The Asshole Apocalypse…A Day in the Life

8:30 am  Put items outside door to donate for a VVA pickup today. Every time I open the door and go outside a loud power tool comes on at the house across the street. There has been a remodeling project going on there for over 2 months now. Loud cars/ trucks/motorcycles/commercial vehicles continue to drive up and down my street periodically as they have done for the past 10 months. Continue to get occasional air harassment/direct overhead flights at home and out in the community (choppers/small planes).

9:30 am Walk up hill to laundry room. Loud voices coming from rooftop patio over laundry room- one them is a HOA board member. They push furniture around loudly across the floor while I am in the laudry room. A female neighbor comes in and uses the washers right next to mine even though there are 5-6 other washers to choose from. I move my detergent bottle out of her reach because they are always looking for an opportunity. Noise campaign, synchronized harassment, stalking harassment, crowding harassment.

10:15 am Leave for Sheriff’s station. Synchronized vehicle/stalking harassment (aka “car ballet”) in front of my home. Tan car pulls up and idles in the crosswalk right before I pull out. Another car pulls up and idles next to it. Large truck idling in intersection, backs into a parking spot on the street.

10:30 am Sheriff’s dept. to report another stolen cell phone. Blocking and stalking harassment inside the station. Gesture harassment by staff (pointing), color coordinated harassment- clothing. A man enters and paces back and forth continuously. Another one does coughing harassment.

11:00 am  FedEx store. Vehicle harassment in the parking lot by a car with “handicapped” plates (I aasume it’s a mental handicap). Blocking harassment by a perp inside the store (dressed in bright green) when I try to get help. Color coordinated harassment- clothing.

11:30 am CVS.

11:45 am Smart & Final. A group of firemen stand near the entrance as I approach. Its obvious there’s a skit planned. They enter ahead of me and disperse inside the store, passing me multiple times while I shop. Stalking harassment, first Responder harassment. Color coordinated harassment in the store as usual- clothing.

12:00 pm  Arrive home, landscapers blocking my parking spot with large pile of branches. They have also blocked my front steps with a large bundle of branches. A lot of dust and dirt in the air, causing me to cough. Cab pulls up and drops of a neighbor in front of his house. Stalking harassment, blocking harassment, synchronized harassment, environmental harassment. Have you noticed how everyone from the grocery bagger to the bike messenger to the landscaper, etc. wears the little bright green or yellow safety vests now?

1:00 pm Go to pickup laundry, large bundle of branches still blocking my stairs. A neighbor talks loudly on the phone out on her balcony as I exit the laundry room. When I return from the laundry room one of the HOA board members is standing at the bottom of my stairs. He lives on the other side of the complex. I have to walk in between him and the bundle to pass. He just stands there and looks at me for no reason and tries to engage me in conversation. If you act like you don’t want to talk to them (because you know they are involved in Cointelpro/ criminal conspiracy), they will use it against you later. “I said hello and she just walked right by me.” Stalking harassment, synchronized harassment, crowding harassment, blocking harassment.

3:30 pm Sounds from inside my ceiling while I am using my bathroom, sounds like a person moving around.

4:00 pm Sounds from inside by bedroom ceiling, same thing.

5:10 pm Sudden, loud crashing sound coming from the other side of my bedroom wall while resting in my bed. Came from the apt. below or next to me.

6:00 pm Walk to Italian class, noise/ vehicle harassment, gesture harassment/ mimicking harassment from drivers.

7:00 pm Italian class- gesture harassment (pointing), mimicking, color coordinated harassment (clothing). PDA. Woman sitting next to me continuosly twirling ankle and moving both legs up and down while we watch a video, anything to catch your eye and distract/annoy you.

8:45 pm Walk home from class. Mexican male walking on opposite side of the street starts coughing. He then crosses the street and starts walking directly towards me. He had a black hoodie pulled over his head. I did not like this at all and told him to get away from me. He did not speak English or acted like he didn’t. I said some other choice words to him and walked ahead.

