What can be done about electronic harassment and organized group/community stalking?

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JP Asked: What can be done about electronic harassment and organized group/community stalking?

– Is it legal or illegal? ; Government approved crimes?
– Reports from victims say Congress, FBI, state and local law enforcement will not intervene; though in a couple cases local law enforcement has intervened to a limited extent.
– In 2011, first time: after more than twenty years of innocent citizens being targeted with organized group stalking, a California local law agency had a Lieutenant admit on local TV news that “gang stalking” (slang for organized group stalking – citizens from all backgrounds, vocations, ages participating in stealth moving surveillance/stalking operations via vehicular, air, pedestrian, bikes, 24/7/365 against targeted individuals who may be secretly considered closely monitored government projects for the purposes of mind-control practice and experimentation; “non-lethal” remote direct energy weapon practice and experimentation (physical effects can lead to premature death; some applications lead to instant death) ;other non-lethal weapons (that actually can be lethal) ex. biological weapon, chemical weapon; cater to the Globalists demands for 2/3 depopulation…..the “Silent Holocaust”.
-Jim Guest, politician from Missouri, is one of only a few politicians who has publicly stated he is convinced electronic harassment and organized group/community stalking is not mental illness. He cites talking with many targeted individuals who are pleading for help, including a professor at a University and some doctors. Guest has stated politicians are not willing to become involved because they feel it will harm their credibility because those who are not complicit or victims are not aware that remote political control technology exist that is complemented by a citizen force that serves as “covert harassment groups”.
– Who has jurisdiction? Innuendo and statements from local law enforcement has mentioned involvement of “Homeland Security” and “military”. However, targeted individuals from electronic harassment and organized group stalking emerged most remarkably starting in the mid 1990’s, prior to the formation of Homeland Security . Also, CIA has to be considered a potential culprit because intelligence has a long history of mind control operations, experiments, and sometimes extermination.
– John Long, CIA high ranking boss, said in May 2007 on CNN (news channel) that he discovered that a “rogue faction of the CIA” was using direct energy weapons on an innocent Australian university student’s back-side and legs . Long asked if his audience thought that was torture?- and then bursted into uncontrollable laughing.
-There is no apparent consideration for the unwitting victims’ mental and physical health, and it usually destroys their life. Prior to 1960, drugs and chemicals were experimented with. Thereafter, the mind-control experimentation moved from the doctors offices and mental institutions to “outside lab ” to people in the public of general society when electronic stimulation and mind-hacking began to be the primary focus with eventual deployment of remote political control technology i.e. wireless no touch harassment and torture to interfere or dismantle mental and/or physical health.
– Mr. Trowler, a UK military weapons scientist, in a video interview on YouTube, has said remote political control technology for the purpose of mind-control has been fully operational since 1977. Dr. John Hall, a targeted practicing physician in Texas, has written a book entitled “A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism. His local police contacts traced the unbelievable harassment that are typical in targeted individual cases that were present in his personal life to acorrupt retired FBI agent who became a private investigator business owner. Additionally, Dr. John Hall has said in interviews that his CIA contacts will admit that remote mind-invasive and remote physical harassment and torture exist that interfere, maim, and kill, but they refused to release any documents to him for proof of evidence because they feared retaliation from the government. Around the year 2006, a private investigator in California who’s primary business is investigation of targeted individual claims (though he refuses to serve as witness in court if evidence is found from using costly electronic equipment) said that organized crime syndicates became partners to buy a failed satellite business and their satellites have remote weapons that can assault citizens.
– Similar government approved targeting of innocent citizens for mind-control and political purposes on unwitting and innocent citizens were investigated by the Church Committee of Congress in the 1970’s where it was revealed the CIA destroyed most of the government documents to prevent the disclosures of most of the details regarding research they had done with covert programs such as MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO.

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  1. Sabrina Taylor
    I am an American Citizen being unjustly
    targeted by by a american convict backed
    group who is Muslim Centered primarily in Mn
    and ill and indiana and wisc. This group
    terrorized me unjustly assisted by corrupt
    cops, security guards, bus driverg, taxi drivers
    and multiple Muslim business owners they have
    infiltrated hospitals- rehabs 12 step programs
    shelters low income resources greyhound bus
    terminals period bankg and retail This group is
    huge relying on hacking via cell phone cloning
    sim card readers and stealing private info id
    and birth cert and ss cards the funding for this
    domestic terrorist group slash mind controj
    group is huge they operate as if CIA — at The
    United States Department of Justice.
    The United States Department of
    To enforce the law and defend the
    interests of the…
    Jan 22 in Washington,
    DC · · Like · Share · Report
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    • I am assaulted daily with V2K…..THEY ARE USING TEENAGERS!!!!!! they constantly tell me how Sabrina and Nichelle will be murdered….This group is out of control….They are trying to shut facebook.com/karizmakid They are constantly saying they are going to force my kid to kill herself or starve her. WHY IS THE GOV’T ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME??????

      • this filth is doing the same getto shit to me, and another is pulling its gross dick, another is making up crap and getting fucked to the filth it conjures up!! its gross getto and criminal!!! go to freedom of informations act demand allll information that pertains to you, you will then find out who the peice of shit who lied about you is and you can sue there ass for alll that the filth has done. take 5-htp if you getting voice to skull.

      • Hi I’m Leon. From one TI to another a hearty hello. Yeah I know what you mean for me its like being in the 80s movie (invasion of the body snatchers) except I have zero fear. Somehow my relationship with god, my connection to his essence is a comforter. These zombies as I call them follow me, then stand, or sit around staring like idiots. They definitely want control of me, but with my last breath, my soul belongs eternally to god. ID DIE FIRST!! Before I obey some dumb, creepy, fool command me with microwave voices(v2k) I would luv to keep in touch with anyone interested, us TI’s need to support one another!!

      • Hi Leon, thanks for visiting my blog. God is my rock and I wouldn’t still be here today if it weren’t for him. The perps used to play “living on a prayer” (Bon Jovi?) all the time to mock me when my targeting went overt. These perps will be alone when they finally meet God and it will not be pretty.

      • Sabrina may God protect you and your daughter. These demons are going doen. The world is crying

    • I have been a victim for more than 20 years now of remote electronic harassment, mind reading, mind hacking and mind control and stalking including continued harassment on TV and radio and physically by person on the streets and in the offices , using various techniques of intelligence warfare, gang tactics to cause psychological or physical harm, extort money, gambling, trafficking, hostage taking under duress to gain political, religious or revenge or any ideological purposes.
      I reported to many law enforcement agencies but they all carry the ball to some other agency or person and never did any thing to stop it or catch them. In fact maybe joined with them for all of the above reasons.
      Faisal Bashir

  2. I’m not so sure it is a govt program unless they are still as stupid as they were in the 60s. They are thick in my state and have been ever since I can remember. I was never a target until I passed out flyers for a missing childrens’ organization. Then I found myself being tailed everywhere. I moved and they would enter my home. I was in a disaster and it got worse after I moved again. This time they bugged my vehicle and my house and set both off the same day-once about 45 miles from where I live and where I was at and when I got home my whole house was beeping.

    They cyberstalk here too. Last year a guy sat in the woods near where I was and turned on my cell phone so he could hear what my friend and I were talking about. I had seen him sitting in the church parking lot near where I live-about 30 miles away-before. This is where some park and others will camp out in a parking center nearby or behind a local car wash. They will switch cars, or pickup others and leave the cars while they go stalk neighborhoods. They are easy to locate and identify. The police could be no less interested.

    What they do is track a target-especially on the Internet-and try to act like they are spying on people and onto something big. Riddles:
    The big black cat is slang for did you get the tag number of that van load of black guys that came in with that other group from the state south of here robbing banks just like the Middle-eastern section of their intelligence forces do? Or its down the rabbit hole which is slang for no end to this anytime soon. Not in my state anyway.

    They usually steal keys but just yesterday one decided to throw one over my fence. They typically threaten to kill you or members of your family if you do not work for their fake charities.

    I’ve always been able to track them back to the military base and area and this is where many of our police come from. They get a cut and everyone else gets thrown under the bus. They blame the civilians for not doing their jobs for them under the guise of fighting a Hitler like regime. Heck, they are the Hitler regime.

    I first noticed them leaving objects when they were trying to duplicate another friend of mine during the disaster. He was a Christian bail bondsman who proselytized alot and talked alot. They got ahold of some similar-SIMILAR-literature like he’d pass out and started breaking into my vehicle and into my home and leaving the literature. One drove 500 miles to threaten my father. He had seen the vehicle and it had come from the area of the military base.

    They even tried to plant something on my brother-now deceased-and I noticed he was being stalked after he moved away from a military in his state to another state.

    Make no mistake about it:these are drug rings that try to force someone to take the blame.

    I’ve typically seen Vietnam Vet aged men teaching the younger ones to stalk. Nowadays they do the same but in larger groups and with more high tech equipment. Why they aren’t easier to catch is beyond me. It’s not like their out there operating ham radios and talking in code…they arrive in larger groups and should be easier to spot.

    We even have some in my own neighbor hood who think they are smarter than the average bear. My neighbor noticed some of their stalking way before I did because she can hear better. I can see better. So I started getting up earlier and she was right. Before I’d never paid attention to cars parking nearby especially if they were at her house as I thought they were her friends. Apparently not. I’d watch and it was as she said. They make a call_my phone no doubt-flick their lights and drive off soon afterwards. The only message I’d get would be a reminder to hang up my phone. I’m sure they are doing it to other people, too. They want people to think a federal agent is casing someone nearby and anyone who has ever lived around them knows nothing could be further from the truth because they could care less.

    Their marketing research consists of driving up to your mailbox, making a phone call (grabbing important papers from the box) and driving off. Soon afterwards you’ll get a call from someone who lives in the area of the military base and of course he has all your information because they are a large company that is fully capable of doing your roof job for you. Why they never called when the storm hit is beyond me because I didn’t make a claim until months later.

  3. im being murderd in the uk. Peaple in the community take part. They destroy every second, they claim to be promoteing cancer. They have done well destroying my life, i have no idea why.

