LINK: Health-Damaging Radiation Levels in UC Berkeley’s Family Student Housing Officially Attributed to “Law Enforcement & Government Satellite Technology” With No Further Investigation

Health-Damaging Radiation Levels in UC Berkeley’s Family Student Housing Officially Attributed to “Law Enforcement & Government Satellite Technology” With No Further Investigation

This article is from an online news source called the “Everyday Concerned Citizen”. It is about a TI who is a personal friend of mine from Southern California who moved to the Berkeley area last year.

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  1. Hello Stopogs,

    I hope that you’ve been well.
    I’ve been doing a ton of reading up on several things directly related to this abomination:

    (1) Our paid and trained perps use some kind of hidden Blue Tooth receiver
    through which they are given play by play harassment orders by their handlers and I know this because my gym perps have said and done many complex things which could only be done with a real-time audio feed by one or more handlers directing the perping skit via hidden, security and other cameras and-
    (2) Free will: For the most part, humans do not possess free will in the way in which they are used to conceptualizing. There is a time lag of around 1/2 a second to TEN SECONDS between your subconscious mind and parts of your brain working together to form what we THINK is an “in the moment” conscious thought-Up to ten seconds between the subconscious and conscious mind and it is EASY for them to insert complex subliminal directions and raw emotional states (anger, fear, lust) to steer us to make us act out their pre-arranged skit(s) which are-
    (3) Targeting skits can be planned perhaps one month or more in advance.
    Keep in mind that this is a combination of governmental and corporate allocation of human, financial and technological resources and all of our perps do not just waste their time on us-When your regular perps are not “working” to harass you they are doing it to other people. They are THAT experienced. Dumb, amateurish, horrible actors but some are very experienced which means that-
    (4) There are many, many more targets that we could ever imagine because they can keep us strategically separated via the subliminals meaning that you could see someone else being targeted and not realize it and/or they may use the subliminals to make targets not try and seek others out in their area via ads in their newspapers, social media, local cable access TV shows on targeting, ect.
    Every time you pass a street, church, apartment, mall, store of any kind, university, a hospital, a gym you are seeing a CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT WHICH IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO HARASS an innocent person-Its just that simple.
    It would be the height of arrogance to estimate the true number of TIs based on those who attend the Talkshoe and other network targeting shows, the number of TIs on social media, blogs, websites, ect keeping in mind that those who designed and enforce this program would never allow a target to find true refuge from this s—t online and since a huge part of this program is obviously about control they have a ton of perps posing as targets to control the real targets online.
    Its possible that most real targets haven’t a clue to what they are.
    In MY case I KNOW that they let me know that I was a TI about three years ago when I “accidentely” found out about gang stalking online. This “amazing sudden discovery” after over twenty-years of open targeting and me doing a s-load of truther-type of research online for about seven or eight years BEFORE finding out I as a target? Its all controlled.
    (5) Every single TI has some degree of complex trauma or chronic PTSD and I remember that in one of your posts you mentioned that you were getting therapy for PTSD, Stopogs.
    I’ve come across the following treatment modalities which may help targets with their CPTSD which by the way, even before the targeting went live, unresolved conflicts from childhood to the inception of targeting have been kept inside putrefying and making us physically and mentally sicker.

    The following techniques supposedly work wonders with CPTSD:

    Emotional freedom technique (EFT)
    Eye desensitization movement reprocessing (EMDR)
    TRE tension releasing exercises
    Cognitive reprocessing therapy (CRP)
    Hypnosis (with a witness of course)
    Exposure response prevention or exposure therapy (ERP)

    Meditation, journaling, breathing exercises, becoming vegan,
    exercise, nature, positive self-talk, active visualization all make a difference.

    Use an earphone for your cell phone.
    If you have a smart meter find out if you can replace it with an “old fashioned” analog one.
    Shut off your Wi Fi at night or use an ethernet cable and get your Wi Fi uninstalled.
    Get rid of your cordless phone and go to a corded one.
    Toss out your microwave and use the oven.
    Get rid of your cable TV or DISH: It is programming you in addition to the shit you get via the “regular” subliminals. Just watch DVD rentals.
    TV gives you paranoia, hate, fear, confusion-Do you honestly think that you “need” TV, especially as a target?

