Video Link: Gang Stalking: Nowhere to Hide – with Eric Karlstrom

Youtube channel: pineconeutopia

Published on Aug 11, 2016
When you awaken and start whistle blowing, deep researching and uncovering dark secrets, or just existing they will want to control you and they like to do it by GANG STALKING. If you don´t know what this is PLEASE WATCH THIS INTERVIEW, it concerns what your government or private contractors are about to do to you and your family. They might even torture you by gang stalking you and then demand that you join them in gang stalking other citizens. This is diabolical, mean, heartless and totally illegal and immoral. This has got to be the last straw! Visit to learn more. And for cheap thrills visit

5 thoughts on “Video Link: Gang Stalking: Nowhere to Hide – with Eric Karlstrom

  1. Here is the link to Eric Karlstrom’s website and it is easily the most thorough and comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the social, historical, Satanic, mind control and other elements that make up this program and all others like it-There are websites with a ton of information on direct energy weapons;Mind control tech, ect but Karlstrom’s site has a section with one interpretation how they (govt) use post-hypnotic scripts to program us-From MY experience, it makes a lot of sense that we are programmed while we’re asleep because my regular perps have known exactly where I will be, what I will say and do and when I will do it and I am 100% correct that all targets are subject to heavy mind control.

    I am a peaceful person but I would be a lying m—-thfker if I said that I never wanted to take whatever computers these bastards use on us to play me like a puppet at times and make them eat it and choke on it.

  2. I was whistle blower because i witnessed corruption inside Supreme Court. I strongly believe I’m gang stalked not because I was whistle blower but because I educated myself about the evil is going on. For last 10 years I’m researching staff about secret societies and sometimes I was commenting. In my opinion members of government should never be members of secret societies and attend these secret meetings. I’m also very critical about about our medical system and education. I do not like lobbyist. Many of them are conspirators, corruptors and bribers.
    Members on top of the pyramid enrich them self trough wars, manipulating with world economy, stealing natural resources and slowly enslaving us. They doing all this behind our back and hypnotizing us with fake news every day so we can not see it. What they doing is their imagined world at any cost. New World Order, one government, one army and one religion. Only problem to them is, how they will provide food for everyone and how to control us. Another thing is they are scared of us because we waking up and they rushing with their plan. Will Trump slow them, we will notice few months after taking office.
    So people us me and others(stubborn doctors, natural-paths, scientist, engineers, writers etc) anybody who file complain or question can be gang stalked because they know to much and are consider treat to them and their plan. They already micro-chipped many of us without peoples consent. During birth, operation on table or dentist office. Mind control us and manipulating our dreams. All this so they can sleep safe, travel safely and their loot stay with them. They do not care how much damage they cause to us using EMF, others invisible weapons, poisons, causing cancers, heart attacks, making us sick with planting small fiber antennas in our shoes, clothes, belts… . Coping our keys, entering our homes, cars to move staff around playing mind games. Sometimes stealing exotic gold jewelry and entering your home when wife is sleeping. To keep them out of your place is good to install cameras. Also in your car dash cam. Many times they like to hit your car or cut you off. You can report staff to local police but they are useless and most likely involved or scared. Local police is to weak to deal with this issue. I did not go to any shrink or even mention to my family doctor about. What is the point to talk to doctor if they are not educated about new technologies used to truck and harm people.
    I’m gang stalked for about five years but heavily for over two. From beginning I knew I was watched I just ignored but became intense and they want me to know I was watched as pointing cameras in my face.
    So i equipped my self in camera and start watching them, I wanted to find out who they are and what they want from me. Noticed hand signals, foot trackers, car trackers, wearing standing out clothes, street theater, following me to stores. I was taking pictures, i monkey them, sometimes i followed them where they eat. What I noticed there was was involved at first only Caucasian ( 18 to 90 years old ) sometimes accompany with kids. Always new faces as the were rotating from city to city or country to country many times they had strong sun–tan. Then Asian were involved speaking good English so for sure there were residents of Canada, USA, Australia or UK and I would say Caucasians were from there too. These Asian i find out were with Chin^se background. Many of them Asian and Caucasian were wearing nice clothes, driving nice expensive cars. My guess is they start with foot tracking then slowly with seniority and accumulating many targets gets higher, stay in better places and eat better foot. I noticed them eating and socializing at St^rbucks, B#nz Coffee, some T!m Hor^ons etc and problem is they were on both sides of the counter. Also I noticed them at small electrical supply stores, home repair and very likely they are in more places, so they know people as us depend on. I believe this is all done so in case is civil war or some kind of stand out against this evil, satanic group they have control over staff we need to survive.
    So important thing is if you are target always carry photo camera on you.
    Install cameras, surveillance system best if is wired, good alarm system and change your codes frequently. With this mind control they sometimes do mapping of your brain if they do that they very likely have access to your stored memory and your security could be jeopardized.
    You can flip your thoughts, learn to trick them and just stay healthy and positive
    I believe that our government have knowledge about who the targets are but letting private contractors to hurt us. Rich countries have big budget for security in Billions so this private concerns can rob us taxpayers. I’m perfect example, 63 years old, background from Poland I’m not a terrorist and no threat to nobody. If i was some kind of criminal then gang stalkers would risk their lives, their kids whom they involve in gang stalking many times. This can tell you that is pure fraud.
    Who is here committing criminal act, terrorizing, bulling etc. you be the judge.
    Is this continuous thread from this secretive Caucasian group that very likely have some connections with II World War using Germans to do dirty job or using lately Americans. I have good guess who that can be but i do not like to speculate who this parasites are.
    It very small group compared to all world population and I believe they are really paranoia.

