Noise Campaign Dec. 2013: Rosebay Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

The following is a list of daily stats I keep for loud vehicles passing in front of my home that should be cited for noise code violations. Concentration of noise is at Southern end of Rosebay Drive, 3-4 blocks in from Encinitas Blvd.

Violations include frequent high decibel mufflers, vehicles w/ no mufflers, loud roaring engines/ignitions, excessive commercial vehicles, loud car stereos, sirens, Car alarms, loud squeaking brakes, cars w/ loose wheels/suspension or weighted down to make loud noise/scraping sounds over driveway speed bump throughout the day and night.

Cars frequently speed up the incline on Rosebay Drive from the main Blvd. 2 blocks away and can be heard from the time they turn on to my street to well after they pass. I have also frequently witnessed private vehicles entering my neighborhood and condo complex and then exiting within seconds to minutes, frequently stopping and idling. There will be an outdoor surveillance camera installed this year for everyone to witness this intentional, criminal activity.

And for all the neighbors who drive obnoxiously loud cars and think it’s OK because ” I only pass twice a day, to and from work”. Multiply that by the 30-40 other neighbors who do this every day and that’s a lot of fucking noise. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. It’s funny how all these little communist skanks run around defending their right to “community” whenever they think their rights are being infringed on. You should see the fucking havoc they have they have wreaked on this neighborhood and this city. Community my ass, you stand for anything but.

There has been no improvement with multiple calls to the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. and to my knowledge not a single noise code violation has been issued since the vehicular noise campaign started a year and a half ago.

12/01/13-  60                                                 12/18/13- 65

12/02/13- 50                                                  12/19/13- 85

12/03/13- 22                                                   12/20/13- 15

12/04/13- 37                                                    12/21/13- 55

12/05/13- 71                                                     12/22/13- 44

12/06/13-76                                                     12/23/13- 16

12/07/13- 40                                                   12/24/13- 45

12/08/13- 20                                                   12/25/13- 23

12/09/13- 33                                                    12/26/13- 67

12/10/13- 35                                                     12/27/13- 49

12/11/13- 69                                                      12/28/13- 50

12/12/13- 49                                                      12/29/13- 65

12/13/13- 71                                                       12/30/13- 52

12/14/13- 72                                                      12/31/13- 66

12/15/13- 62

12/16/13- 43

12/17/13- 44

**Keep in mind this is not a “thru” street. It is all residential with no new construction or development. The entire neighborhood is enclosed and none of the streets lead to any other main streets in this city. Other areas of Encinitas where noise complaints have been publicly noted over the past year and a half by residents are: 101 South Hwy./downtown area; Pacific Station; Rodney Drive. It is not just my neighborhood, it is a city wide trend.

10 thoughts on “Noise Campaign Dec. 2013: Rosebay Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

  1. These people call themselves communists????!???…..this just gets weirder all the time.

    One thought about documenting the noise harassment – if the microphone on your webcam/video camera is good enough to pick up external noise when you’re filming inside your apartment, you could try recording clips inside your home (while all the noise outside is going on) with some quiet noise source inside your apartment to compare it to (eg, a quiet radio) that might help people get a feel for how loud the noise is.

  2. I call them communists now because I think a lot of what they are doing on a local level is run by community/social organizers based on Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals (see vid. below “Degradation of America). Good idea with the audio. Will definitely be doing some experimenting with recordings this year. Looking for a good digital decibel reader.

    • 8th January 2014 6.24 am GMT

      Looking for a good digital decibel reader.

      Well you could maybe try finding out whatever decibel meter your local authority use/recommend.

      (Slightly offtopic here)

      Note to Neverending1 (I know she reads this blog) and anyone else with a WordPress Anti-gangstalking blog: If a hacker gets hold of the password to your WordPress account, they will then have admin/editing rights to your blog, your comments, and the comments of your readers. The hacking on Neverending1’s blog is out of control, they have even given her an avatar that looks a lot like a well known Nazi symbol (could someone be trying to get her blog closed down?)

      I would appreciate it if someone could post screenshots on here, or somewhere else, of what Neverending1’s blog looks like to someone viewing it in the United States (I’m in the UK)

  3. I call them communists now because I think a lot of what they are doing on a local level is run by community/social organizers based on Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals

    Oh great, these people are going to free us from opression by gangstalking us.

  4. We should raise our voice against the loud noise. Because I am suffering from NIHL for last 4 years and now I am using hearing aid after hearing evaluation form Hearing Solution at Toronto. Public awareness is must about loudness and hearing loss. It is really a growing health hazard. Do act against such violence.

    • I do plan on speaking out against this violence and eventually filing a lawsuit against the city in court. It would actually be very easy to prove in court how egregious these noise code violations have been over the past year and a half. And how the Sheriff’s Dept. has failed to uphold the law after repeated complaints, all of which have been documented.

  5. Here In Greenville, Texas Too Now, And It Seems To Be Getting Worse Now, With More people Moving In, From Dallas?? Texas, And The Surrounding Communities, Too?? Yes, Even Greenville, Texas, Has Been Getting Worse Now, Since The Last Few?? I Have Lived Here In Greenville, Texas two times now, And I Think That Greenville, Texas, Has Been Going Down Hill, As A Community, (we all add to the ever growing community problems, don’t we though??) Since A Few Years Ago, And It Just Seems To Be Getting Worse Now, And It’s Not Fair! (that’s probably what the original good and quiet people of this community here in Greenville, Texas, say too, no probably about it!) But There Is A Difference, (is there, really?!?!) Between Sometimes Maybe Random Noise, (what’s so random, about Any noise, anymore??) And This Constant Back Ground Noise, Of boom, boom, boom, Boom! Totally Rude! Who Is Doing This Rude $hit Here In Greenville, Texas?? (I guess there’s really no more quiet and good people in this society much, anymore, is there??) I Just Want To Open The Window And Yell: SHUT UP!!!! I Wish There Was A Real time machine, to go back in time, for awhile, and just slow down the progression, with regression, of ALL of these Rude Losers, That Have Been Moving In, From Dallas?? Texas, And The Surrounding Communities, For Awhile, Some More, At Least For Awhile Anyways! (that’s probably why They are moving here to Greenville, Texas, more and More now, because They want to get away from the ever increasing? noise from places like Dallas? Texas, too!) (They are probably pushed to craziness in Dallas? Texas too, from ALL of the Noise too?)

  6. How could a noise campaign work in an apartment complex, for example…or even on a street where the houses are built close to each other? Wouldn’t the other neighbor start complaining about the noise?

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