Dr. Phil [May 26, 2015]: “I Hear Voices in My Head but I’m Not Mentally Ill !”(Full Episodes)

Published on May 26, 2015
Dr Phil May 26, 2015 – I Hear Voices in My Head, but I’m Not Mentally Ill! Why Won’t My Family Believe Me?

Nick says he has been tormented by disturbing voices in his head for the past three years. His family says they think he is suffering from a mental illness, but Nick insists that is not the case. How does Nick explain the voices? And, will Nick be open to taking help?

Plus, Stephanie, 24, is currently acting as a caregiver for her father. Pfizer’s Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall joins Dr. Phil to discuss the challenges faced by young caregivers.

Hearing Voices

Nick says he hears voices in his head, almost every day, that demean him and threaten him and his family. “[They say] ‘We’re going to beat you,'” he says. “The voices have told me I should kill myself, which is not going to happen … They say, ‘We put poison in your food,’ and that they have a predictor machine that’s capable of letting them know my thoughts.”

Nick’s parents, Rise and Kelly, and his sister, Jenna, say they think he could be suffering from a mental illness — but Nick disagrees.

Instead, Nick says he believes the voices are talking to him through a microchip that was implanted in his body.

“Nick is so obsessed with this,” Rise says. “He does research; he has thousands of pages he has printed off the Internet. I told Nick, ‘I believe you’re hearing voices; I just don’t believe they’re coming from the place you think they’re coming from.'”

Kelly says, “The voices in Nick’s head are tearing the family apart. I want my son back.”

13 thoughts on “Dr. Phil [May 26, 2015]: “I Hear Voices in My Head but I’m Not Mentally Ill !”(Full Episodes)

  1. They’re capable of doing this. In 2006, when I was “on the brink” of falling asleep (hynagogic state?), I was blasted awake by what sounded like a recording of these two cops I knew saying my name. Another time (summer 2006), I was on the brink of falling asleep, and this time, I was awakened by a recording of three quick staccato notes of a police siren. As I was walking down the street, there was a cop parked, and he did the same three quick notes from his siren (or whatever it was that cops have, not a siren by a tone generator of some sort) that matched the recording I was awakened by. I suppose that in both cases, it was done via microwave blasts containing a modulated signal that they wanted me to “hear”. The key is that the cops in town were involved. No doubt they are networked to some larger fraternal organization of mind control perps.

    And when I was dreaming one time, a girl was talking to me, and something she said was recorded and played back over my dream at 5 second intervals. After awakening, I heard this word the girl said to me in my dream played back at 5 second intervals as I was laying there awake.

    Another favorite of the perps is to have this recording of snoring sounds, synchronized to my breathing. And I was suspicious that it was the perps again, so where normally I’d be breathing in, I held my breath, and I still heard the snoring sound. I though “aha!”.

    All done via RNM or modulated microwaves beamed from somewhere. The question is, where? And no doubt they record my dreams and show them to other asshole perps for entertainment.

    And when I was like 7-8 years old in 1976, I had a very scary dream, the mood of which kept getting progressively worse, and ended with me trying to outrun some scary invisible presence which I figured was there and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I almost died of fright. Could they have been using their technology to keep me in that scary dream, or was this a natural occurence? And of course, the scary invisible presence is very appropriate as a metaphor for the perps and their mind control system. It could’ve been a way for them to loudly “announce” their presence into my life, but I didn’t really realize it at the time. They love to make their presence known to targets like this as a way of foreshadowing stuff they’re going to be doing later, carried out by different perps using more advanced technologies no doubt, but they always want targets to know they are being hounded and watched for life.

    But that doesn’t make sense, right, because REM dreams are easy to wake out of when the fright becomes too much. And it obviously was an REM dream, yet someone or something using advanced tech. was preventing me from bailing out and waking up. And in 1976-1977, could they have had the tech. to pull this off, to monitor dreams, and keep the subject in the dream for prolonged periods? Sounds like an assassination attempt via dream fright.

    • Nearly every night for the last three or four months they sometimes give me two or more dreams a night, always disturbing, depressing, hopeless with detail that I NEVER had in my life. Ever.
      Not to mention I rarely used to dream.

