Police/Sheriff/Fire/Lifeguard Dept. Harassment Log 12/10/13-12/31/13

12/20/13 @ 1027 am-  SDPD or CHP patrol car parked on right shoulder 5 South Freeway. Officer standing behind car pointing speed meter at traffic.

12/22/13 @ 257 pm- Passed by SDSD SUV Hwy. 101 Encinitas, CA.

@ 430 pm- Passed SDSD patrol car parked at school Vulcan Dr.

12/24/13 @ 1120 pm- Passed SDPD or CHP patrol car “traffic stop” right shoulder of 5 North Freeway in Carlsbad, CA.

12/25/13 @ 359 pm- Passed SDSD SUV on 5 South Freeway Sorrento Valley.

@ 401 pm- Passed by same SDSD SUV as I exit 5 South Freeway.

@ 406 pm- Private ambulance parked at destination near UTC.

@ 413 pm- Passed by red ambulance w/ lights and sirens on.

12/27/13 @ 9 pm- While walking South on Quail Gardens Drive, SDSD Patrol speeds North towards me with lights flashing and stops on curb directly in front of me. A second later I see a tan pickup stopped on curb directly behind me for a staged “traffic stop”.

12/30/13 @ 952 am- Large Firetruck passes in front of my home, no lights or sirens.

12/31/13 @ 430 pm-  Passed by white state or city Lifeguard truck at South Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, CA.

@ 445 pm- Passed same Lifeguard truck again after he U-turns and parks facing the water minutes before I pass.

@ 615 pm- Passed by SDSD patrol car Encinitas Blvd. Eastbound.

First Responder Harassment also includes excessive sirens up and down the Blvd. 2 blocks from my home. The sirens will frequently be synchronized with certain activities: right after I get out of bed in the morning; when I start/end my work shift; when I start/end my work breaks; when I go to the bathroom or get out of the shower; or when I write about police corruption online.

12 thoughts on “Police/Sheriff/Fire/Lifeguard Dept. Harassment Log 12/10/13-12/31/13

  1. 3rd January 2014 10.32 GMT:

    This is the problem, to a casual observer, these just look like fairly innocuous pictures, but anyone who’s been targeted would know better. That’s why it’s so difficult to prove what they’re doing.

    Not sure what the Red/white thing is all about, but I am fairly sure now that what they’re trying to do are what’s called sin transfer rituals (scapegoating being the most well known example of this)

  2. The goal is take enough pics/video/audio to show the patterns, frequency, and duration of their harassment tactics. I am better at writing and I journal everything. Getting stronger in the photo documentation area. If I could put a webcam on here showing the egregious noise code violations from the abnormally high volume of traffic passing my home 24/7, everyone would agree this does NOT sound or look normal.

  3. Your photographs are good but what could be more persuasive than letting the general populace see for themselves? These unusual traffic patterns are observable by others. Thanks to Google there is a wide choice of google spy sites such as street view and another about seeing your own house in a snow globe. (Regarding snow globe as perps are living at my own address every time I used snow globe the house shown was never mine but one further up the street). Don’ give your precise address but give out the street names where the traffic circulate. Then the whole world can take a look or they might stop doing it once observed. By the way, brilliant blogs. Taken the liberty to re-blog a few of your classics. All the best.

  4. Thanks for reblogging prayerwarrior. If we could just spread enough awareness of this crime, other things should start falling into place. I’ve thought about posting my street name, but I’m worried that will also attract more perps. Take the good with the bad I guess, I may post the street names later this year.

  5. 6th January 2014 5.47 am GMT

    I’m not sure it’d be a good idea to publicise your address on the web, one thought about the video though – maybe you could film or edit the footage in such a way that highlights the synchronistic aspect of what they’re doing.

  6. Again, Maura, nice log. I don’t know how many other people find your log interesting, but I do. As for the noise, what you can do is leave a digital recorder turned on 24/7, then you note down the time when noises occur, and then you upload the recordings here, and give the time. We can then fast forward in the recording to the time when the noises occur. That’s how you can document the noise attacks also, without spending too much time on it. A podcast on your window is also a good idea.

  7. I have been a vitcam of stalk by two family they work with listening device and micphone /speaker. From there living room and tell they have right to invade my privacy and to run my life they tell me that They are going to kill me that They are going to kill me am want to take a lie sector test am by poker /suffer from depression and use my disability against me they Evan act like cops to put fear there are Robert copier man the other is a lager white male name answer also they use radio wave on me8 to10 gig bit please help a give me a lie dector test jaime Luna 9096459461

  8. Yes Jr miller Kenny Allen sherry miller and the herriuer family of Colton have gang stnlking me for 7/1/2yrs the use listening device they use micphone speaker to make sexal coment at my nephew in the shlower they have treaten. My nephew nece and mom and nave kalani who is father is in law enfoce if I didn’t meat there demand they tell I have to leave Colton I. Some one to give me a lie dector test so some one can help me they all so truer to extort money from. Me ps if any body make cooent that’s are my stanlker trying there crime

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