Coast To Coast AM – April 24, 2015 Mind Control & Open Lines

Filling in for George, Richard Syrett welcomed author specializing in the paranormal, metaphysics and conspiracies, Marie D. Jones, for a discussion on the history of mind control, from spells, potions and rituals to 21st century cults, drugs, psychic driving, electronic monitoring and harassment, and government connections. Open Lines followed.

3 thoughts on “Coast To Coast AM – April 24, 2015 Mind Control & Open Lines

  1. Pretty good show. I would not have listened unless you posted it, Stopogs:To me, ‘Coast To Coast’ says what they are allowed to say just like nearly all of the other truthers but regardless, I learned a few things mainly from the callers.

    The guest host seemed to know a lot more about OSEH than his guest.
    There was even a caller from my crap city, Buffalo, NY who claims he’s been harassed by the Erie County Sherrif’s Dept for 32 years mainly with DE weapons.

    • He went on to take live calls for another 2 hrs. after this video ends. He has a good website too, I linked it. I emailed him a link to my blog and he responded saying he will read it.

  2. People in on this even passively are so ignorant. Like at the Wal Mart here in town, some “stocky” young employee (a young woman) was doing something, and one register was open early morning (about 3 AM). I was standing there at the register, and what does she do? Turn her back to me and contined “working”. (Actually she wasn’t working very hard, just making it obvious she was ignoring me.) And when her supervisor asked her if she wanted to get that customer, she goes “no”. And so the manager had to call someone else over. Very ignorant. And arrogant. And you can imagine what she looked like, right? They all tend to look like this, the more ignorant ones.

    The people doing this seem so lazy and unwilling to lift a finger to help, esp. if it’s a target. I think they’re so just so pampered and so lazy, and yet a lot of them think they bust ass and work hard. Yeah, right. They should try going to China and working in one of their sweat shops and see if they’d survive, because their pampered asses buy shit manufactured in places like that anyways. And they make way more money for doing way little.

    And many targets have noticed that if there’s something they tend to buy at a store they frequent, one day, they magically run out of the item, and they don’t seem to restock them ever. So I had to go to a Wal Mart in another town, and I bought my stuff there (that the one store had “run out” of). The perps really think they have it hard, with their “difficult” jobs.

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