      All local police departments were very likely given full access to mind control equipment and you do not even need a fancy device, just access to a computer or cell phone. That’s it, in my opinion.

      Consider all of the super hi-tech surveillance equipment the local PD have and how they are continually militarized by our fascist government so its more than logical that since these sick assholes are directly involved in our gang stalking as in training the local community and the other petty, cowardly shit these fucks do, they also have full access to our thoughts-That’s why looking back over the twenty plus years of this shit the microwave hearing (or whatever) they used on me made me look in a specific direction to see a civilian perp staring or doing some other dumb shit, a squad car, a scumbag cop, a black car (they did not sensitize me to red as so many TIs seem to be).

      Yes, the traitors and liars in the county, state and federal police agencies are also fully involved in perping us but the main connection between law enforcement and the communities which illegally harass us are your local criminal police.

      And they DO try to condition or sensitize us in our dreams.
      I’ve had some images of perps flash into mine, as an attempt to reinforce the conditioning probably but I call bullshit.

      Now that I am aware that they have literally controlled and programmed me, now that I’m fully aware that there are things the civilians and shit cops enjoy that I can not due to the smear campaign there is just a lot of things they pull which I no longer care about;They are getting paid WELL in addition to bragging about us to each other, talking tough on the phone, in person and I’m sure on some social media designed soley(SP) for perps.

      And I am bringing up points I have made before ONLY to remind anyone reading this that depending on your targeting MANY of your perps are doing this for money and power and not deserving of one ounce of fear let alone respect or benefit of the doubt.

      Please also keep in mind that they are CONSTANTLY trying to reinforce the brainwashing they spent YEARS doing to us and obviously we are unconscious of the programming they are putting into our heads which is why it is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that ALL TIs learn as much “meat and potatoes” info about how to reverse brainwashing, how to treat complex PTSD, how to reset our minds to a state before were became sensitized to their retarded evil fuck triggers and to recognize when we are in a hypnotic state so we can at least TRY to get out of it.

      There is no way that I’m the only targeted individual who is continually “waking up” to what they have done to me. To what they have gotten away with-I DID try the forgiveness route with my perps and it just did not stick and this is not a reflection on my character in any way . Some things are unforgivable. What is most important is that I am WAY past blind hatred, blind anger and other irrational emotional states which occlude or cloud your thinking thus giving them some kind of opening to our minds.

      Life-Long, I think its very possible that MOST of the RMN is done via computer with plenty of live operators-I only state that a computer does most of it (mind control and RMN) because our perping is so often carried out nearly seamlessly and most of these trained loser perps would have to be super coordinated to carry out some of these skits-This is mainly mind control of EVERY “actor” in this sick, shitty play.

      • I’ve heard there is a number that perps dial in order to have us “hit”. I see a lot of people involved in my perping texting. Always texting on their phone. Every time I get messed with, I see the person sending and receiving texts. No doubt they are getting instructions from the “system”, computer or by in-person handlers.

        And I’ve been told that there is indeed a dedicated facebook page that perps can access in order to find stuff out about targets. A “friend” who is being controlled by the perps told me this. There has to be some way they are finding stuff out about targets, and it’s stuff they have no business knowing. That’s why they have to insinuate I am a “creeper” or a stalker… because they themselves are accessing private info about me, essentially making them creepers and stalkers.

    • Hello

      I should have waited to respond to you after I posted my videos, which prove exactly what you have described in your snore related claims, however, I thought of contacting you right away in order to notify you that this sort of Electronic Harassment can easily be proven, in part, by video / audio recording yourself while you sleep with your web cam. If you have not become financially challenged yet, from this type of Organized Gang stalking Electronic harassment, then I advise in doing the same with a high level infra red camera during the night. Place the camera in direct view of your face. This is how I obtained my evidence. My web cam, however, was not infra red. I could not afford one of those.





