LINK: “Boston Police Department Working Agreement”

“ATTENTION PERPS” (by Renata from Talkshoe , Youtube channel: GodIsOurProtector)

Published on Dec 22, 2015
Description: The Boston Police Department requires informants (perps) to sign a Working Agreement that states the BDP is not liable for injuries or deaths while an informant is conducting police-supervised investigatory work. It also states a crime committed by an informant is subject to arrest and prosecution.

8 thoughts on “LINK: “Boston Police Department Working Agreement”

  1. no police. no investigation

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    From:”stoporgangstalking” Date:Sat, May 14, 2016 at 17:07 Subject:[New post] LINK: “Boston Police Department Working Agreement”

    stopogs posted: ” “ATTENTION PERPS” (by Renata from Talkshoe , Youtube channel: GodIsOurProtector) Published on Dec 22, 2015 Description: The Boston Police Department requires informants (perps) to sign a Working Agreement that states the BDP is not liable for inju”

  2. For more info look up YouTube channels. You might find what you are looking for!!! Exposessocialservices, jim N. E. cricket, Op catalyst, Targeting must end, Volcanwoverine, William De basterd. 😊On you youtube☺

  3. This is very informative. That’s why when you gang-stalk somebody, even though you have the support of government agencies, like Department of Homeland Security and so on, you still need to be careful. You might get arrested in any case, and your government backup might not be your protection.

  4. Hi Stopogs,

    Hope you’ve been well.

    Renata did a decent job covering this but its far, far deeper and widespread in its compartmentalization/”need to know basis” and its reach.

    No matter how much research we do on the FULLY CONTROLLED INTERNET we will be lucky to get a relative glimpse of the leviathan or beast which this program truly is although they do hide some truth nuggets in the vast oceans of dis and misinformation.

    I’m still doing my Talkshoe call every Saturday at 5 EST. Snitzer’s TI Contact Call: # 138602
    I focus on what we can do to change ourselves a
    s these people will never change and this program will never stop, to stop defining ourselves as targets,

    This blog, “Exposing The Truth” is outstanding in its thorough, well-researched presentation of information on this terrorism.

    This one blog entry I’m linking here explains some of the “network” and how they maintain secrecy even though this is a global program, it really is a part of the rest of the corruption of society:We are one aspect of this poisonous world.

  5. (This comment is posted by the author of this blog for another TI. Please contact me for their contact info)


    I am trying to contact you regarding what I think may be gang stalking associated with myself. I was drugged and raped with ghb in San Francisco that I was treated for and have evidence of in medical records. I filed a police report and had the number but the officer never filed the report as shown in the medical record which contained the police report number. The harrassment intensified in New Mexico and followed me to Seatle in the form of community harrassment along with other methods of harrassment and what I believe may be psychological torture. I am pleading with you to help me. I do not know what more I can do. is my phone number and an alternate email for me is

    Best regards

  6. My name is sherri i use to live in eastboston om leyden street my kids were threantened by to east boston cops girlfriends kids they said they were gonna take step dads gun kill them i then called boston police they would not take report they called us white trash boston police wouldnt write it down i called internal affairs boston seargant came to home to apologize i immediately move to revere where two boston cops took over in retaliation for coworkers and have been gangstalking because of internal affairs call i moved to revere behind my house two boston cops live jose quiones and his dad jose quiones sr both boston cops threantened to kill my whole family as well as adjoining home they have local revere crime watch involved i moved back to east boston boston cop jose quiones had his facebook friends and regular friends continuing where he left off in revere they have east boston community members joing in electronically harassing my kids my dad 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 4 years lawenforcement has been gangstalking me because i have multiple videos and hundrends of photos of there faces they are trying to kill my whole family

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