Organized Gang Stalking/ Electronic Harassment is…

– “Slow Kill”. A death machine.

– Conspiracy to murder. Serial murder.

– Terrorism. Domestic and Global.

– Psychological/physical/sexual abuse and torture, a.k.a. “No-touch torture”.

– A Global Hate Crime.

– A Technological Holocaust. A Silent Holocaust. An “Open Air” concentration camp.

– A crucifixion by technology and social justice.

– A Coup.

– Covert war. Psychological warfare.

– Non-consensual human experimentation.

– A complete violation of Civil and Human Rights. A complete violation of the US Constitution.

– A complete invasion of every millimeter of your privacy.

– A culling. A means to depopulation and human slavery. Mass murder.

– Objective to create a police state/open air concentration camp/prison. Depopulation, global sustainability, Agenda 21.

– An attempt to institutionalize, imprison, and/or murder “undesirables” via conspiracy to murder and provoke suicide; to neutralize and destroy the target’s life.

– 24/7/365 Illegal tracking and surveillance in public and in private (including inside home) initiated by US intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, DOD, DOJ, NSA, DHS, IRS, DEA, SOD), US military, and law enforcement, NSA Prism for the purpose of “joint targeting”. Target may be scrutinized for years (“nothing is unimportant”) before they realize it.

– Organized harassment by hate, criminal, and secret society groups including Nazis, KKK, Satanists, Organized crime syndicates (Mafia, biker gangs, Cartels, Street gangs), Cults, Freemasons, Terrorist cells (Isis, etc.).

– Implementation of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy”. (Non-linear war, color revolution).

– Mind Control. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

– Likely issuance of a (bogus) NSL (National Security Letter) on the targeted individual.

– Extremely aggressive harassment of “soft targets”- elderly, children, single women, mentally ill, substance abusers, “loners”, socially inept/awkward teens/adults, autistic children/adults.

– A “witch hunt”. “Social justice”. Extrajudicial punishment. Mobile torture delivered to your doorstep and unremitting torture that follows the target everywhere they go.

– Criminal conspiracy and collusion. Also known as “cause stalking”, “vengeance stalking”, group stalking, multi-stalking, community-based harassment, and “shunning”.

– Intentional infliction of extreme emotional stress to force target into having suicidal/ homicidal thoughts as the only means of escape/ self defense.

– Electronic trafficking of men, women, and children. Converting cities and the country into an electronic concentration camp.

–  Not a new concept. Same tactics used in FBI Cointelpro, Project Monarch, MK Ultra, Stasi Police in East Germany, Nazi Brownshirts, the KKK, and Pro-life/ anti-abortion activists. Similar tactics used on corporate whistleblowers and in academia (workplace mobbing). Also similar tactics used in ejecting tenants of rent controlled apartments in high rent areas.

– Associated with the “global elite” aka Illuminati and Agenda 21.

– Fusions Centers, FBI InfraGard, COPPS, Community policing, RISS, Neighborhood Watch. CERT, Citizen Corp, Community organizers, and targeting by HOA’s. Likely involvement of “Occupy” movement.

– Targeting of innocent people on the local, state, and Federal level. Target is “red-lined” or blacklisted. Targeting may last for decades. Perps come from ALL age ranges, races, ethnicities, professions, political/religious affiliations. Likely cult involvement. Likely human/drug/arms trafficking rings involved. Likely extortion of repeat offenders/parolees.

– Cash, bribes, gifts, labor, favors offered to perps in exchange for their agreement to participate in harassing targets. (Vacations, cars, homes, govt. benefits, home improvement projects/remodels, travel, movies, weight loss help, life coaches, grocery/gas debit cards.Whole Foods seems to have some type of deal with them.)

– Being stalked en masse by groups of people in the hundreds to thousands on foot/bike/car/air/water. Relentless crowding and swarming.

– Provision of transportation of perps in a variety of private and commercial vehicles including taxis, MTS shuttles, coach buses, private shuttles, limo services, private and commercial airplanes, rental cars, trolley/subway/trains. They seem to make deals with local car dealers and Carmax to provide hundreds of autos at a time.

– Relentless orchestrated and synchronized harassment by neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, store employees, contractors, and strangers throughout your community. Includes stalkers following, leading, and laying in wait. Harassment follows target locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

– Antagonizing target to get a negative or violent reaction, then reporting to law enforcement (entrapment). Making false police reports on target. Calling in “safety checks” on target’s home due to false concerns. Objective is to get frequent visits to target’s home by law enforcement.

– Surreptitious illegal entry into target’s home, car, office, storage units, etc. Possible entries while target is home/ asleep. Locksmiths previously employed by target are involved in distributing copies of keys to others for criminal activity.

– Theft/swapping/vandalism of property from home, auto, office, storage units, etc. Swapping of new electronics, pet toys, clothing, shoes, jewelry, household items for similar items that are damaged/broken/worn.

– Syphoning gas so tank is nearly empty every time and car will just barely start. Draining windshield fluid out of car. Removing/replacing/ vandalizing/ stealing items from car and vandalizing the car itself.

– Voice to Skull communication (V2K).

– Assault by microwave/ Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)/ “Non-lethal” weapons. Tinnitus, migraines, seizures, chronic pain. Premature death from heart attack, stroke, cancer (from DEW and/or stress of OGS).

– Blocking Harassment (everything from store aisles/doorways/hallways to roads/driveways/intersections/trails/freeways).

– Street Theater.

– Gaslighting/ PsyOps, Black Ops/ Menticide. This includes constant change in target’s environment (remodels, closures, new residential and commercial construction, staff changes, etc.). Influx of franchises/ new businesses. Closure of businesses target formerly patronized. Change in staff at all businesses target patronizes.

– Remote Neural Monitoring/ Artificial Telepathy/ Reading your thoughts in real time. Injecting artificial thoughts. Possible hypnosis/ dream manipulation/interrogation/ vivid dreams. Apocalyptic/ Satanic symbolism in dreams. Disturbing dreams.

– Ability of perps to see through target’s eyes, hear what target hears, etc.

– Mimicking harassment. Imitating/mirroring target’s gestures/behaviors, including those only done/said in the privacy of their own home.

– Use of  “catch phrases”: multiple random stalkers repeating same phrase to target. “Haven’t we met before?”, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”. Repeated innuendo about suicide, death, unemployment, homelessness, mental illness, rape.

– Aerial harassment/direct overhead flights (Govt., private, Law enforcement, and commercially owned aircraft, drones). Mostly helicopters.

– Sexual Harassment/ Sexual Assault/ Electronic rape or sexual stimulation. Possible marketing and illegal distribution of sexual pictures/videos of target for voyeurism/ pornographic/fetish purposes including “live stream” access.

– Physical assault. Orchestrated accidents of all kinds. Severe sports injuries caused by other players that are made to seem like “accidents”. Unwanted touch and/or ogling by strangers while out in public. Minor assaults made to look like “accidents” (walking into you, hitting you, pushing objects into you).

– Intentional injurious behavior/ infliction of pain by medical and dental professionals, medical technicians, aestheticians, massage therapists, homeopathic practitioners, etc.

– Sensory deprivation (Shutting off electricity, water, air conditioning/ heat).

– Fake traffic accidents/ traffic stops on target’s routes.

– Psychiatric and Medical fraud/neglect/misdiagnosis/falsifying records. Mental Health abuse.

– Painful/unnecessary dental work.

– Noise Harassment/Noise fatigue/ Noise campaign. Includes increased traffic and high decibel vehicles passing target’s home. Non-stop noise campaign surrounding target’s home and everywhere they go.

– Defamation, Character assassination, and slander. Gossip/ rumors/ lies spread about target. Photos and videos overtly taken of target while in public by strangers, neighbors, coworkers, private investigators.

– Vehicular Harassment while driving/walking/riding bike.