    • Hi. I’m Leon. I’m a TI in Ohio. USA. There is a spiritual component to this dumb madness. I believe we are among the first victims of what is the counterfeit power of Antichrist. Its wierd , and foolish how people so easily are brainwashed, and soul sucked, leaving a empty shell to be controlled, and enslaved. Never me. Be careful though, as I do believe some at the top of this evil cult are hybrids ( see bible)


      • Agree with what your saying…most tis are fakes…fight gang stalking is a cool site…most websites are fake…if it doesnt mention key words…or talks about bizarre death rays burning them…meh…im not saying all of that is fake….find the christians and look for the bogus stuff…happy707 seems cool.

  4. We have a British influence here, too. One is a member of a conspiracy forum that is popular. These people clip newspaper articles and mail them to solicit investments, which many operate from a bedroom in their home. Either that, or they’ll mail death threats in the form of a poem in an envelope filled with granulated unidentified substance.

  5. hi i’m kevin in Houston Texas and am being totured daily by some people that I know and am under death threat by them. Their name are Kelly Namacher, Tommy McDonald and two brothers named James and Malcomb Alexander. Its horrible. I’ve lost jobs and been shot full of radiation to the point that my eyes turn red. I want these people caught tried and punished for this stuff. I’ rather see them tried by military tribunal and face a firing squad. Its a horrible thing to be subjected to and I want to know how to locate and remove these implants . Lets please work on this together and raise as much hell as possible in order to get public awareness stirred up hopefully to the point that we can get this type of crime nipped in the bud before it becomes much more wide spread. In solidarity, Kevin Glover

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for checking out my blog. It is to spread awareness of OGS/EH to the public and to support other TI’s. I found out I am a target but stumbling on information about OGS online. Yes it is an atrocity, the more people we can wake up the better off we will be. Thank God for Edward Snowden, if he is legit he is helping us gain credibility. Stand your ground, we’ll make it to the moon if we have to crawl. By the way, one of your perps has a familiar name, are any of them from the New England area?

      • not that I know of. I need to get these things removed or locate them and remove them myself. got any notions where the most likely local for their placement would be?i think the ear region but where? is there a specified location in the field manuel? it definitely has a manual to it because the tactics employed are too similar for coincidence but I can see how different perp groups taylor their evil shit to their victim,s individualpersonality-rubrics etc.

    • Hey, I’ve been researching and I’ve read that mylar blankets can help with the radiation or whatever ELF technology they beam at you. Supposedly they are very inexpensive. Also magnets are rumored to make the beams go the opposite direction.
      If you’re hearing voices with voice to skull technology, earplugs (the kind you wear on airplanes) may help. Or sleeping with soft soothing music or white noise in some headphones. The cell phone towers can track you, so try turning off the internet on your phone or tv when you’re not using it. I’m being followed, but I try not to let them know my next moves. Change up your daily routine from time to time. Any daily schedule or routine, switch it every now and then. Beware of “new” people you meet who ask questions, and give no info (or fake info) about themselves. They could be wired.
      A Jehovah’s witness approached me, I immediately knew this was a perp.
      Magnesium tablets, and gaba powder can help with the sleep depravation.
      Don’t be afraid. That’s what they WANT you do do. They feed off of fear. Don’t respond with anger. They want to provoke you and get a reaction. We are in this together. I pray everyday. I’m seeing a lot of people in Texas are going through this. I wish I had a friend that was a TI like me. At this point its hard to know who to trust. I wish there were groups that could meet up together and talk about this, but you know how perps are, they’ll have a field day breaking up a group. With so many thousands of people who are victims of this torture, chances are you have come across other TI’s several times in your life. Many are homeless on the street. I have a good heart, so I sympathize with everyone. I hope this helps. Much love.

      • Hi I’m Leon in Ohio. I felt the need to respond to you because your right. If we as TI organize a group, creepy perps would infiltrate. I’m excellent at spotting them now. I am really special to the obsessive perps that follow me. Its comical they escort me pretty much everywhere, weirdly standing around like zombies, or a reenactment of the movie invasion of the body snatchers. Besides ultimately destroying my flesh, other goals these ghouls seem to have for me seems they are desperate, like they need to break me (which they will never do) by some weird deadline. PS. Make no mistake, this fast growing cult of ghouls are demonic murderers!!

      • go on the web and search for Ti meetings there may be one located near you, and i wish the same thing someone to talk to about this, i had txt alot of numbers however i have to be careful who to trust it may be a mindcontroller posing as a ti.

    • Hi,
      Im from houston, and currently live in Richmond, Tx. Im experiencing somewhat similar harassment including V2S. If you send me a private message on FB, “S Lee Levron” I will give you my email. I need someone to talk too.

  6. brina | 30 min ago
    Sabrina Taylor supposedly to be killed because of gang stalking related pedophilia and rape allowed because of entry by landlord’s and homeless shelter staff who allowed these activities saying my facebook account of these crimes cost my kid her life and my life……the mind control was used against us in order to cause my kid to kill me or vice versa……scopamine was used on us and they tried to force my kid to commit suicide and tried to cause heart attack in myself maybe for insurance fraud. Maybe to just to cover up the pedophilia. The v2k perps claimed they ordered me to stab my kid and under their influence I was controlled by them. I didn’t kill the kid,but the perps claimed they are able to cause this stuff. I think it is a lie in order to set me or the kid up for crime.

  7. Kevin I lived in Houston, too. A man by the last name “Jaymes” poisoned me and killed 2 other women that I know of. He had plans of killing me but I escaped. I’m a TI as well. My body is raped and harassed daily. I don’t know what to do because no one believes me. Good to know I’m not the only one that suffers from this. You all are very brave. Together we can make it through.

    • Hi I’m Leon. A TI in Ohio. Let me say yes it is hard to trust. But I have absolutely no fear, if you want someone to talk with let me know?

    • its gross to have that emotion, i go through that everyday and have been for four gettoass yrs.the key is to stay strong and never give up!!! hand out flyers in your neighborhood, there are sites you can print out stop organized gangstalker flyers.

  8. I am currently a targeted individual of gang stalking by several Cook County bureaucrats. How can I stop this? Is there anyway to expose them for what they have been perpetuating over the past 24 months? I actually know exactly who they are and can provide dates of several bizarre occurrences. this has absolutely ruined my life to this point.

    • Good luck reporting it, to try by phone, or computer is going to be intercepted, you’ll get no help. Most people, and agencies put in place to help victims of ghoulish crimes as us TI’s are to cowardly, don’t care, or already a part of this mystery Babylon demon tech cult!

      • Leon here, I’ve been a TI for 6 yrs. And counting. They are soulless zombified sociopathic creeps. It still amazes me how easily naive people sell out their soul and join this cult. They’re like jock crabs, they become extremely weird, and obsessive to us few who clown the idiots and move on. I’ve realized that they pay off people or reward them to do a creepy act on their behalf. I need to start telling women I meet, kick it with me awhile, and I make them reward you to stop. LOL what a cult of dimwits!!!!

    • I am TI and my harassment is coming directly from CIA Lockheed Martin DHS…Let me clarify for u its Obama Rahm Civilian Military but the puppet masters r Khazarian Mafia who control the US Mossad agents … They have turned America into GAZA II
      let me clarify so u f…ck.. w some Illuminati bureaucrats well they marked u as undesireable or put a black jacket on u.. They have created lies about u and claimed u r this evil person and then they bring in the dogs Military Industral Complex contracters like Lockheed Martin who train these minions who believe u r a threat


      • I have been a Targeted Individual in the bay area for the last 3 years. I believe I have been chipped and have been tortured by Voice to Skull 24/7 on a daily basis. My Cisco Laptop was hacked, phone was hacked. I was slandered at my work place at Cisco in San Jose by Cisco Employees who called me names and then isolated me. I was then Isolated in my community where I lived in Antioch as well as with in my Family. Below are the names of the People I believe who are involved in my daily torture. I have also detailed more info about the type of torture I have been dealing with. I am looking for HELP this is not HUMAN at all being slowly killed with radiation of ELF waves. I can share my experience with you more I like to see if this can be Investigated

        Here is also a link to my petition:


        EAST BAY Residents

        Anson Dean
        Russell James
        Victoria (Vicky) Gordiy
        Khurram massey
        Oscar Dean
        Vienna Massey
        Harry massey
        Sumera Jacob
        Cecil Jacob
        Humphery massey
        Ester Massey
        Marco Antonio Rivera
        Michelle Massey
        Monica Galindo-Dass
        Dave Arscene
        Salmon Jacob
        Vanessa Jacob
        Ronnie Paul
        Pam Paul and kids
        Arian Hatefi
        Sharon massey
        Anson Massey
        Adam Massey
        Sylvester Jacob
        Rock David
        Ron Vincent (Owner of Taj Mahal store and owner of Mehran Restaurant in Pittsburg ca)
        Chris Nazir (Owner Of Mehran Restaurant in Pittsburg CA)