9:20 pm  Arrive at home, neighbor from next building out in the parking lot taking things out of car, acting like she just arrived too. She has actually been synchronizing this for years when I come and go, I just realized this summer it is stalking harassment. She once followed to me a grocery store after 10pm, when I came out she was standing there with a petition for people to sign. There was no one else around. She said it was to protect our property from eminent domain. I am now wondering wtf I actually signed.

When you are a TI, be prepared to have multiple “inhuman” moments throughout the day. The reason for this is because the people who are abusing you are not human. They are not men. They are not women. Just as there are no laws yet to protect TI’s and bring perps to justice, there are no words yet to describe these beings. They are not animals, because that term is way too good for them. I don’t know the words to describe them yet. I have wasted a lot of time trying though. And after 10 months of trying I’m here to say please don’t waste a second of your time. THEY ARE JUST NOT WORTH IT. Change the channel, meditate, pray, go about your business, have faith, think positive/beautiful thoughts, and focus on activism, opposing, and exposing Organized Cointelpro style gang stalking.

I watched ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ last night and it’s so true that a fraud only gets away with things for so long. These people have tortured my Mom, my Dad, my sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends and they have absolutely no remorse or guilt about it. They actually get drunk/high off it. They work themselves up into a frenzy and masturbate to it while rabidly foaming at the mouth. The harassment becomes a compulsion and addiction, like a little child’s constant plea for attention. So when they continue to pass me in the produce aisle with their hands in their pockets and a smirk on their face, we know at least one word for them: insane.

13 thoughts on “The Asshole Apocalypse…A Day in the Life

  1. Asshole Apocalypse!!!! that is the best description ever!!! Forget the Zombies!!! WE have the AHHHShollles! Hate perps.

  2. I am also a TI, inside the public library right now using www to apply for jobs which seem to be systematically closed to me in my county wide area. I am being given muscle spasms on shoulder… this their way they let me know they are always with me, watching, trying to put me in the poor house. Go to join the “Federation” and sign petitions on Covert Electronic Harassment. Look at you-tube videos on “Gang Stalking” Just one more thing… the weapons that they use…DEW’s (direct able energy weapons) are generally being used on you right in your own home ,attic, not from “satellites” they are there inside with you or very near. They also tunnel, this has been my experience. I shot a “Perp” with an FBI badge on a black vest, in the attic of my home in Stafford, TX 10/08/09 and they had children with them…little boys. This is how they get in and hide in unbelievable small places. Between mattresses. I have moved 6 different addresses and 3 different states, still assaulting and harassing me. I am being assaulted with these EMP weapons as I lay there defenseless at night sleeping(COWARDS) and if I try to dose off in my easy chair.(sleep deprivation) I pray for all TI’s and hope all would spread the word to start a petition or sign one online. Michigan is the only state so far that has very strict Stalking laws ..not sure about the use of microwave weapons or electromagnetic pulse weapons. Good luck too you. Continue your life …document take pics/videos they absolutely hate that and always know they think they blend in when they really don’t..skinny, crystal meth wide eyes and rubber neck always trying to be right near to you in public. Don’t discuss your business in you home or car. Cell phones get tracked, cars get tracked, car tires with red or blue circular seals on tire have chips in them, your license has a chip in it. They can scan your wallet and all your personal info while still in your pocket. There are wallets that are made to stop this invasion. Steel thread fiber wallets. There are Great websites that will empower you with information… find them! Write letters document progression of effort, replies and follow it right up the chain of command ,local ,state , federal.
    PRAY..Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord. I will return one day to collect all my persecuted people.

    • Frank, What was the outcome with the FBI agent in your attic? And real or fake agent? That would seem like irrefutable proof of what’s going on. Without a doubt, all of this is being done with law enforcement, military, and intelligence agency resources. But it’s still not clear to me whether this is a sanctioned program that has gone horribly off its rails, or whether these entities have been infiltrated/co-opted in some way. At the end of the day, I suppose it really doesn’t matter. Sad, sad state of affairs when you are being terrorized by the people who are supposed to be protecting you. But there are so many of us now, it will be impossible to keep a lid on it for much longer.

