The Perp Media Spin

I do not have a violent bone in my body. But if I ever did pull an Aaron Alexis or Miriam Carey, I have a pretty good idea of what people will say about me after I am arrested or killed. This includes family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, law enforcement, attorneys, and therapists.


“She was a loner. I rarely saw anyone visiting. She worked from home and rarely left her home.”

“She had a breakdown just over a year ago, we called the Sheriff’s dept. multiple times. Her family was very concerned about her.”

“She was very quiet and kept to herself. After her “breakdown” she became less friendly and irritable and rarely spoke to anyone. She started taking pictures and videos of us which upset some neighbors.”

“She became a habitual complainer, filing complaints with the HOA, Sheriff dept., and the city staff regarding increased traffic and loud vehicles on our street/property and noise/harassment/stalking by neighbors.”

“She vandalized a neighbor’s door just because his dog barked too loudly at her.”

Interpretation: “We’re so innocent and sweet. It’s all her own fault. We tried our best to help her. We never did anything to antagonize or provoke her. She was mentally ill and in denial of her illness.”


“She had a severe breakdown at work last summer. She did not recognize some of us. We called the police. She was acting paranoid and delusional.  She did not think they were real cops and tried to injure herself when they detained her.”

“She filed grievances about increased noise inside the call center, disparate treatment by supervisors and coworkers, being singled out for harassment and that we filed a false police report on her.”

“I used to be friendly with her, we hung out socially outside of work. Since her breakdown at work she would no longer speak to me.”

Interpretation: “We’re so sweet and innocent. She’s one of our best employees. We did what we could to help, we didn’t do anything wrong, it was the police dept.’s fault she had a panic reaction. We didn’t to anything to antagonize or provoke her.”


“She had a breakdown. She said cars with blacked out windows were following her around the city. That was she was being harassed and singled out at work and being followed around the community by groups of people on foot.”

“When we went to her home to help her she wouldn’t let us inside. She did not believe we were really her family. She said there was excessive/loud traffic on her street. We encouraged her inpatient psychiatrist to put her on Risperdal, extend her involuntary hold, and put her under a conservatorship for her “mental illness”. But our sister refused everything.”

“Since last summer she will not make any verbal,written, or face to face contact with us.”

Interpretation: “We’re so sweet and innocent. We tried to help. She was mentally ill and in denial of her diagnosis. This is all her own fault. We didn’t do anything to antagonize or provoke her.”

Law Enforcement:

Sheriff Dept.- “We made multiple visits to her home last summer and also a safety check on Christmas day. She had multiple complaints about loud vehicles and harassment from neighbors. We told her we don’t have gang stalking in our city.”

Police Dept.- “She did not think we were real police officers when we came to her work. Her coworkers were concerned about her. We were just doing our job when we detained her and cuffed her with excessive force at her desk that day (without actually witnessing her doing anything wrong). We had a right to do what we did.”

Interpretation: “We’re innocent. It was her own fault she didn’t cooperate with us.  She did this because she is mentally ill.”


“She was held involuntarily for 8 days last summer for having a breakdown at home that carried over into work.”

“She stated she was being gang stalked. We told her there is no evidence this problem really exists and it would not be feasible for this to happen anyway.”

“We researched the topic of gang stalking as she requested but all we could find is anecdotal information in blogs and on the internet.”

Interpretation: “We tried to help her but she was in denial of her mental illness/ delusional disorder. She was open to therapy but refused medications and did not agree with her diagnosis. We didn’t do anything wrong.”

Every single one of these people may as well have physically and violently raped me. I have never in my life experienced the extreme terror, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD this crime has caused me. Every single one of these people are guilty of menticide and conspiracy to murder. They are not innocent, they were not “doing the right thing”, they were not just “doing their jobs”/ business as usual. Every single one of these people was fully aware of the destruction they were causing. It’s not the first time they’ve done it and it won’t be the last. The fact that they are able to repeatedly hide these heinous crimes from the courts does not make them innocent. But no crime is perfect. The fact is I am still standing, I will never do anything violent, and I will work to expose these murderers until well after I am 6 feet under. F*CK each and every single one of you 🙂

33 thoughts on “The Perp Media Spin

  1. I not secure about my ideas but im trying to record must of whats beening said to me. Do you thinks that’s a good idea?