– Color Coordinated Harassment/sensitization to certain colors/patterns. (Most common: Purple, Turquoise, Red, Royal blue, Any Neon/flourescent color.) Patterns- stripes, plaid, animal prints, US flags.

– Gesture Harassment/sensitization to  hand signals.

– Cyber stalking and online harassment. Frequent interruption of internet connection.

– Trauma based Mind control (TBMC)- Humiliation/ “shaming”/ isolation/defamation/degradation. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

– Cult involvement. Misogyny, homoeroticism, pedophilia, fanaticism, sociopathy, narcissism, immature personality disorder, endangering minors.

– Demonic Possession.

– FREQUENT harassment by First Responders including Police and Sheriff Dept, Fire dept, Private ambulance companies, Lifeguards, City employees. Fake 911 calls, staged traffic accidents and traffic stops on target’s routes/destinations/ near target’s home.

– Fake reports to law enforcement by neighbors, family, coworkers, strangers re: need for mental welfare checks on target and alleged crimes committed by target. Goal is to draw as much attention as possible to target and target’s home by law enforcement.

– Frequent staged road/lane closures/blocking lanes for “road work”, power company, phone company, tree trimmers, construction, landscaping, trash collection.

– Workplace mobbing.

– Tampering w/ electronics, appliances, cars, computers, security alarm, cellphone, land line, clothing/footwear in target’s home and car.

– Impersonation of friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, doctors, dentists, therapists, store employees. Impersonation takes place in person, by phone, mail, email, and text.

Extreme form of identity fraud involving “replacement”, murder, or neutralization ( chemical lobotomy) of individuals to obtain their assets and make money off insurance scams. Possible covert murder  or secret imprisonment (NDAA) of individuals after which their identity is assumed by a “look-alike” fraud/criminal. Also known as identity fraud by “ghosting”.

– Use of “look-alikes” to frame targets for criminal activity. Use of “look-alikes” and fake employees by perps to help protect their accountability for fraud/ criminal activity.

– “Voice cloning”. Possible ability of perps to see through target’s eyes via nanotechnology or camera implants.

– Financial/ Life insurance fraud, attempt to take control of target’s finances/ assets. Attempt to put target under a conservatorship.

– Symbol harassment/sensitization: stickers, US flags, cellphones, Clothing brand/ Sports team logos, pinpoint pupils, owls, missing hubcaps, etc.

– Poisoning/drugging food, drinks. Swapping of food, cooked and store bought, including produce. Fresh/new/bulk food will be swapped out for a stale/expired/deformed version of the same food. Some of it looks like it was salvaged from a dumpster.

– Chemical and environmental harassment w/ inhalants and odors. Second hand smoke, exhaust fumes, marijuana fumes, pesticides, perfume, dust/dirt/sawdust clouds, spraying water at car.

– Possible manipulation of weather (rain/storms), darkening of sky, strong water currents.

– Possible/likely arson, gas leaks, explosions, etc.

– Redirection of phone calls, emails, texts, faxes, postal mail.

– Radio piracy. Interference with radio communications.

– Community bullying: rude/bizarre/manic/brazen/giddy behavior, synchronized skits/crowding; target ignored, blocked, ridiculed, vilified, rumors spread. Leering, staring, glaring, feigned expressions of wide-eyed shock (most idiotic looks ever). Public “shaming”. Tactics range from simple/childish/clown-like to shrewd/calculating/sophisticated.

– Staged/synchronized “run-ins” with former/present/future coworkers, classmates, neighbors, acquaintances, parish members, gym members, family members, patients/ clients/ customers, etc. while out in public. There are no coincidences with OGS/EH.

– Being “shadowed” around home interior by neighbors in adjoining apartments/condos (synchronized bathroom use/running water/toilet/ceiling fan). New neighbors renting/buying/inhabiting nearby homes for the sole purpose of harassment and surveillance. HOA’s, apt. managers, real estate agents complicit/involved.

-Endless construction projects around target’s home for the purpose of noise harassment and disruption of daily activities/ constant state of flux in surroundings to destabilize target.

– Widespread government, military, corporate, medical, psychiatric, religious, and academic corruption.

– Human trafficking/slavery. Non- consensual internet voyeurism/porn. Arms/drug trafficking.

– Possible cloaking of people/ objects w/ reflective materials to make the “invisible”.

– Possible implantation with microchips/RFID chips in teeth, joints, muscle tissue.

– Possible “disappearing” of targets via NDAA. (see next line.)

– Possible imprisonment of targets in secret prisons, work camps, or locked psychiatric institutions. (see next line.)

– Possible replacement of targets with identical actors/clones/robots/transhumans.

– Unemployment/Blacklisting. Homelessness/evictions/foreclosure/bankruptcy.

– Elimination of any and all social support for target (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors). Targeting of friends/family members including children and elderly. Targeting of pets.

– Agitating target w/ hyperactivity, crowding/swarming, invading personal space, kicking back of chair, continuous/repetitive movements in peripheral vision, causing vibrations.

– Xenophobia, a witch hunt. “Strategy of tension”, sheer ignorance. Betrayal, alienation, isolation, humiliation, shame, insensitivity, “double bind”.

– Muffled communication, speaking in low volumes/mumbling, garbled speech, thick/phony foreign accents, speech impediments, fast/non-stop talking, heavy breathing, fake coughing, feigned shortness of breath, speaking too loud, fuzzy/static/choppy phone connections, pressing phone buttons while talking, loud TV/radio/talking/baby crying in background, disconnected phone calls.

– Directed Conversation. Innuendo re: suicide, death, assault, mental illness, homelessness, unemployment.

– Referring to the target as subhuman or “it”, references to being captive in a zoo, guns, weapons, violence, jail, cruelty and using the word “target” frequently in conversation with and around the target.

– Remote Neural Monitoring/ Artificial telepathy via radio, TV, internet. Cough harassment, directed conversation via radio, TV, internet. Reading the target’s thoughts in real time and repeating them aloud or acting them out in front to target. Synchronizing harassment tactics to thoughts in real time.

– Expensive/late/sloppy work by mechanics, contractors, movers, house cleaners, print shops, hair stylists etc. Contractors damaging/breaking things inside home. Frequent price gauging and overcharging for services and goods.

– Infestation of home w/ insects, rodents, birds, etc. I came home one day to find hundreds of bees that had been forcefully shot into my home from the exhaust duct openings in the roof. My home was also infested with flies for months following a 3 day trip where a perp cat sitter had access to my home.

– Manipulation of indoor air temperature, hot/cold. “Broken” thermostats.

– Fascism, Socialism, Communism, and Nazism.

– A sick crime that completely destroys the victim’s quality of life and causes them to question, doubt, and lose trust in everything and everyone around them, including loved ones. Unknowing victims are watched and obsessed over by perps for years and years, only to have their life go up in an inferno when they finally find out what is going on; at which point perps will go to any length to completely discredit and destroy the target.

– Adult Bullying. Bullying on steroids. Hooliganism on crack. A complete destruction of trust. Apocalyptic street theater. Cinematic/surreal drama (“I feel like I’m in a movie”). A nightmare with your eyes open. The worst thing that can happen to you. A combination of the movies: Deliverance, Rosemary’s Baby, and Lord of the Flies. Gang Stalking IS the end of the world for the target.

– Technological slavery/public lynching/tar and feathering/quartering/ wooden stocks, etc. Constant taunting/antagonism/negativity to provoke a reaction from the target. Target is controlled to the point of paralysis  and powerlessness while they are repeated mentally raped. Target is made to feel they have no voice.

– Technological home invasion/rape/kidnapping/false imprisonment. All accomplished by stealth, bribes, manipulation, intimidation, coercion, abusing the “system”, and what seems like an endless trail of corruption and criminality. Technological “death squads”.

– A complete “Vivisection” of target’s mind, life, and whole world. Technological human sacrifice/skinning alive.

– “Death by a thousand paper cuts”, Being “buried alive”, having your “pants pulled down” and shamed like a child everywhere you go.