    Do not waste your time on ANY kind of conspiracy news because it will keep you angry, fearful and on edge which you do not want.
    ANYTHING which feeds this shit must be gotten rid of such as caffeine which increases your anxiety levels-There are a ton of natural, healthy substitutes for caffeine.

    If you are on any kind of pharmaceutical ask your doctor how to safely get off it-If you can find a natural treatment.-The psych drugs are among the worst and are part of the mind control matrix (so to speak).

    We all have to get to the point in which we see these murdering cowards as “just doing their jobs” and I know that every last one of these shits should suffer but the more we hate and fear them (mainly through the microwave subliminals) the harder it is for us to reason our way out of this shit.

    Its also helpful to be mindful as possible-To slow down because they have caught me off guard the most when I’ve been in a hurry.

    We all also must get to the point in which we just accept that “yes. Most people are no damned good. Most people are mentally ill conformists who have no original thought and could care less if we live or die.” This kind of shitty but honest, realistic detachment will make it a lot easier,.

    I found this blog about two months ago.
    Its by Anthony Forwood out of Vancouver, Canada.
    You have a great blog, Stopogs, but this guy’s research, his conclusions, all have citations, all fact-based and what he does speculate on is sound, common sense logical speculation

    Forwood gives out more solid infomation on his one blog than I have found in hundreds of You Tube videos and listening to over 1000 Talkshoe archived callls.

    Everyone please check this blog out (assuming that my comment has not been blocked by these professional cowards).

    Another couple of quick notes:

    They definitely use some form of hypnosis on us as in the case of when you watch TV and get into the Alpha or hypnotizable state.

    Remember: There is a time lag of .05 seconds to 10 seconds between your UNCONSCIOUS mind deciding what to do
    and your CONSCIOUS mind THINKING of that decision so in that time its easy for our “friends” to slip in and give us directions playing us like robots.
    I do not like admitting that I have been basically operated like a robot to suit their skits but having insight and knowledge which takes ANY of the mystery out of this murder program is invaluable to me.

    This is not a population control program.

    This is a revenge program ONLY insofar as SOME of the people whose names submitted to be in this program ARE approved:Not everyone who pisses off a connected scumbag fits all of the economic, psychological or sociological criterion to become a target. I KNOW that I’m right.

    This IS a Satanic program as far as the ego part of it (the perps), as far as people committing horrible acts of their OWN free will and the inversion part of GS in which they try to turn good people evil, straight to gay, sane to crazy and so on. This is an unmistakable pattern.

    This IS partially about human experimantation but trust me when I say that all of the data they needed on how people think and react must have been discovered scores of years ago.

    This IS part of the Hegelian “divide and conquer” strategy.

    This IS a huge source of income. It MUST be because sick assholes pay to watch snuff film, kiddie porn, people being tortured – why would they waste the surveillance footage of targets screaming, crying, laughing all of our “best of” moments.

    If I could have a nice “polite chat” for twenty minutes with my perp neighbors, Mike and Sue Barlow (out of twelve known perp neighbors) they could tell me:

    Why I am in this program?
    How they keep track of me and other targets?
    How are people put into this program?
    How do they put the subliminals into my mind and in what language
    Do you (neighbors) take turns on surveillance of me?
    Where are the cameras in my house? How do you know everything I am doing?
    Can the government see through my eyes (visual cortex)?
    How much of my control and this program is done by computer?
    The United States?
    How many different programs are there?
    Where did you train?
    How are you paid?
    Who recruited you? The DHS? Buffalo Police, FBI/Infraguard?
    Has some of videos from my harassment been used for entertainment and/or training perps or to “review a play” as in a football game?
    How are you given directions? Phone? Bluetooth? Computer? All three?
    How far ahead are my skits planned?
    What is the main organization that runs this?

    I kid you not. Based on what my neighbor perps ALONE have pulled off they could EASILY answer the above questions and MORE.

    This is my way of saying “thank you” to the criminals who have not had their heads filled with lies, intrusive thoughts of “what if they do this or that?”
    This information is dedicated to those who have been putting fake fear, fake anger, fake hangups and other synthetic poisons into my brain for over a quarter of a century.