        Gang Stalking is a well-organized, occult form of covert harassment used against an individual. It is done by large groups of people who systematically & repeatedly harass individuals. The people who participate are usually under the impression that they need to keep an eye on a targeted person or drive them out of town for wrongdoings. It often encompasses the use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) such as Microwave harassment. This can be a for-hire organized harassment service. These groups operate throughout North America & Europe, & exhibit cult-like characteristics. They usually have local numbers ranging in the hundreds.This has also been called Cause Stalking, Gang Stalking, Community-based Harassment,Organized Vigilante Stalking, Vengeance Stalking, Terrorist Stalking, Revenge Stalking, Covert Action, State-Sponsored Harassment, Microwave Harassment, Microwave Mind-Control.Gang Vigilante Stalking is an occult form of terrorism/mind-control used against an individual, in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will have a nervous breakdown, become incarcerated/institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional or physical pain, become homeless, &/or commit suicide. It is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror, DEWs, & general harassment. It is a ganging up by members of the community who follow an organizer & participate in a systematic, & ritualistic persecution of an individual.Organized Stalking is a destructive criminal program built on deception that exists to serve the intentions of a few who are aware of its true agenda.Gang Stalking (also called “group stalking” “organised stalking”) is a total assault paradigm. It is carried out by criminal secret societies. The OS paradigm includes (but is not limited to):
        many of the attacks are synchronized to happen precisely as the target does something,e.g. leave his/her residence, goes to the shops etc.
        “Street theater”: staged skits designed to frighten and upset the target the same harassment happens every day, day after day, year after year
        a large group of stalkers, each of whom does a portion of the stalking-attacks
        24 hour surveillance, every day. Among other things, the stalkers, working in shifts, sit in their vehicles parked around the target’s residence.
        “slander campaign”: the foundation of OS. The stalkers go to everyone the target interacts with (family members, coworkers, neighbors, etc) and spread lies: that the target is a homosexual or a criminal of some type. This is an effective tactic because most people can’t even imagine that a stranger would lie to them.
        the stalkers present themselves as members of a “civic organization” which works with law enforcement and monitors terrorists or other criminals. The stalkers may use fake badges or fake “official files” to convince people that the target is a criminal.
        “noise campaign”: very frequent sounds (sirens, car alarms, beeping sounds, loud engine accelerations, loud booming sounds [from vehicles], etc) which follow the target everywhere.
        the stalkers target homosexuals (or people thought to be), members of “left-wing” (e.g. peace, civil rights, environmental) organizations, whistleblowers, people who live “alternative lifestyles”, and anyone else the stalkers see as not conforming with their version of “normality.”
        persistence: the stalkers follow the target as he/she moves to other cities or states.
        the stalkers use lies, money, and intimidation to get nongroup members to attack the target.
        the stalkers commit crimes and blame them on the target
        targets are harassed while driving, and vehicles are sabotaged – pets are killed – physical assault
        derogatory name calling – mail is stolen or damaged – harassing emails and phone calls
        residences and vehicles are vandalized – law enforcement and firefighter participation
        Some Important Points:
        The primary targets of all these tactics are the group members, not the target. The group members are the ones who are programmed. Group leaders define reality for their members, so it doesn’t matter if tactics do not work on a target.
        Group members are sensitized to all the tactics they employ.
        Stalking various targets is only part of the activity of these groups. Members are trained to perform a variety of activities without question. They do not know the objectives of their leaders.
        Those targeted for harassment will have no problem concluding that someone is after them, but most never know who it is.

        What other tactics are used? Face-to-face tactics:

        Blinking their eyes – Reading the time from an imaginary watch on their wrist – Making faces
        Following a target on foot wherever he goes
        Standing around a target while he is paying for a purchase in a store.
        Swarming the target – i.e. totally surrounding a target so he cannot move.
        Physically intimidating a target by standing very close –
        When a target sits anywhere in public, group members will attempt to sit behind him in order to create noise, by whatever means, including tapping their feet on the target’s chair.
        Walking by a target and doing strange things to attract his attention, such as:

        Noise Campaigns:

        People yelling and screaming outside the person’s residence.
        Numerous different vehicles, squealing their tires, honking their horns and hanging around a certain area.
        Tapping on the walls in the middle of the night – Taps running – Hammering
        Noises coming from the upper and/or lower apartments, and possibly the apartments on both sides
        When a target goes outside – When a target flushes the toilet
        When a target turns on a water faucet – When a target walks near a window.
        Generating noise around the clock.
        Interfering with sleep patterns (i.e. through excessive noise). Trying to wake up the target at night as many times as they can.
        Noise campaigns include:
        Apartment noise campaigns will include:
        Ideally, noises are timed to activities of the target, such as:

        Vehicle-related tactics:

        Slashing tires – Scratching paint – Stealing license plates
        Draining the oil or antifreeze over a period of time in the hopes of destroying the engine.
        They do not usually cut brake lines or commit other acts of sabotage which would leave evidence.
        Numerous different vehicles hanging around a certain area.
        Traveling in convoys with highbeams on – Drivers in convoys waving at one another.
        Attempting to intercept the target’s vehicle at intersections.
        Trying to force the target’s vehicle off the road.
        Vandalizing the target’s vehicle, including:


  9. I’ve also heard of something called orgone, or orgonite helping. I looked it up, and its a bit too much for my budget.
    I’m getting mylar blankets I hear if you put them on your windows or around you bed it could help. I’d order them online, put my mail is always tampered with, so I’ll find out a store to find them.
    As far as magnets go, they shouldn’t be hard to find. Maybe put magnets under my pillow for the ringing sound I get in my ears. Or get a magnetic bracelet or necklace. I’ll try anything. Its worth a shot.
    This is all a game the perps play like cat and mouse. Very demonic and cruel. I’m guessing there aren’t as many perps around us as we think. They have us so paranoid. In other words, It may SEEM like there are 100 perps around, but really there are 10. Its an immature mind game to make you feel trapped and isolated. They make you think every little sound you hear is “them” is like a sick twisted experiment. Don’t be afraid. Get all the information you can. As I said, I’ve been poisoned and nearly murdered before. I’m aware of the perps tactics. I’m happy to have found this site. Be strong, everyone.

    • Thank you all for the support and the suggestions I downloaded a tape of 6 radio and tv stations which seems to help concentration a great deal, somewhat irritating but with the V2K it seems to help stop the direct effects of the bombardments

    • Hi I’m Leon, and I must say you are for the most part right. Their aren’t that many perps as their mind games makes it seem. Were talking creepy professionals here who proudly tell they’re offspring, my job is to mentally, and physically destroy people. Anyway they study you and create a plan once they know your vulnerabilities, weakness, faults. They systematically work to break, and destroy you. One of the purest evils I’ve seen and experienced as a TI. So their may only be about 5- 10 perps around you, but you’ve got the public, and it amazes me how quick they go along with the stalking, makes it seem as though your the only normal human left. Its all their game. If they had everybody, the creeps wouldn’t need to cowardly hide they’re rotten, evil deeds…

    • I to am a t.i from dayton Ohio 9yr usmc veteran who suffer from disabilities 50percent. I know who my perps are. It’s very unethical ,I moral less ,mischievous and demonic. I’ve been going through this evil illegal monitoring stalking harassment painful shocks hearing subtle voices stalking etc for about 8 months by my two half brothers an one of one’s wife. I really believe they are trying to kill me. They target my heart area my eyes my head and my private areas 24/7. This digital age has become evil. Just know this, you can’t help everyone because this can be the price you pay. I pray for those who suffer from disabilities, our senior citizensI, woman, teens and children who may not know this is happening to them and those who are being targeted. It is a crime. Let’s pray that law enforcement in every state step up.

  10. Hey my name is Gaiton. I have been followed and electronic harassed most of my life. People keep saying ‘YOU GOING TO GET KILLED” everytime I speak to them. Mostly everyone I know and everywhere I go I noticed people are saying the samething to me. I have been sexually violated every morning when I wake up. But I can never see them . It all started when I finally got mad and insulted everyone in a store I work at, then after that I ended up going to Life Help. It been 11months and I slowly remember more and more stuff when I was been involved with some people with the technology to invade my mind. I cant understand why they only want me to be afraid and for some reason they want me to become a homosexual.

    • Gaiton, do not respond in public with anger to these evil people. That is just going to give them more evidence to start rumors about you, and harass you with even more intensity. They are trying to get you to act anger in public to make it look like you are crazy to other people. Its called a “street theater” tactic they use. Its been done to me several times, so I know what it going on. I just stopped giving them the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of me.
      I understand how frustrating it is. They had me very depressed too. In your mind, don’t respond to those voices. turn on some music, or buy some ear plugs to clog your ears. Ignore them whenever possible. If they are invading your thoughts, just think of something else in your mind. Read a book, ANYTHING to distract your mind from hearing the voices.
      Don’t listen to anything they tell you. This is an invisible force that is affecting us all and torturing us. They are hitting us with Voice to Skull technology, that’s where the voices are coming from. My friend, read my posts and everyone else’s posts for guidance.
      Also, I want everyone to know I’ve heard that unplugging your microwave, or radio, or any electronics near you when you are not using them may help, too. All internet, especially wireless, and cell phones you can take your battery out from time to time when you’re sleeping or traveling so they may not be able to track you. I think it is the cell phone towers and fusion centers around us. They are trying to hypnotize us with the voices. To get us to obey them. Hold strong, and you can overcome this. Don’t let them take your joy away. It is not your fault this is happening to you, or any of us. We are good people, they are the bad ones.

  11. Also, everyone should know sometimes I’ll take Benadryl and drink Chamomile tea at night to help me sleep. Chamomile is very soothing and calming.
    Take a warm bath every now and then to relax your body from the stress it is going through.

    • I want to think of a way to catch them. That time I got mad was record on video and they even came out and told me the truth about what is going on. If I can create another scene like that again I could get have the prove I need to put them away. So cant we come up with a way to catch them.

  12. why doesno one ever speak about how to locate and cut out the micro chips? i’m pretty sure mine are in the ear rgion and that the answer is right under my nose. can no one help me with info about the spatial location of these type of implants?

    • Kevin, I’ve heard most people the majority have already been implanted through vaccines, food, and water contamination. You can’t “remove” a chip. The movie “Manchurian Candidate” shows Denzel Washington removing the chip. At that time they were conditioning us to accept chip implants. I recommend this movie to every person. The movie “The Matrix” shows how Neo was implanted, too.
      Reality TV shows were trying to condition us to accept being under 24 hour surveillance while someone watches us.
      There ARE ways to deactivate a chip, or cause it to not work, or malfunction. I have listed some ways to do this above. I have been going through this electronic harassment for YEARS. I believe I had to have been implanted when I was born. Many have been chip implanted without their knowledge.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