– Mental/physical exhaustion/fatigue of target and sensory overload by all the tactics listed above.

– Parallels to being a POW/MIA in your own home/city/state/country. Perps will actually brandish the POW/MIA flag to taunt targets.

– Hell on Earth. A spiritual war.

– NOT paranoia, schizophrenia, delusional disorder, narcissism, or a psychotic disorder. OGS may in fact cause a TI to develop a mental illness. OGS may in fact cause PTSD, severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, thoughts of harming self/others, and inability to trust anyone.

– NOT a joke, amusing, funny, a game, or impressive. If you are knowingly involved or complicit with OGS/EH in any way, shape, or form, you are in fact involved in a conspiracy to murder. It is sadistic abuse and for someone to be knowingly involved and think they are innocent just because “all I did was ____”  is overwhelming ignorance and denial. If you are not willing to walk up to a targeted individual in broad daylight and stab them, then you have no business participating in their psychological torture either. You don’t stab someone “just a little bit”, there is NOTHING innocent about it. It is indeed VIOLENT and ALL participants have blood on their hands. The above tactics are done repeatedly, deliberately, and with the intent to cause fear/harm. 

296 thoughts on “Organized Gang Stalking/ Electronic Harassment is…

  1. All the above is happening to me what can I do to stop it they have also illegally RFID chipped me with out my consent my tapped cell phone is 626 607 8728 my primary address is 11236 Saragosa st in Whittier ca 90606 my second address is 11617 painter ave in Whittier ca 90605 god bless you for this information please write to me or call me regarding how I can find help , I also need guidance in removing there RFID chip.

    • Gang stalking debunked. Electronic and covert harassment debunked. What we are all dealing with is direct interaction with an omniscient energy lifeform that lives in us and everything else. Some refer to this energy being as God.

      Our species is being synchronized which is the reason we feel like we are being stalked.

      We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution. Dormant DNA is being activated in each of us which is causing the strange sensations going on in our bodies. We are being upgraded.

      Directed energy weapons are not being used against us rather it’s an energy being that is trying to reveal itself in us and is trying to communicate with us.

      We are all connected in a divine matrix via quantum/mental entanglement.

      I’ve been asked to teach the planet. I have an abundance of info and documentation, photos etc that are being prepared for release soon.

      Here is a rough idea of what is actually going on at

      Thomas Hunt

  2. I’ve been targeted since childhood. I’m now very sick, have skin lesions, bizarre headaches, have had several bouts of pneumonia, constant sinus problems, mees lines on my finger nails, blackouts, etc. I’m a 39 year old man. I used to be very healthy and active, but their medical experiments and toxins have reduced me to a weak and scrawny man. I’m now homeless, and find it very difficult to just get to work. What I want to point out, is that most of these perpetrators will claim to be religious. From my own experience I can tell you that they are (mostly) psychopathic narcissistic predators who enjoy every minute of their harassment and torture. It makes it that much more difficult for their victims to handle, considering some of these monsters to be Godly people, or concerned narcissistic, sociopathic, citizens. A few maybe, but to most this is an exercise in ego, bullying, control, etc and they seem to derive great pleasure from your pain.

    Using history as any indicator would have told us what to expect. I’m going to probably die from my harassment and not because of Jesus, but because of ignorance, revenge, vengeance, money, control, arrogance, etc etc etc. I’ve heard that depopulation has already begun, and that the majority will be eliminated. A few years ago that would have sounded outrageous to me, but now it doesn’t just seem highly likely, the evidence looks undeniable. Call me a conspiracy nut, but I can only go based on my own experience and the evidence available. The evidence is there for all who “choose” to see.

    You are about to become a third world country. You’re already a debt slave, and the full scale lockdown is almost complete. They say that when you’re targeted you can’t even find sanctuary in other countries. Your problems follow you everywhere.

    Your new master is not waiting for you to find Jesus, he’s waiting for you to succumb to his will. This is a tragic tale, and when told as history will probably be full of disinformation and appear to have been necessary.

    If you’re not bleeding out of your orifices,
    homeless, unemployed, targeted for extermination, suffering from some man made disease then you probably have it better than 40% of your fellows. (So far)
    I’ve heard so many rumours on the internet (planets, meteors, headed our way, water shortages, war, radiation problems etc) that it’s hard to know what to think.

    I hope that some of you will make it out alive and in good health. Either way, no one lives here forever.

    • Gang stalking debunked. Targeted Individuals debunked. Electronic and covert harassment debunked. Satellite terrorism debunked. Mind control debunked. The sinister government conspiracy myth has been mistakenly intertwined with what is in actuality happening to all of us. THERE IS ANOTHER EXPLANATION FOR ALL OF THIS – SOMETHING VERY SUPERNATURAL!!!

      My name is Thomas Hunt – Im the first and only one to have decoded and deciphered God’s New Lexicon for Communicating with Humanity.

      What is very disconcerting and alarming is the fact that virtually all the information on the internet is, in fact, DISINFORMATION – IT’S JUST PLAIN WRONG. However, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just that none of us were prepared for ENCOUNTERING SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL (God) so we found explanations that seemed to fit the symptoms. All of this “seemingly sincere” disinformation has created an absolute “knowledge epidemic nightmare” and has resulted in a worldwide “paranoia tsunami”.

      THE TRUTH: what we are all dealing with is direct interaction with an omniscient, omnipresent, omni-cognizant energy life form that is trying to teach us to communicate telepathically. Some refer to this as God.

      Our species is being synchronized which is the reason we feel like we are being stalked. We are each the centerpoint of a virtual dome in which everything is synchronized to our movements and thoughts.

      We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution. Dormant DNA is being activated in each of us. We are being upgraded and transformed into human hybrid energy beings which is why we are feeling these strange energy sensations all over from head to toe.

      Directed energy weapons and electronic harassment are not being used against us rather it’s an energy lifeform that is revealing itself in us and is trying to teach us a lexicon for communicating. I will be revealing God’s New Lexicon in the coming months. I’ll give you a hint and tell you that God communicates through all your senses and has been conditioning us this whole time.

      God talks to us, among many ways, thru other people via hand signals. All hand signals people are seeing fall under one of these meanings: one direction, relax, see, think, or God.

      More info here:

      Thomas Hunt

      • Spiritual warfare in the physical realm often knowing who the perpetrators are and will not come face to face with the victims. This digital age has become lawless and the perpetrators are trying to kill us, but God said His grace is sufficient. Don’t give up on yourself don’t give up the fight.

      • I have been yelling at me calling me foul names day and night. Aggressive noise campaigns. Stalking. Etc. This torture is not from a loving God; but sadistic group of evil people such as drug traffickers. If you were a real target you wouldn’t be spreading these new age synchronized answers. I agree that it is a spiritual battle.

    • The symptoms you are displaying are not from electronic warfare. My kid used microwave 4-ft towers in Afghanistan to assault the local people. He also used imidacloprid, and other toxins like organophosphates. You are showing skin lesions, those come from the skin being reduced health wise due to the toxins. Two things can help-first clean up the toxin, it will usually be on your clothes, a window near where you breathe, or a pipe in the wall like a hot water heater vent, or a heater vent. Use 5 capfuls of ammonia in a bucket of hot water. If you start hearing voices too, it is not due to being crazy, it is due to the presence of a toxic cleaner that was used on people also, especially during the first gulf war, and it largely responsible for the burn pit lung problems. It will give you mouth and facial sores. Both will disappear when cleaned up, it’s 2-butoxy ethanol a binding acid agent, usually mixed with phosphoric acid or ammonium chloride. The 2-butoxy needs calcium carbonate to be cleaned up correctly, it’s cheap and needs to sit in a light solution of it on top of the area. You can check to look for it if either is dried, leaves a black outline, burns thru wood.

      Imidacloprid can be countermanded by Ativan, a benzodiazepine, and Benadryl. The 2-butoxy can be treated with tums, as it is made from calcium carbonate. If you start getting bruises, add vitamin c supplements and a b complex to fight it, and get away.