    I really hope that some of the above information helps other targets and if so, please share this post.

    • i used to see you on neverending1’s blog. do u know what happened to her? the blog stopped with no warning. i wanna hear from someone who regularly posted on the blog

      • She got banned from her local library, which is complete horseshit. Not only did she do nothing wrong, there were perps in there making all kinds of noise, hitting her, distracting her from her computer usage, but nothing happened to them. They didn’t get banned or in any kind of trouble. Not only that, but they also got pampered and rewarded. It’s just the 180 degree diametric opposite of what a properly run society SHOULD do. An innocent harmless person using the computer keeping to herself should be rewarded, and the trouble-making assholes should be banned. And they sure as hell should not be pampered and rewarded.

        These bans are complete horsheshit. It’s 100% power tripping and nothing more. If a target complains about being treated unfairly and unconstitutionally, they will attempt to guilt-trip them by planting notions that they were harassing people or causing trouble. That they deserved it. They always counter with harassment that the target did something to deserve it. Probably the real reason she was banned was because she relied on the library’s computers to do research, as she lacked the computer resources at home. And further, she was making progress on finding out crucial stuff that allowing her to counter their tactics and learn more about how the system works. They obviously don’t want targets finding out that stuff.

        And what self-actualized person would want to go out and harass innocent people for money? That’s what makes their “suggestions” complete horse ca ca. I can thinking of more interesting things to do than harassing somebody I don’t know personally. That’s just the thing: these people don’t even know the target, or anything about them. Yet they act like they have intimate knowledge of them. Well, maybe they do. Can you imagine all these creepy shady people knowing something about you?

      • Replying to the guy who asked about Neverending’s blog.

        I don’t know what happened to her and if I did, I would have posted it here for all to see.

        I hope that she’s doing OK, of course.

        You’re talking about a girl who sounds like she was completely alone up against all of these well-coordinated, lazy cowardly assholes.

        She might have stopped posting because she thought these criminals would lay off.
        She might have stopped because of serious health issues (I HOPE NOT of course!)

        But Neverending did not make a deal with these murderers because she was someone who spoke her mind regardless of the pressure.

        We are EVERYWHERE:In Las Vegas ALONE there are probably over 100,00 targets and you don’t hear about this on the news because the same trash who controls everything else on this planet controls and has controlled for a very long time ALL media sources from the TV “news” to the radio, newspapers, magazines, MOST of the internet IS highly infiltrated, nearly all religion and education, food and water supply, pharmaceuticals, the medical industry incl psychiatry and I am telling you that as targets our searches are HIGHLY CONTROLLED and I have been in this m—–fkng situation for at least twenty-five years and have only known that I’m a TI for about three and you’re telling me that in the thousands of online “truther” searches I did BEFORE realizing that I’m a target that I “accidently” found out?

        With the heavy synchronization and other crap these cowards did to me, if I had come across ANY good articles or videos on OSEH, I would have put two and two together and would have come up with some kind of plans to deal with this shit-They let ME know what they wanted me to know that I was a target and I am not unique in this respect because these things are control freaks.

        Its not that I’m being a jerk when I say that OSEH will never be exposed.
        I am a realist and I know how tightly controlled the ENTIRE information outlets are, how nearly everyone has a price, how dumbed down, brainwashed and authority-worshiping most people are-

        The BEST things targets CAN do is to help themselves mentally, emotionally and physically and when we take care of ourselves then we can reach out and help OTHER TIs-The ONLY good thing about activism is when it lets people who have NO CLUE that they are targets KNOW how they are being controlled so that they have the chance to “wake up” that most targets do not because WE are brainwashed and conditioned to triggers for YEARS before finding out that we are in one of these programs by “accident.”

        PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK OUT: Its how they use military-type demoralization to alter our perceptions (perception management).

        I know that Wiki is controlled but it has a lot of truth.

