidence of any kind of crime that must be reported.

        Just make sure you have someone you can trust on the phone, with you and if you are making your statement to the police outside of the station film it. Its still legal. And always get a copy of your report if there is some kind of assault or other incident in which you KNOW who the criminal is-A TI in California, Alda did NOT get the name of the guy who pushed her down from the police because he was a fucking perp who worked with them (as if she could prove it).

        I write these long-ass short story posts because when you realize HOW MUCH YOU’VE BEEN TRICKED or MIND-Fk’d by the system you need to “vent” a little!

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