      Try putting a cheap camera up at night and where you stay during the day. iSpy makes free software for it.

      Imidaclorpid will make you manic and have a fibromyalgia like brain fog. I think nationwide this is being done on purpose to control the population by the Koch brothers. It is why so many people are getting fibro and other diseases, and why vinegar has returned as a cleaning agent in stores-2 butoxy can be antidoted with vinegar, followed by fruit juice. I got all of this from the msds’s once I figured out what was happening. It happened to me because I testified about my Father’s death thru plutonium exposure and Los Alamos National Lab lying about it during the public hearing in Santa Fe for the CMRR2 building, which they checked on hat I said and decided not to build it. A Sgt. Regenold, Mormon, then went after us, same as what happened at Hanford site, he followed us, got our postal guy to steal our mail, then talked to the undersheriff up here and got him to make a deal with a convicted felon (for drugs) maintenance man to spray the stuff (undersheriff was already using it on his tenants) and then get into our mailbox since the landlord had an illegal copy of it. He also turned off our electricity, and sprayed the 2-butoxy/phopsphoric acid combo on our porch, and I made a video of the destruction it did on youtube. Look up lilburnlewis. It causes migraines, and people spray it on the roofs of cars, and it causes auditory hallucinations where you hear water and other noises soundling like something else, as it interferes with the chems and bones in our inner ear. Water sounds like voices. It goes away once you detox it, and get away from it.

      I found out local Mormons and other religious people were working for and with the local cops, covering for people bringing drugs into town, and getting more arrests by making snitch deals with the dealers. The guy I turned in, Steve Geisik, finally got busted for raping another little girl, this one 12 and not 10, and dealing drugs. He’s in jail, in THEIR jail.

      Tell everyone. You can get a wordpress site quickly, and then get a tox screen if you can, or use the above to get yourself straight. The skin lesions will get better over time and lack of poisoning. If you go to a Dr., tell them you were on the street and a shop owner sprayed you with the chems because you are homeless, so they will not use your testimony to involuntarily commit you.

      No one may live here forever, but Jesus got me thru this far, we’ll finish the race together, and every day you live, it makes them know they lost.

      Daugharty sucks.

      Try what I said. You can heal.

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    • vinny… hello. u sound so much like some-one i used to knw. what r the chances considering im in south africa. i too am a target by cyber, ritual and gangstalking. i am also a addict in recovery by pure grace frm above. im also a neg blood type. i have spent thousands of hours on the internet looking for an answer. nothing i have read sits quite right for me tho. they say i was/am vain and thats why i have morgellons. what a load of utter crap. simply – we r the virus in their system thats the only reason

      • I’m also from South Africa. Sometimes leading the enemy down fruitless paths of research with slightly erroneous logic that leads to an endless maze of false assumptions and deductions seems to entertain them. “They” (lower astrals) feed off human emotional energy. They do not have a natural energy source like a dimension. They would need to create an energy source for themselves and they have. It is human fear and its associated emotions like anger, aggression, stress and guilt. When they perceive they are being prevented from just achieving rewards, there frustration is likely to turn to aggression. The why of it all is so they can take your energy – it makes him feel good.

        Seems most non-consensual human experimentation subjects are empaths.

        Seems spiritual awakening will result in torture.

        “The mind wants to control something weaker, do what has been done to it, in order to feel it is not the victim. This is the root phenomenon happening behind all abuses.”

    • I’m a 34 yr old man and I am organized stalked too. By my mother at home, at work by others. I have watched work friends turn on me. Real world friends never come near me. Women never show an interest except for perp women. I think other relatives are involved. I have contemplated suicide more now but yet I stay here. I think I’m not allowed to leave cuz of that silent sound mind control BS. My life went from one personal hell to another my whole life. I think I know why this is happening but I do not. Hmmph, I’ll never reincarnate on earth again. THIS IS HELL.

      • I’m a victim also in Ohio I have written letters of help because I don’t know when they are actually going to kill me but they keep saying they hate me and are going to kill me. I’m calling for help to every government agency I can. Least they will know I been writing the truth an who they are. I hope the law will see this evil illegal crime and do their job

      • I have the same experience. It were relly hard to accept that my family played a role in my enslavement. The emptyness loneliness and despair is unbearable. Sad movies, sad songs help.
        Watch: Two Decades of Torture by the Woman We Called Mum.

    • I’m a Sunday school teacher an am going through this evil illegal crime also. Remember when the apostle Paul was sent a messenger from satin, he asked God to take it away. God I said my grace is sufficient. Jesus asked the father to take this cup away, then Jesus said never the less not my will but thy will be done. we are instructed by the word to love your enemies bless them that curse you an pray for those who hate you. Let’s ask God to strengthen us in this. And let’s pray for those who are going through this evil also. My name is Jonathan Brown 9373890504

  3. I am a victim of organized stalking and gang intimidation and many of the above. Please contact me if any of the following sound familiar to you because I am sure I’m not the only one these criminals have been attempting to intimidate. Stalking with verbal abuse, life and family being threatened, radio used to project voices into home. People stating they can see you and know what you are wearing/doing. Stating they are “untouchable” and “this is how we eat” meaning they make money off of the victim. They also stated they will not leave me alone until I pay them $20,000

    • hey email I have been gang stalked and electronic weapons have been used on me for over 3 years I can help you .. email I will give u my phone number to call me I will explain it
      god loves u unconditionally

    • In my experience,
      Voices and sounds: It seems they are trying to eliminate you from you’re physical body.
      They are seeing everything through you’re eyes and are trying to make u paranoid. Panic gives them more control.
      Eating from you’re emotional energy.
      Family members could b involved.
      Don’t pay .

  4. The gang stalking phenomena is misunderstood. What we are all experiencing is the side effects and symptoms of seeing the human species being supernaturally synchronized. There is no stalking. Not even a little bit. More here:

    Thomas Hunt

  5. My name is Thomas Hunt and I was in gang stalking hell for 5 years. The gang stalking phenomena is not only misunderstood but it has also become a global crisis.

    Today, I seem to be the only person on the planet that has escaped the grips of being a targeted individual and a victim of gang stalking.

    Over the last 5 years I’ve experienced this phenomena in 10 different cities across the U.S. I still see it and feel it everyday and everywhere. However, I’ve determined that it is not stalking and it’s not a conspiracy and I’m not crazy and neither are you. But there is something going on.

    I’ve decoded the truth and it is 100% accurate. What we are all experiencing is the side effects and symptoms of seeing the human species being supernaturally synchronized around us. There is no stalking. Not even a little bit. More here:

    Thomas Hunt

      • I became aware of this gang stalking happening to me about 3 years ago, but it was happening long time before that. I am followed harassed every where I go. I am microwaved by every tom dick and harry it seems like. On the buses, trains, in subway stations, in my hotel rooms even as I am writing this. It is 5:06am and they are still on me ! They ran me out of my apt. Now I am homeless and so I am taking the battle to them, letting people know I’m a T. I. And not taking any crap from any perps!

  6. I am not a Targeted individual but i came across this post and i understand your ordeal. It is inhumane if it is really happening. All i can do is to pray for all the people who are victims of Gang Stalking. May God be with you…

  7. Is there a Dr professional someone UK expert in this field prepared to diagnosis report crime support victim detect and surveillance protect disabled child and single mother and their home – already had sectioned once!

