Reality Show Idea (Parental Discretion Advised)

Would you like to be the star of a globally broadcast reality show where you are under surveillance inside and outside your home 24/7, including the bathroom? This will also include monitoring your phone, internet, and postal mail. You will also be followed by dozens to thousands of plain clothed “extras” everywhere you go: driving, shopping, exercising, church, work, the gym. Some of them will dress up as cops and firemen! Super funny pranks will played on you everywhere you go like blocking all the pumps at the gas station, crowding all the checkouts at the market,  and “actors” impersonating people you know like coworkers, neighbors, your doctor, and even your friends/ family members!

Behaviors from your most intimate, private moments inside your home will be mimicked back to you repeatedly in public. Including any and every compulsive habit that you are deeply ashamed of.  You will be treated to regular non-consensual entries into your home and car by strangers who will vandalize and steal items. And if you’re really a superstar, you will even have your mind/thoughts read 24/7 and randomly acted out or repeated back to you, including on radio and tv. But wait, it gets better. All this will be initiated in your life without any notice, warning, or consent; for reasons completely unbeknownst to you.  Does this sound awesome?

Your very “elite” audience, including the unemployed alcoholic and the undocumented immigrants next door,  will be allowed to tune in whenever they like on a pay-per-view basis and masturbate to it until the show ends. The show will end when you either self destruct by suicide (epic snuff film!), or commit a mass murder and get a life sentence, or ….any combination of these! Your “extras” will add all those photos they took of you to their “reality show star” album and will cherish them for years to come, well after they have moved on to other manufactured terrorists… murder victims “reality show stars”.

**Bonus points if you live long enough to die of natural causes. Although premature death from cancer, heart attack, or stroke won’t count, sorry.

Single women, whistleblowers, political activists,”loners”, “gamers”, young autistic males, and other completely innocent citizens will be given special priority for auditions. Interested? Just go to your nearest Federal agency office and tell them you want to sign up to be a “Targeted Individual”, or a victim of a life-long illegal FBI Cointelpro investigation. Don’t worry, they will know exactly what you are talking about. And they will be MORE than happy to oblige.

Disclaimer: This reality show idea in no way represents the writer’s personal opinion and does not condone or encourage violence as a solution to any matter.

11 thoughts on “Reality Show Idea (Parental Discretion Advised)

  1. Haha, thanks. I was thinking we should just set up our own 24/7 webcams inside our home and charge subscriptions, we might as well make some cash flow off it.

    • They make money off of us. I hear them over v2k saying like, there she is, that’s her. They are charging people to come over to their houses to watch me for a fee or training new perps, something else they do to me.

  2. Hilarious. Thanks for making my day! And I agree, it would be a neat twist if we broadcasted our private lives ourselves.

  3. I am a TI. I had no idea what gang stalking was until I looked up all the odd things that began happening to me. The RF or Microwave weapons were and have always been the worst part. But I began experimenting with all-synthetic and durable, full-body stockings one might find in a lingerie shop or site. iT WORKS! A full-body, 100% RAYON bodysuit does not allow your body to be grounded and therefore inhibits electrical transmission. Gang menmbers in a hotel who could see me knew what had happened and began assembling and talking about not letting me get the word out. SPREAD THE WORD! Test it for yourself! Those gang guys were hitting me with full power and were not happy I see me completely unphased by their assault. In fact, most of the current seemed to be refunding into the TV though I could tell from my EMF detector they were aiming straight at me. Get the bodysuits!

  4. I actually caught neighbors living down the street and more recently in an adjacent apartment doing rapid reviews of multiple cameras in my apartment (2 different locations). The color of the walls and timing of light changes, and of course, me actually seeing myself on film (speeded up for rapid review by the handler) were giveaways. The ‘reviewer’ changed location several times (moving to successive locations further away as I caught them and made sure they knew it). When it started up a new location in another state, I immediately pointed it out to the ever present ‘baby monitor’ equipment installed in my walls. The perps responded by stepping up attacks, and the surveillance review stopped being local/easily seen. That apt became a second training ground for perps, with a constantly changing group of vehicles appearing nearly every night.

    One thing I caution here is to STOP being so sensitive. They WANT you to be hypervigilent and fearful. Instead, note what goes on around you as dispassionately as possible, and then let it fall away.