  2. Me, too. My former neighbors, aka community terrorists, would probably seek out the press and eagerly tell them that I was a loner and crazy. I’m guessing they would leave out the parts about how they decapitated my tulips, pelted my house with rocks, and tried to run me over (with kids in the car), among many other things.

    On a side note, those two girls (sickos) who harassed and bullied Rebecca Ann Sedwick until she killed herself were just sentenced with aggravated stalking. One of them made the most horrible Facebook post recently–that kid is truly without a soul. Most telling: “Judd [the sheriff] said neither family cooperated with investigators…” That’s what we are dealing with, entire families of sociopaths.,0,6659095.story

      • It’s very hard to prove but the overall body of evidence is growing. They use “plausible deniability” to their advantage. They have stolen 2 of my cell phones so far with pics/videos on memory cards, they are constantly breaking/stealing electronics. Even with solid evidence, no attorney, law enforcement officer, or federal agent wants to go near it. When I called the San Diego DA’s office last year they told me to move.

  3. I hope you are not really isolating yourself, not going out, etc., like your neighbor said. Your weak nervous constitution due to years of gang-stalking is only worsened if you are always alone and don’t have a supportive person by your side. Since you are an attractive woman, I don’t see why you can’t get a boyfriend or some kind who understands TI experience, is supportive of you, and validates your fear as not mental illness. The one who says No seems to be you yourself. You need another person to validate your fear as legitimate, then you wouldn’t be upset with all these people who don’t understand your problem. You shouldn’t be all wrapped up in yourself all the time. I think you should seriously think about whether you are putting up obstacles on your own path to becoming health again.

    • I get out and take classes, exercise, volunteer. I just don’t socialize that much anymore and I am single. Some people are introverts and that’s just the way they are. When people don’t know someone and have no opinion about them, it’s very easy for someone (peep) to sway them towards a bad opinion of that person. That’s why so many “loners” are being targeted. Loner has become synonymous with “violent lunatic” for purposes of mind control.

      • I really hate to see you waking up everyday just to face another day of torturing noises and angry thoughts.

        By the way, my situation has tremendously changed. Somebody inside the government control center in downtown LA has been mind-controlling me to become violent since the beginning of 2011, through the brain chip in my brain and the computer system linked to it. Although he has only succeeded in making me into a petty criminal frequently arrested or hospitalized, he has taught me some serious lesson about the purpose of life by torturing me. I have learned his wisdom, which is that the purpose of life is to make sure that the suffering you cause to others is greater than the suffering others cause you. Then, when you go into your grave, you can rest in peace for the fact that at least you have escaped being a victim. I have thus been devoting myself for a whole year to making other people miserable, and it has been effective in helping me bear his mind-control torture. There is so much happiness in making other people suffer. Early this month, because of some nuclear terrorism scandal for which I was framed, an alliance of US, Mexican, and Russian agencies have stormed this control center and arrested my “controller”. But these new comers now take hold of the computer which is controlling me and my computers and are determined to torture me even more. I have been thus suffering even more mind-control torture this month than ever before, and I have been trying harder to make the people around me feel miserable. And it’s very therapeutic.

        So Maura, you can be happy in two ways. Either you get a boyfriend who understands you; or, you can try techniques to make other people miserable. It sounds very misanthropic and against the trend of political correctness, but, trust me, it will make you into a happier person. Of course, you don’t want to do things that are blatantly illegal or violent. For if you get arrested for felony charges, you will be even more miserable. But there are many ways to legally screw up people’s life. You can study those, and practice it on those people who laugh at you. Try to do as much damage as possible to the society which rejects you, and you will find your happiness again.

        Trust me, this is the best advice you can find on your comment section. Don’t pay attention to those voices which pretend to be sympathetic with you or repeat some nice-sounding cliche that have no substance inside. Sure you should love animals. But the key to happiness is to be cruel to other human beings. For most human beings don’t really deserve to live, and feeling misery is their proper lot.