  8. I need help. I discovered a child gang raping ring. And the y have been stalking torturing drugging and raping myself and initially my child also. But they have connections and CP’s planned parent hood yellow cab many more but so CE no o be believed me no did anything. U til the FBI took the case but for some reason they refuse to protect me. Its a lotvworse but I have tumors on my spine breasts and nodules in my armpits and fevers daily I literally can’t leave where at do you anyone that can help me. 9166674206 you can see everything on my Google plus casssmom2015 @gmail Its so lethal yet no one cares. Please I served 21 years in the navy retired single mom and this child predator organization is very connected and over200 I’m not gonna last past next week its full blast straighrt at my breast ovaries spine and head. I need a lawyer I have all the proof I even wrote the president. He hacks everything he purposely destroys everything in my life
    I just want to get away from these people I’ve moved seven times. what I need is the news

  9. I know for a fact that what I just read about gangstalking is true first hand. I am going to fight back! Either iam going to get to the bottom of this or die trying… Lol how could these stupid uneducated assholes underestamate my minds physical and spiritual strength. They obviously don’t know me. Whatever it takes allballs out!

    • A series of events happened that have completely destroyed my entire families lives. I dated a guy discovered that him and his friends have been drugging and raping myself and my two daughters. I tried to report this to the police cases were opened but never investigated. Then I started getting burglarized. We moved a total of nine times. This group of people have done things to my hair so that people looked at me and wouldn’t want to help us or assumed things that weren’t true but looking back it has been the most devastating thing they have done. I wake up with feces and urine glued in my hair. But as I was saying they have attached themselves to me moving where I move actually figure out ways to get on the inside at least one person is inside the walls so to speak at any given time. Fi ding out where you put things noting phone calls planning and plotting your movements when you won’t be home and when you will. And getting any passwords debit or credit card numbers anything verified over a speaker phone or within ear shot and use that information to hack into any and all accounts so that they can syphon any and all funds from you to them. My pitcher of sweet tea that I always had in my fridgerater was their way to drug me without me noticing a difference in taste ir smell. Any and all times that your eyes are closed is a victory for them. Once you close your eyes they control your entire life. I would get drugged wake up twelve hours later with pictures left on my cell phone of what they did to me while I was unconscious. Usually gang raped and sodomized. I’d wake up with parts of my body swollen sore scratched followed by huge bruising. My money would be gone from my purse anything in my home they wanted they took and I would call the police and they all treated me like I was crazy. I had CP’s called on me and that was the start of my eyes being opened to vast corruption. My child has been gone from me for two years even though I went in front of the judge in placer county and with my entire family in attendance a representative from the VA a social worker the judge thru all allegations out and ordered a criminal case be ordered open and ordered a CP’s investigation but on the advise of my lawyer requested a change of venew so on the transfer into sacramento county all the original court documents were replaced with a single hand written document forged by the CP’s worker stating that I was guilty and I wanted to give up the rights of my child and she has been gone ever since. And what’s worse is that on my visits with my child I get electronically blasted to the point of smelling my own tissue burning cardiac chest pain nausea committing diarrhea breast tissue sharp pains ovarian pain all while visiting with my child for the one hour I get whenever CP’s feels like it. Even though I know that she is safe why can’t I be safe too. I had moved to an apartment and I had tobwalk away from all my household goods because I wasn’t safe even attempting to go inside my apartment. Besides getting gang stalked while they’re using electronic weapons on me which are more lethal then real guns they also constantly are shooting at me. Finally I went to the FBI and they agreed to take my case but its not like their stopping what these people are doing and now I am running out of time I have tumors all over I have completely been robbed of every single dime my child my license my vehicles but what the law doesn’t get is how close they are and how lethal their weapons are and by the time they figure it out I will already be dead. I just want what little time I have left spent without them in my life and my child back. My mom is doing well because of all this and she is going to die before I getvto spend anytime with her because I can’t bring these people around my family and subject them to their terror. I have written to everyone even the President and have gotten no where. I need help today this hour this very minute and I need a magic pill to cure all the cancer they have given me two dogs and a canary have already died because of them using these weapons. I just wanted my life and my family back and no one not one person will do anything to right all the wrings they have done and sadly I am not the only one. But if I could get the news or a lawyer or anyway to bring this to the light of the public I think if more people knew justice would soon follow.

  10. This is my life but worse. I discovered a group of child rapists how they worked how they’ve got ins everywhere and in twenty years I’m the first to get this far and my daughters were raped and sodomized and drugged and its not OK. In order to keep their freedom they had a social worker change court documents that ordered my child home and ordered a criminal investigation so in order to stay free the social worker redirected bullshit and has kept my child in. A CP’s loop hole and has left me with only myself to spend each and everyday just trying to stay alive until I go to sleep.

  11. If you are

    -Any UCSD Student or Staff member asked to follow someone on campus or the NCTD or MTS Bus systems,trolley systems, or train systems. You should file a complaint today,. The person you tried to follow knew what you were doing and had friends observe you. The organized FaceBook group used to stalk the person was compromised and the contact list used against you over a long term.

    -If you are a North County Transit Route 101 Bus driver or Rider and were asked to follow or monitor another rider, File a complaint today.

    -Any employee of the dozen or so companies asked to follow an individual on the MTS Bus, Trolley or Train system. should file a complaint.

    -Any Patron or Employee of Starbucks Coffee and other coffee shops asked to follow or monitor, sit behind A PATRON AFTER STRIKING HIS/HER VEHICLE. Should file a claim. You were probably followed home. The Facebook page you used for communications was infiltrated by dozens of people.

    -Any Restaurant or bar patrons or employees asked to follow an individual by the police, should file a complaint against the police.

    -MTS Drivers or Patrons, Homeless persons who followed a individual or were asked to flatten the bike tires or car tires of the individual should file a complaint against the police. The person is aware of your identity.

    Active in 2007-2009 on the MTS Trolley 2010 Carlsbad, California 2012 to 2013 on the MTS Trolley and Bus line to the UTC area 2014 on the MTS and NCTD lines

    -Any Taxi Company driver asked to follow a person should file a claim

    SDPD and SD County Sheriff and other agencies are desperate to cover up the fact that they instructed a dozen San Diego employers to vandalize employee vehicles and place feces on the employees desk as part of a undercover operation. The police management is aware the tactics are being used.

    The employee of the companies are divided and turn against each other making online complaints about the situation forced on them.

    The police fire a bb gun at the person’s car, one shot per day, causing small dents.

    Change the oil with a solvent causing motor damage.

    Follow people into the bathroom and film over the partition with a cell phone camera

    Place a transponder on the vehicle and use it for vandalism purposes.

    Throw cups of urine on the door handles of the car

    Point weapons at the targeted person

    Place feces on the desk or telephone of the targeted person while they are at lunch.

    The Police handed out the car keys to the employees of the cooperating companies since 2007 so that a targeted vehicle could illegally be entered.

    The police used a jamming device to disable pager notification when the vehicle alarm sounded

    The police instructed people to ram their cars into the bumper of a target vehicle causing damage

    After vandalizing cars at the encouragement of the police, the company employees call the cops on themselves because they are afraid and file a false report.

    The guilty parties (police) are desperate to cover up the car vandalism and other illegal acts. They file totally false police reports for the purpose of extending the surveillance.


  12. I am a victim and I have a child. The organised harassment is now at a stage where all my phones with family contacts have been blocked/damaged. I get no internet at home even though I bought an internet bundle for 10 euros Lebara after a few minutes I was disconnected. The sim reports a message saying owner dead, I do not know who has given them the false report or what the motive is. my mobile sim yesterday was stopped after a teacher tried to call me back after I requested his help to report the crime to Interpole and since then it says sim not provisioned – it is a Lyca sim. All avenue for finances and work are being sabotaged, my email is blocked, the person that has let the apartment we are in refuses to replace the lock to the back door that they removed before we moved in ; I am a graduate, a christian and I ran to France to escape the harassment but they followed us. What is the ulterior motive please help but do not respond rudely if you are not familiar with the crime Ana

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    • There’s a large group of sexual predators in the Sacramento area using this method. I have pictures I have tons of evidence and no one will do anything about it And this is why its a pandemic travesty. By doing nothing law enforcement and or government are condoning it

      • I feel your pain, I’m wondering if anyone in the Phoenix Arizona area have been or are targets of this evil illegal crime. I know someone who came from Phoenix Arizona who has targeted me. His wife divorced him and it’s been said that he raped his step daughter

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  15. i have been getting gang stocked for 3 years now i moved from lac laronge sask to burstall saskatchewan.i know who are all involved including terror sqaud the gang.and aj nelson and darrel deckett from airronge sask they were running a cult.i know what they are using and have pictures to back it up.these guys are contantly watching pointing direct energy weapons at me.these guys and women and even there children are involved in doing this.when it hits u it feels like an electrical source going through my body.and they talk to much but they are like anyone else they messed up.and in burstall sask they will not have that help they had from people in laronge sask a bunch of drugged out natives.these people are losers,drug addicts,and of course murders.and im not allowing these people to harrass me and use shit on me they have no right to do to me and my family.