    Tell your vouyeuristic perps that they are going to be TIs (not the converse, that most Perps were former TIs) and that they are signed up for life – there is no backing out of Organized Crime, once you are a member.

    Let them know that THEY were selected for their personality attributes and their loss of the fear of undue risk (risk aversion social disorder). They have addictions that are being used, along with depersonalization programming, to make them into compliant sadists. The money flows from Organized Crime – drug cartels in the Americas and Middle East, and works through extremist groups and political interests, with help from Corporate Entities that have an interest in qwelling popular dissent.

    Most importantly, we should know that these people want to inculcate and control as many people in society, at all levels, primarily through money and property (cars, rent free apts, gifts). I saw this first hand in perps that were former roomates. Many were pain drug addicted. soft drug users. or were alcoholics. Some are Tea-Party libertarians who feel free to attack anything or anybody they object you (these people are the easist to corrupt and so we see many TIs in the states ‘enriched’ in libertarian party members). THIS is why the FBI and Treasury Dept were investigating them, for the vast sums of money spent in the last election – they money came from somewhere, in the midst of a very poor economy.

    The Economy is, essentially, why actions against TIs expanded and became much worse, as many people were easily inducted in the Perp-Hoods. They area paid on an assignment basis (low level actions). Higher level actions are paid monthly, for a term not to exceed 4-6 months. This is why you will see people move in an out of nearby residences during a prolonged stalking-in-place event.

    I firmly believe this flow of money is also why there is not a whole lot of public outcry occuring as welfare subsidies are cut. Many, many people who have very little income suddenly have brand new cars and other toyz – incuding preloaded smart phones for stalking.

    The more valued you are (the more you resist and find new ways to block stalkers), the more Perps are assigned to you for training purposes.

    It is EASY to detect DEW weapons. It is physics, simple and easy to detect – both microwave and ultrasound. Servomechanical mounts allow for unmanned operation of in wall or in ceiling microwave pain weapons. I have heard the servos changing position, in the early hours of the morning when I was supposed to be asleep (during the short period allowed for sleep),

    The money-maker for these Perps are using TIs as Live Prey, for video game like services, in which members PAY for the privledge of ‘hunting’ and provoking TIs. THAT is the reason for the videos and sound recorders (and proximity detectors, too along with GPS) – to provide digital evidence for fine tuning location-and-weapons targeting software and for pinpointing anatomical targets on TIs. It is how they can quickly shoot very narrowly ‘columnated’ beams (microwave) from ground penetrating radar, from radar guns and from DOD supplier crowd control modified equipment used by Perps to harm TIs.

    Nothing they do is new or is particularly fearsome, right down to the depersonalizing actions that have been described in social psychology experiments (Guard and Prisoners) of the 1970s, to test the socioethics resistance (mostly low) that must be overcome to inflict harm on others.

    If we can defuse and explain the methods used and document them, it is possible to prove out what is happening to us and why.

    Middle Eastern foes have found a way to us our weapons (these DEW were originally designed to use against extremists in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq and Pakistan and later brought ‘home’ for use by local police and sheriffs depts against protesters ) against us.

    It is very simply, a means to control society and induce ever higher levels of terrorism against the very types that would most likely act out against such controls, based on personal principles.

    It is meant to occur below the social radar and with assurances (typical of Perps) that they are ‘Homeland Defenders’, when they are the opposite, Domestic Terrorists.

    That is why they operate in so many nations, nearly globally.

  5. They are already doing that in my state and have been for years. I noticed they burglarized many homes in which of friend of mine had to turn in her oil lease reports. Porch BB was seen leaving the area prior to going to the bank in which a postal poser also banks.

    One of their stalkers busted out the glass in her car and tried to block my exit off the Interstate. A cop car no doubt since it was exactly what she was looking for at the time. She looked suspicious with the dark tinted windows, but, it fit the description of what she asked the salesman for. Miraculously, he traded cars at the same time.

    It’s no wonder they dropped a jar of acid into Dr. Phil’s sister’s face. Everyone must be on the black/white connect the DOTs plan and engage in their federally funded psychobabble.

  6. Amazing stuff….one told me i had made it to part two like the hunger games…it does help as i see they are trying to murder me like i suspected.

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