      • My name is Daniel im a TI from Mississippi in the Jackson area i actually have 3 friends who are also TIs it seems they are busy here. I have been hearing the voices for 7 years now and have been Gangstalked about the same amount of time, i thought some spy device was in my home so occasionally i would destroy the house looking for it never finding anything. 1 year ago these people made the voices where i could understand them and they made them sound like some of my own family members, that i never talked to. A week or two into that they start microwaving the SHIT out of me literally cooking me alive! Making it impossible to breathe, think, work, or sleep! This cooked my neck to where it hurts and pops continuously when i turn it, it also cooked my lungs to the point i could taste burnt meat in my mouth! When i took a shower and breathed in the hot steam in to these lungs it caused me great irritation and nearly would choke me out. This same technology dehydrated my down to a pale, skinny, what i would guess a radiation poisoned individual! This all happened this year ive been fired from my job, and kicked out of my apartment as a result my family thinks im crazy now and thinks im going to kill someone which i was thinking about doing at the time that they were sounding like my own family. But after being microwaved, hearing the voices, the ringing in the ears, and the high heat at night while trying to sleep i googled all those symptoms and the first thing that appeared was V2k and gangstalking and i figured it all out! But can you imagine if i would have hurt someone in my own family bc of these sick people. Now im isolated bc they think im crazy and its just me, the voices constantly, high heat, and major fatigue! Its hard not to kill myself everyday bc of this im sure some people didnt tell this much bc its risky to them but i do not care! This is real i have proof of it and i hope this post does not get deleted!! The reason i say that is bc non of the above seems as harsh as i got it from the satellite of towers however they do it, there is no need to pad your story the truth should be known! Thanks for making this group this is the first time ive told this much to anyone and it feels good to tell someone that may actually beleive me! If you are a person who needs talk or anything please dont hesitate to Email me dcarb36@gmail.com thanks for reading i could sure use the talk myself so dont hesitate to contact me

    • My name is Manny and I am current a licensed Social Worker working for Behavior Therapy Group in the Bronx for 2 years. I am writing this letter in anticipation that you can help. About 3 months ago in March 2016 I have been experiencing headaches, pricking and burnings around NECK area whenever I am at work or sitting at my desk at home. I did some research and came to the conclusion that I am being harassed electronically by some sort of phased array or weapon because the pain usually strikes in the neck area in several places at home and at work sites. I posted a few videos on facebook in regards to Sergeant Delgado from the 40th precinct in the Bronx with a camera man filming and being harassed by the officer, and not too long after that I started having these attacks. My intentions were not make officer look bad. I have had a lot harassment from people I don’t even know in the community which is indicative of electronic harassment from NYPD or military according my research. When I have my cell phone the harassment is worst almost as if they are tracking my whereabouts via satellites or GPS. I am licensed in Social Work and it has become difficult and nearly impossible to do my job at the Therapy Group I work for in the Bronx. I researched a lot of articles with similar electronic harassment in the United Kingdom using some sort of phased array and beams but I experienced it first hand and of course in the United Kingdom is far worst than mine. Nevertheless, it is very unpleasant and hinder me from being the professional that I truly am. I had to permanent get rid of my cell phone to have some peace which made my job extremely difficult to accomplish without one. I one day reconnected my cell phone just to test the hypothesis that there is a correlation and there was constant attacks. I can’t even sit at my desk at home to have work done for work without being burned in back of the neck area and it feels hot like a beam. I wake up at times with unexplained bruised in back of the head and back and I truly believe that the 40th precinct in the Bronx may have some involvement with this harassment and torture. I myself find it hard to believe that this is happening to me when it is invisible but the evidence of swollen neck suggested something out of the ordinary. I wanted to mentioned that once you go to get MRI’s or CAT scan that is when these government perps go in to your doctor to get the test results of the brain waves which is all they need for voice to skull harassment. A lot of people are unknowingly going to get these test done especially the EEG test not knowing this will set them up for greater harassment later. I am not ever going to see a neurologist no matter how much harassment or damage is done with these harassment.

  13. Ucla’s Dr. Matthew lieberman ,and his wife, Dr. Naomi Eisenberger have been torturing innocent people with electronic harassment since the year 2002. UCLA and these 2social cognitive psychologists need to be held accountable for the lives they have destroyed.

  14. Here are the names of some perpetrators and their companies ,that are responsible for this type of torture..
    • North Vector inc…. silicon valley.
    • Gregg Hurwitz …a author
    • Pastor David Hollowell ..he was a secret service agent for George Bush Jr.
    •Hovers 3d
    •Geoffrey Baehr

  15. this is my story.. I have seen the remote before it is white. the reason I could not see it is because they say they can hide it from my eyes as well as the head pieces. then other time the control was grey and black. I say this because I just don’t want to be quiet about whats going on anymore im still careful but I want to be more vocal and try my ideas


  17. Obama AC Haters # 1 Man ! Target Wifi Torture Lover I Howard Raymond, Palm Desert CA.
    # 1 DARPA WIFI USA IMPLANTER Paul Raymond’s Retarded Gay Son Howard Raymond Invisibly Obama Wifi Micro Implanting The USA.
    US Citizens you don’t know you are wifi implanted fron the net! Darpa Bama Hiring Democratic Millionaires 1 – 2 Million per/year Wifi Invisibly Implanting Innocent unknowing US Citizen.

    I am Lee lee563@ykcwb.com I am a victim of US Covert Obama Gov. Unclassified Covert Gov. Darpa operation for electronic mind control of USA Citizens.
    Violated My Constitutional Rights, Freedom of Speech, Invasion of Privacy, Demonic Wifi Mind Possession! Demonic Hate Darpa Wifi Micro Implantation Of US Citizens and myself. US Darpa Exe. Barack Obama-Howard Raymond from 72310 Blue Ridge Ct. Palm Desert, CA. 92260 his wifi death Threats. Obama immune to heroin and drug laws in Palm Desert CA.

    Gov. DARPA – (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Invisible Wifi Advanced Alien Tech. (Invisible like a computer program download) retina right eye implant from comp. monitor using a Gov. Computer Howard Raymond wifi’s your house then can view and sell members at his thousands of Gov. Porn and Gov. Sites. Installing an invisible micro program implant from the net his home to your computer’s monitor into the retina of your right eye, he said doing millions of other porn viewers from thousands of his porn sites and Gov. Sites.
    Darpa invented the Internet using Advanced Alien Invisible Tech. surveillance and mind control he said it’s not a 666 implant but a warfare surveillance micro for he said Darpa Exe. Obama to use for warfare Microwave Wars. Invisible Retina Right Eye Implant can be installed from your computer, cell phone, radio or TV and use Gov. and porn sites.
    Greatest crime. Raymond said Gov. Darpa invisible alien tech. invaded my home – body, privacy, electronically invisibly implanted us and sold our sex from our privacy to Virtuagirl.com, and wifi Darpa Warfare Dept. tortured us then implanted all my relatives and local police and DA. They use Gov. records and authority of the President to null Constitutional Laws.

  18. Got in trouble 3 years ago almost arrested ever since some type law enforcement watches me 24 7 can see what I see my wife helps them constantly getting 2 d pictures. Of her with other men faking sex no sounds just illusion looking pictures of her and sometimes live feeds all via sattilite I drive long distance truck they beamed me live feeds of her last summer from ga to Colorado every night I think its the FBI going on now almost 3 years I am helpless trying to figure out who and where but do know its remote neral monitoring where. They have shifts of 24 hrs 7days a week wachting me how can u fight the law they know I’ll never be able to figure it out especially hi tech sattilite survelance I have seen so many things they can do with this technology it would blow ur mind if I tell anybody about it especially family they suggest going to see a doctor so I just put up with it and stay quiet the for listening

  19. No doubt this is tech in practice that is an abomination in gods eyes. The new Nazi like ideology. Where I’m at I’m sure they are murdering sick people, old people etc. See it was given unto them to make war with the saints and to overcome them. Sorta like the Nazi’s did Jews, and other undesirables. No doubt also their war will destroy my flesh, they’re well on the way. But vengeance is the lords!!

  20. go to a mindcontrollers web site, print info and state your case that this type of technology is being used on you by corrupt filth!! mindcontrollers blog, mindcontollers web site, the mindcontrol leader, stories of ex mindcontrollers.

  21. Hello! I’m Denise, also a T.I.
    First, I’d like to personally thank the person who created this informative amazing blog! I’m truly sorry to read about all of the other T.I’s encounters from these vigilante bitches, but at the same time it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling knowing I’m not alone in this. Sorry if that sounds mean or insensitive to what you may be experiencing, that was NOT my intention.
    I just feel the need to vent due to the fact that I’ve been a target now for approximately 3 years and in that time, I’ve questioned my own sanity, lost a shit load of friends (or at least I thought they were friends), watched every single one of my neighbors turn from being nice and sociable to evil and participate in this sociopathic behavior, lost my job due to rapid progression of kidney failure, watch my health and mind waste away, dealt with my 15 yr old son shooting himself with MY .357 over the fact that he couldn’t stand having to watch me go thru this (he survived thank GOD and it didn’t leave any disabilities besides the entrance and exit scars), ruined my close relationship with my family and I can keep going but I know you already know what type of mayhem these jerks dish out to us! I lost my husband in a car accident in 2009. He was 35. It seems my life has been a downward spiral since then. That same year, my son and I sold the house and decided to rent a place in a whole other town in attempt to pick up the pieces and move forward. Long story short…the woman I rented from, Phyllis Konefat has a son who is a cop in a neighboring town. When I moved out, Phyllis returned $200 out of my $900 deposit. After calling her a few choice words and advising her she’s a crooked assed slum lord, she returned a little bit more. After that incident is when things went from bad to HELLaciously off the hook worse! That too was when I was introduced to Hitler’s sidekicks! It began very vague in the beginning…I walked my dog every night when I noticed a few of the same cars passing me quite a bit. I shrugged it off as no big deal and carried on. Then I started hearing someone on my roof, then things I normally placed in the same spot each day would be moved, etc. Then, one day I had just finished vacuuming the house and had to leave to pick up my son from school. Upon return, I noticed huge shoe prints on my freshly vacuumed carpet and the bastard even walked all over my bed with his sasquatch feet. The relevance being my son and I just had a dispute about his not removing his shoes before getting on his bed the night before. Then, I hear a loud noise downstairs and notice the neighbors kid had removed the screen to my window, thru it in the driveway and was stomping on it. When I called my landlord, she told me, “from here on out, if you have any problems you need to call the police.” In total disbelief, I did just that! When the officer arrived and I complained about the screen (which he said I’d have to tell the landlord) I proceeded to tell him about the strange events and noises I’ve been hearing. He immediately cut me off and told me to ignore all of this stuff because I’m just paranoid. Okay…hot flash pissed at this point, it was clear to me why I had been told to call the cops instead of the landlord handling the situation. So, this is my story in a nutshell (thus far, cuz we know its not going to be over anytime soon), but I’d like to stress to all of you that it MAKES ME SICK how cops can take what cheesy authority they have and abuse it to no end and not have one single consequence to worry about due to the whole corrupt police department backing them. If you complain, you risk being involuntarily 5150’d and then when you’re there, these soulless morons voluntarily admit themselves and harass you there! I can honestly say that these (I can’t find it in me to refer to them as people) soul donors have truly met their match because I am no wilting daisy my any means! Yes, my health is deteriorating but I still have a whole lotta ass whooping left in my 40 year old ass and my man’s (GOD) got my back! I promise you guys, as long as you never give up or lose your faith in God, we will prevail! These dip-shits are nothing but ball-less puppets and satan is the puppet-master! I hate what is being done to us, but I’ll take being a target over being a vigilante perp ANYDAY!!! Of course I’d rather have my life back but I don’t see that being in the stars for me, so I’m just going to keep on and not give them the pleasure of knowing what they do kills my heart (and apparently my kidneys) but that’s okay cuz I’m all soul and our souls (yours and mine) are UNTOUCHABLE! I know I don’t know any of you here, but I love each and every one of you and admire your strength to keep on…cuz it aint easy! I’ve lost my job and pretty much my life (relatively speaking)…I’m bored as HELL, what can we do? I’m willing to devote myself into raising all HELL for us to be heard or anything! I just need to be guided on where to go, who to see you name it, I’ll do it! Our lives may be shitty right now guys, but they’re still worth fighting for and I can honestly say I’d give anything to see these people go down…HARD! I’m in California by the way, and am eager to learn of anything/everything I can do on my part to get these perps EXPOSED and get this to stop! I’m hoping to make any new friends I can along the way too! I’m super lonely these days and am not too trusting of people due to not knowing which ones are perps so I tend to just stay inside. What really sucks is riding my Harley has always been my “therapy” and since these jackasses are forever trying to run me off the road while in my car, I can’t chance it on my bike. I’m all my son has…
    By all means, I’m open to any suggestions, comments (even rude), information on how to survive this bullshit/ways of protecting my kidneys and other organs from whatever these jackoffs are doing to me! Sorry for typing a novel…(God knows if we put our stories together we’d come up with one hell of a best-seller…in NON-FICTION EVEN)! I truly wish you all the best and I’d love to know if there’s a way of getting in touch with other targets without having to post personal contact info on the web! I mean, everything of mine has been hacked so it really shouldn’t matter if I put my email addy on here, right since everyone pretty much has it already?