        PLEASE take the time out to read and/or print this article out:

      • i cant reply to your post so i ddi it here. i know about the library stuff i followed her blog for a few years. i been too lazy to follow up on this, but the way u talked she’s just decided to stop posting stuff on the internet cuz of the gang stalking retards?

        the library is the main reaon i ask about her, cuz i do believe this cant last forever w/o there being severe consequences for everyone. i thought last years mass murder count would stay steady but they got worse this year. i know they’re always gonna get worse but w/e. thats one the main reasons it cant last forever, i dotn wanna go too into this right now, too much to type and short time. when this bullshit is over, instead of taking just a small fraction of the compensation im eligible for, these retards pisse dme off so much that im gonna take my full compensation,k which is 100s of millions and im gonna use that to completely destroy as many gang stalkers’ lives as i can, legally and illegally. we konw how “authorities” really are so they wont do sht, either help or ignore me. and no one cares about worthless pos lifeforms so if i run into anything, pple will also do the same. i wanna destory that library, ruin all employees lives were willingly involved, shut it down and liquidate everything it has of monetary value. when i get my compensation im gonna be busy fuckin up gang stalkers’ lives and im not the only one like this.

        next year is gonna be a HUGE WATCH PERIOD for this world. may have a big effect on gang stalking.

      • whats up with these novels u guys replying to me with? i just watned to konw what happened to her. i dont wanna read a buncha stuff. if u dont wanna post it publicly then send me an email.

        over 25 years as a ti, i have a good understanding of this. i also dont get most of my info from the “truth movement” which is really a waste of time movement. most ti’s get their info from there. gang stalkign WILL END SOON, one way or another. this world cant sustain this much chaos much longer. they did it on purpose in hopes that everyone kills each other. these two years are gonna be huge watch times. consequences for everyone and as gang stalking gets worse, so do the consequences. im not woried about 20 years from now, im looking at RIGHT NOW, as in 16-17. hopefully the retarded slaves dont fall for their tricks. i believe in spirituality though i dont practice it, but if these idiots dont realize they’re about to fuckin die and start doing a little work to tone down the mass global corruption, ima do tons of damage in the spiritual realm to them over a long ass time. 1000s years, 10,000s years, i dunno. the only way gang stalking can exist, esp how it is now, is if pple are willingly stupid. the ruling class aint doing anything wrong, they’re suppposed to be evil assholes. these “humans” aka goyim, aint doing shit. they’re the real bad guys. zionist jews are right about them being goyim. this world is theirs and if pple dont do anythign soon, they’re gonna take the final steps to ensure they’re the only ones here. 1000 year reign they brag about. i dont ive a fuck a bout 1000 years thats pathetic but they’re close to it. they cna have their thousand years im not gonna live that long. i’ll be lucky if i live another two years. i will try to come back here and fuck with their 1000 year reign lol

        since we’re typing novels, how about you guys tlel me why i have such a hard time reading? what specifically is the technology in gang stlaking doing to me that it hurts my head to read more than a few lines or paragraphs?

      • You might have medical and/or psychological conditions created by the stress and whatever types of EMFs you have been subjected to.

        If you want to send me an email listing your other mental and physical symptoms I’ll be happy to offer my input.

        They have no problem manipulating all humans because we are low wattage wet computers without any type of protection (firewall).

        Weak, stupid people.
        Powerful, smart technology and tactics which work with the subliminals to get a usually artificially-created reaction because everything they do to us to us consciously and subconsciously is MEANT TO mirror or parallel what we’ve been conditioned to THINK or BELIEVE are our normal brain patterns.

        And I am spot on except for exactly how these pigs do this as far as the technologies, the language of the subliminals and how they use frequencies to create ANY physical and mental state their shitty dark hearts have been ordered to beam us with.

        I write long ass posts cus I got a lot to say.

  2. I’ve seen a couple references that the Baton Rouge shooter posted a comment here. His name is Gavin Long.

    That’s exactly what they want: targets to snap and go after people. It’s even better if they can tie the shooter to anti-gangstalking blogs. That way, they’re easier to discredit.

    There is footage of him doing some very angry speech in lieu of activism. That’s what they want from targets: hateful, aggressive, angry speech.