    • This is literally part of the global agenda: This targeting program is all smooth combination of the strategies of:

      Social engineering which divide and conquer is a part of, the Satanic agenda, transhumanism of which human experimentation and Satanicsm ties smoothly into, there’s the entertainment aspect of targeting, the rule by fear as far as labeling many targets “terrorists,” there’s the “this could happen to you if you do or do not do this or don’t cooperate” using targets as an example and there’s the breeding conscience, empathy, kindness, compassion and all other things which make humanity good out of society which is part of social engineering.

      We are important as human beings but we are a relatively small part of the big picture and they use the frequencies of fear, anger, disgust, lust, euphoria, confusion and all other negative aspects of the human condition to control us (probably mainly pulse-modulated microwaves).

      As much as I KNOW there is a plethora of disinformation agents out there whose lies trusting people spread to other trusting people (like a viral meme), there is a LOT of truth buried in the BS and its sad that we have to rely on old patents and controlled opposition whistle blowers (most of them) to try and piece together some kind of logical sense of what’s being done to us and sadly, a lot of the solid information targets could use falls under “state secrets” because the powers that should not be have to pretend to be fighting terrorists although most of our perps/citizen spies/informants know that the target is a harmless person who only wants to be left in peace.

      The remote neural monitoring is very real (whatever they call it now officially) and they have been adn will continue to implant thoughts, dreams, images, voices, alter perceptions while receiving feedback in real time;I have been in this program (or programs) a minimum of twenty-five years and I am telling you that they control my searches, who reads my You Tube and other comments, my email, my snail mail, my home phone and of course cell phone.

      These programs DO use neighborhood watch groups and every sector of society is involved and tightly controlled and EVERYONE, chipped or not is easily mind controlled;There IS a lot of truth out there if we are willing to accept the unacceptable or try to accept most of it.

      I do not fully believe Brian Tew but at THIS point it makes sense that they must constantly use trauma to get feedback to map our brains.

      I also know fully that every single ground-level citizen perpetrator knows that we are mind-controlled, knows what we will do, say, how and when and it is the SAME EXACT THING AS “shooting fish in a barrel” because when you are under intense mind control, you DO look as if you are standing still to people (perps) who KNOW that you’re under control.

      And because the recruited perps must be told how you’re controlled they are most likely told that we are chipped.

      But that’s why most of your perps have the S-eating grin: They are children in adult bodies and much of this is from blindly taking orders for so long while getting away with crimes, they are mentally ill and some of the evil, childish grin is a form of mind control.

      ALL targets have a form of complex trauma, anxiety, depression and we have to take care of ourselves as much as possible and any activism must be done as we recover and/or when we are ready.

      As targets we have to accept that “our minds are not always our own.”
      Its shitty but its better than being confused as to how these losers could know everything we do, say and where we ill be when long in advance: Their government handlers know (due to the RMN data) all they need to manipulate us, so we have to introduce as much randomness as we can.

      I would not be surprised if fifty million Americans (I’m being conservative) are involved in this and it is 100% every where.

      The You Tube and Vimeo TI channels, the blogs, websites, social media in general is the literally a fraction of a fraction of the people who are targeted across the world and they keep all of us strategically separated because its computerized. I do not know if they’re sentient or conscious computers but its EASY to manipulate the brain and body using microwave frequencies using sublminal post-hypnotic scrips, psychic driving (repeating the filth pumped into our brains), affecting our emotional states, sleep deprivation, ultra and sub sonics-Anything and everything is used to control everyone:Targets are “just” the focus of how they are herding the entire human race,.

      I would love to have a “calm” and “friendly discussion” with a few of my perps because they could answer most of the questions all targets have.
      Even stupid shits have no problem keeping state secrets when they are under strict orders and are making a S-load of money.