    • I discovered a child rape ring and they think killing me is going to keep them our of prison. The problem is cps planned parenthood some law enforcement and every crackhead homeless person every taxi driver and half the chinese people in northern california are after me. I have written to everyone and its just getting worse. I need to be able to protect my self because no one else is willing to.i need real help and im not getting it. Everywhere i move they move too. They have this thung called in the wall where some live within the attics i have had them even buy the properrty where i lived. I need to beable to move where they cant get to me.

  16. My name is Michael bomberry I know who these people are that doing this to .I try and try to ask them to stop but he says ‘you want pain i’ll give you pain ‘ this voice to skull is very bad ,4yrs everyday and they tell me we thought you liked this,I need your help desperately,do you have a pro Bono .they have children and if they do this to me ,well……

    • I believe every word you said. I know who my no heart punks are also. Can’t even man up. Mine are 2 half brothers Ronald an Dwayne. He brought this evil illegal crime from Phoenix Arizona. I’m in Ohio dayton Ohio. I was homeless for 3 yrs, 9yr usmc veteran who suffer from disabilities. I was still in a shelter. He came to me. I thought I was helping him b
      Allowing him to move into my home. We really had no brother relationship in 30 yrs. Had I known he was plotting planting devices in my house, no ! Way !would I have been helping this evil devil. He is out of my house but this crap has only gotten worse. He has his brother and his brothers wife joining in now like it’s a sport. I even had to go to emergency last week. They gonna get theirs soon.fight back !! Don’t give up. I’m telling family, friends, an the law until they brought to justice. This is mischievous, dirty, lacheviousness , deceitful an ever
      evil under the sun.


    • I have reported it to everyone the FBI the police I even wrote to the president. I cannot get away from them because they made sure I lost my license over fix it tickets then the same policenthat took my child with cps who are about of this drugged human trfficking ring impounded my truck and then sold it to themselves. Ive moved like 9 times but I cant get away without them knowing exactly where i am at. This has to end because i am not going to live thru this and you would think that there would be enough private citizens that want to stop child raping sex trafficking ring enough to help. I just need to get my kid and get the hell out of herevbecause sacramento county is fucked they are actually letting this subculture exist their not stopping the people i risked my life time and time again to expose. I wish i could get any real help.

      • I know how you are feeling. I’m trying to get justice also. I know who my perps are also 2half brothers an one of their wife.police won’t believe me the veterans administration don’t believe me, I live in dayton ohio. I feel my life is in danger like my brothers are attempting to kill me through illegal monitoring stalking mind control electronic shocks hearing subtle voices harassment stalking causing serious pain an shocks all over my body especially my private area and heart. It is a crime in Ohio, an like you I need help. What is it going to take to get justice. This is serious an real. Keep fighting for your life and keep putting this evil truth out. I believe someone will stand on our the victims behalf

  18. I have to apogize about qll the typing errors its hard to type with someone hacked into your phone flipping screens changing screens and trying to make you look less credible to keep them from being exposed.

  19. Does the general population know anything about illegal monitoring stalking harassment mind control electronic shocks hearing subtle voices etc etc.well yeah !!!!.we the victims are part we the people. I’m being gang stalked I know who these wimps are I call them the demon squad. Yes a squad in the devil’s army.AN that means. Aren’t. Really. Men. Yet. Get it? They all are punks who don’t have what it takes to man up. They will get their just do.

    • Thank you i feel the same way. I dont know if i will be around when justice catches up to them because they are hitting me hard. My brain makes singeing noises. I got burns right down through my heart and if I have to walk to far by the time I get where Im going I have a new tumor on my back. How do you get law enforcement to stop them from killing you? I want to survive doing the right thing.

  20. I honestly had to call 911 last night. They came, an I know my discernment is updated.They were critically looking at me as being scitsophrantic. All the while my heart was beating like a drum set, sweating, shaking, nervous system shot.I went to the hospital begging pleading for them to just listen to me and read my notes. 3 police even said oh, this is that Jonathan Brown who has posted these stories on line. Acknowledging the truth which is an illegal crime in dayton ohio? I’m home now whither another med order. Somehow we have to make a stand a strong serious stand. I really believe that the perps are enjoying this mischievous, hateful, evil, dirty, devious conniving ,demonic ,illegal crime.we gotta come together an fight these wimps.

    • I absolutely understand you just want to say at least i vestigate to a certain point. It doesnt matter if you have a mental health issue. Bad shit happens to everyone. They say that 25% of Sacramento county will have a me tal health issue at least once in their life time. So what they dont investigate 25 percent of crimes and this is where criminals hide and get away with child crimes viloent ones because no one is keeping the crimes involving persons with disabilities and no one cares. This is where they need to come full force. Shit theres no stigmata theres no nada.

    • Jonathon. I want you to get a cellphone that just takes pictures. This is what you look fo4. At night cars passing by that have only one white light in the fromt or white lights in the back. This is line of sight direct energy so it points to where it came from. Take pictures of everything and post it to google plus. Send any cool stuff to the NSA DE_TEAM@NSA.GOV. Be loud they already think your crazy you got nothing to lose. The best advise take off your shoes and socks stand in the grass dirt. It will ground you. Use emf detector app. Post everything over 65. No wifi no bluettoth no fancy cable just basic. Shave your head. They put a conductor green shimmery metal stuff in your hair yojr shampoo. If u dont shave your head lock your shampoo up. Carry baby aspirin. Sleep changes brain waves take benadryl. And just remeber you have the right to not die to protect yourself. Escalation of force. You go bigger. Write to everyone be loud. Dont let them give you cancer. Ground yourself use ppe. And punk them in public confront them ask them why and dont let them smell any fear. Like confronting a bear be bigger than you are

      • I went to the hospital 2days ago emergency the wimps had my heart beating like a drum set, my nerves jumping, swet, remember these wimps are 2 of my half brothers Ronald an Dwayne. I took the opportunity to tell the truth about what was really happening to me. I even brought all my notes on this matter illegal monitoring stalking harassment painful shocks hearing subtle voices gang stalked laser lights everything. Emphasizing it is true and is a crime here in dayton ohio. Well as soon I walked into my home they are right back to causing serious pain. Brothers. A crime is a crime no matter how big or small. All day they are targeting my head the shocks don’t stop and the same thing is happening to my heart. I’m going to call 911 again. If I don’t make it through this day. All victims please don’t give up or give in. These evil cowards ,wimps, gutless, heartless demons have to be brought to justice.

      • A man i dated drugged and raped me and my daughters for 4 years and we didnt know his friends wrapped us in plastic and sodomized us for 4 years and sold the videos as child crime rap porn and they rhink killing me will keep them out of jail its been six years i want my life my family back they cant replace six years and in that six years u know how many more children have been hurt because the police wont just open their eyes think outside the box i served 21 years in the navy only to be murdered by these evil psychos that no one wants to arrest i cant take it anymore kidney cancer tumors on my spine just fucking shoot me already

      • No dear, I know I feel your pain. U gonna live an not die. I was feeling the same way an know who my betrayders are. They have even started causing even more torturous, evil mischievous and deadly pains to specific parts of my body, head,heart, stomach, etc etc. Now speaking very plain, wanting me to know who they are. In the last 2 days I probably got 3 an a half hours sleep , painful an torturing sleep, not knowing if I would awaken. Baby, even right now 6:21pm.1/30/2016 the 3 have not let up. You have a lot to fight for so don’t give up the fight for your life. I really wish we could meet. You are going to live an not die.