    On one TV show tonight, appropriately called “BrainDead”, Tony Shalhoub’s character shoots a guy in the head, and the guy’s brains are splattered against the wall. He walks over to the splattered blood and brains, swipes his finger across the mess, and then sucks his finger. I know this is EXACTLY how the people who run this program feel and think: the get off on getting their victims to commit suicide or get murdered. They savor it, and they also find it very erotic when a target gets murdered and commits suicide.

    Sick people, but I feel their sickness comes from their insane levels of power tripping, feeling like their GODS, and the power they have in getting someone murdered or to suicide.

    They are very into snuff films. If you recall years ago, a guy named Budd Dwyer (state treasurer in PA) committed suicide live in front of a news crew (in 1987), and every camera in the room captured the moment and kept filming. I find it interested that not much effort was made to stop the man. One reporter claims he was at Dwyer’s trial and that he was convinced he was guilty. The thing is, Dwyer exposed corruption, and this is what they have “planned” for whistleblowers and people who expose the inner workings of corruption.

    I’m sure they worked on Dwyer with all kinds of subliminals, and that he was “influenced” to commit this final act. And the bastards want this! They have ties to the kiddie porn and illegal drug industries as well as big pharma. And they sell footage like this as content in snuff films.

    Luckily, you don’t get to see the actual fatal gunshot to the head in this footage. Gotta keep it clean here. Dwyer’s death was featured in at least one snuff film. Kurt Cobain (allegedly, can’t confirm) was obsessed with the Dwyer suicide. And that serves one goal of theirs: to give the suggestion that suicide is the only way out when you are getting framed up for exposing corruption.

    • Life-long,

      As in the case of nearly all shootings covered by the mainstream media, the Gavin Long shootings were a hoax. No one died. No one was injured as in the case of Myron May, Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, Christopher Dorner and so on.

      The media is part of the conspiracy which is a major player in the murder program we’ve been conditioned to call “gang stalking.”

      Did you read the recent ‘NY Times’ article which basically calls us “lunatics?”
      They have links to Timothy Tresspass and John Hall’s videos (both are controlled opposition)?

      What these bastards do is hit to try and our pride and our need to prove that we’re men and they do this with three main ways:

      1-They hit us with complex subliminal thoughts and raw emotional states (anger or fear for example).
      2-The perps are literally human props for us to focus our subliminals on
      3-Years of this harassment hardwires us to be on the guard, to be angry and hateful, to have our self-esteem and confidence take a beating due to the isolation, the smear campaign and more, all by design.

      Whatever perping skits you, I, StopOgs and then hundreds of thousands to million plus other targets, these skits are planned from one day to several months in advance.

      They literally know us better than we know ourselves.
      Weak, lazy cowards hiding behind technology, tactics and a limitless budget.

      Trust me, Life-long, you are one of hundreds of UPS workers being targeted in this shitty country every single day.

      We are all strategically separated and I am positive that these people let me know that I was in the program ONLY when they wanted me to know. Nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

      They take full advantage of the time lag between our subconscious mind making a decision and our conscious mind becoming aware during which they MAY use this window to insert subliminals.

      They also use the black or white, yes or no extremist binary thinking against us.

      • That’s an interesting point, that they eventually let you know you were a target after so many years. In my case, I finally connected the dots 10 years ago, in 2006. There was missing “puzzle piece” that was shown to me, and then I found out about this “thing” called “gang stalking”. One evening, a car pulled out in front of me, and “followed” me, but in front of me instead of behind. It was a tactic to let me know I was being followed, but in a sneaky, covert way. I started connected the dots to other events going back to 2000, and I came up with “gangstalking”. I then came across Eleanor White’s site, as well as this site called “gang stalking world”, which hasn’t been updated for a long time. Now I realize some of those “targets” may merely be “controlled” TI’s for the sake of letting TI’s know that they are being targeted.

        I was being lead down this one path that Free Masons were behind my targeting. And, then in various media sites, they revealed that it was “elite” and “government” connected, not Free Masons. One way they did that was they hired some guy with a Masonic license plate back in 2006, and he eventually took my job. So I was supposed to connect the dots that Masons were running the gangstalking show, when in fact, it turned out to be far more complex than that. And then, they had some young girlfriend come into the picture that same year, and her dad just happened to be a high-ranking Mason. So they obviously wanted me to focus my anger on her and her dad, letting me to believe that it was them who started this.

