Richmond, CA City Council Meeting – 5/19/2015 Resolution I-1 passed



****Fast forward to video clip: 3.10-4.32

Click on link below for video..

Link: Council Meeting – 5/19/2015 – May 19th, 2015.



WHEREAS, the Space Preservation Act and the companion Space Preservation Treaty has established a permanent ban on all space-based weapons, on the use of weapons to destroy or damage objects or persons from or that are in orbit; and the permanent termination of research and development, testing, manufacturing, production and deployment of all space-based weapons; and

WHEREAS, the Space Preservation Act, companion to the Space Preservation Treaty, introduced by U.S. Congressmen Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), requires the U.S. President to continue enforcement of banning space-based weapons and the use of weapons to destroy or damage persons or objects that are in or from orbit; and

WHEREAS, the Space Preservation Treaty has established an outer space peacekeeping agency to monitor outer space and enforce the permanent ban of space-based weapons. In addition, this legislation serves as a safeguard for targeted individuals who claim to be under assault from weaponry that should be outlawed by the Space Preservation Act.

WHEREAS, the well-being of all residents is of the upmost importance to the City of Richmond.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Richmond hereby supports the Space Preservation Act and companion Space Preservation Treaty, to ensure that individuals will not be targets of space-based weapons.

6 thoughts on “Richmond, CA City Council Meeting – 5/19/2015 Resolution I-1 passed

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  2. When I was out for my walk last night, actually, it was early morning (around 4AM), I saw there was this big production with a police car blocking the road, and a bunch of fire trucks. Odd how there was absolutely no sign of fire: no smoke, no fire, just a bunch of people standing around. I could hear activity on the scanners, but there was an ambulance there, but nobody was taken out.

    I concluded that the whole fire/ambulance/police production was just more psychological testing. Seriously, it costs like thousands of dollars to go on a call like this, and there was no fire, no accident, nobody being rescued. At least it didn’t look like it. Maybe the experirmenters wanted me to get exposure to the red/blue flashing lights on the police car and the red flashing lights on the fire and ambulance? I seriously think they put this on to get me exposure to a flashing light show. I can only imagine how much this is going to cost the taxpayers, and it was only for “testing”/sensitization purposes. They sure waste a lot of money going after targets, don’t they? 🙂

  3. And I’ve noticed that Firefox has ads now that target me specifically. It’s the ones showing a guy in a library, and it’s designed to demean and belittle me as a target. The guy kind of looks like me, but is shorter, and older looking. In one ad, the guy is acting creepy around this younger girl, appearing to creep me out.

    And I’d like to put this message out to the perps: dear perps, I am not the creepy one. I do not have access to surveillance toys that can watch anyone anywhere. I did not intrude into anyone’s life with the intent to rape them and rob them of their freedom. And as for Firefox, I have a message for the Mozilla foundation: your browser isn’t the only browser out there, honey. WebKit browsers are better, and I myself can code. I hope to one day get over these little traumas the perps have programmed into me and once I do, I will write a browser that blows away that pathetic NWO sellout Firefox. What the hell is a nonprofit organization like Mozilla doing showing ads anyways, and why are they targeting me and only me? Get lives.

    And at work, I had a bunch of bullies on the “Grey belt” saying stuff real loud like “ewwww, nasty!”. I confronted the supervisor on this belt about his comment,a nd he took offense that I stood up for myself. I told him I was going to turn him in to upper management, and then he comes over and denies everything. He said “Oh I wasn’t calling you ‘nasty’, I was saying my belt was going to be nasty”. So he admits to saying it, but he says he wasn’t saying it about me. Obviously, my chicken shit cowardly handlers put him up to this.

    Maybe they should look in the mirror. And one a***hole was having a conversation revolving about the concept of “game over”. Remember what Michael Acquino said, that one goal of “Psy War” was convincing the enemy that he has lost the battle before it is even over? Well, it isn’t over yet.

    They really think they can get away with anything they want as long as they have each others’ backs? So the perps running this pathetic money-wasting program don’t want me going to libraries? I’m already smarter than you, perps. You’ve spent decades shocking my privates, invading my dreams, and sending out scores of informants and shills to gather info. And you have succeeded in keeping me in a psychological prison, but you still haven’t managed to turn me into a coward like you.

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  5. it’s so sad how real this become when it hits you. I experience a difficult time in my life. a year ago we have gotten some new neighbor’s next door from me. Move in very quiet a month in.drug selling parking in my driveway right when I come back home repeatedly over and over in my driveway trespassing in front of my yard to buy drugs. They would follow me. when I went to pick up my kids from got home beat me home park. I was getting feces,urine,trash in my yard I have talked with my neighbor about this problem keeps happenings over and over. I told my landlord did nothing but made the situations worth it like I have started the problem. The neighbor’s had a fire outside their home. We was harassed/stalk by fire department. police Helicopters flying over our heads. cabs company at&t phone company will sit right in front of us in stares at us UPS, FEDEX Will follow up any where we go. My landlord keeps having people’s parks in my driveway, as well as trespassing through my yard. My landlord stays right in the back of me she see’s the whole thing in the window enjoying her self just watching in picking. When you can’t trust your landlord either she arranged the neighborhood block watch to cahoots, and do dirty spiteful things against us. I went walking around my house she decides to let her dogs out the house barking aggressively almost every time she will do something dirty. she’s the east side main street chair commission some one working with dirty cops from Columbus,Ohio Kathleen D,Bailey so much to tell, fills like I am living under a microscope.Thanks

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