      • Living well is the best revenge. Perps are a dead end and a waste of time. I will just work my hardest to expose them and oppose their crimes with eventual prosecution. Mind control has gone mainstream. A lot of their harassment is meant to seem funny in order to get the target to disassociate, or create a sense of euphoria as the mind goes into shock. It is more effective when the target is young and it’s done to help split their personality. I never imagined such sick, evil people existed.

  4. is their a more secure place everyone can chat on? but ill give one idea. what if I was to put the people harassing me on a peace bond?

  5. What a perfect way to police and harm anyone for any reason . it took me 8 years to find a name for the constant harassment i experienced. Finding out what it is has inspired me to reach out. to others . fortunately i only made one report of the harassment, i knew that no matter what i said i wouldn’t be believed i still hav no idea what i might hav dne and veiw the people who participate. as useless monkeys.

  6. i think Lawrence chin has stockhold symdrome..and I was thinking more ideas. I come closer and closer every time. I know most of what might happen if I was able to expose what happening to me.

  7. I mean most of the stuff they whisper to you is wrong. im trying to put logic into everything happening. how can someone put a chip in your brain without you knowing…especially at birth just think for a min. im not insulting your intelligence, but most of the stuff happening is comes from listening to whispering and lies.

  8. i have proof of harassment . and I want to convince my doctor at life help that I have been getting harassed. how do I do go by doing it? I need to know please

    • Hold onto it and keep it safe. Keep collecting it and building a legal case, be ready when the opportunity comes to present it to the right people who will persecute the perps.

  9. I absolutely love you! Thank You Thank You Thank You! I hope you have some idea what this means to be! YES! Finally! You have stated so clearly so eloquently what I needed to hear. This is exactly what I have been going thru. Add in the death ray high intensity magnets inside transfer trucks & vehicles going down the road. Highway especially. Most recently, they’ve monitored my gas levels, every last cent I have to my name, given me far less gas than I paid for, & causing my steering/brakes to lock; hence, an uncontrolled unstoppable vehicle. I nearly wrecked on an exit ramp, praying, thanking my lucky stars I didn’t die that way that day.

    Then, there*s the extreme frying of the crown of my head, coupled with hot/cold chills, attempting to monitor/manipulate my thoughts/control my actions, all the painful shocks/throbbing sensations/burning itching in various bodily locations, esp when vehicles parade by & mob me.

    I’d also like to mention their high powered flashlights/headlights/handheld laser lights pens & devices : so painful. Makes me so sad!

    So much love & light to you!

    We NEVER die, b*tches!


    1 LOVE!

    • Brandy thanks for reading my blog and the positive comments. You have seen and experienced things as a TI that no one should be subjected to as they are all violations of human, civil, and constitutional rights. Over one thousand arrests for human trafficking have been made since Trump took office, and I pray this is not a limited hang out and that there will be many more. These same people are involved in our programming and hopefully this filth that has been arrested will rat them all out. I had a dream the other night that police came to my office to arrest some of my coworkers and I hope this dream comes true.

  10. By the way, Lawrence, you just nailed it! Just figured out right before I read your comment, they want to harness the power of our love & turn us violent! You hit the nail right on the head!

    Plus, in my particular case, they isolated me from everybody else, lured me into a “safe” spot to sleep in my car, surrounded by gallons & gallons of kerosene.

    My guess is, they thought I was pregnant, wanted to cut babies out of me, & burn the rest of me & or stage my death for inheritance/life insurance fraud. I just know it.

    It*s a multilayered pyramid scheme full of hardcore drug addicted soulless zombies basically who will overpower us if they can. They are exactly what we are accused of,vtimes infinity. It*s all fueled by self loathing & hate.

    I love you! ALL of YOU

  11. PS! They are constantly fighting my veganism! It seems to be their Achilles heel in a lot of ways! Love to All of You 4 Real _/l\_

  12. Whoa only resonated wit your 1st sentence Lawrence yikes my bad 4 reeeeal no way!

    That is not the answer! STOP perpetratimg this sight

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