        And then, I’ve noticed that this whole system was in place long before I was even born. If you watch old shows like Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, or even Merry Melodies, there are so many subliminals that reek of mind control. So obviously, this system was put into place long before they had so many “ordinary watchful concerned civilians” (those jokes doing neighborhood “watch”) involved in this. With the advanced tech they have today, it’s easy to get a huge number of ordinary citizens in this than it was in the 50’s or 60’s. Back in those days, they had landline telephones, radio, and telegrams. I suppose they also had walkie-talkies, but those could not allow a large international connected network. And then the “internet” and cell phones just “happens” to come along. HInt: the timing.

        My theory is that this system was put into place immediately after WWII ended and we “defeated” the “Nazi’s”. I suppose the Nazi’s being defeated was yet another major false flag operation. The fact is, this system is very much doing what Hitler and the Nazis were doing. It’s no different. It’s just that we get this propaganda that the Nazi regime was defeated and something like that could never happen again. But then, 9/11 happens, and it’s supposed to be solely because of Bin Laden and Middle Easterners or Muslim terrorists. Hint: scape goating. Any time a large operation like this goes into effect, they need a Figure Head for the public to connect to all of this, when in fact, it’s all done with think tanks behind the scenes. People want to be mad a Hitler or Bin Laden. When, who knows what really went on. Maybe there were Nazis already in place, but the Nazis in Germany were “allowed” to exist, but perhaps they too were contained and sandboxed and allowed to carry out their many deeds of horror and control before wiping them out to deceive the public into thinking the True Evil is now GONE.

        It’s funny, because just as I’m writing this, there are loud vehicles out there roaring up and down the road outside my house.

      • I have gone through about one dozen reasons why I was put into this program and I am positive that every single one of them were subliminally implanted as to mimic our natural thinking processes. I know that I’m right about this.

        Most of us were probably put into this because we were easy to isolate and fit certain emotional/psycho social/economic criterion: There is no way in hell that a program of this magnitude could operate without strict guidelines as to who is put in and when.

        And their “invisible hands” guide us perhaps years before our targeting goes live and the reason those targets who DO find Talkshoe do so is because it is an extension of their pathological need to control, to strike fear in targets-Hell, even nearly all of the language we use as TIs IS one of the many ways this shitty society controls people.

        The noise hararssment you just got was planned early today and perhaps as long as a couple of days ago.

        You know how they have ambulances all over the place just in case of an emergency and police everywhere pretending to be earning their money legally and morally? Some of these assholes are on call ready to deploy when and where needed at the last minute (I’m not sure if most of these idiots get a huge advanced notice although I KNOW that some of my harssment skits were planned over one month in advance from the different people, my thoughts and emotions which converged when the circumstances were aligned to suit their needs).

        The Nazis were planned at least a few decades before they rose to power. The world trade center was planned to fall before it was built.

        All of this technology, people and events do not just happen to fall into place by accident because the amount of control over the most minute details requires a lot of planning in advance, much like the skits they do to us:A shitload of behind the scenes “work.”

        I know that a S-load of You Tube videos and the web in general is controlled opposition but there is enough on Gemartria (numerology) which shows a direct relation and symbolism behind names, places, years, ect.

        And they control us through: Language, symbols, sound, light and other energy waves (microwaves, RF), through the shit in food, pharmaceuticals, TV and movies (Alpha-wave inducing), color psychology, appealing to our reptile brain via anger, fear or lust and so on.

        So its a cakewalk to pull the shit they do to us off.

        But I bet my ass that EVERY UPS facility in this shitty fake free nation has at least ONE target employed-In fact, Lifelong, its very, very possible that when you are not on YOUR shift, another guy or girl is getting harassed.

        When I am not at my gym I KNOW that they are pulling this shit on someone else and while I AM there the place is huge enough that someone else could be perped KEEPING IN MIND that aside from black and red color sensitzation, the triggers that ONE TI reacts to will NOT gain the notice of ANOTHER target and that’s partially due to the non-stop computerized mind control.

        I do not state lightly that MOST of this shit is automated:The perfect timing of what they have done to me, the coordination alone shows that this is MASS mind control.