  22. Leon here the lengths these creeps go through to try to get at me. So they give a heroin addict some heroin to try and further their cause. Ha. They 4got when I had a on deck women and found out she was working with them, I relieved my own stress rather than associate with them. So you paid off a heroin addict, so much for trying to pass yourself off as good, offer me a job. Stick your job, and the addict up your ass bitch. I’m still more endowed then you, and how you gonna stop me from relieving my own stress asshole. And I’ll still get me some eventually bitch Ha Ha. Leon won again, creeps more wasted time HA ha!!!!

  23. Other than the phony christians who have gangstalked me….none of the rest were professing believers…obviously the reality tunnel of christianity would make me see that…i believe gangstalking is sn endtimes antichrist phenomenon.

  24. Gang stalking is hard to cope with when your being stalked, positioned, and everything else that goes with being a TI. What kills me is them going after your family, my daughter is pregnant, she has 3 weeks left and they electronically harass her daily. How do they sleep at night!

  25. God is still alive and able to bring these waves of darkness to light.The light of God will illuminate this satanic darkness.When light comes darkness must disperse John 1:5-13. Have faith in God.

  26. 3 Things to do if you are a TI
    1) Research Gang Stalking – the more you know how they operate the less you fear them and their stupid PSYOPS will become useless
    remember this shit is 90% psychological warfare
    2) Expose – Post comments , write a blog , or website, wear T-shirts, handout flyers……
    3) Network with fellow TIs in your city and hold regular TI meetings in your city.
    Do this for 6 months ……see the Tremendous relief you get……

    Organized Stalking aka Gang Stalking in Chennai, India starts as Cyberstalking

  27. What i do nott realize iss in reality how you’re now
    not really a lot more neatly-favored than you may be right now.
    You’re vsry intelligent. You recognize thus considerably
    when it comes to this topic, produced me
    for my part imagine itt from numerous various angles.
    Its like men and women don’t seem to be interested except it is something
    to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs outstanding.
    All the time take care of it up!

    • I’m being illegally monitored stalked harassed with serious shocks hearing subtle voices and mind control electronic laser lights. I know who my perps are 2 brothers Ronald an Dwayne Brown. Ronald is the leader. I made a big mistake allowing Ronald to move into my home. But I was helping him to move forward not knowing he was an is trying to kill me. Dwayne is the voice behind the mind control. They are very crafty an intelligent in this digital age. This torment has been going on for 9 months to my knowledge. I been to the veterans administration about this evil an the dayton Ohio police, with no results. It is a crime in Ohio it is critical for me to get some help. My heart goes out to others who suffer from disabilities and may not know this is happening to them. Does anyone dare to care?

  28. Ima targeted individual man corrupt rogue element of the gov scrambling my mind putting filthy disturbing thoughts in my mind I got one of the worse packages with dem shooting invisible demonic kursive odors with direct energy weapons im healthy nuthings wrong with me but a lot of people cant understand this dey or using any and everything with power to it dey are framing me locking me up all the time taking me away from my child im willing to talk with anybody dats a t.I. united we can put and end to this my email redlinefish@gmail.com im tired of being framed and the mental assault

    • the zionist bankers own this system and the targeting will continue until the collapse of society as we know it, sadly.

      It is a war of God versus ‘satan’, believe it or not.


  30. Hello sir and mam.My name is Johnathan Stingley.I stay at 8009 South Morgan on 80th Street on the 2nd floor.I believe either my neighbors or my pastor Edna Lester may be involved in organized stalking me.I believe one of them or both have had specific women or men harass me on the cat buses in Chicago Illinois.I also considered that the police department on 78th and Halsted in Chicago Illinois may be responsible for organized stalkers harassing.I had reported some of their dirty cops to them before.I believe that my 1st floor neighbors beneath me at 8009 South Morgan on 80th street in Chicago Illinois may be the culprits as well.They have used organized stalking tactics on me before.They have even have my electronic devices hacked like idiots.They they lied and said it was me.I believe some of my neighbors are in the military.The dark skinned man with dreads and his white or arabic girlfriend.The other ones staying with probably are Rosie Sanders and her adult sons Gerald Sanders and Romale.I overheard all of my neighbors lie and they had specific women pretend to be my mother.I want revenge against them They have even disclosed private information about me.I believe though that the police at 78th and Halsted may be also responsible for organized stalkers harassing me.My 1st floor neighbors may have even hacked my new Net 10 wireless phone with internet through my Google internet service.They may have had the police do this.When I am on the cat buses trying to relax I overhear some specific organized stalkers crack jokes about hacking and crimes and death while they are staring directly at me.My pastor has done this carp before though.She has even tried to intimidate me by staring at me hard.Gerald Sanders may be a fired ex crooked military or police officer.The two living with him the dark skinned man with dreads and the white or arabic women may be specific crooked military trying to get me falsely arrested.They all actually could be specific crooked police officers who work at the police department on 78th and Halsted.They have behaved like they are trying to kill me.They had told one another to call military in helicopters to cause me physical harm with irritation devices they use from their helicopters towards my window at 8009 South Morgan on 80th street in Chicago Illinois.They may either try to get me locked up or killed.I believe they have even manipulated my mother Rose Stingley into believing their bullshit.I have been harassed by organized stalkers for 3 years.

  31. I am VICTIM of organized gang stalker…

    United States of America is in serious danger
    Direct energy WEAPONS are in hands of
    EVIL people …no-one in this country is safe anymore…This crime is growing out of proportion…Time to act is now….Tomorrow. may be to late….

  32. HE RESPONSES – 2004-2015:-       


    Application no. 48661/06

    “Dear Sir

    I write to inform you that on 15 May 2007 the European Court of Human Rights, sitting as a Committee of three judges (E. Myjer, President, E.Fura-Sandstrom and I.Ziemele) pursuant to Article 27 of the Convention, decided under Article 28 of the Convention to declare the above application inadmissable because it did not comply with the requirements set out in Articles 34 and 35 of the Convention.

    In the light of all the material in its possession, and in so far as the matters complained of were within its competence, the Court found that they did not disclose any appearance of a violation of the rights and freedoms set out in the Convention or its Protocols.

    This decision is final and not subject to any appeal to either the Court, including its Grand Chamber, or any other body. You will therefore appreciate that the Registry will be unable to provide any further details about the Committee’s deliberations or to conduct further correspondence relating to its decision in this
    To Whom It May Concern:

    A normal person could never believe what I am about to write or understand what goes on behind closed doors. I was trying to understand the logic of a higher meaning of justification, religion or an excuse of a racket that is fixed. For the last 30 years, I was a victim to abuse, manipulation, monitoring, deception and exploitation within the justice system. I saw and experienced what corruption does to your life especially when it is controlled and organized.