      My shit new neighbor, Mike Rizzo and his equally ugly wife were MOVED IN directly across the street from me-They’re here SOLEY for me (although they and ALL other perps harass other targets)-But this f—ng govt controlled WHO bought this house and the house NEXT to himt was purchased by perps who did not begin openly targeting me until the newer neighbor, Rizzo began to. Its all orchestrated and most of what they do to us, we can not see because they are using some kind of game theory on several levels at once and altering our memories an perceptions which is WHY you can not see what they are going to do, usually until its too late. It has NOTHING to do with your intelligence: Its mind controlled “shooting fish in a barrel” because our minds are not always our own.

      And our post-hypnotic, daily perping schedules ARE not done at the last minute but our harassment schedules are done at LEAST one month in advance because YOUR perps have to harass OTHER targets while living their lives and this is with all of the random things life brings so as your experiment IS so tightly controlled, as we’re so isolated, the goverment must, MUST have your sleep script written long in advance so this means that on Monday night as you sleep you’re given the directions of what you will do, where and when and your handlers tell your perps EXACTLY what they will do, where, when and how.

      ALL of your perpetrators have an inner ear bluetooth piece to get directions in real time as to appear to have “magical powers” which is why this coincidence synchronization shit IS all technology.

      Please check out in plain scientific terms the best explanation of how remote neural monitoring works :

      And is this EXACTLY how they are monitoring and controlling everyone? Probably not.

      But I think there IS a lot of truth out there for two main common sense reasons:

      (1) All news outlets are under strict orders to deny and ignore this (unless its a smear piece like the recent NY Times) as all courts are under strict orders so the burden of proof is on the single isolated TI who (as DESIGNED SCORES OF YEARS IF NOT LONGER AGO) is intentionally portrayed as “mentally ill” upon making a complaint about the “symptoms” of organized stalking and/or electronic harassment.

      (2) The governments figure “what are you going to do about it?” OR “what can you prove?”

      (3) There ARE some ways to block the attacks but the tech SEEMS to be so advanced that some truth IS online because targets can not fully block the effects of being mind controlled.

      Its as if there’s a LOT of truth out there, in our faces but we’ve been, are and will continue to be taunted, teased and mocked by these cowardly assholes with the basic, “so? What’re you gonna do about it?! Huh?”

      Your perps are arrogant because they have the (silent) backing, tranining, funding and coordination of the local, county, state and federal police faggots, DHS and the rest of these f——-kng traitors, degenerates, perverts, psychopathic cowardly destroyers of decency. These lazy slobs who know full well what they are doing but keep doing this shit to all targets because of orders, because they are sick F kids in adult skins and because they just plain enjoy causing suffering to others to compensate for their own lack of inner fire, their own self-loathing.


  3. I would like to add that they use on me directed energy many times, use microwaves almost cook me once I was putting on my body lots of cold staff from my freezer. I knew they could lesson to me or read my thoughts so I screamed loud “Stop this” and they stop. In one day I was knock out three times, I was sitting on the couch then I find my self down on the floor not knowing why I’m down. I was fine healthy before I had no sign of weakness, no sign of loosing conscious, I was just there on the floor waking from some kind of strange knockout with no memory what cause it. I went to hospital doctors check me and find nothing wrong with me. I told them how exactly happened to me but I did not say anything to them about stalking and strange things happening to me.
    I believe they the evil group wants me to talk about and discredit me for rest of my life and very likely drive me to suicide. I did not tell my friends about my situation and little to my closed family. Whole their idea is to separate me from everyone. They the evil brown noses try so many times with me and is not working. They are desperate I can see that, they tried to frame me for theft, car accident.

    I’m watching, observing gang stalkers and sometimes testing them. What I noticed the way the walking is like they have no soul. I believe they are all implanted with microchip, programed and are “graduates” of mind control MK-ULTRA. The hand signals the use on targets are memorized by stalkers brain and is monitored remotely by powerful computers.
    As I did mention in previous comment the stalkers ages are males and females~ ( 18 to 90 years ) and sometimes accompany with kids. What I noticed kids are in ages ~4 to 10 years girls and boys accompany by much older person mostly man, not holding by hand only kid walking close and usually on right side. It is like some kind of training. Older person talk and kid lesson and sometimes ask question. Few times I so them walking by playground and felt strange to me, that kid did not care for playground or even look on another kids playing. From my observations I did not see in these groups like for example 14 years old.
    I find this strange.
    I’m hoping that I’m wrong but I thing that there are handlers and victims of mind control who went through extreme abuse and develop multi personalities. Why I think as this, because how is this possible they gang stalkers can stay quiet about their criminal profession for over 60 year now, maybe more and we have hardly any or any whistle-blower.
    There must be associated something higher and kids are put through high abuse and evil trauma.
    Do anybody have access to statistics about how many Caucasian or Asian kids disappeared or were kidnapped in last 60 or maybe 90 years.
    If many of these kids were used for for such evil programs then maybe there is answer to our problems.
    God bless you all, stay wise and healthy.

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