        Please check this video out from Want To Be Free’s Channel.
        Its twenty-nine minutes long. Just count the number of times she says that someone’s perping her and using your common sense you will see that MOST of the people in the store were not harassing her at all because her attention was being directed via microwave hearing and subliminals in general as the “perps” were made to scratch their face, cough-People wearing red and black were programmed to walk in the girl’s line of sight.
        I counted at least fifty-four times she said that she was perped and few of the times were paid and trained perps, in my opinion.

        This girl is very sharp, sensible and sane but this video CLINCHES it how EVERYONE can be mind controlled.

        I may make some speculations here and there but they are based on logic, common sense, experience, things which I’ve read from diverse fields which relate to each other in a way in which certain conclusions can be drawn.

        I know that you spineless, worthless shits sitting in the comfort of your offices, cars and homes read this shit and you know that I have figured out a lot of your bullshit thus the amount of censorship I’ve gotten so PLEASE keep on kicking me in the ass with you relentless campaign of harassment so that I have the impetus to keep on informing people you have done the exact same thing to and enjoy your imaginary power trip because its a fact that everyone, not just targets are expendable to the powers that shouldn’t be.

        If you think I’m kidding, read up on EMFs and how they affect the body and mind.

        We are all being used and played against each other but you perps (whatever you’re officially called, maybe “field agents”) are a dime a dozen.

        They spend at least a few hundred thousand a year on targets (or whatever we are REALLY CALLED) so who’s worth more?!

        Anyone ever wants to text me my cell phone is (716)-491-5724

        I have no illusions of privacy.
        In this world, no one should.

  3. I’ve noticed that time and again, they get me so down with their psyops that I start to feel sorry for myself. That I don’t deserve any better. No matter where I go, no less than one of their stalker idiots has to be on a message board or posting videos with triggering content on youtube. As a TI, you literally have to try to live in a vacuum. My thesis adviser from ’94 told me “you can’t live in a vacuum. Sooner or later you have to interact with somebody”.

    The reality is, they’ve got me to the point where I feel sorry for myself and don’t deserve better. Here I am, I’ve got a college degree from a decently ranked university, and I’ve been working at UPS for almost 2 years. My body is hurting so much, yet, they manage to keep piling on the psyops to erase any self-esteem I have. So I remain at UPS with a “fuck it” attitude instead of looking for something better.

    This campaign is very intense with the shaming and making the TI feel inadequate. They literally surround me at all corners with perps, content, or whatever to keep that self-esteem way down.

    I know they’re cowards, but, I think they also want me and other TI’s to obsess over them and what they’re doing and to spend a whole lot of time “showing them” and proving their self-esteem erasing psyops wrong. There’s always that “pride” motive and wasting a whole lot of time with thoughts of revenge against them, and they know that we can’t get to them because they are so insulated from the bottom feeder asshole perps at the bottom of the pyramid. It breaks a person down thinking about revenge all the time. I think they want us obsessing over getting revenge on them. It keeps us so pre-occupied that we not only are not living our lives, but we lose ground in trying to break free from their prison.

    It seems logical that they are making so much money off of our targeting, they don’t truly care what happens to us. There are people involved in the pyramid who are getting paid off and perks given to them, so that’s probably why they stick up for the sick assholes. No, they’re not trying to injure or kill my pets. I must be imagining it! Nobody is stalking me. Why would anyone want to “track you”? The main plausible denial motif they use is that one person could never be important enough to gain all of this focus and attention. The fact is, yes, there are many targets for sure, but they are outnumbered in the sheer number of a-hole perps, not to mention the massive amount of effort to keep us surrounded in media (both print and online), as well as the massive amount of money they are spending. One perp was given orders to bitch about the “WASTE OF MONEY” they are spending on me, because I find ways of subverting their psychological attacks. But it’s impossible to completely subvert their attacks, because this is all out war waged on us.

    They are so petty, too. I go for a walk at midnight, and some asshole perp lets his dog out timed exactly to my walking past their door just so their dog can growl and bark at me. What complete assholes they are!