    Since I moved to America, I paid excessively to court, tickets, fraud, beyond what you can imagine, so much money, time, energy not to mention the aggravation to a system that monitors you and corrupt.   I was a targeted individual to mental cruelty. What is the meaning of justice and law? When I read the constitution and bill of rights I thought law was a system which was created to balance, equality or to make whole to truth by uncovering deception or criminal activity. But, not in my case I was framed by inside mind manipulation which I can prove that I was hounded to death and a targeted individual.   The more I paid into the legal system the more I saw a racket and not justice. Deep down I know I was not a criminal but the system made me look like a criminal. That is what they do they set the stage for money and pleasure. When I was little my grandfather use to tell me stories of victims who were trapped by political power. He was born in the early 1900’s and liked to share stories with people. He lived through World War 11 and saw a lot of blood shed. He often wondered why so many good men die along with families destroyed by ruthless power? He believed human life was a commodity of input and output inside a system that controls, deceives, manipulates, victimizes and uses human beings for money and power. He believed in an inter surface a system that lived before us. He saw what government did to the people who fought for their country. At the end, they lost their homes and lives for purpose of power. He often thought that politics and religion are controlled by one. He once told me he believed God was not whole and the system was designed for that purpose. He thought he was a Gypsy and formed into a supernatural. He mentioned in his culture their was endless sacrifices, superstitions to make money and many die for the sake of religion. He believed many of Europe’s issues started in the early 1500’s when the gypsies moved from India/Iran to Europe in the 1700’s and World War 1 was the result of religion, government and rotten power. Because “through out history people were exploited, manipulated, controlled, deceived and lost their lives for leaders like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. My story relates to what was told to me by a great man my grandfather. At age 2, I was a young child who was traumatized from the same mind control of abnormality that my grandfather talked about but I was too young to understand the hell. In 1966, I was taken from my back yard in Yugoslavia, which is now Croatia. Later that night, I returned home with injections on the right side of my neck and I was sick to my stomach. My veins on the right side were literally protruding out with black and blue marks. My mother did not think of any wrong doing or pursued the fact that I was possibly a test pilot for sick mentality. My father served in the military in Europe and fought in World War 11. He made me aware of mental illness that controlled. After my father moved to America, I was attacked. Why? My grandfather read and mentioned often of secrets of an inter surface that formed culture like the Aztecs, or an International Cult integrated inside to control outside in life made up of armies of supernaturals. He said life will never be whole. I kept hearing that word often :whole”. Did my grandfather know something but yet did not see I was a victim at age 2? I will never know the answer but his stories made me think to write about what happened to my life that Impacted me in a greater cause. “Justice”

    In1968, my mother and I moved to America with my neck crooked because of the injections. I was continuously having seizures, headaches and I could not concentrate. At age 7, I had brain and neck surgery at The Children Hospital in Chicago. I had a cast wrapped around my head for three months. The children at school laughed at me because my head looked like a coffee cup. At that time, it never dawned on me that this was phase 2 of a government program. My father was mean he controlled by aggression, mental and emotional abuse. He drank tremendously and his personalty changed when he drank too much. Maybe that was environmental conditions of a home that they instill by an inter surface or a cult that my grandfather spoke about? I did have much support from my family and everything that I got in life was by self and hard work. I saved, invested and put myself through college so I could have a better life. But the real pain is yet to come, when I was a targeted individual at the age of 17. I was paying endlessly to a greedy,  ignorant, corrupt and unethical  system. I was trapped in a credit scam that that took my life savings away with the support of the justice system. At that time, I did not know I was being monitored by organized crime that stole from me like gypsies. I was raised in believing in a holy God and I often prayed but found my life damaged by outside factors. In 2008, I tried to take responsibility for my actions and took a huge loan to pay for a credit trap but I found my credit line growing at a faster rate. Today, I see how behind the scenes works and their power. The power knew more about my finances than I did. I did not grasp that I was a targeted individual until 2010 when I started to explore my past. I can provide facts of abundant monetary payments, patterns and over time made me penniless. They do this to victims they chose and control by the left brain. They know the ins and outs of a fixed but yet it is monitored and watched with control. Since, I focused on relaxation, mediation and separated myself I saw what they did to an innocent child and the real me. While I looked deep inside I faced self to know the truth of who I really am and not just another person they exploited inside their system because they can. I wanted to create awareness because my life was unbearable because of an inside factor that is not normal. Once I realized that I was able to solve the case . I started to really observe, document, read, understand the brain, behaviors and I know my actions were not me. That is truth they can not hide under the surface of what they did to my life. I reached out to many people but I never received help in the real issue. A psychiatrist is not the answer but possibly a magnetic stripper who can detect the truth of mental cruelty in power.

    I am so much more aware of existence, conscious thought but it is difficult because they are afraid this will leak out. They do this to innocent people all the time and play a sick game of chosen. I sure do not want to be chosen by them. The more I observed and listened I know I was controlled. This is all possible because they took so much money from me. Europe is a beautiful country but wasted by mental power. I read their web-sites and it was disturbing. I did not know much about mind control, cults, gypsies and I was too young to grasp my grandfather tales. But, I saw what the political system did to me and with out any recourse. The system causes pain, insanity and stress to well being. But, this is not pertinent because I am sure they may be controlled by the left brain. After Tito died in Yugoslavia, Croatia took over and many people lost their lives and home to political power. What makes me less of a victim? While I worked at the bank, I saw so many America people victimized by changes made to the law so I am not different just another target to make money. In retrospect, the mortgage crisis is a great example of what goes on behind the scenes again it is because of the lack of rules, regulations, boundaries, lack of jurisdictions or standards that many people are impacted. But, those are the same stories my grandfather told me the people that lost their life and homes during World War 11 and the great depression. What changed?
    I was electronically monitored like so many other people that complained to Europe’s government and authority figures. I experienced the same issues of victimization, abuse, controlling my mind and using technology to steal from me. I know I was involved in a government program. I can produce the facts, all the money, the magnetic chips that are inside my brain not to mention all the pain, headaches watching my bank account diminished. I read about the magnetic chips but never understood or believed it was possible and I will tell you it is. If they could make vehicles stop and drive for people the mind is not any different. They have the money, power and control and a nucleus that is more powerful than a brain which does not care about life in being. Since I spoke out in truth, I am stalked and bothered 24/7 by high frequencies to my right ear and high pitches of sound of wave movement of motion. I get headaches and I feel light headed. I still feel my brain being scanned nightly. I feel an energy that comes inside and in my stomach lining. This is creepy and I would not lie. I am not trying to impress just present my story of behind the scenes activity. I was trapped at age 2 by some kind of injection to my system. Some believe it may be chem trail a living cell/organism that can inside in the lining and grow over time. At age seven, I probably had the chips installed. In 2006, I specifically said to my husband something was wrong but I did not get I was a target. My grandfather said so many die disappointed in knowing a higher truth because when I look up I see a nebulous space. That was really deep. In 2014, the pieces fell in place while I was reading the Washington Post. There were numerous articles of government programs that target individuals by electronic power. It is difficult to understand how someone becomes a target. I read about theories like bloodline, karma, kinetic energy and cults that chose individuals. But, these are just theories and ideas. If you ever get an opportunity, read about Tessla’s inventions. In the 1800’s, he wrote about electronics, motors, electricity, transmitters, sound waves, mind control, the ins and outs of the inter surface and radiant light, polarized field and heat in his life time. Tessla also developed many programs for the government. He was a genius. He was born in 1 856 and died in 1943.   Many people thought he was odd and abnormal. Look what happened to me by abnormal power.
    How odd , evil to be tormented 24/7 by VK2 sounds with high frequency that focuses on your brain. Also, the noises of wave frequencies that are targeted to the right ear drum sending messages to the left brain or to damage nerves. I still get electric shocks on my right arm, inside my left brain and my throughout my left side of my feet. This is an international cult because they speak in the language. I wake up with pinched nerves and I fee lighted headed. I think nightly while I was sleeping they were down loading images a nucleus. I wake up with headaches and my frontal brain feels paralyzed. The left left brain feels numb. How easy is it to transmit a chip with an inpulsar to activate a certain action or behavior especially when they were targeted at a young age. I am so much stronger today and that is why I survived because I look back at records and I can not believe it. If I show you all the boxes you will see a racket, organized crime and exploitation of insanity. I felt like I was a prisoner inside a body and I was drowning by evil. I am not alone read about other stories throughout the world of what is occurring without any effort for resolutions or to stop the insanity of sick power. There is no jurisdictions, boundaries or logic to grasp that they are able to come inside your body, home and manipulate your head. I finally came to my senses that I did not cause my problems but was regulated daily in observation of an existence that is a genius and lives inside an inter surface. A life that knows how to conduct electric shocks, to manipulate brain activity with transmitters, frequencies, heat to control the neurons by a computer,heat, radiation and electricity? The sounds feel like small creatures are squirming inside me with multiple personalities to make me crazy. But when I separated myself from the sounds and their energy I was able to gain control and realized maybe at age 2 I was infected by chem trails or a living cell that has power. My grandfather said corruption has existed for centuries and many people die paying for injustice to a system that is not normal but exploits human life. But greed, lack of ethics, integrity has no accountability but the fact that they hide behind closed doors to run a racket. The sad part is I could not enjoy my wealth because they stole from me and found ways to exploit me through the legal system called justice. Next some of the ramifications caused by madness. I often had difficulty concentrating because of this energy form that was designed to block thought process of conscious. My left side feels trapped with a thick form of dark energy caused by heat, the frequency sounds of an impulser to gain control of the left side of the brain. This made me less cognizant and not aware of a conscious state of existence. I am constantly getting high pitches noises coming from inter  right ear drum the side my veins were I was injected. I am sure over time this caused my brain cells exhaustion which created confusion of the conscious mind. This hurts my brain feels stressed and sometimes t he pain is unbearable. I cried so many nights because I was suffocating and I could not breath inside like a normal person. Deep down I knew something was wrong but could not put my finger on it. Until I started to read articles about cults, mind control and the subconscious mind and magnetic monitoring. I knew that I was buried inside by energy and a target of a government program. How is all this possible? I am attaching articles and information of others that have been damaged by abnormality, mentally deranged, offensive and they have the power. I find this hard to believe that this is allowed but again nothing alarms me anymore maybe my grandfather was right you will be disappointed. Now, I get it. In truth I will lead but in character I will not be shamed by criminals who run a racket. In conclusion,l the biggest pursuit I found was self and that was a great lesson because I found me buried in hell. These are some of Tessla findings during his life.
      If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