      • He–he… Yeah Elaine! Liked that video where that thug-mother genuinely assaulted you. He’s scared. Yet, he photographed you first, just cause to document him. They know what they’re doing is un-American, and if enough people knew about it, they’d get the $*&% knocked out of them. They like to take pictures of their TI victims on their pads. Stay strong.

  2. Oh yes, the standard “you need help” being proclaimed by Dr. Phil. They really seem like they are trying to minimize the poor guy, to foster a mob mentality to the tune of the victim MUST have some sort of mental health issues. And the next step is obviously to get him “help”, which is defined by a psychaitrist who is working for them and is no doubt going to get him hooked on meds and pills he doesn’t need to fuck him up further. If you’re reading this, person in the video, the tech. is very real. They do this to a lot of targets. You’re not imagining things, and that guy who is trying to sell you the “you need help” line is working for the Agenda to get you committed so they can experiment with you and fuck you up even more with their experimentation. Psych. wards and prisons are full of mind control experimentation as well as torture as a way of testing their limits and other parameters. Don’t listen to Dr. Phil. He knows his stuff, but is trying to con you. Don’t listen to him or others, because they all are networked to the larger system of mind control and is trying to cover for them as a favor to keep their sick oppressive illegal system running.

  3. As much as some psychiatric disorders such as PTSD, psychopathy, narcissism and some others are very real, the true number of cases of psychosis are probably very small and notice how the body of psychiatric literature like the body of modern medicine grew super-fast with one fake disease after another with biased studies and the modern psychiatric movement did not come about of its own accord but was basically pushed on the world as conventional medicine was pushed by the Rockefellers.

    Part of the mass brainwashing of the world has been putting several institutions in place simultaneously and over time so that as the older generations die out people just take for granted that chemo, surgery and radiation for example are the only ways to treat cancer, just as the psychiatrist knows best because like the doctor, police officer, politician, teacher (schools are the WORST), “news” caster and all other authority figures “know best” which is yet another part of their indoctrination of society.

    As TIs we know all too well that the “crazy” label discredits someone immediately thanks to popular culture’s and the media’s intentional portrayal of all mentally ill people as dangers to themselves, society, not having credibility because they are “unstable” and so on-The idea of what is mental illness and the actual numbers are ALL WARPED by these sick, discrediting bastards.

    You can clearly see that this guy is in full control of his faculties BUT he’s deferring to an authority figure, AKA Dr. Asshole Phil, a mental health expert AND a celebrity.

    This is just part of the discrediting of targeted individuals of course and the way this show was presented would make any viewers with the same or similar symptoms to the guy question THEIR mental health AND any friends of families of people complaining of the same symptoms the guy on Dr. Phil did RUSH THEM to the nearest psychiatrist so that they can be intentionally misdiagnosed, put on some anti psychotic and perhaps some antidepressant meds effectively shutting them up as yet another life is destroyed by this shitty “machine” for want of a better word.

    I lost a LOT of years because I trusted the fucks in the psychiatric industry.
    Kills your creativity, your independence and its rare for someone to get better as the psych industry has been and always will be a dead end for most patients.

    This is not to say that if someone is lucky enough to find a competent, sympathetic therapist or psychologist they will not receive actual help and improve:It happens all the time of course-Its just that the psych industry like all others is heavily infiltrated by brainwashed and mind controlled sociopaths and other greedy shits who put their power, prestige and income ahead of actually helping someone.

    Shits like Dr. Phil only serve to make people’s lives and therefore society as a whole worse, dependent on false hopes and pseudo science to see and think clearly.

  4. This is one of my big, tough perps:

    DOB: 04/04/1992
    Race: UNKNOWN SEX: F

    I think I can guess the “race” part of it. It’s the same race the other perps are: cowardly wxxxxxxxx txxxxxxxx.