  21. My problem is this. A half brother came from Phoenix Arizona Ronald Brown. I let him move in with me. he planted monitoring devices in my house without my permission. He started watching my every move, sending subtle voices, shocks, pain, eye pain, ear pain, head pain chest pain, heart pain, 24 /7.even my private areas. This has gone on for over a year. Even though I called the police on him in Ohio this crime seems to be overlooked. He got out of my house in December however the harassment and torture and pain an monitoring illegally has not stopped. His wife divorced him. It’s been said he raped his step daughter. He worked in the electronic field an is very crafty. He even wants me to know it is him and another half brother doing this evil to me I’ve even had to go to emergency last week. I am not his first rodeo. I wonder who he has victimized in Phoenix. Is he on the run or what. Somebody in Phoenix Arizona please respond to this true story. These criminal wimps must be brought to justice. This is a evil mischievous low life crime. Whoever u are let’s talk. God bless.

    • Everything that they are doing causes cancer and it will eventually kill you. Im trying to expose the Sacramento to Oklahoma child rape ring for what they did to my daughters and myself and what they are still doing. I have lost everything. Theyve stolen my vehicles and since they seem to know how much to pay people to get what they want ive been evicted from every place so now i cant move anywhere. Im not leaving without my daughter but as soon as i get her back rhey wont ever see us again. They sold the videos they made off of the crimes they committed against us and live in huge house drive mercedes lexus and it is all run by cos sacsheriff and planned parenthood. I need a lawyer to fix everything theyvr destroyed. They got into my va retirement account and just extort the shit out of me and everyone is letting them so they can continue raping little girls and selling it as child crime rape porn. If i had any help i could expose them enough to stop them. But propably not before they kill me

  22. I need help I’m going thru electronic rape and want help getting these nasty criminals to leave me alone. Please help me somehow

    • Hope ur not a mom go tothe fbi tomorrow and talk wit the 209 or justtell them u have a 209 case if u have already relentlessly called 911 and they patrinized or you feel they didnt act appropriatly for the situation tell the fbi u have a 209 case i pray you dont have kids if you do when you find out what happen3d you better fight to get them kids away and to safety

  23. Please! Somebody help me! I’m completely isolated and I’m watching strangers live in and out of my home as I sleep in the streets pregnant and homeless with the police only laughing at me when I call them to help me get back in my home I’m followed everywhere I go I cannot look at certain websites I cannot make certain phone calls I cannot do anything to better myself I am so close to getting placed into jail for no reason its not even funny I cannot even reach my children or talk to them everything I do is wrong I’ve had vehicular damage I’ve had people it’s just awful I’m not going to live like this alone or survive I need somebody to help me I need to go live with somebody and need to feel safe again!! Every single night is a war to fight that I am not strong enough for! I was almost shot and killed in my home and the police arrested me when I went to report this then! My family is not here for me I have nobody! Somebody please my god please!

  24. They can do a type of sex offend(But remember this is using language that nature!) we don’t want to blame these people they get set up and abused also!) you even if they are not really one them selves, try to flip your life toward entrapping YOU verbally making life miserable and even saying they will try to take away your money or savings account! it’s the same as kidnapping you through a verbal threat system if you try to get help or say anything to anyone else they will hurt you, eliminate you and your pets and your life totally through false information or set up information from a paid sabotage investigative set- up claiming they will tell everyone and try to screw you up with the local police also!! These implants can be set to track you also, with tracking soft wear initiated in that same little implant ( and in some cases Covert dental Nano implants also!) item which ever one they have..( with satellite hacked or through i-phone, computer, or cell phone excetra! And if they are in a position to be able to know when you are home and gone they can talk to you saying ( we know your not home ,we will kill your dog ,break in your home , and ruin any enjoyment you have and totally ruin your like while even hoping this will effect your job and married life! We heard there is a person in Central Wisconsin having this trouble and the criminals say You have no way out and the cops won’t ever help you It’s gamble either way because you don’t know what or whom to believe but then it puts you in a frightened never ending situation and that is why ALL POLICE in every state needs to learn all about this technology so they don’t laugh at your or have you put away in a nut house, because this is what it is all about when being abused by the implant technological It is a” mind Nano electric Implant Telepathic verbal destruction and damage to you with a type of prison world you with no one to get help form because only techy people understand and it is ignored because the cops just don’t know it’s being abused in their area… And this is where a person can find out all about this stuff:
    Frychek’s special solution’s investigations Chicago il
    Mind control and gang gas lighting harassment system! They use this with a muffler type spraying situations, but no one knows what these people spray out of their mufflers!
    mind control using implants , there is hundreds of places to find out this information AND Patents for all of them!
    These are control mad people trying to set up a war and or a control you for their own purpose!
    Quote (And not done by Government/Police/Law/or Presidential systems)
    They all ready have way to much to do in their lives with trying to keep our whole earth safe!

    • It’s hard to believe fact.I’m going through this same evil illegal crime monitoring stalking harassment painful shocks hearing subtle voices harassment causing serious bodily pain especially around my heart area my chest my eyes my penis and rectum. I know who they are my half brothers Ronald Brown Dwayne Brown an Dwaynes wife Johnny. 24/7.I write daily evidence. Ronald Brown has been doing this for a while in Phoenix Arizona to his former step daughter and now here in Ohio dayton ohio. I want to hurt them. All I did was let him into my home to get on his feet. He thrives on living with folk to do this evil. They Ronald Brown Dwayne Brown an Johnny Dwaynes wife need to be brought to justice. Johnny is always saying let’s kill him now. These men are pussys

  25. I get OOB Out of body perps a lot, oh and I am gang/organized stalked everywhere and everything I do. Even on the game destiny pvp believe it or not lol, the lengths. This is hell, one personal hell after another since childhood why the hell won’t they just kill us a gun shot to the head would be better than this shit. I feel like I have been kept alive for this shit, if I’m so evil then kill me shit. I am beginning to hate ppl more now. I have resorted to speaking to ghosts instead of ppl with my gifts and they are just as sneaky. Wow this world is screwed up. They might as well elect a real dictator with the way country is. I’ve ranted enough sry.

  26. My name Michael Bomberry kevin Thompson and Shacoy moore are using qu-wave on me.everyday they torture me watch your kids .they use electronic harassment devices to grab my genitals .this is going on for 7yrs voice to skull death threats .won’t let me sleep if you know them be careful of them they live in or by Tempe az Guadalupe az

  27. I am a victim of mass gangstalking and emf attempted murder. I live in Sacramento and its done by sacsheriff cps county workers all to keep cgild rapists violent sexual predators from going to prison. Your murdering so children bcan be gang sodomized and murdered. Under title 18 civil rights a conspiracy to commit murder you can be charged as a terrorisr and given min 20 years. If someone is doing this to you use your cell phone record and post on you tube then go to the fbi website and report it. Children are our most precious resource and if you find yourself on thia fathers day murdering to keep child rapists in kids then simply shoot yourself. Your disgusting and if your doing this with your kids and dogs in tow then thats chikd endangerment abd your killing your kids abd pets with cancer all because a your dating a child rapists. Pull your head out of your ass no dick is worth 20 years and dead kids and pets

    • (To:casssmom2015
      In my experience what they use are radio frequencies. Moving may not help, but different types of metals may.