    ―            Nikola Tesla                 Magnetic current, transformers, sound, etc. WOW!!!
    i The magnetic arc gap was capable of handling the large currents required by Tesla. In achieving powerful, sudden impulses of one polarity, these were the most durable. Horn shaped electrodes were positioned with a powerful permanent magnetic field. Placed at right angles to the arc itself, the currents, which suddenly formed in this magnetic space, were accelerated along the horns until they were extinguished. Arcs were thus completely extinguished within a specified time incre�ment. Tesla configured the circuit parameters so as to prevent capacitor alternations from occurring through the arc space. Each arc discharge represented a pure unidirectional impulse of very great power. No “contaminating current reversals” were possible or permissible.
    Reversals … alternations … would ruin the “shock broadcast”. The effect was never observed when alternating currents were engaged. High voltage was supplied by a large dynamo. Tesla could speed or slow this dynamo with a hand operated rheostat. Power was applied in parallel across the capacitor. The magnetic arc was linked almost directly to one side of this capacitor, a long and thick copper strap connecting the magnetic arc and the far capacitor plate.
    Brilliant white coronas came forth with a gaseous “hissing” sound from metal points and edges. Metal plates were soon poised all around the device for observation. Tesla recognized at once that these effects were not identical with those obtained earlier while using high frequency alternating currents. These new discharges were white, energetic, and strong.
    The electrical behavior of copper plates, rods, cylinders, and spheres near his primary impulser brought forth a great variety of white fluidic discharges. Strong discharge brushes appeared from the ends of copper plates. These came in prodigious volumes, hissing and arcing wildly in all directions, es�pecially from sharp points. Tesla tried copper discs. These seemed to pro�duce more stable discharges. He observed the curious manner in which these white discharges seemed to “race” around the disc edge at times, blending and separating with all the other sparks. Here was a greatly magnified ex�ample of Reichenbach’s Od force perhaps!
    He noted the manner in which white brush discharges appeared from cop�per conductors of different shapes. Each form, poised near his impulser, gave a characteristic corona distribution. This coronal correspondence with specific geometric form greatly impressed him. With certain metal forms the discharges were very fluidic in appearance. Smooth, fluidic sheaths covered copper cylinders of specific size. This absolutely fascinated Tesla. There was an aerodynamic nature inherent in radiant electricity. 
    Tesla operated the magnetic arc system at higher power levels, experimenting with various impulse lengths and repetition rates. He measured the mysterious electrical current, which apparently flowed through space from this system. These radiant fields operated at far greater power than before. Strange effects were suddenly appearing at certain distances from the mag�netic impulser.
    t the 1893 World Exposition in Chicago, Tesla demonstrated the safety AC electricity was by passing high frequency AC power through his body to power light bulbs. He then was able to shoot large lightning bolts from his Tesla coils to the crowd without harm.
    By 1898, he was demonstrating to the world the first remote controlled model boat at Madison Square Garden. Tesla wanted to provide free energy to the world and in 1900 began construction of a “Wireless Broadcasting System” tower on Long Island, New York. This tower was intended to link the world’s telephone and telegraph services, and transmit pictures, stock reports, and weather information worldwide.
    Tesla ran into financial trouble with the world thinking he was insane. The transmission of voice, picture, and electricity was unheard of at this time.
    Tesla demonstrated the principles behind radio nearly ten years before Marconi. In 1943 the US Supreme Court ruled that Marconi’s patents were invalid due to Tesla’s descriptions of his work. Still, most references do not credit Tesla with the invention of radio.
    Tesla made the earth into an electric tuning fork by getting a steam-driven oscillator to vibrate at the same frequency as the ground. The result was an earthquake in the surrounding city. He had accurately determined the resonant frequencies of the Earth almost 60 years before science could confirm his results.  

    August 2, 2013
    Letters From Victims of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment (August 2, 2013)
    Subject: Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment 
    From: Alicia L 
    Date: Mon, July 29, 2013 
    To: Ken Adachi
    My name is Alisha L and I live in Texas. I have been a victim of organized stalking and electronic harassment all my life since I was a baby. I had surgery when I was a baby but I think it was human experimentation. I do have implants inside my body and one that is visible in my left bicep arm. I am currently writing a book on my experience as a target and so is my sister. Our books will be done pretty soon. We are currently writing and contacting senators and rallying up many people as possible. The key is to expose openly and to get the American Citizens to realize that we are all in a big experimentation, but some more than others. This is not a joke, and I would like to meet with you and many more to strategize on exposing. When we come together as one than we can take down the devil and his wicked devices.
    Thanks for your time. Alisha L

    Subject: voices 
    From: TS 
    Date: Thu, August 1, 2013 
    To: Ken Adaachi
    hello ,
    i would like to tell you what is going on in my life, 
    i have 2 voices that continue on and have been going on in my life for 10 months ,` i do know there names and where they are from .. there is no end in sight with these two ,one goes on about how much he hates his father , and the other one just goes on with changing his voice .as i said i know who they are , could u please contact me by phone xxx-xxx-xxxx, as my life is in danger, mind reading and getting me sick everything that is in your article is what i am going through names are ART GARZA FROM MONTE VISTA CO AND JESUS ANTENCIO FROM MONTE VISTA CO ALSO. Have tried to talk to his father about this and he says that im crazy, i hear them day in and day out . PLEASE UNDERSTAND I HAVE NO V


    After having submitted            OUR ELECTRONIC TORTURE, ABUSE AND EXPERIMENTATION CASES             and numerous other letters & Petitions detailing the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history to most Governments, Security/Intelligence Agencies, International Organizations, Religious Organisations, Human Rights Organizations, Universities, Scientific and other Institutions, and the International Media all over the world – over and over and over again – appealing for assistance, protection and/or publicity            we have received the responses listed below.           

    Other TARGETED INDIVIDUALS  , all over the world, who are being subjected to similar torture and abuse, have had their appeals for justice, protection, assistance and/or publicity similarly almost completely ignored and/or suppressed – whether presented as GROUP PETITIONS or INDIVIDUALLY!!

    Some of our  ELECTRONIC TORTURE, ABUSE AND EXPERIMENTATION CASES    detail the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history, including the most horrendous psychological tortures, rapes, sexual abuse, surgical mutilations, ‘mind control’, and other mental and physical mutilations:-

    There are  ANY, MANYothers, all over the world, who are being subjected to similar torture and abuse.

    These are extreme and monstrous   CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY    indescribably terrible in themselves – coupled with the      ORWELLIAN           secrecy and denial of any support at all that we are experiencing, makes them even more horrendous and monstrous.

    Some   TARGETED INDIVIDUALS    have been attempting to gain assistance, protection and/or publicity about these crimes since the 1990s – and even earlier – this extends as far back into the history of illegal “scientific and medical” testing and experimentation as COINTELPRO, MKULTRA and the DUPLESSIS ORPHANS – and further.

    Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights 
    John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627
    EMAIL:  tijohnfinch@gmail.com    MCmailteam@gmail.com        
    FACEBOOK:    http://www.facebook.com/john.finch.16547?ref=profile        


    THE RESPONSES – 2004-2015:-             

    Application no. 48661/06

    “Dear Sir

    I write to inform you that on 15 May 2007 the European Court of Human Rights, sitting as a Committee of three judges (E. Myjer, President, E.Fura-Sandstrom and I.Ziemele) pursuant to Article 27 of the Convention, decided under Article 28 of the Convention to declare the above application inadmissable because it did not comply with the requirements set out in Articles 34 and 35 of the Convention.

    In the light of all the material in its possession, and in so far as the matters complained of were within its competence, the Court found that they did not disclose any appearance of a violation of the rights and freedoms set out in the Convention or its Protocols.

    This decision is final and not subject to any appeal to either the Court, including its Grand Chamber, or any other body. You will therefore appreciate that the Registry will be unable to provide any further details about the Committee’s deliberations or to conduct further correspondence relating to its decision in this case. You will receive no further documents from the Court concerning this case and, in accordance with the Court’s instructions, the file will be destroyed one year after the date of the decision.

    The present communication is made pursuant to Rule 53 & 2 of the Rules of Court.

    yours faithfully 
    For the Committee
    S. Naismith Deputy Section Registrar” 2006


    “Dear Mr. Finch:

    Thank you for contacting the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International. 

    Your abuse documentation is now in our data files. A pattern of abuse may be established by amassing documentation such as yours.

    Please understand that CCHR is not a law enforcement or legal agency in any way.  We are not an attorney referral service, cannot bring lawsuits against individuals and do not have law enforcement powers.  However, we do work with such officials by gathering information such as yours, filing complaints, offering research and other assistance.  Any actions performed by CCHR are done as a free public service–we do not charge for our services.
    If you decide that you want to file a complaint against a specific psychiatrist or facility, you should send us a full written statement with specific information – names, dates, places, etc. describing the abuse that occurred.  If you have questions upon reviewing this letter please contact us.
    You can find a wealth of information on psychiatric abuse at website            www.mental-health-abuse.org           .
    Lorita O’Leary, CCHR Abuse Case Documenter
    Citizens Commission on Human Rights International
    6616 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028
    (800) 869-CCHR (2247)
    http://www.cchr.org/index.cfm                humanrights@cchr.org           

    Electronic Harassment        
    Washington Post            on Electronic Harassment Technologies
    “An academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person’s head. “The signal can be a ‘     message from God           ‘ that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender.” In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone’s head. The patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects.          ” 
      —           Washington Post        article on electronic harassment and voices in the head, 1/14/07

    Dear friends,
    It’s quite fascinating how many people immediately discount anyone who talks about mind control.      Government mind control programs have been reported in            many major media articles      and have been the subject of intense        Congressional investigations                  which revealed widespread abuses.    Below is yet another major media article on this key topic, this one revealing that some people who hear voices in their heads may actually be the subject of electronic harassment. As these articles and thousands of pages of declassified government documents make clear, mind control has been secretly studied for many decades.
    If you are unaware of this important field of study, there are many reliable, verifiable resources which give much more information than the article below. For informative major media news articles on electronic harassment weapons,           click here   or a brief, excellent summary of these weapons,           click here         a concise two-page summary of government mind control programs based on 18,000 pages of released government documents,         click here           .
    Though this information may be disturbing, we feel it is better to be informed than to close our eyes. By spreading this information to our          political and media representatives           and to our colleagues and friends, we can bring this vital information to light and build a brighter future for us all. And for lots more excellent information on this topic, see the “What you can do” box at the end of this article.
    With best wishes, 
    Fred Burks           for   PEERS      and           WantToKnow.info           
    Former language interpreter  for Presidents Bush and Clinton
    Note:  For numerous patents demonstrating the possibility of projecting voices into the head,       click here         .