    Offense Code: MDJ-10-3-11
    Charges Files Date: 02/10/2011 Offense Date: 01/26/2011 Disposition Date: 03/07/2011

    Case #: MJ-10311-NT-0000040-2011
    Charges Files Date: 02/10/2011 Offense Date: 01/26/2011 Disposition Date: 03/07/2011

    Case #: MJ-14102-TR-0001634-2011
    Charges Files Date: 07/27/2011 Offense Date: 07/23/2011 Disposition Date: 08/16/2011

    Case #: MJ-14102-TR-0001635-2011
    Charges Files Date: 07/27/2011 Offense Date: 07/23/2011 Disposition Date: 08/11/2011

    Offense Code: 455.8 A
    Offense Date: 01/26/2011 Disposition Date: 03/07/2011

    Now, perp. Can you figure out who you are? And to the rest of you perps: I will expose you. I can only imagine that you take care of your body like you take care of your pets. Do you all want exposed?

  5. Here’s another person I trusted but sold me out: another big, tough, hard ass. It really pains me to do it, but you asked for it:


    But people like you are so big and strong, yet you have to harass me personally and take part in the big dance with the rest of the wimpy little cowards?

  6. And don’t forget the general manager who officially banned me from Subway here in town:


    Keep going perps. I can put names to these charges and more info.

    And the owner of that Subway. Real tough guy, and must be very intelligent, too, seeing as to how he spent so much of his and his parents’ money that he filed for Bankruptcy like the general manager of the place.

    I should’ve reported both of you along with miss “diisorderly conduct/engage in fighting” last June, but I was kind enough not to.

    You cowards all think you’re tough, don’t you?

  7. Life-Long Target:

    If you can legally get away with publishing the names of these assholes on a Facebook page, Twitter or some other social network forum then go for it-As long as you can do it legally:Every last one of our perps SHOULD PAY and they ALL CHEAT and BREAK THE LAW while we HAVE to play by the rules (for the most part).

    I’m sure that there are more than one TI You Tube videos (and other web outlets) in which TIs specifically name their perps.

    The one TI who comes to mind immediately is Michelle Moriarty who names some of the people who have screwed up her life: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3NLohRbfqIaOQ_epLXAu0g/videos

    She sounds legitimate and you might have to go through a few of her vids until you find those in which she names some of her main perps who got her into the program (supposedly) including some law enforcement officers (our, good, good friends who have spread lies, half-truths while omitting the truth such as all the crimes THEY have repeatedly gotten away with as they so bravely put their safety on the line for the public they swore to protect!).

    Again, please do some serious checking before you go public online with personal info on these scum f–k cowards, Life-Long.

    I state this only for YOUR sake as a fellow TI who’s gotten the “guilt” conditioning/brainwashing thrown at him as I have and of course for any other TIs who may want to go public with the names of their perps.

    An example of illegal gang stalking activism would be to take flyers about organized gang stalking and electronic harassment and put them into people’s mailboxes or on their windshields.

    BUT if you MAIL flyers on how gang stalking is rampant in your neighborhood and to businesses you go to that f–k with you that IS legal.

    I have not done this yet mainly because I am waiting for the right “push” to say f–k it an go mega-activist.

    • Scott: yeah, I shouldn’t be posting info about individual perps. What I’d like to do is stop this at higher levels. They just had me amazingly pissed off today. More psyops delivery designed to get me pissed. They have people in high places working, and they could counter-attack with a lawsuit or harassment. I’ve got to be smarter than that. I HAVE taken a letter to a perp back in Sept. 2013 and placed it in their mailbox. And that caused some problems for me. Getting a blog and posting about my experiences would be a much better idea. Posting details about perps would only get me in trouble. I think that’s what they want: a reason to take legal action against me for publishing info about them.

      • There’s a few ways to look at publicizing our perps:

        (1) Using videos and or still photos and other evidence you have to show a pattern of harassment from the perps and as its well known in the TI community lawyers will not help us even though they DO happily represent serial killers, mass murderers, pedophiles and other human excrement but not TIs.
        So if you ever did get enough evidence on these bastards, ideally you would be able to file your own lawsuits against these fucks like the guy in Ohio who was on “60 Minutes” who has been undergoing a horn honking noise harassment campaign and has filed a shitload of complaints at his town’s courthouse.