      Mu metals,Mylar blankets, copper, argon mesh blankets. Signal jammers may work as well. I hope you get well and that your situation gets better as well. Sharing your story with alternative media may help you as well.
      If they put you to sleep and enter your home I would suggest heavier locks. In my experience actual objects can be moved. Heavy locks may help.
      To avoid your sleep signal argon mesh is reported to help. Source (counter
      The skin irritation is possibly an energy beam of some sort. C.T (counter truth) discusses in detail different ways of protecting yourself. GS (stalking) is more known so I would reconsider asking for help. Alternative media, media and anyone you deem necessary.
      Search: “FARADAY Cage” for more info.
      Electronic tampering or the cell phone stuff if a combination of RF (radio frequency) and something else. RF blockers will help. This is significant to help your voice be heard.
      I hope this helps.)
      \(^-^)/ hug!!!

  28. I have been a target for months now. They send helicopters over me everywhere I go. I am not a bad person. I am an intelligent free thinker who wants to help fix some of the worlds problems. I have always been a leader but lately have felt isolated because of this. However, I am working on becoming stronger and starting to spread the truth about what is happening. I do not want to live life in fear. It is hard to tell anyone because most people aren’t aware. I think the tide is slowly turning though. People are starting to wake up and also see the potential downfalls of technology ( backdoors, spying etc ). I think they used v2k until I figured it out. I think my phone and my radio are how they harass/spy on me. I strike them with the truth if I feel they are listening as they fear the truth. I barely use both any more and the v2k has been going away. I also get spammed like crazy now and I don’t give my personal data to about anyone so I know this is not normal. I am very privacy conscious and tech savy. The helicopters is very disturbing and sometimes they even fly circles around me. One time they sent 3 massive Chinook helicopters directly over my house. They were so low that the house shook ( it was like an earthquake ).

    Location: Orange County, California
    Identity clue in case I die: f3fd5a0c4be4f2f07979cb4699001a95

    I may of just been MITM attacked. The blog was white and I tried posting my comment and it said comment could not be posted. I refreshed and the blog is brown. Please confirm blog owner if you changed the color today.

  29. 1. The Police put shit on your door office door handle; Steering wheel;pen ;Chair ;desk.

    The police watch to see who is afraid to touch the door handles of their offices and cars because they want to find information leaks. who is warning people about shit on the desks; chairs ; and pens of the offices. They have done this at over 15 San Diego companies,;

    The problem is; the cops don’t bother to tell anyone else in the building because they are so desperate to find the leak.

    The stalkers are so dumb, they approach the vehicles while people are inside and have to run away. This is no secret on the street.
    Cops are putting shit on door handles of cars and offices; and shooting cars with a bbgun, Contact internal affairs if a Starbucks employee or patron tells you to stalk someone in Del Mar or San Diego
    1435 Camino Del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014 (858) 793-4453

    Contact a internal affairs supervisor immediately; if someone asks you to stalk people on the beach. TURN IN CAR SHOOTING COPS

  30. I have pic that i took out side my appartment they did some to them these are the pictures i took when they were harassing me.they use NWO TORTURE DEVICE.CALL THE LOCAL POLICE DEP BUT SAID THEY COULD DO ANY THING .RIGHT NOW THERE MAKING ME CONFUSED THEY HIT MY CHEST WITH THIS .

  31. These NANO Communicational type implants are updated with out the on and off button and are
    “Cell phone implant type spy technology being abused by non law and “NOT” by top authority but by covert unauthorized
    actor like personal trying to make Law people, government and top authority look bad!
    What I found out and there is a other stuff I don’t know of and really don’t want to… is it could be dental application implant put under caps or in the jaw bone to transmit voice to brain form a reverse hearing system used by people who can’t hear! They also use them in prisons and for other types of situations and in a illegal way for faked interrogation purposes of unauthorized ileagle activity! and if you do research you will find it is for set ups and forced setups or against certain people of other colors or backgrounds not liked excetra by unauthorized using stolen police or that of possible unauthorized military instrumentation!! Electronic harassment …..
    It is all an internal body system
    covert and unseen, unheard only by the criminal or set up revenge type person to get you back for something they were mad at you for! The technology needs to updated for electric laws, abuse laws with noise harassment, implant laws that have no security, finger print or who is buying or selling and telephone of any kind including telepathy(still a phone type talk!) and communications laws of other system that should be used by top authority or that of military and 2-way C.B. like spy technology!
    This also include neuron brain implants but law you won’t hear anything the criminal abusing you on the other side don’t understand that part of the system! and NOTE THIS!!!military or our leaders would never use this to do anything but true blue military situations!
    A Just about all spy implants use the same type of technology only they look different and put in or on differently or frequency wise!!
    Lets look at it this way!
    It’s a mind game situation (Unauthorized military type gang like seeming thing)or a I got you type of thing while using ileagle technology hoping not to get caught…being done sort of thinking!

    Those people are looking for huge trouble by law if caught!
    and if you get hurt by this technology…. that is in the law book about this stuff it’s not going to be good if caught doing this ileagle! Dictionary of law will tell you that. The updated one 2016! and hospital and technology laws also and patient privacy rights and so forth…..Never stops! OMG!
    NOTE!!!Not a cop just a reader with a open thought about this information
    Research and not the fact but a little of my own opinion from what was read in the internet and books on this Unsecured slip though the system technology trouble!

  32. The UCSD &Price Center &Scripps Torrey Pines Stalkers are wasting their time.

    The Scripps Stalkers were caught pacing back & forth in someone’s yard at 130-A.M. on a Saturday. with their shirt off talking REALLY LOUD on a cell phone about how jealous they are of the person going out 2 dinner every night. UCSD – Torrey Pines Stalkers poured caustic liquid on cars & in the back yard a few years before that.
    Companies closed down, people let go.

    Your chance to get your UCSD & Price Center & Scripps Torrey Pines Management fired if you don’t like them,

    Your stalker communications were infiltrated ten years ago. Your names are listed on websites with photos and license plates.
    If you were asked to stalk someone, Turn them in to internal affairs.

  33. 20 years of abuse. I have written a book of evidence! Need an attorney! Latest exposure 07/27/16. Documented.

    The Story starts when a Employment office calls Stuart and asks him to go work in Eldorado, Ar for 2 years then sue for $40,000,000 ?

    Little did Stuart know his life would be changed forever.

    Facing intentional chemical exposure in the work place while working as a computer analysts in Corporate America.. The challenge of trying to fight through the bureaucracy, politics, and a conspiracy to rob me of my Intellectual Property, patents, and copyrights.

    Then a Hillary Clinton former secret service agent – named Robert Fxxx – whose card officially listed him as ‘retired’ have interrupted Stuart during an evening out this past year, directly insinuating himself between Stuart and his guest while having drinks at the Arlington Hotel? He then walked Stuart out to the steps leading up to the lobby entrance while explaining he used to be on the former first lady’s detail (Hillary Clinton) while directly inquiring about Stuart’s intentions. He asked Stuart “What do you think about Hillary Clinton”? Stuart replied, ”I think she will be our first Queen.”
    While Hillary Clinton, herself, may not know Stuart’s name, it’s apparent someone within her close organization does and they have been
    instructed to keep an ever watchful eye on him.

    After four meetings with the former Secret Service Agent, the Agent gave Stuart an unsigned government non-disclosure document. Stuart gave the Agent a USB stick containing a watered down story of his last 20 years.

    The real story is in this book ’Trust But Verify, A Great Injustice’.

    Hope you enjoy this eye opening book.


  34. I guess shacoy had a bad face day .she just wont leave me alone i thing shes in love with me .i cant get the bitch to shut up .CAN ANYONE HELP $$$$$$$$$$.ineed piece and quite not pieces of quite.i real think she sneaks up go the third floor and watches me .if so cant i say i was shooting a blackbird.PLEASE TAKE YOUR LITTLE BROOM AND FLY THE F. AWAY

  35. The UCSD;Scripps Torrey Pines;AREVALOSPART2 Stalkers
    Call in to their restaurant’s owners & have their time cards changed ; they could stalk you on the 101 bus going South. ROFL

  36. How do we make them stop ?
    I came across this and realize it’s me They’ve got me and now I know But what they don’t know is my truth God GAVE AN ANSWER






















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