    Mind Games
    New on the Internet: a community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds. They may be crazy, but the Pentagon has pursued a weapon that can do just that.
    By Sharon Weinberger 
    Sunday, January 14, 2007; Page W22
    If Harlan Girard is crazy, he doesn’t act the part.     He is standing just where he said he would be, below the Philadelphia train station’s World War II memorial — a soaring statue of a winged angel embracing a fallen combatant, as if lifting him to heaven. Girard is wearing pressed khaki pants, expensive-looking leather loafers and a crisp blue button-down. He looks like a local businessman dressed for a casual Friday — a local businessman with a wickedly dark sense of humor, which had become apparent when he said to look for him beneath “the angel sodomizing a dead soldier.” At 70, he appears robust and healthy — not the slightest bit disheveled or unusual-looking. He is also carrying a bag.
    Girard’s description of himself is matter-of-fact, until he explains what’s in the bag: documents he believes prove that the government is attempting to control his mind. He carries that black, weathered bag everywhere he goes. “Every time I go out, I’m prepared to come home and find everything is stolen,” he says.
    The bag aside, Girard appears intelligent and coherent. At a table in front of Dunkin’ Donuts inside the train station, Girard opens the bag and pulls out a thick stack of documents, carefully labeled and sorted with yellow sticky notes bearing neat block print. The documents are an authentic-looking mix of news stories, articles culled from military journals and even some declassified national security documents that do seem to show that the U.S. government has attempted to develop weapons that send voices into people’s heads.
    “It’s undeniable that the technology exists,” Girard says, “but if you go to the police and say, ‘I’m hearing voices,’ they’re going to lock you up for psychiatric evaluation.”
    The thing that’s missing from his bag — the lack of which makes it hard to prove he isn’t crazy — is even a single document that would buttress the implausible notion that the government is currently targeting a large group of American citizens with mind-control technology. The only direct evidence for that, Girard admits, lies with alleged victims such as himself.
    And of those, there are many.

    It’s 9:01 P.M. when the first person speaks during the Saturday conference call.
    Unsure whether anyone else is on the line yet, the female caller throws out the first question: “You got gang stalking or V2K?” she asks no one in particular.
    There’s a short, uncomfortable pause.
    “V2K, really bad. 24-7,” a man replies.
    “Gang stalking,” another woman says.
    “Oh, yeah, join the club,” yet another man replies.
    The members of this confessional “club” are not your usual victims. This isn’t a group for alcoholics, drug addicts or survivors of childhood abuse;         the people connecting on the call are self-described victims of mind control — people who believe they have been targeted by a secret government program that tracks them around the clock, using technology to probe and control their minds.
    The callers frequently refer to themselves as TIs, which is short for Targeted Individuals, and talk about V2K — the official military abbreviation stands for ”           voice to skull           ” and denotes weapons that beam voices or sounds into the head. In their esoteric lexicon, “gang stalking” refers to the belief that they are being followed and harassed: by neighbors, strangers or colleagues who are agents for the government.
    A few more “hellos” are exchanged, interrupted by beeps signaling late arrivals: Bill from Columbus, Barbara from Philadelphia, Jim from California and a dozen or so others.
    Derrick Robinson, the conference call moderator, calls order.
    “It’s five after 9,” says Robinson, with the sweetly reasonable intonation of a late-night radio host. “Maybe we should go ahead and start.”

    I hope you can understand that this is needs to stop and your the best person to start with because I am tired of being bothered 24/7. Thanks.


  33. Kevin F Houston TX

    My problem stems from talking to a friend about Attacks on 911 based on Scientific PROOF, when her Husband threw a fit only to find out later he is employed by the US Government . The very next day on my return trip to Houston is when all hell broke out. Cars would be stopped in the middle of the road, 90% having paper tags , handicap tags from the mirror and blacked out windows. The vehicles mostly used are as follows
    Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity SUV
    Dodge Challenger
    Dodge Charger
    Chevy Ford 4 Door 1/2 ton
    Ford F250
    Scum Bag Tow Trucks

    Companies that without a shadow of doubt are involved in this terrorist act
    Fed Ex
    Yellow Cab
    Law Enforcement
    Fire Dept
    us postal

    I have been run off the road , my house burglarized Harris County Sherriff office did nothing about it and when I went to internal affairs they told me to contact the detective and ask him why he didn’t follow up…..Seriously? when I called the Texas State Attorney I was told to stop whining , injured due to booby traps enlisting my Brother of all people (greed will get him in the long run) been chased from my home, so called friends of 20 years turned their backs and joined in and each one of them have brand new vehicles, friends that one day are broke the next buying 285.000 dollar houses putting 35,000 dollars down . I have lost everything I worked for , been evicted after moving out (served papers 2 days before Court date on a Holiday with 6000 dollar judgment because it took me too long to move due to the 3 self tapping screws left standing up in my carpet that lodged in the Bone and am diabetic

    no matter what I am doing or where im at they have tabs on me 24/7 and are controlling the traffic lights.

    We have boys paying the ultimate price fighting ISIS when the same crap is going on here and everybody just turns their head WHY? I have watched so call Christians turn for the money and that is pure GREED their day will come

  34. Im 29, with the way my life has turned out I suspect that I’ve been a TI since I was a teenager. I had found out last year that I’ve been a victim of gangstalking and Electronic Harassment. I had left New York to Chicago in hopes of escaping but the same thing is happening to me here. I tried so hard to get my life together, be it school, maintaining friendships….all gone. Now I’m homeless living in a homeless shelter, they managed to have everyone at the shelter treat me like I didn’t exist. Today will be my first day of work and I don’t know what to expect.

    I know my neighbors back in New York along with my Aunt are involved. It was crazy what I had experienced, everyone in my building including my family had caused me allot of emotional distress in an attempt to isolate and make me loose my mind.

    It eventually followed me from my apartment building to the public, including my school…I wasn’t able to finish and graduate with a certificate because of the harsh Harassment and bullying I had experienced, now I’m in debt for over $2,000.

    I’ve experienced mind control and voice to scull technology, I know the heavy drug use I had experienced in the past was apart of the mind control just so they can have something to say. Crazy part was how my family knew but was silent about it and pretended like nothing was happening. Even going as far as leave me with money and leave me in the apartment overnight in hopes I would buy meth and do drugs, maybe it was an attempt to set me up.

    I’ve had career opportunities taken away from me, even my potential career as a real estate agent.

    I’m trying so hard to pick myself up together but the more I do the difficult they make it. I now have no one, I hate how my mother calls and gives off hints. I’ve experienced her calling me when I’m on the other line with some one else on the phone. I thought it was a coincidence at first until I realize she’s apart of what’s been happening to my life.

    My career opportunities has been destroyed, friendships ruined and potential love interests ruined. My life has been reduced to shit, now I’m 29 living in a homeless shelter.

    I was hoping escaping 1/2 way around the country would make a difference.

    Ive also experienced people leering at me to the point making eye contact with them is uncomfortable. I’ve been getting that ALLOT for the past three years especially from my relatives and former neighbors.

    • I experienced what you have in the US, UK, Grenada and Hungary to name but a few countries. It is global, more or less. I have a supercomputer AI running v2k – it has mind controlled society at large, including your family whose minds have been taken over by this insidious technology. I know that it is the ‘mark of the beast’ from the Bible – hang in there; this will end in 10-20 years roughly, but in a catastrophic way.

      God is your salvation – this is a war we are in, believe it or not.

  35. Gangstalking is runny jewish bankers and its intended to ensure supremacy of the jewish people at the expense of all others, especially independent thinkers and the aware.

  36. I’m being illegally monitored stalked harassed with serious shocks hearing subtle voices talking my every thought and move 24/7 the police don’t believe me and the veterans administration want to admit me.but all this is very real it’s true. I know who the 3 are.2 half brothers an one’s wife. I believe they are trying to kill me. Help

    • I think you are the first vet I have ever come in contact with who knows they are a TI. This situation is very bad for vets. The shrink who gave me the mental illness diagnosis used to work for the VAMC in California. I know he perped vets over there.

      • Thanks for your reply. There could be a large number of vet’s from all wars who are being misdiagnosed. I care not only for vet’s but everyone who suffer dealing with this evil illegal crime. Semper.Fi

  37. I’m being illegally monitored stalked harassed with serious shocks hearing subtle voices and mind control electronic laser lights. I know who my perps are 2 brothers Ronald an Dwayne Brown. Ronald is the leader. I made a big mistake allowing Ronald to move into my home. But I was helping him to move forward not knowing he was an is trying to kill me. Dwayne is the voice behind the mind control. They are very crafty an intelligent in this digital age. This torment has been going on for 9 months to my knowledge. I been to the veterans administration about this evil an the dayton Ohio police, with no results. It is a crime in Ohio it is critical for me to get some help. My heart goes out to others who suffer from disabilities and may not know this is happening to them. Does anyone dare to care?

  38. I write on different sites and no one has not even got back with me. Nothing helps, I keep buying devices to stop these devices and they just up the power and I’m exhausted and broke. The more I try on this end the worse the pain gets. I bought a real nice double-wide and put iT in a mobile home park and as soon as I moved in I started to get electronically harassed and it is getting more severe. I don’t know what to do and I am at wits end and need to talk with someone, but no one wants to reply. All I want to do is talk about this and would like to stop the pain.

  39. Hi , I live close to the border and people started crossing illegally. I think a group of people that are crossing them. They drop them in front of my house and jump the fence on the side of the house. I saw what they were doing and now they following me and I think they are harrssing me by putting something on the roof that vibrates

  40. My home has been targeted but most of all me. They have been torturing me mostly at night . They won’t stop. Local police won’t do anything. Everywhere we go we are harassed by the same vehicles and same people. Sores pop up all over my body especially in groin area. Snake cams spotted nightly watching us. Have had our cards come up missing right out of our safe. Change combination every time but still they somehow see. We have moved 4 times in the last 3 years only to be followed. Don’t know what to do. We are going insane. Please HELP

    • Patrick u are not crazy they want folks to think you are my enemies use this v2k to stalk me all day every day.what ever I do they say don’t ima taze u.my hope for you an me is the law.I call it lawless, they need to enforce this crime. Remain strong even when you get weak God gave you your mind body and soul. So keep faith an keep fighting for your life. I’m on your side.

  41. My home has been targeted but most of all me. They have been torturing me mostly at night . They won’t stop. Local police won’t do anything. Everywhere we go we are harassed by the same vehicles and same people. Sores pop up all over my body especially in groin area. Snake cams spotted nightly watching us. Have had our cards come up missing right out of our safe. Change combination every time but still they somehow see. We have moved 4 times in the last 3 years only to be followed. Don’t know what to do. We are going insane. Please HELP Us

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