    With all this effort they are devoting to destroying good and/or innocent people, all the diseases and social ills in the world could be completely wiped out in no time. It’s almost conceivable that at least one of these epidemics were created in a lab somewhere as a form of biological warfare. Maybe AIDS was created as a war against homosexuals? With all the knowledge they have, and with all the connections to every think tank, research lab, biomedical laboratory in the world, they could wipe out every cancer, aids, the common cold, you name it. But they still exist! It must follow that they KNOW they could wipe these ills out totally, but they allow them to exist, along with all the perverts, drug users, violent mentally ill criminals and stalkers they pamper by giving them perks if they agree to take part in our perping. And why do these ills exist? Because of the less than 3% of the Elite that have serious ills and issues that they want pampered to, like their lust for small children and drugs and raping and control over women. The problem is, they are hard to get to, and with these huge numbers of sick selfish people and their ills they need “satisfied” with their perks, they are impossible to get to. They’ve created this huge prison, and they need to keep this scam going in order to avoid detection. That means the sick selfish brats they pamper with payoffs and sex with minors and drugs need “paid off” constantly, which means one faction has to stand up for the others, and this web of torture and control continues to thrive for this very reason.

    Is evil really that much more powerful than good? Or is just that more prevalent? Evil is like a disease: it spreads and destroys everything around it.

      • How did you realize that you are a target?

        How long has your targeting been open-how long have you been aware of it?

        I never could have conceived of this level of petty sadism. So many traitors and sellouts.
        This program has existed far longer than people imagine because something on this scale, so well-funded with an army of well-trained people and the programs’ use of advanced mind control technology clearly shows that this and all other programs designed to divide and conquer mass populations required full cooperation between all nations over a long period of time .

        Americorps might be ine of the main front civilian covers. Its tough to tell but puppet Obama’s civilian army may have been a push to recruit a record number of people (perps) into the program.

        So much falls under “state secrets” and the governments of the world could care less about the civilian population.

        Most targets probably have no clue why they were put into this open air prison and trust me when I say that most of the negative emotions targets feel are induced through some kind of mainly automated control network because there is no way a human operator (NSA, fusion center, I don’t know) could control everything a target goes through as far as how we are subliminally manipulated.

  4. That’s one of the biggest lies, that we’re living in a free country. What good is it when they have this system in place where they can read thoughts, and counter those thoughts with “rewards” and “punishments”? If you say something in print or in public, and you get “harassed” via direct human harassment or psyops in the media, then you’re not living in a free country. I guess they like to dangle this whole “see, in Russia they are getting punished for saying this” to “prove” that we have it “so good” over here in America. I’m starting to wonder if the Constitution wasn’t just some sort of cover for what they really had planned for the future US Citizens. I say this because of the fact that they basically took this country from the Native Americans who were living here, and possibly were living a truly free lifestyle. Perhaps the powers that be saw this, and were really peeved that people could be living free and natural, free from any oppression or strife from factions lurking in the shadows. Being shitty little sadistic control freaks, they couldn’t stand it, and they had these people come over here from other countries, fight off the natives, kill them, and then banish them to little restrictive islands known as “reservations”. So it’s a good theory that this whole establishment of the US of America was nothing more than a genocide to establish one of their “base of operations”. They are trying to genocide TI’s in a similar fashion, because these power-tripping monsters see us as being road blocks to their plans of world domination. Why should we let cowards that HIDE and play God and act all big (when they’re probably little dinky old shits with lots of money and connections) run our lives? They can f— off, and take their dumb lazy-ass losers who don’t have a grasp on the concept of “fair work equals fair pay” with them.

    So long, perps. Because one day, you’ll be gone, and us TI’s who fought you instead of cowardly bowing at your feet will savor our victories.

  5. so no one really knows what happened to neverending1 after the blog stopped. at least i remember the name of the library. something with flamingo in it, i can find it on google earth

    over 25 years as a ti, since birth or a kid, so of course i have permanent damage to this shit. anyone thats been a ti for a long time will have some form of permanent damage. i had permanent damage before high school. but there’s technology thats enhancing these effects. i got a long list of symptoms and too lazy to think them all out or do anything about them for the most part. lazyness is one of the main problems. if i had actual money to spend my gang stalking wouldnt be anything close to what it is now.

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