DMV male perp standing center,  4/01/14. Congrats, perp, this is your 15 minutes of fame!

DMV male perp standing center, 4/01/14. Congrats, perp, this is your 15 minutes of fame!


Today I had an appt. at DMV to get a new plate and renew my registration. The appt. was for 11 am and this place was crowded. A line wrapping around the building and I had to park a block away. On the way in I was blocked twice by a young Asian male walking in front of my car and a large city utility truck.

A sign outside said to go see the security guard at the door if you have an appt. As soon as I reached the front door the man pictured above tried to cut in front of me. At the same time the guard, who looked to be 100 years old, got distracted by his walky-talky, stepped back and let this man in and cut everyone. The man was a perp and made a fake apology when I called him out for cutting me off. “Oh I’m sorry, I was looking at my paper” with a phony smile. When I told him to be more careful or he’s going to hurt someone, he asked me if he hurt me, then called me a weirdo. This was a prepared “skit”.

Perps are told to act oblivious to their surroundings when they block you, but you know they are laser focused on your location. And when you do call them out it’s always “Oh, sorry, I was distracted by my cellphone, kid, dog, jerking off to kiddie porn, etc.”. And they never act genuinely sorry or guilty, or remorseful. Their whole objective is to walk right up to the borderline of illegal activity and sit there. They give not one fuck who they offend.

The perp man stood in a line to my left as a large Mexican family blocked me from the appt. desk. The place is crowded and noisy. I finally get help and the woman’s voice is so low it’s barely comprehensible. She gives me forms to fill out and as I go to sit down, I pass the same male perp who is now standing in a line to my right to block my path. They pull this shit all the time where they stalk you around an area. As I passed him he asked “Did I hurt ya?” and started laughing. I gave him a fake laugh and told him how funny he was. What an epic loser.

As I fill out the forms he then appears sitting in a row across from me and starts talking loud and fast to his neighbors. He is talking about nothing, complete bullshit, and he sounds like he is on speed or coke. It is meant to distract me from the forms. This has happened to me at DMV in the past where a group of Mexican high school boys sat near me and talked loudly while taking the CA driver’s test.

Perp douche finally leaves and I finish my forms and get back in the appt. line. I wait patiently as the woman waives half a dozen people through from the “handicapped” line ahead of me. She gives me a number and I take a seat again. Cough harassment, crowding, blocking harassment, noise harassment, etc. while I wait.

My number is called and I go up to another desk. We have to move around the corner to make a payment. When I meet here there a man walks up right away and tries to distract her by asking for help. He acts desperate but she ignores him :). He follows us back the the other desk and he starts bothering her neighbor and getting really loud. The “real” security guard had switched posts with the phony one by this time but he did nothing. The desperate perp finally gave up and got another number. I tell the lady I would need to take a sedative to do her job.

I am out in less than an hour and there is still a line around the building. This is my first time to this DMV location. I don’t know if it’s always like that here or if this is theater. Why would you stand in that line forever when it is so easy to make an appt.?


9 thoughts on “DMV

  1. Customer service is a joke these days and it is most annoying where you have no choice. Just the elite rubbing it in that in their book we are all gutter scum and better get used to it – the new third world order. I wear headphones, bring a book and with my t-shirts publicising gang stalking they are less keen to delay me and draw attention to me.
    Another good blog!

  2. Just thought of something else. Your counter experience where the woman speaks so softly simultaneously with bystanders making a lot of noise. That happened to me in a bank recently. I ended up shouting in order to be heard. Is that the game – to trick you into odd behaviour? I am normally quiet spoken.

    • They do this to me everywhere, on the phone too. Whisper quiet tone or mumbling/ barely comprehensible. It is part of the strategy of tension because it becomes stressful when communication is muddled. We have a “mumbler” at work. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t understand her during meetings. Until one day she said something and the boss was like “What?” he seemed frustrated with her too. Perps with really thick foreign accents, speech impediments, verbal diarrhea, talking too loud, etc., etc.

      • As usual, I hadn’t thought of this angle until you brought attention to it. Back to my bank experience – they are trying to make out you are a “chav”. So how to get a quiet spoken polite person to shout. Clever tactic. It was really annoying at the time which was why I remembered it. The teller was speaking barely above a whisper. The next customer beside me was speaking very loudly. Between them I raised me voice to be above the woman beside me – which is stupid but a normal reaction. After all the teller wasn’t having trouble hearing me. From the back of the room – there you go a typical noisy chav, has to shout, doesn’t know how to behave. I will be watching for variations on this from now on. Thanks.
        I am sorry for the aggravation you are getting. We are being subjected to continuous stressors on every side. I have been trying to research the Vik programme of 2WW where apparently 500 dirty tricks to annoy the Nazis along the lines we are getting are employed. But the book is out of print and although I can find mentions of the Vik programme I can’t get hold of a copy of the actual booklet.
        All for now. Take good care of yourself.

  3. I notice this with male perps, they always have one hand in their pocket, or both hands. With me, they do this hands clasped behind the back gesture, or the patting their butts gesture, as though they are checking their wallets. You should’ve asked the perp why he has his hand in his pocket all sexually-suggestive like. Say “hey loser, what are you doing with your hand in your pocket… jerking off because women tend to blow off losers like yourself?”

    • Haha, nice. I try to keep interaction with these criminals to a minimum. The hand gestures I get are hands on hips, hands on abdomen, brushing hair with hand, hand on chest or nose. The hand gestures I give them are the “L” sign and the one finger salute 🙂

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