3 thoughts on “William Binney on The Alex Jones Show – March 18, 2015

  1. Hi Stopogs:

    I’m posting here just to check in and see how you’re doing and haven’t seen a new post in a while.

    They have been doing the “dream injection” or disturbing dreams at an increased rate, sometimes a few dreams a night which is like watching someone else’ dreams in addition to increased Tinnitus. No complaints. Just noting what sick sadistic scumbag assholes these murdering sacks of useless cowardly, scheming, pieces of trash are.

    Just hope you’ve been well considering the shit you and the rest of us have to put up with depending on the types of targeting (some get more DE than others), our targeting “schedule” or frequency and scripts.

    Take care!

    Scott D. Snitzer in Buffalo, NY.
    Targeted individual for well over 20 years.

    • Thanks Scott, I appreciate you checking on me. Also appreciate all of your intelligent comments and support for my blog, thank you. Been dealing with a bad noise situation here next to my home but don’t feel like writing about it. They are toxic people. I am going to post another first responder harassment log for April soon, I am a little behind. I am wearing a police grade body camera from stuntcams every time I go out and I think it is helping. Cameras are to perps what crosses were to vampires. You can actually see the perps hissing like vamps and turning their heads away when the cameras come out lol. It also gives me much piece of mind knowing that if I am approached by first responders again, the camera is already rolling. I get a lot of weird dreams too, they love to mess with our heads when we are sleeping. I also notice my mouth gets super dry right before I fall asleep, maybe they have managed to turn scopolomine into an aerosol. It causes amnesia and has a side effect of dry mouth. Praying for the protection of all TI’s. Stay strong.

  2. Given our circumstances and how they continually try to use their corrupt system to “eat people up”, its good to check in on other targets now and then and you have done an incredible service for other targets insofar as your courage, the advice you offer and as Renata and a few other great people on Talkshoe and some videos do, you lead by example insofar as strategies to adopt to deal with these control freak sick asshole criminal psychopaths.

    Keith K., who has a Talkshoe show and You Tube channel wanted to start an online TI service called A.C.T.I.V.E. TI in which a target would check in on another target as often as their buddy requested it to see if they were basically OK. To see if they’ve been put into a mental institution, are sick, incarcerated and so on and of course, FFCHs’ goverment-controlled Derrick R. shot this idea down so even though Keith finally DID take the steps to start his A.C.T.I.V.E. TI website, they perped the living s–t out of him so he backed off for now and I do not blame him but this shit otherwise HAS to be made public.

    Given Nigel Nicholson’s example, I’m going to do a You Tube series of videos eventually. Even wrote a basic script and what happened the day after I “privately” wrote out my outline and talking points? They perped the HELL OF OF ME THE NEXT DAY;At my gym, Best Fitness, the honest Buffalo and Amherst police, neighbors-Dogs barking more than usual-No complaints.

    It finally hit me that there is ZERO compromise with these things (I basically KNEW this already)-In other words, no matter WHAT we do they are going to perp us. Spread lies about us. Subject us to RMN as they basically violate the sanctity of our very minds. By staying silent, it is basically the same as consenting to this mistreatment by what can only be called human garbage.

    If the data about how different frequencies can affect every system in the body then its very likely that they are using energy weapons to induce the symptoms of Scopolamine exposure-If you know about medications enough they could be using this angle against you to think its an anti-hystemine(SP) on you.

    I’ve heard a decent number of TIs on various calls complain of being sickened by Formaldehyde, unidentified chemicals and a Neverending who also had a great blog complained that they were pumping chemicals into her apartment on a regular basis (she has not been on her blog in a long time and I do not know how to email her). Alda who has a Talkshoe show has been exposed to insecticides I believe.

    I’m pretty sure that the hypnogogic state just before we fall asleep and of course while we’re sleeping are the best “windows” to hit us with their “toys.”

    I had to return the Genius Dash Cam to Walmart’s online site as it did not work properly despite my following directions:It would record for about 1 hour then just freeze.

    Might get the camera you mentioned or I might get a pair of spy sunglasses.
    Nigel, who has a You Tube channel has made HIS chickenshit moron vampires have to work much harder since he began wearing the shades which do a good job.

    I have days with very little perping followed by a blitz. And they can blitz until they choke. This is a psyops program reinforced with technology to make us act against our will while THINKING we were acting of our own volition all along;They try to make this mind control shit appear to be as natural or organic as possible to make their ENTIRE OPERATION MORE CONVINCING to us as they try and reinforce the negative subliminals and dark NLP triggers they implant(ed in to us.

    And when you’re caught up in this shitstorm and looking at the DISTRACTIONS they throw at you such as the physical gang stalking, the mind is too centered on THAT to be open to other possibilities (I speak of myself).

    So once I learned a lot more about brainwashing;Conditioning, how they can instantly make us feel ANY emotion mimicking our brainwaves, how they can set us up for their skits and street theater, how our minds and memories are an open book, how this is a multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted operation using the government, corporations and universities then having the public do most of the dirty work, upon learning more of the cult mentality and how these retarded ass hats worship authority and too much more-Upon getting more “pieces of the puzzle” insofar as HOW they pull this shit over on us putting us into or reinforcing a pre-existing guilt state-Upon realizing just a FEW basic FACTS about this terrorist program it really, really puts things in a much clearer, brighter light.

    For example, once I fully understood what learned helplessness is, I realized that its an INTENTIONAL side-effect of the coercive persuasion and mental trauma in general in which we are (sometimes) forced into a “why bother?” attitude-That they “have the right” to “show us our place.”

    Once I learned more about mind control it hit me. HARD. How much they have turned my mind against me using pure terror tactics reinforcing every negative and guilty or shameful emotion (nearly all baseless of course) with my implant (or whatever mind control tech) and using their civilian and government perps to keep the “we’re watching you because you’re guilty of something.”

    I will even admit something else here: A PART of me, not my CONSCIOUS mind but a part of me actually believed these 20+ years that at some level I “deserved” this abuse and my self-esteem, self-image have never been BETTER which is why I’ve awoken to so much of their mind games in which they condition the target to accept the unacceptable which is CLASSIC brainwashing.

    However, they have not changed me and I’m betting most TIs who have a strong sense of self have not and never will be turned into an ugly version of themselves although this program DOES make you realize that you should RARELY give people the benefit of the doubt and/or “try and look for the best in everyone.” These disgusting slugs with human heads have made it clear that more people than NOT are willing to sell their dignity for a very cheap price and yes, there are plenty of wonderful, kind decent people still left in this shitty world but in my case at least its not a matter of being safer but its WISER to be very careful insofar as how much I interact with other people.

    And I’ve ALSO realized that they can literally mind control others around us to make it APPEAR that every single person is “the enemy” or “hostile” which is untrue of course but they have to give the ILLUSION of an oppressive world to REINFORCE the effectiveness of their brainwashing as they us ISOLATION to further narrow our thinking, our scope of vision so to speak.

    (I’m a little “all over the place” commenting here as I’m just jotting some random thoughts down!)

    I HAVE shut certain social doors shut ONLY because they have historically tried to sneak in a piece of s–t perp under the guise of a friend and thankfully I’m an introvert as much as this SUCKS-Even if I met say a decent girl it would be a very short time until some well-paid coward with a badge had the “chat” with her and turned her against me.

    I’m actually OK with some of this BY NECESSITY as banging one’s head against the wall over things beyond our control is a waste of time, energy and just distracts us from the issues in which we can exercise a small or huge degree of control.

    Stopogs, thanks for letting me and your other followers know that you’re OK (given the circumstances in which TIs have to deal with).

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