        (2) Due to the very, very heavily censored format of the internet in addition to the shitload of videos that never upload to You Tube or are immediately taken down in addition to the same censorship of TI (and other real truther) websites, blogs, tweets, ect-Its actually UNKNOWN whether or not a decent number of targets HAVE INDEED won lawsuits against some of their perps and/or the government-Its not impossible but as you can clearly see by now they do NOT want the TI to have ANY KIND OF HOPE for legal payback and they do NOT want a terrorized, angry target to be inspired by targets who actually managed to ease off on their perping and actually get REAL JUSTICE (not bullshit false hopes like FFCHS gives its listeners year after year).

        (3) As you mentioned, Life-Long TI, its very possible that these fuck cowards are trying to steer you into a trap in which you look paranoid and your perps are portrayed as “victims” which goes EXACTLY with their “let’s see how we can set them up to react to the harassment” strategy no different than throwing all kinds of dumb sadists in our paths physically hoping to get us to either go ballistic or kill ourselves down the road;They are capable of ANY deception you CAN and CAN NOT imagine. There is no low they will NOT stoop to.

        When the perps see a viable opportunity to f–k us over they will TRY it, no matter how scummy, illegal or heartless and some of these plans involve a SERIES of little setups which try to steer the TI into a bigger set up.

        Like all good cowards these stains will of course act like they are the victim when they are the ones who through years of non-stop street theater, gaslighting, synchronization and other games put the very sensitized TI in a state in which they will react negatively.

        A great example of this is when Stopogs was at the beach a while back, came across an imbecile girl who was mimicking something Stopogs did in private, Stopogs said something mildly angry at the girl but NON-THREATENING giving the asshole lifeguards and the corrupt police an excuse to harass her when the entire thing was a SETUP.

        Keep in mind that via their fuck evil Nazi mind control “toys” they can MAKE you feel angrier than you should in a given situation, make you react to something you would not think twice about and this energy weapon manipulation of us also reinforces the years of brainwashing and conditioning these spineless scumbags have done to us;E.g.: I should have NO reaction to black cars or people coughing (among other triggers) but I still do a bit.

        Pretend that each TI is playing a game of chess with their perps and that they (perps) are ALWAYS SEVERAL MOVES AHEAD OF US and were playing the “game’ years before we sat down to the board against our will (because no one asks to be put into this program).

        They cheat while we are looking at them as we play and when we look away from the board (such as programing us while we are asleep, distracting us, confusing and dumbing us down with mind control), they use extra pieces, they make threats or try to get intimidating and “show us our place” if we make a good strategic move on the chess board (as in showing confidence and a sense o accomplishment) and they (the perps) thoroughly planned their chess strategies and created their own rules of the game LONG before we began playing them (the perps) in this “game” of chess.

        By all means, Life-Long as soon as you find out a legal way (or if I do) as to how to LEGALLY make these cowardly thugs s–t their pants out of embarrassment through publicizing their crimes (as the police, courts and lawyers treat us like pariahs) then go for it.

        I am not filled with hatred towards this filth but I can not forgive them of course. I am filled with disgust, loathing and sheer nausea when I look at these things, think about them or even hear their voices (by the way, some perps talk super-loud as to get our attention then go own with their skits-If it can attract our senses they will play on it.

        Trust me man, I MORE than understand how frustrating and infuriating it is to see these motherfuckers continue to get away with their crimes week after week, year after year after all they’ve taken from me, after all I will never be able to due thanks to the smear campaign from the Buffalo and suburban police in addition to the other traitor cowards at the Buffalo office of the FBI, DHS and most likely the useless shits at the fusion centers who unite all of these criminal law enforcement agencies along with first responders and the neighborhood watch groups.

        History is repeating itself but this time in this era the human trash is more dumbed down and brainwashed than they ever have been, they are more apt to obey authority figures without question, are more easily lulled into the destructive cult mentality or deindividuation(SP) as they not only destroy the target’s life on so many levels but cause their own diseased asses mental and physical harm.

        But don’t expect the well paid government whores to do any kind of serious soul searching introspection any timer soon. They are to the last “man” and fkd up woman things of instant gratification, haters, people with little to no originality and in many cases just plain no f—–ng good;Evil, dirty rotten heartless, soulless wastes of space.

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