  3. “They actually get drunk/high off it. They work themselves up into a frenzy and masturbate to it.”

    Classic!!!! That’s what the jerkoffs are doing at my job right now.. A car dealership in Orlando, FL (although it’s been happening for the last 4 years!!)

    Glad I found your site! When I build mine I’ll be sure to let you know.

  4. Its a psychotronic computer ‘organising’ the harassment. It is global (UK, hungary, US, caribbean) from what I have experienced. The ‘stalkers’ oftentimes dont know they are a stalker. They are controlled by this cray multitasking computer for the duration of a few minutes at the same time and bear no memories of the incidents. Any who claim to be gangstalkers, actually believe this, tough in reality they are really mind controlled slaves of this system. It involves satellite tracking and also other futuristic technologies whihc hav enot yet been announced to the public. Its goal is global mind control.

    • (now called is a lynch mob that gang mobs that slowly destroys people and stalks people. They threaten people, lie on people, and everything . They all need to be put away. They stalk my every waking hour & torture people & steal from them. They even track people down & try to beat them up.

  5. (now called is a lynch mob that gang mobs that slowly destroys people and stalks people. They threaten people, lie on people, and everything. They even stalked my FB friends. They are the worst lynch mob ever. They actually have tried to track people down & have them beat up too.

  6. Ive seen some evidence that satellite tech is in fact controlling gangstalkers….i guess it should appear ominious but my iq is in the 140s and honestly working with the public even doctors has always been like talking to children…sad i was correct in my assessment of humanity…my doctors have often treated me as a peer…intellectually….planet of droids and drones….father managed to make a career of his autism spectrum…lolz anyway recognize gangstalking for what it is…hollowed out drones of the technocracy appearing like robots to investigate a malfunction in the system….i listen to stuff like throbbing gristle and boyd rice merzbow…may explain why noise campaigns wont work…id just like it i guess….you sound super sensitive…so i assume its behavior modification…just smile and ignore it….conformation bias and the harassment will make it look like stuff is going on when it isnt….but im a recluse with few friends…an artist and musician…so painters just do art all day anyway…none of it will work on me…ill have an accident….hang in there and when you cry you cry alone but when you laugh the whole world laughs with you 🙂 i must say aleister crowley had a big effect on my outlook…once during induced schizoohrenia he just laughed at the voices in his head…..

  7. In the UK the TV companies are in volved in a gangs talking experiment.Even the BBC and the NHS are taking part.It is so dangerous because the psychology is real torture.
    They use whispers and out of place comments in a sentence or coughing.If you watch a guy on you tube when “John Sweeny”met the scientologists, you will see the violent reaction they are after.
    It has been a life stealing experience and no one not even the targets own brothers who collaborate will stop it.they are scared of authority figures.

  8. Hi
    A TI, too. I experienced many strange things about which I dont know whether they are part of my harassment or not. I had many nightmares about Satan, about devils, I had livedreams where my perps kicked me out of my bed or held me very tightly, I even tried to fight them at night…not sure about some kind of supercomputer, but since Im not expert, everything is possible I guess..I wonder whether the perps are able to travel in time..and even determine our future in a negative way..honestly I would not be surprised..I wonder whether we TIs are future positive leaders, politicians who would change the things for better and in this case thats why they target us…so they try to make us either suicided or going nuts, so we will not become our full potential..I heard that time travel is already possible but like many other tech like the possible supercomputer, time travel is hidden from public..yes I know it may sound nuts but I just wonder…I did not believe that GS is existing before they indicated me that Im a TI…and those nightmares and live dreams about them are also tech must exist by which they can do science-fiction things, like being in our dreams or maybe even time travel, etc.

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